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Emoji Resources

The following are some external sites that may be useful for people interested in emoji. For Unicode pages on emoji, see Unicode Emoji. For information about emoji images on this site, see Emoji Images and Rights.


  • iDiversicons: Diverse emoji app & keyboard development, licensing, and consulting services.
  • SwiftKey: Keyboard app for iPhone and Android known for learning and predicting your writing style, includes emoji support.
  • Emoji One: Independent group of emoji developers providing an open source emoji set for digital and non-digital use worldwide.
  • EmojiXpress: One of the most popular iOS Emoji keyboards worldwide focused on providing the best Emoji and Sticker messaging experience.

Information and Reference

  • Emojipedia: Information about specific emoji, news blog.
  • emojitracker: Realtime emoji use on Twitter.
  • World Translation Foundation: A way to promote, explore, and translate the written word into the pictorial alphabet of Emoji.
  • Can I Emoji?: Displays the current status of native Emoji support across iOS, Android and Windows.



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