Last update: November 4, 2011



Agenda for INCITS/L2 meeting #226

October 31 - November 4, 2011, Cupertino


1. Opening remarks and introductions

1.1 Meeting Guidelines

INCITS antitrust policies (http://www.incits.org/inatrust.htm) and INCITS patent policies (http://www.incits.org/pat_slides.pdf).

1.2 Meeting Documents

2. Attendance and membership

2.1 Officers

Appointment of Craig Cummings as L2 chair (L2/11-410).

2.2 Gaining and losing voting membership

2.3 Changes in representation since last meeting.

John O’Conner is no longer a representative for Yahoo!

John O’Conner is now an alternate representative for Adobe Systems.

Linus Tanaka is now the principal representative for Yahoo !

Roozbeh Pournader is no longer a representative for Unicode Inc.

Roozbeh Pournader is now an alternate representative for Google.

2.4 New voting membership

2.5 New advisory members

2.6 Membership for this meeting

3. Approval of the Agenda

4. Joint UTC/L2 meeting

5. Approval of meeting minutes from L2 #225

Minutes of meeting L2 #225, August 1-5, 2011, document L2/11-264.

6. Reports and liaisons

7. Ballots

7.1 New ballots

Doc# Subject Source
  ISO/IEC 14651: 2011/PDAM 1, Information technology -- International string ordering and comparison -- Method for comparing character strings and description of the common template tailorable ordering -- AMENDMENT 1 SC2 N4205
L2/11-333 WD 30112.3 Specification methods for cultural conventions SC35 N1686
L2/11-424 PDTR 20007, "Information technology — Cultural and Linguistic Interoperability — Definition and relationship between symbols, icons, animated icons, pictograms, characters and glyphs” SC35 N1743

7.2 U.S. Contributions to ISO

8. International meetings

8.1 Future meetings


Delegation to OWG-SORT #14, WG2 #59

Delegation to SC35 GOM & SC 35 WG5, February 2012

9. Upcoming meetings

10. Action Items

Action items are recorded in document L-SD2.

11. Adjournment