Re: Use of interum PUA encodings for 85 letters

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Mon Oct 15 2007 - 15:01:27 CDT

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    Rick asked:

    > > I'm about to float the completed proposal summary for the script
    > I'll be curious to see it.

    I suspect what the OP was talking about is this:

    You can see a sample in the gif at the bottom of the page.

    Unless there is another PCL Institute developing a different
    script for a different language, this appears to be an attempt
    to develop an alternative Bopomofo-like script that represents
    tones integrally in the letters, instead of using diacritics
    for the tones.

    At any rate, the claim that "not another [orthography] exists
    for the language" [= standard Mandarin, Putonghua], seems
    a little off to me.


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