Re: Level of Unicode support required for various languages

From: Andrew West (
Date: Fri Oct 26 2007 - 12:21:50 CDT

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    On 26/10/2007, Mark E. Shoulson <> wrote:
    > Andrew West's clarification of how they got to be same-but-different was
    > also helpful. It's a little like the y in "ye olde shoppe", which by
    > rights should be coded "├że", since it isn't a y but a thorn; the
    > distinction between the two wore away.

    That is exactly the analogy I was thinking of. Thorn and Y were
    originally distinct letters, but because of the way the (blackletter)
    script evolved they became almost indistinguishable.

    Likewise, in Chinese seal script the ri "sun" and yue "speak" radicals
    are quite distinct, but because of the way the Chinese script evolved
    they are quite confusable in the modern kaiti script.


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