L2/22-015 R2

UTC #170 Draft Agenda

Tuesday, January 25 and Thursday, January 27, 2022

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Last updated: January 18, 2022

The UTC will be conducted via a two-day Zoom meeting. Most topics are organized into categories according to sub-committees or working groups that have discussed topics in advance and provided recommendations. UTC discussions for the topic categories are pre-scheduled. Specific topics within each category will be discussed within the scheduled time window. In certain cases, specific topics may be scheduled for a specific time.

See the meeting logistics page for a schedule summary.

Quorum will be verified each morning and throughout the meeting. All members need to make proxy designations in advance.

Dates and times shown are Pacific time (UTC-08:00).

Scheduled Activities

The following individual topics are scheduled for discussion at specific times.

Agenda item / Topic Document Day and Time
“Trojan Source” Vulerabilities L2/22-007 Tuesday, 11:00 am
Property name / value alias stability L2/22-029 Tuesday, 12:00 pm

Meeting Opening

Deferral to L2 chair to start L2 meeting and L2 topics.

A. Administrative Topics

Schedule: Tuesday, 9:30 am; Thursday 9:30 am, 11:15 am

A.1 Consortium membership; meeting quorum and proxies

A.2 Agenda review

A.3 Approval of minutes of prior meeting [L2/21-167]

A.4 Action item review


A.5 Calendar review [Calendar]

B. Liaison Reports

Schedule: Tuesday, 10:35 am, 12:45 pm, 2:00 pm; Thursday 4:15 pm

B.1 JTC 1/SC 2




B.5 TC 37/SC 2


B.7 SEI [Anderson, L2/22-024]


C. Editorial Committee Report

Schedule: Tuesday, 9:55 am

Discussion led by EdComm vice-chair, Ken Whistler

C.1 Editorial Committee Report and Recommendations for UTC #170 Meeting [Whistler, L2/22-020]

D. Scripts

D. 1 Recommendations to UTC #170 January 2022 on Script Proposals [Anderson, et al, L2/22-023]

Schedule: Tuesday, 2:10 pm – 5:00 pm

Discussion led by Script Ad Hoc chair, Debbie Anderson, and vice-chair, Roozbeh Pournader

Script topics:
  • Cyrillic Letter Multiocular O [Everson, L2/22-002]
  • Cyrillic Modifier Letters [Miller, L2/22-010]
  • Latin: African Reference Alphabet


    • On the 1978 version of the African Reference Alphabet [Silva, L2/21-231]
    • Feedback on African Reference Alphabet (L2/21-231) [Jacquerye, L2/21-247]
  • Latin: Problematic casing pair used by some African orthographies [Silva, L2-21-229]
  • Latin: Closed Insular G


    • On the glyph of LATIN LETTER CLOSED INSULAR G [Everson and West, L2/22-004]
    • Comment on “On the glyph of LATIN LETTER CLOSED INSULAR G” by M. Everson and A. West [Baker, L2/21-243]
  • Adinkra: Response to Unicode Technical Committee [Korankye, L2/21-237]
  • Egyptian Hieroglyphs: format control characters [Glass, et al, L2/21-248]
  • Egyptian Hieroglyphs: variation sequences for rotations [Werning, L2/22-012]
  • Garay [Rovenchak, et al, L2/22-030]
  • Arabic: alef with right hamza [Lateef Sagar Shaikh, L2/22-035]
  • Arabic: characters for Balochi [Qazi Rehan, L2/21-238]
  • Arabic: Kazakh digraphs


    • China ballot comments to ISO/IEC 10646 CDAM 1 ballot
    • Request for glyph changes and annotations for Kazakh, Kyrgyz, and Uyghur [Evans, L2/20-289]
    • Chinese comments on WG2 N5155 [Wushour Silamu and Eiso Chan, L2/21-050]
    • Response to China NB comments on WG2 N5155 (UTC document L2/21- 050) [Unicode Consortium, L2/21-098]
  • Arabic: lam-alef ligature for al-Dani [Evans, L2/22-025]
  • Arabic: Quranic superscript Alef Motahafar


    • Proposal to encode Quranic Superscript Alef Motahafar used in Quran published in Libya [Lateef Sagar Shaikh, L2/21-204]
    • Comments on L2/21-204 [Putten, L2/21-239]
  • Linear Elamite [Pandey, L2/21-233]
  • Devanagari letter Rajasthani SA [L2/21-240]
  • Kannada and Telugu ARCHAIC SHRII [Srinidhi and Sridatta, L2/22-006]
  • Mongolian: four Ali Gali letters [Jiang, L2/21-244]
  • Sunuwar [Pandey, L2/21-157R]
  • Tulu / Tulu-Tigalari


