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Date: Thu May 19 2011 - 06:34:54 CDT

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    Ogham is today, as it has always been, intrinisically a vertical
    bottom-to-top script.

    For longer inscriptions, our writing can commence on the left-hand-side
    of monuments and go straight up from there, viz., bottom-to-top, before
    sometimes, to accommodate very long inscriptions, from left-to-right
    across the top of the stone and continue straight down from there
    top-to-bottom on its right-hand-side. Manuscript scribes and computer
    fontmakers (for their own convenience), may write it left-to-right.

    How hard can that be to understand? Ogham is a topic which has been
    covered many times on the Unicode list, yet so many people designated as
    experts by the Unicode Consortium still get it wrong that it makes me,
    like so many others, doubt their expertise in any area at all, simply
    because they tend to get things so frequently wrong in re so many areas
    I know about.

    You seem to be fairly new to that part of the Unicode game which most
    affects Ogham, Fantasai, so I have sympathy for you as being one more
    person caught up in the confusion caused by messages on this list from
    Unicode-appointed participants concerning my language, amongst others,
    most of which msgs are best ignored, as I try to do, but I have decided
    to write this msg to you now, in order to help you in the capacity of
    your work described by Addison Phillips below (I hope this msg does help).

    Scríobh 17/05/2011 20:47, fantasai:
    > Sorry, I should have been more clear. It implies a preferred
    > bottom-to-top
    > directionality *when rendered as vertical text*.
    > ~fantasai
    Scríobh 16/05/2011 22:34, Phillips, Addison:
    > Ken said (in part):
    >> And even in Japan, the online editions of newspapers and nearly
    >> anything else would almost universally be laid out horizontally, because it is just
    >> so much easier to do.
    > It would be more accurate to say "because vertical rendering isn't supported". Note that fantasai is one of the editors of CSS3 Writing-Modes [1], which aims to correct that...

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