Re: OpenType update for Unicode 5.2/6.0?

From: Andrew Cunningham (
Date: Fri Oct 15 2010 - 00:43:59 CDT

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    HI Vinod,

    On 15 October 2010 13:04, Vinod Kumar <> wrote:

    > Unicode compliance does not mean that complex text support must be  on Open
    > Font format or its Feature tag based shaping technique. There is no doubt
    > that the mobile phone community has accepted Unicode as the standard  for
    > text representation, and  for what the text should look like when
    > displayed.  How the text  should  transform to the  shapes  is not  under
    > the  purview of Unicode.  If people find simpler or elegant ways of
    > transforming Unicode text to shapes, these are not pseudo-Unicode solutions.

    Actually you misinterpreted what i said.

    pseudo unicode is a term used to describe non-Unicode legacy glyph
    based encodings that are superimposed over Unicode blocks. to the
    average application it looks like Unicode but isn't Unicode.

    For the Myanmar script examples of pseudo-Unicode would include the
    zawgyi and ayar fonts.

    For languages like Burmese pseudo-Unicode content is much more common
    than Unicode content. And all mobile solutions I've seen for Burmese
    have been non-Unicode.

    > For example, India had a font standard called INSFOC for Devanagari. A
    > shaping engine that will convert Devanagari text in Unicode to INSFOC glyph
    > code sequence would be completely Unicode compliant with respect to
    > rendering of Devanagari. Some of my contacts have already extended this
    > approach for Gujarati and plan to  bring  all the nine  Indian scripts  too
    > under  the same  Unicode text to font glyph code standard.

    That is what i would term transcoding, and not what i mean by pseudo-Unicode.

    Andrew Cunningham
    Senior Project Manager, Research and Development
    State Library of Victoria

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