RE: Level of Unicode support required for various languages

Date: Thu Oct 25 2007 - 08:21:14 CDT

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    Quoting Timothy Armes <>:

    > Thank you all for all your anwsers. I now understand that my
    > questions are unanswerable as they stand. Instead, I'll put them
    > into context.
    > Our product includes a simple font rendering technology, and we'd
    > now like to render Unicode strings. I like to know the level
    > minimum level of Unicode support that is needed to ensure that we
    > can print strings in the modern languages used by all countries in
    > which we are present.
    > Given this minimum level of support, I'd also like to know which
    > modern languages will not be printable, i.e. which future markets
    > would be potentially lost.
    > So, I do mean "languages" as opposed to "scripts". However, I'm
    > only talking about modern languages and "everyday texts" - rare
    > Unihan symbols aren't a concern, for example.

    > Farsi
    > Chinese
    You certianly support for plane 2 characters, some really obsurce
    Chinese characters are in the BMP, but some very useful ones are in
    plane 2.

    Yours sincerely
    John Knightley

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