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Not The Roadmap

Revision 5.0.1
Authors Michael Everson, Rick McGowan, Ken Whistler
Date 2007-07-24
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This page lists scripts which, for one or another reason, are not given tentative pre-allocations in the Roadmap tables for addition to ISO/IEC 10646 and the Unicode Standard. Several categories are provided, to indicate the reasons why a script might not be suitable for pre-allocation in the Roadmap tables. For known scripts for which there is enough information and sufficient reason to do some rough pre-allocation, see instead the Roadmap tables for the BMP, SMP, SIP, and SSP.

Known scripts which have been investigated, but which are unified with existing encoded scripts.

  • Jiaguwen (Bone and Shell) script is tentatively unified with CJK
  • Christian Sogdian is unified with Syriac

Scripts (or pseudoscripts) which have been investigated and rejected as unsuitable for encoding.

Known scripts, with enough information, but insufficient reason to provide pre-allocation.

  • Sarati

Known scripts, but insufficient information to do a decent job of rough pre-allocation, and/or insufficient to know whether a pre-allocation is warranted.

  • Mende
  • Wolof

Things rumored to be scripts, but not clearly enough attested for us to even determine whether they are "known scripts".

  • Aymara
  • Paucartambo
  • Sidetic
  • Tartaria (Old European ideographs from Romania)