How diacritics below a modifier letter should behave?

From: Karl Pentzlin (
Date: Fri Feb 22 2008 - 18:27:59 CST

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    If a nonspacing mark (diacritic) below a modified letter (with raised
    appearance) is applied, can it be expected to be applied to the
    bottom of the modifier letter (instead of below the baseline), as long
    as the font or rendering is "smart" enough to place nonspacing marks
    according to Unicode rules?

    Is it sufficient to encode the entity marked in red in the attached scan
    (showing a modifier letter alpha with dot below) as U+1D45 U+0323?

    (The scan is from:
     Hotzenköcherle, Rudolf
     Einführung in den Sprachatlas der Deutschen Schweiz
     Einführungsband B
     Bern [Switzerland] 1962, p.84)

    - Karl Pentzlin


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