    • Proposal to Encode Tulu Script in Unicode [Karnataka Tulu Sahitya Academy, L2/22-034]
    • Approving TULU UNICODE SCRIPTS by UNICODE CONSORTIUM [Sudarshana, L2/22-033]
    • Updated proposal to encode the Tulu-Tigalari script in Unicode [Murthy and Rajan, L2/22-031]
    • Further Response to Tulu Academy Documents [Murthy and Rajan, L2/22-032]
    • Comments on differences between Tulu and Tigalari proposals [Kučera, L2/20-279]
    • Proposal to encode Tulu [Pavanaja, L2/21-019]
    • Tulu Documents [Jain, et alL2/21-188]
    • ತುಳು %ಪಿ ಪ(ಚಯ (Tulu Lipi Parchaya) [Bellur (Ramakunja, trans.), L2/21-189]
    • Comments on Public Review Issues (September 26, 2021 - January 18, 2022) [L2/22-018]
  • Khmer Encoding Structure [Hosken, L2/21-241]
  • Ideographic complex scripts [Chan, L2/21-165]
  • Blissymbol radicals [Everson, L2/22-003]
  • Dwarf planet symbols [Miller, L2/21-224]
  • Symbols for legacy computing and teletext [Bettencourt, et al, L2/21-235]
  • Lot of Fortune and Eclipse symbols [Miller, L2/22-005]
  • Delete sign [Silva, L2/21-245]
  • Smalltalk symbols [Bettencourt, et al, L2/21-234]
  • Public Review feedback on script proposals
    • Comments on Public Review Issues (July 20 - Sept 25, 2021) [L2/21-169]
    • Comments on Public Review Issues (September 26, 2021 - January 18, 2022) [L2/22-018]
  • Old Hungarian: Feedback on encoding proposal [Silva, L2/21-246]
  • Bopomofo: vertical orientation property for tone marks [Whistler and Anderson, L2/22-037]
  • Recommendations for Unicode 15.0 and future versions [Anderson, et al, L2/22-023]

D. 2 Mongolian Ad-hoc Report [Liang Hai]

Schedule: Thursday, 11:30 am

E. CJK and Unihan

Schedule: Thursday 2:00 pm – 4:15 pm

Discussion led by CJK and Unihan Group chair, Ken Lunde

E. 1 CJK & Unihan Group Recommendations for UTC #170 Meeting [Lunde, L2/22-022]

CJK topics:
  • Public feedback [L2/22-018]
  • UAX #38: Proposed supplement to kTotalStrokes [Jenkins, L2/21-226]
  • UAX #38: reference for UK=02830 [West, L2/21-228]
  • UAX #38: horizontal extension or disunification of Khangxi characters [Sim, L2/21-236]
  • UAX #38: proposal for various changes [Chung, L2/22-008]
  • UAX #38: Incorrect radical for U+266B9 [Nelson, L2/22-014]
  • UAX #38: Proposal to add derived kMandarin values [Lunde, L2/22-027]
  • UAX #45: Adjustments for Extension H [Lunde, L2/22-022]
  • UAX #45: Proposal to Add Three Ideographs with Radical 見 [Nelson, L2/22-009]
  • UAX #45: Data Issues in Unicode 14.0 [Nelson, L2/22-011]
  • UAX #50: Harmonization with Adobe Japan 1 [Kida, et al, L2/21-222]
  • IRG Working Set 2021 Status

E.2 PRI #436 UTS #37 Unicode Ideographic Variation Database

F. Properties and Algorithms

F.1 “Trojan source” Vulnerabilities

Schedule: Tuesday, 11:00 am

Document: Avoiding Source Code Spoofing (revised) [Davis, et al, L2/22-007]

F.2 UTC #170 properties feedback & recommendations [Scherer, et al, L2/22-019]

Schedule: Tuesday 12:00 pm – 12:45 pm; Thursday 11:45 am – 1:00 pm

Discussion led by Properties and Algorithms Group chair, Markus Scherer

P&A Topics:

G. Emoji

Schedule: 9:35 am – 11:00 am

Discussion led by Emoji Subcommittee chair, Jennifer Daniel

G.1 Emoji Subcommittee Report Q1, 2022 UTC [ESC/Daniel, L2/22-021]

Emoji topics:

G.2 Draft Emoji for Unicode Version 15.0

H. Other business

H.1 Closing dates for PRIs

Meeting Adjournment