Re: PCL (was RE: Use of interum PUA encodings for 85 letters)

From: Andrew West (
Date: Tue Oct 16 2007 - 16:50:13 CDT

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    On 16/10/2007, Philippe Verdy <> wrote:
    > > "near homotones" is a verdyism, so there is no point in googling for it,
    > > or trying to discover any sense in the term.
    > My "verdyism" is limited to my knowledge of English. I'm not an English
    > native speaker, what makes sense for me may sometime be ambiguous for you.

    No, that is not true. Most people on this list make allowances for the
    poor English of some of the list members, and try to understand what
    they intend to say -- witness the recent exchanges with a Russian
    speaker with very poor English, who, if I recall correctly, you
    publicly chastised for his inability to express his ideas well in

    Your English is far better than many others on this list, and you
    cannot use that as an excuse everytime anyone tries to correct your
    factual inaccuracies.

    Verdyisms are your constant stream of ill-informed guesses,
    half-truths and complete fabrications that you dress up as statements
    of fact. Such nonsense would be laughable if it were not that newbies
    and people who come to this list for genuine help may be deceived into
    thinking you know what you are talking about. And then the people who
    are actually very knowledgable, such as Ken and Mark, have to waste
    their time correcting and refuting your idiotic statements.

    This month alone, even with server downtime, you have managed to send
    85 messages, accounting for an astonishing 20% of list traffic, with
    7,671 lines of learned discourse on all the divers subjects that you
    appear to be a world-renowned expert on
    <> --
    surely some sort of record. And with a grand total of 2,126 messages,
    you have graced us with an average of more than one message a day,
    rain or shine, since your very first posting on 2003-05-12. May I
    suggest that May 12th should evermore be known as Philippe Verdy Day
    in honour of the great Unicode Sage (or at the very least we should
    encode a character in his honour -- please get your nominations to me
    by 2008-04-01 and I will write up a proposal).


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