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Unicode® Reference Lists

This page provides up-to-date references for the Unicode Standard, including exact citations of the various standards and other formal specifications used in collecting the character repertoire. There is also a list of other important source documents, cited from encoding proposal documents and discussion documents, and organized by script.

Source Standards and Specifications
Other Script Sources
Selected Resources: Technical
Selected Resources: Other

Citations are given for the standards and dictionaries that were used as the actual resources for The Unicode Standard, primarily for Version 1.0. Where a Draft International Standard (DIS) is known to have progressed to International Standard status, the entry for the DIS has been revised. A revised or reaffirmed edition, with a different date, may have been published subsequently. For the current version of a standard, see the catalog issued by the relevant standards organization. The website of the International Organization for Standardization includes the ISO Catalogue and links to the sites of member organizations. Many of the ISO character set standards were originally developed by ECMA and are also ECMA standards.

In general, American library practice has been followed for the romanization of titles and names written in non-Roman script. Exceptions are when information supplied by an author had to be used because the name or title in the original script was unavailable.

For references related to CJK unified ideographs, see UAX #38, Unicode Han Database (Unihan), which contains extensive, up-to-date and complete citations for references associated with all of the Unihan data.