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Date: Thu Oct 25 2007 - 09:14:52 CDT

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    Ideographic Description Sequence characters are not meant for, and should not be used for, representing text elements in running text other than ideographic description sequences. In other words, descriptions of characters that would be used in simple sentences of Zhuang can be represented in Unicode, but simple sentences of Zhuang cannot.


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    Since it is difficult to answer the question does uniocde support more
    than half of the 4000 languages of the world, and who knows how many
    dialects. The list of what is required grows the more one thinks about

    For example talking about CJKV characters at present many characters
    can only be repesented by IDS, one therefore really needs IDS to
    character display to write even simple sentance in some languages like

    While Europe has quite good coverage ( though not hungarian runes) the
    coverage of asian and african scripts is sparse. Current scripts under
    WG2 review include, but are by no means restricted to Javanese, Lisu,
    Miao, Nushu, and Tangut. Some scripts like Egyptians Heiroglyphics
    will need a higher protocol outside of the scope of uniocde to display

    John Knightley

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