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Members and Staff Acknowledgements


The technical content of the Unicode Standard is determined by the Unicode Technical Committee members, as well as individual and liaison members and invited experts.

The Officers of the Unicode Consortium maintained the stability policies, established liaison relationships, managed the business of the Consortium, and maintained relationships with the worldwide community of Unicode users.

The support of member companies has been crucial to development and maintenance of The Unicode Standard. Members have generously provided font licenses and critical software used to create the text and graphics of the core specification. Please see the specific version acknowledgements for a detailed listing of the software and fonts so generously made available.

Particular thanks for facilities, equipment, and resources are owed to Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corporation, and we acknowledge the ongoing provision of custom-built software by Asmus, Inc.

Office and Staff

The ongoing development of the Unicode Standard would not have been possible without the support of the office staff of the Unicode Consortium, and the work of Mike Kernaghan, for many years as operational manager of the Unicode office. We thank Magda Danish, who contributed to the Standard over many versions in countless ways, from hosting Editorial Committee meetings, contributing to editorial tasks, and updating many web pages to being the public face for our administrative functions for many years. We also wish to thank Irina Shlyapnikova for her time as Unicode administrator, and Ellen Mastros for her great organizational skills in bringing order to our Consortium in a short period of time.

We also thank Sarasvati, who minded the mailing lists.

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