: old news in unicode, new news in German domain names

From: JP Blankert (thuis & PC based) (jpblankert@zonnet.nl)
Date: Sat Oct 30 2010 - 16:32:50 CDT

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    Yip, sorry but IDN fast track started Nov. 16, 2009...and since then I
    am spending allmost fulltime on it. So not expert since 2003 helas (in
    domain names yes, not IDN).....but I dare to say yes in 2010. You are
    the highest level group re. IDN/non-Latin characters I met since, nobody
    could follow me anymore outside unicode.org, so now I am glad I found you.

    I know reading signs, like have been introduced far before Nov. 16, 2009.

    And IDN involves more than characters, it is also: what are keywords,
    what ranks high, what is commercially exploitable...and: extensions -
    there are over 1300 extensions in the world, which ones will come, go,
    etc..I run a series of web based businesses myself, so I learn more than
    'only registering names' and trying to sell them 'empty', which I find a
    less friendly sport. And by not running web based businesses yourself
    you never learn what extensions do well (the answer is of course never
    written in a book , but amongst TLD we agree what does well and what
    does not well).

    Re. our : I do know that it will be allowed in domainnames between now
    and a few months. So for unicoders may be old news, for domain names
    it is news now. Punycode was thought to be good enough for domain names
    I think May 2009 - and November 2009 IDN fast track was started. There
    are no books on punycode (unlike unicode) - it is newer. Not that it is
    better, it is just a common latin denominator of domain names across all

    Working out punycode? *zca *is for . But of course in a word it may be
    slightly different. I sense a tone of disbelief in Stephane's voice, I
    wish she/you would trust me more, before I have to prove things with
    past domainname achievements, Mensa membership and the like. Trust me I
    will catch up on unicode and trust me I am an excellent IDN man. Check
    with TLD experts....visits of Icann congress etc.


    the On 30-10-2010 22:08, Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:
    > On Sat, Oct 30, 2010 at 07:01:22PM +0200,
    > JP Blankert (thuis& PC based)<jpblankert@zonnet.nl> wrote
    > a message of 147 lines which said:
    >> I am a domain name (especially: IDN) expert.
    > A "domain name (especially IDN) expert" who does not know that was
    > mapped in IDNA 2003 but not in IDNA 2008? That's quite hard to believe
    > since this specific characters have been quite often mentioned.
    >> I worked my way out +- manually now, on . But the issue will come
    >> back for other languages....
    > Unlikely since being mapped to pure ASCII LDH was exceptional. Among
    > the letters, only was in that case.
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