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Locale Data Summary for Catalan [ca]

CLDR Version 34 Index

Root [root] > Catalan [ca]

> Andorra [ca_AD], France [ca_FR], Italy [ca_IT], Valencian [ca_VALENCIA]

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1Core DataAlphabetic InformationCharacters in UseMain Letters[a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z] [· a à b c ç d e é è f g h i í ï j k l m n o ó ò p q r s t u ú ü v w x y z]
2Core DataAlphabetic InformationCharacters in UseOthers: auxiliary[á à ă â å ä ã ā æ ç é è ĕ ê ë ē í ì ĭ î ï ī ñ ó ò ŏ ô ö ø ō œ ú ù ŭ û ü ū ÿ] [á ă â å ä ã ā æ ĕ ê ë ē ì ĭ î ī ŀ ñ º ŏ ô ö ø ō œ ù ŭ û ū ÿ]
3Core DataAlphabetic InformationCharacters in UseOthers: index= [A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z]
4Core DataAlphabetic InformationCharacters in UseOthers: numbers= [\- , . % ‰ + 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9]
5Core DataAlphabetic InformationCharacters in UseOthers: punctuation[\- ‐ – — , ; \: ! ? . … ' ‘ ’ " “ ” ( ) \[ \] § @ * / \& # † ‡ ′ ″] [\- ‐ – — , ; \: ! ¡ ? ¿ . … ' ‘ ’ " “ ” « » ( ) \[ \] § @ * / \\ \& # † ‡ ′ ″]
6Core DataNumbering SystemsNumbering Systemdefault= latn
7Core DataNumbering SystemsNumbering Systemnative= latn
8Locale Display NamesLocale Name PatternsLocale FormattinglocalePattern= {0} ({1})
9Locale Display NamesLocale Name PatternsLocale FormattinglocaleSeparator= {0}, {1}
10Locale Display NamesLocale Name PatternsLocale FormattinglocaleKeyTypePattern= {0}: {1}
11Locale Display NamesLocale Name PatternsLocale Field FallbackslanguageLanguage: {0} Idioma: {0}
12Locale Display NamesLocale Name PatternsLocale Field FallbacksscriptScript: {0} Escriptura: {0}
13Locale Display NamesLocale Name PatternsLocale Field FallbacksterritoryRegion: {0} Regió: {0}
14Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAbkhazian ► abAbkhazian abkhaz
15Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAchinese ► aceAchinese atjeh
16Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAcoli ► achAcoli acoli
17Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAdangme ► adaAdangme adangme
18Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAdyghe ► adyAdyghe adigué
19Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAfar ► aaAfar àfar
20Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAfrihili ► afhAfrihili afrihili
21Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAfrikaans ► afAfrikaans afrikaans
22Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAghem ► agqAghem aghem
23Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAinu ► ainAinu ainu
24Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAkan ► akAkan àkan
25Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAkkadian ► akkAkkadian accadi
26Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAkoose ► bssAkoose akoose
27Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAlabama ► akzAlabama alabama
28Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAlbanian ► sqAlbanian albanès albanés
29Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAleut ► aleAleut aleuta
30Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAmerican Sign Language ► aseAmerican Sign Language llengua de signes americana
31Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAmharic ► amAmharic amhàric
32Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAncient Egyptian ► egyAncient Egyptian egipci antic
33Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAncient Greek ► grcAncient Greek grec antic
34Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAngika ► anpAngika angika
35Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AArabic ► arArabic àrab
36Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AArabic ► ar_001Modern Standard Arabic àrab estàndard modern
37Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAragonese ► anAragonese aragonès aragonés
38Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAramaic ► arcAramaic arameu
39Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAraona ► aroAraona araona
40Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AArapaho ► arpArapaho arapaho
41Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AArawak ► arwArawak arauac
42Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AArmenian ► hyArmenian armeni
43Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAromanian ► rupAromanian aromanès aromanés
44Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAssamese ► asAssamese assamès assamés
45Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAsturian ► astAsturian asturià
46Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAsu ► asaAsu pare
47Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAtsam ► cchAtsam atsam
48Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAvaric ► avAvaric àvar
49Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAvestan ► aeAvestan avèstic
50Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAwadhi ► awaAwadhi awadhi
51Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAymara ► ayAymara aimara
52Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAzerbaijani ► azAzerbaijani azerbaidjanès azerbaidjanés
53Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAzerbaijani ► az-shortAzeri àzeri
54Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBadaga ► bfqBadaga badaga
55Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBafia ► ksfBafia bafia
56Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBafut ► bfdBafut bafut
57Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBalinese ► banBalinese balinès balinés
58Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBaluchi ► balBaluchi balutxi
59Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBambara ► bmBambara bambara
60Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBamun ► baxBamun bamum
61Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBangla ► bnBangla bengalí
62Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBasaa ► basBasaa basa
63Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBashkir ► baBashkir baixkir
64Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBasque ► euBasque basc
65Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBavarian ► barBavarian bavarès
66Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBeja ► bejBeja beja
67Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBelarusian ► beBelarusian belarús
68Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBemba ► bemBemba bemba
69Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBena ► bezBena bena
70Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBhojpuri ► bhoBhojpuri bhojpuri
71Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBikol ► bikBikol bicol
72Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBini ► binBini edo
73Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBislama ► biBislama bislama
74Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBlin ► bynBlin bilin
75Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBlissymbols ► zblBlissymbols símbols Bliss
76Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBodo ► brxBodo bodo
77Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBosnian ► bsBosnian bosnià
78Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBrahui ► brhBrahui brahui
79Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBraj ► braBraj braj
80Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBreton ► brBreton bretó
81Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBuginese ► bugBuginese bugui
82Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBulgarian ► bgBulgarian búlgar
83Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBulu ► bumBulu bulu
84Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBuriat ► buaBuriat buriat
85Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBurmese ► myBurmese birmà
86Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCaddo ► cadCaddo caddo
87Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCajun French ► frcCajun French francès cajun
88Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCantonese ► yueCantonese cantonès cantonés
89Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCarib ► carCarib carib
90Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCatalan ► caCatalan català
91Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCayuga ► cayCayuga cayuga
92Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCebuano ► cebCebuano cebuà
93Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCentral Atlas Tamazight ► tzmCentral Atlas Tamazight amazic del Marroc central
94Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCentral Kurdish ► ckbCentral Kurdish kurd central
95Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CChadian Arabic ► shuChadian Arabic àrab txadià
96Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CChagatai ► chgChagatai txagatai
97Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CChakma ► ccpChakma ccp
98Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CChamorro ► chChamorro chamorro
99Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CChechen ► ceChechen txetxè txetxé
100Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCherokee ► chrCherokee cherokee
101Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCheyenne ► chyCheyenne xeiene
102Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CChibcha ► chbChibcha txibtxa
103Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CChiga ► cggChiga chiga
104Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CChinese ► zhChinese xinès xinés
105Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CChinese ► zh_HansSimplified Chinese xinès simplificat
106Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CChinese ► zh_HantTraditional Chinese xinès tradicional
107Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CChinook Jargon ► chnChinook Jargon pidgin chinook
108Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CChipewyan ► chpChipewyan chipewyan
109Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CChoctaw ► choChoctaw choctaw
110Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CChurch Slavic ► cuChurch Slavic eslau eclesiàstic
111Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CChuukese ► chkChuukese chuuk
112Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CChuvash ► cvChuvash txuvaix
113Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CClassical Newari ► nwcClassical Newari newari clàssic
114Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CClassical Syriac ► sycClassical Syriac siríac clàssic
115Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CColognian ► kshColognian kölsch
116Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CComorian ► swbComorian comorià
117Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCoptic ► copCoptic copte
118Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCornish ► kwCornish còrnic
119Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCorsican ► coCorsican cors
120Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCree ► crCree cree
121Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCreek ► musCreek creek
122Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCrimean Turkish ► crhCrimean Turkish tàtar de Crimea
123Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCroatian ► hrCroatian croat
124Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCzech ► csCzech txec
125Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DDakota ► dakDakota dakota
126Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DDanish ► daDanish danès danés
127Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DDargwa ► darDargwa darguà
128Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DDazaga ► dzgDazaga dazaga
129Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DDelaware ► delDelaware delaware
130Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DDinka ► dinDinka dinka
131Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DDivehi ► dvDivehi divehi
132Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DDogri ► doiDogri dogri
133Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DDogrib ► dgrDogrib dogrib
134Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DDuala ► duaDuala douala
135Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DDutch ► nlDutch neerlandès neerlandés
136Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DDutch ► nl_BEFlemish flamenc
137Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DDyula ► dyuDyula jula
138Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DDzongkha ► dzDzongkha dzongka
139Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EEastern Frisian ► frsEastern Frisian frisó oriental
140Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EEfik ► efiEfik efik
141Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EEgyptian Arabic ► arzEgyptian Arabic àrab egipci
142Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EEkajuk ► ekaEkajuk ekajuk
143Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EElamite ► elxElamite elamita
144Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EEmbu ► ebuEmbu embu
145Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EEmilian ► eglEmilian emilià
146Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EEnglish ► enEnglish anglès anglés
147Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EEnglish ► en_AUAustralian English anglès australià
148Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EEnglish ► en_CACanadian English anglès canadenc
149Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EEnglish ► en_GBBritish English anglès britànic
150Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EEnglish ► en_GB-shortUK English anglès (GB) anglés (GB)
151Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EEnglish ► en_USAmerican English anglès americà
152Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EEnglish ► en_US-shortUS English anglès (EUA) anglés (EUA)
153Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EErzya ► myvErzya mordovià erza
154Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EEsperanto ► eoEsperanto esperanto
155Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EEstonian ► etEstonian estonià
156Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EEwe ► eeEwe ewe
157Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EEwondo ► ewoEwondo ewondo
158Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EExtremaduran ► extExtremaduran extremeny
159Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FFang ► fanFang fang
160Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FFanti ► fatFanti fanti
161Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FFaroese ► foFaroese feroès feroés
162Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FFiji Hindi ► hifFiji Hindi hindi de Fiji
163Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FFijian ► fjFijian fijià
164Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FFilipino ► filFilipino filipí
165Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FFinnish ► fiFinnish finès finés
166Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FFon ► fonFon fon
167Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FFrench ► frFrench francès francés
168Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FFrench ► fr_CACanadian French francès canadenc
169Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FFrench ► fr_CHSwiss French francès suís
170Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FFriulian ► furFriulian friülà
171Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FFulah ► ffFulah ful
172Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGa ► gaaGa ga
173Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGagauz ► gagGagauz gagaús
174Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGalician ► glGalician gallec
175Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGan Chinese ► ganGan Chinese xinès gan
176Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGanda ► lgGanda ganda
177Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGayo ► gayGayo gayo
178Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGbaya ► gbaGbaya gbaya
179Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGeez ► gezGeez gueez
180Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGeorgian ► kaGeorgian georgià
181Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGerman ► deGerman alemany
182Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGerman ► de_ATAustrian German alemany austríac
183Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGerman ► de_CHSwiss High German alemany estàndard suís
184Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGheg Albanian ► alnGheg Albanian albanès geg
185Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGhomala ► bbjGhomala ghomala
186Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGilaki ► glkGilaki gilaki
187Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGilbertese ► gilGilbertese gilbertès gilbertés
188Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGoan Konkani ► gomGoan Konkani concani de Goa
189Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGondi ► gonGondi gondi
190Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGorontalo ► gorGorontalo gorontalo
191Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGothic ► gotGothic gòtic
192Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGrebo ► grbGrebo grebo
193Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGreek ► elGreek grec
194Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGuarani ► gnGuarani guaraní
195Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGujarati ► guGujarati gujarati
196Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGusii ► guzGusii gusí
197Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGwichʼin ► gwiGwichʼin gwich’in
198Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HHaida ► haiHaida haida
199Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HHaitian Creole ► htHaitian Creole crioll d’Haití
200Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HHakka Chinese ► hakHakka Chinese xinès hakka
201Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HHausa ► haHausa haussa
202Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HHawaiian ► hawHawaiian hawaià
203Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HHebrew ► heHebrew hebreu
204Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HHerero ► hzHerero herero
205Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HHiligaynon ► hilHiligaynon híligaynon
206Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HHindi ► hiHindi hindi
207Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HHiri Motu ► hoHiri Motu hiri motu
208Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HHittite ► hitHittite hitita
209Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HHmong ► hmnHmong hmong
210Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HHungarian ► huHungarian hongarès hongarés
211Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HHupa ► hupHupa hupa
212Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IIban ► ibaIban iban
213Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IIbibio ► ibbIbibio ibibio
214Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IIcelandic ► isIcelandic islandès islandés
215Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IIdo ► ioIdo ido
216Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IIgbo ► igIgbo igbo
217Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IIloko ► iloIloko ilocano
218Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IInari Sami ► smnInari Sami sami d’Inari
219Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IIndonesian ► idIndonesian indonesi
220Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IIngush ► inhIngush ingúix
221Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IInterlingua ► iaInterlingua interlingua
222Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IInterlingue ► ieInterlingue interlingue
223Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IInuktitut ► iuInuktitut inuktitut
224Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IInupiaq ► ikInupiaq inupiak
225Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IIrish ► gaIrish irlandès irlandés
226Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IItalian ► itItalian italià
227Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JJamaican Creole English ► jamJamaican Creole English crioll anglès de Jamaica
228Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JJapanese ► jaJapanese japonès japonés
229Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JJavanese ► jvJavanese javanès javanés
230Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JJju ► kajJju jju
231Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JJola-Fonyi ► dyoJola-Fonyi diola
232Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JJudeo-Arabic ► jrbJudeo-Arabic judeoàrab
233Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JJudeo-Persian ► jprJudeo-Persian judeopersa
234Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKabardian ► kbdKabardian kabardí
235Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKabuverdianu ► keaKabuverdianu crioll capverdià
236Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKabyle ► kabKabyle cabilenc
237Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKachin ► kacKachin katxin
238Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKaingang ► kgpKaingang kaingà
239Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKako ► kkjKako kako
240Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKalaallisut ► klKalaallisut grenlandès grenlandés
241Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKalenjin ► klnKalenjin kalenjin
242Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKalmyk ► xalKalmyk calmuc
243Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKamba ► kamKamba kamba
244Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKanembu ► kblKanembu kanembu
245Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKannada ► knKannada kannada
246Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKanuri ► krKanuri kanuri
247Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKara-Kalpak ► kaaKara-Kalpak karakalpak
248Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKarachay-Balkar ► krcKarachay-Balkar karatxai-balkar
249Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKarelian ► krlKarelian carelià
250Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKashmiri ► ksKashmiri caixmiri
251Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKashubian ► csbKashubian caixubi
252Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKawi ► kawKawi kawi
253Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKazakh ► kkKazakh kazakh
254Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKenyang ► kenKenyang kenyang
255Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKhasi ► khaKhasi khasi
256Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKhmer ► kmKhmer khmer
257Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKhotanese ► khoKhotanese khotanès khotanés
258Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKikuyu ► kiKikuyu kikuiu
259Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKimbundu ► kmbKimbundu kimbundu
260Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKinyarwanda ► rwKinyarwanda ruandès ruandés
261Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKlingon ► tlhKlingon klingonià
262Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKom ► bkmKom kom
263Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKomi ► kvKomi komi
264Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKomi-Permyak ► koiKomi-Permyak komi-permiac
265Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKongo ► kgKongo kongo
266Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKonkani ► kokKonkani concani
267Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKorean ► koKorean coreà
268Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKoro ► kfoKoro koro
269Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKosraean ► kosKosraean kosraeà
270Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKoyra Chiini ► khqKoyra Chiini koyra chiini
271Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKoyraboro Senni ► sesKoyraboro Senni songhai oriental
272Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKpelle ► kpeKpelle kpelle
273Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKrio ► kriKrio krio
274Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKuanyama ► kjKuanyama kuanyama
275Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKumyk ► kumKumyk kúmik
276Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKurdish ► kuKurdish kurd
277Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKurukh ► kruKurukh kurukh
278Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKutenai ► kutKutenai kutenai
279Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKwasio ► nmgKwasio bissio
280Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKyrgyz ► kyKyrgyz kirguís
281Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKʼicheʼ ► qucKʼicheʼ k’iche’
282Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLadino ► ladLadino judeocastellà
283Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLahnda ► lahLahnda panjabi occidental
284Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLakota ► lktLakota lakota
285Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLamba ► lamLamba lamba
286Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLangi ► lagLangi langi
287Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLao ► loLao laosià
288Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLatin ► laLatin llatí
289Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLatvian ► lvLatvian letó
290Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLaz ► lzzLaz laz
291Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLezghian ► lezLezghian lesguià
292Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLigurian ► lijLigurian lígur
293Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLimburgish ► liLimburgish limburguès limburgués
294Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLingala ► lnLingala lingala
295Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLiterary Chinese ► lzhLiterary Chinese xinès clàssic
296Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLithuanian ► ltLithuanian lituà
297Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLojban ► jboLojban lojban
298Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLombard ► lmoLombard llombard
299Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLouisiana Creole ► louLouisiana Creole crioll francès de Louisiana
300Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLow German ► ndsLow German baix alemany
301Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLow German ► nds_NLLow Saxon baix saxó
302Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLower Sorbian ► dsbLower Sorbian baix sòrab
303Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLozi ► lozLozi lozi
304Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLuba-Katanga ► luLuba-Katanga luba katanga
305Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLuba-Lulua ► luaLuba-Lulua luba-lulua
306Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLuiseno ► luiLuiseno luisenyo
307Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLule Sami ► smjLule Sami sami lule
308Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLunda ► lunLunda lunda
309Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLuo ► luoLuo luo
310Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLuxembourgish ► lbLuxembourgish luxemburguès luxemburgués
311Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLuyia ► luyLuyia luyia
312Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMaba ► mdeMaba maba
313Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMacedonian ► mkMacedonian macedoni
314Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMachame ► jmcMachame machame
315Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMadurese ► madMadurese madurès madurés
316Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMafa ► mafMafa mafa
317Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMagahi ► magMagahi magahi
318Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMaithili ► maiMaithili maithili
319Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMakasar ► makMakasar makassar
320Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMakhuwa-Meetto ► mghMakhuwa-Meetto makhuwa-metto
321Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMakonde ► kdeMakonde makonde
322Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMalagasy ► mgMalagasy malgaix
323Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMalay ► msMalay malai
324Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMalayalam ► mlMalayalam malaiàlam
325Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMaltese ► mtMaltese maltès maltés
326Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MManchu ► mncManchu manxú
327Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMandar ► mdrMandar mandar
328Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMandingo ► manMandingo mandinga
329Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MManipuri ► mniManipuri manipurí
330Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MManx ► gvManx manx
331Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMaori ► miMaori maori
332Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMapuche ► arnMapuche mapudungu
333Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMarathi ► mrMarathi marathi
334Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMari ► chmMari mari
335Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMarshallese ► mhMarshallese marshallès marshallés
336Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMarwari ► mwrMarwari marwari
337Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMasai ► masMasai massai
338Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMazanderani ► mznMazanderani mazanderani
339Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMedumba ► byvMedumba medumba
340Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMende ► menMende mende
341Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMeru ► merMeru meru
342Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMetaʼ ► mgoMetaʼ meta’
343Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMi'kmaq ► micMi'kmaq micmac
344Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMiddle Dutch ► dumMiddle Dutch neerlandès mitjà neerlandés mitjà
345Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMiddle English ► enmMiddle English anglès mitjà anglés mitjà
346Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMiddle French ► frmMiddle French francès mitjà francés mitjà
347Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMiddle High German ► gmhMiddle High German alt alemany mitjà
348Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMiddle Irish ► mgaMiddle Irish gaèlic irlandès mitjà gaèlic irlandés mitjà
349Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMin Nan Chinese ► nanMin Nan Chinese xinès min del sud
350Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMinangkabau ► minMinangkabau minangkabau
351Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMingrelian ► xmfMingrelian mingrelià
352Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMirandese ► mwlMirandese mirandès mirandés
353Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMizo ► lusMizo mizo
354Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMohawk ► mohMohawk mohawk
355Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMoksha ► mdfMoksha mordovià moksa
356Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMongo ► lolMongo mongo
357Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMongolian ► mnMongolian mongol
358Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMorisyen ► mfeMorisyen mauricià
359Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMossi ► mosMossi moore
360Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMultiple languages ► mulMultiple languages llengües vàries
361Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMundang ► muaMundang mundang
362Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMuslim Tat ► tttMuslim Tat tat meridional
363Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMyene ► myeMyene myene
364Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NN’Ko ► nqoN’Ko n’Ko
365Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNajdi Arabic ► arsNajdi Arabic àrab najdi
366Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNama ► naqNama nama
367Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNauru ► naNauru nauruà
368Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNavajo ► nvNavajo navaho
369Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNdonga ► ngNdonga ndonga
370Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNeapolitan ► napNeapolitan napolità
371Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNepali ► neNepali nepalès nepalés
372Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNewari ► newNewari newari
373Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNgambay ► sbaNgambay ngambay
374Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNgiemboon ► nnhNgiemboon ngiemboon
375Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNgomba ► jgoNgomba ngomba
376Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNias ► niaNias nias
377Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNigerian Pidgin ► pcmNigerian Pidgin pidgin de Nigèria
378Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNiuean ► niuNiuean niueà
379Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNo linguistic content ► zxxNo linguistic content sense contingut lingüístic
380Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNogai ► nogNogai nogai
381Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNorth Ndebele ► ndNorth Ndebele ndebele septentrional
382Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNorthern Frisian ► frrNorthern Frisian frisó septentrional
383Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNorthern Luri ► lrcNorthern Luri luri septentrional
384Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNorthern Sami ► seNorthern Sami sami septentrional
385Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNorthern Sotho ► nsoNorthern Sotho sotho septentrional
386Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNorwegian ► noNorwegian noruec
387Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNorwegian Bokmål ► nbNorwegian Bokmål noruec bokmål
388Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNorwegian Nynorsk ► nnNorwegian Nynorsk noruec nynorsk
389Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNovial ► novNovial novial
390Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNuer ► nusNuer nuer
391Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNyamwezi ► nymNyamwezi nyamwesi
392Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNyanja ► nyNyanja nyanja
393Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNyankole ► nynNyankole nyankole
394Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNyasa Tonga ► togNyasa Tonga tonga
395Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNyoro ► nyoNyoro nyoro
396Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNzima ► nziNzima nzema
397Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OOccitan ► ocOccitan occità
398Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OOdia ► orOdia oriya
399Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OOjibwa ► ojOjibwa ojibwa
400Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OOld English ► angOld English anglès antic anglés antic
401Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OOld French ► froOld French francès antic francés antic
402Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OOld High German ► gohOld High German alt alemany antic
403Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OOld Irish ► sgaOld Irish irlandès antic irlandés antic
404Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OOld Norse ► nonOld Norse nòrdic antic
405Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OOld Persian ► peoOld Persian persa antic
406Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OOld Provençal ► proOld Provençal provençal antic
407Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OOromo ► omOromo oromo
408Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OOsage ► osaOsage osage
409Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OOssetic ► osOssetic osseta
410Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OOttoman Turkish ► otaOttoman Turkish turc otomà
411Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPahlavi ► palPahlavi pahlavi
412Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPalatine German ► pflPalatine German alemany palatí
413Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPalauan ► pauPalauan palauà
414Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPali ► piPali pali
415Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPampanga ► pamPampanga pampanga
416Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPangasinan ► pagPangasinan pangasinan
417Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPapiamento ► papPapiamento papiament
418Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPashto ► psPashto paixtu
419Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPashto ► ps-variantPushto pushtu
420Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPennsylvania German ► pdcPennsylvania German alemany pennsilvanià
421Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPersian ► faPersian persa
422Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPhoenician ► phnPhoenician fenici
423Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPicard ► pcdPicard picard
424Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPiedmontese ► pmsPiedmontese piemontès
425Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPohnpeian ► ponPohnpeian ponapeà
426Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPolish ► plPolish polonès polonés
427Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPontic ► pntPontic pòntic
428Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPortuguese ► ptPortuguese portuguès portugués
429Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPortuguese ► pt_BRBrazilian Portuguese portuguès del Brasil
430Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPortuguese ► pt_PTEuropean Portuguese portuguès de Portugal
431Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPrussian ► prgPrussian prussià
432Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPunjabi ► paPunjabi panjabi
433Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)QQuechua ► quQuechua quítxua
434Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RRajasthani ► rajRajasthani rajasthani
435Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RRapanui ► rapRapanui rapanui
436Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RRarotongan ► rarRarotongan rarotongà
437Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RRomagnol ► rgnRomagnol romanyès
438Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RRomanian ► roRomanian romanès romanés
439Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RRomanian ► ro_MDMoldavian moldau
440Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RRomansh ► rmRomansh retoromànic
441Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RRomany ► romRomany romaní
442Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RRombo ► rofRombo rombo
443Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RRoot ► rootRoot arrel
444Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RRundi ► rnRundi rundi
445Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RRussian ► ruRussian rus
446Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RRwa ► rwkRwa rwo
447Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSaho ► ssySaho saho
448Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSakha ► sahSakha iacut
449Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSamaritan Aramaic ► samSamaritan Aramaic arameu samarità
450Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSamburu ► saqSamburu samburu
451Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSamoan ► smSamoan samoà
452Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSandawe ► sadSandawe sandawe
453Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSango ► sgSango sango
454Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSangu ► sbpSangu sangu
455Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSanskrit ► saSanskrit sànscrit
456Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSantali ► satSantali santali
457Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSardinian ► scSardinian sard
458Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSasak ► sasSasak sasak
459Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSassarese Sardinian ► sdcSassarese Sardinian sasserès
460Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SScots ► scoScots escocès escocés
461Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SScottish Gaelic ► gdScottish Gaelic gaèlic escocès gaèlic escocés
462Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSelkup ► selSelkup selkup
463Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSena ► sehSena sena
464Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSeneca ► seeSeneca seneca
465Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSerbian ► srSerbian serbi
466Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSerbo-Croatian ► shSerbo-Croatian serbocroat
467Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSerer ► srrSerer serer
468Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSeselwa Creole French ► crsSeselwa Creole French francès crioll de les Seychelles
469Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SShambala ► ksbShambala shambala
470Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SShan ► shnShan xan
471Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SShona ► snShona shona
472Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSichuan Yi ► iiSichuan Yi yi sichuan
473Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSicilian ► scnSicilian sicilià
474Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSidamo ► sidSidamo sidamo
475Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSiksika ► blaSiksika blackfoot
476Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSilesian ► szlSilesian silesià
477Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSindhi ► sdSindhi sindi
478Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSinhala ► siSinhala singalès singalés
479Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSkolt Sami ► smsSkolt Sami sami skolt
480Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSlave ► denSlave slavi
481Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSlovak ► skSlovak eslovac
482Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSlovenian ► slSlovenian eslovè eslové
483Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSoga ► xogSoga soga
484Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSogdien ► sogSogdien sogdià
485Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSomali ► soSomali somali
486Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSoninke ► snkSoninke soninke
487Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSouth Ndebele ► nrSouth Ndebele ndebele meridional
488Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSouthern Altai ► altSouthern Altai altaic meridional
489Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSouthern Kurdish ► sdhSouthern Kurdish kurd meridional
490Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSouthern Sami ► smaSouthern Sami sami meridional
491Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSouthern Sotho ► stSouthern Sotho sotho meridional
492Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSpanish ► esSpanish espanyol
493Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSpanish ► es_419Latin American Spanish espanyol hispanoamericà
494Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSpanish ► es_ESEuropean Spanish espanyol europeu
495Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSpanish ► es_MXMexican Spanish espanyol de Mèxic
496Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSranan Tongo ► srnSranan Tongo sranan
497Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SStandard Moroccan Tamazight ► zghStandard Moroccan Tamazight amazic estàndard marroquí
498Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSukuma ► sukSukuma sukuma
499Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSumerian ► suxSumerian sumeri
500Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSundanese ► suSundanese sondanès sundanés
501Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSusu ► susSusu susú
502Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSwahili ► swSwahili suahili
503Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSwahili ► sw_CDCongo Swahili suahili del Congo
504Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSwati ► ssSwati swazi
505Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSwedish ► svSwedish suec
506Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSwiss German ► gswSwiss German alemany suís
507Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSyriac ► syrSyriac siríac
508Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTachelhit ► shiTachelhit taixelhit
509Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTagalog ► tlTagalog tagal
510Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTahitian ► tyTahitian tahitià
511Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTaita ► davTaita taita
512Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTajik ► tgTajik tadjik
513Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTalysh ► tlyTalysh talix
514Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTamashek ► tmhTamashek amazic
515Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTamil ► taTamil tàmil
516Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTaroko ► trvTaroko taroko
517Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTasawaq ► twqTasawaq tasawaq
518Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTatar ► ttTatar tàtar
519Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTelugu ► teTelugu telugu
520Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTereno ► terTereno terena
521Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTeso ► teoTeso teso
522Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTetum ► tetTetum tètum
523Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TThai ► thThai tai tailandés
524Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTibetan ► boTibetan tibetà
525Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTigre ► tigTigre tigre
526Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTigrinya ► tiTigrinya tigrinya
527Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTimne ► temTimne temne
528Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTiv ► tivTiv tiv
529Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTlingit ► tliTlingit tlingit
530Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTok Pisin ► tpiTok Pisin tok pisin
531Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTokelau ► tklTokelau tokelauès tokelaués
532Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTongan ► toTongan tongalès tongalés
533Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTsakhur ► tkrTsakhur tsakhur
534Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTsimshian ► tsiTsimshian tsimshià
535Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTsonga ► tsTsonga tsonga
536Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTswana ► tnTswana setswana
537Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTumbuka ► tumTumbuka tumbuka
538Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTurkish ► trTurkish turc
539Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTurkmen ► tkTurkmen turcman
540Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTuvalu ► tvlTuvalu tuvaluà
541Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTuvinian ► tyvTuvinian tuvinià
542Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTwi ► twTwi twi
543Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTyap ► kcgTyap tyap
544Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UUdmurt ► udmUdmurt udmurt
545Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UUgaritic ► ugaUgaritic ugarític
546Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UUkrainian ► ukUkrainian ucraïnès ucraïnés
547Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UUmbundu ► umbUmbundu umbundu
548Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UUnknown language ► undUnknown language idioma desconegut
549Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UUpper Sorbian ► hsbUpper Sorbian alt sòrab
550Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UUrdu ► urUrdu urdú
551Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UUyghur ► ugUyghur uigur
552Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UUzbek ► uzUzbek uzbek
553Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VVai ► vaiVai vai
554Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VVenda ► veVenda venda
555Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VVenetian ► vecVenetian vènet
556Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VVeps ► vepVeps vepse
557Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VVietnamese ► viVietnamese vietnamita
558Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VVolapük ► voVolapük volapük
559Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VVotic ► votVotic vòtic
560Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VVunjo ► vunVunjo vunjo
561Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WWalloon ► waWalloon való
562Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WWalser ► waeWalser walser
563Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WWaray ► warWaray waray
564Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WWarlpiri ► wbpWarlpiri warlpiri
565Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WWasho ► wasWasho washo
566Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WWayuu ► gucWayuu wayú
567Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WWelsh ► cyWelsh gal·lès gal·lés
568Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WWest Flemish ► vlsWest Flemish flamenc occidental
569Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WWestern Balochi ► bgnWestern Balochi balutxi occidental
570Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WWestern Frisian ► fyWestern Frisian frisó occidental
571Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WWestern Mari ► mrjWestern Mari mari occidental
572Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WWolaytta ► walWolaytta wolaita
573Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WWolof ► woWolof wòlof
574Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WWu Chinese ► wuuWu Chinese xinès wu
575Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)XXhosa ► xhXhosa xosa
576Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)XXiang Chinese ► hsnXiang Chinese xinès xiang
577Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)YYangben ► yavYangben yangben
578Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)YYao ► yaoYao yao
579Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)YYapese ► yapYapese yapeà
580Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)YYemba ► ybbYemba yemba
581Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)YYiddish ► yiYiddish ídix
582Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)YYoruba ► yoYoruba ioruba
583Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZZapotec ► zapZapotec zapoteca
584Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZZarma ► djeZarma zarma
585Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZZaza ► zzaZaza zaza
586Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZZeelandic ► zeaZeelandic zelandès
587Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZZenaga ► zenZenaga zenaga
588Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZZhuang ► zaZhuang zhuang
589Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZZulu ► zuZulu zulu
590Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZZuni ► zunZuni zuni
591Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseArabArabic àrab
592Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseArab-variantPerso-Arabic persoaràbic
593Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseArmnArmenian armeni
594Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseBengBangla bengalí
595Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseBopoBopomofo bopomofo
596Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseCyrlCyrillic ciríl·lic
597Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseDevaDevanagari devanagari
598Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseEthiEthiopic etiòpic
599Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseGeorGeorgian georgià
600Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseGrekGreek grec
601Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseGujrGujarati gujarati
602Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseGuruGurmukhi gurmukhi
603Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHanbHan with Bopomofo han amb bopomofo
604Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHangHangul hangul
605Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHaniHan han
606Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHansSimplified simplificat
607Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHans-stand-aloneSimplified Han han simplificat
608Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHantTraditional tradicional
609Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHant-stand-aloneTraditional Han han tradicional
610Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHebrHebrew hebreu
611Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHiraHiragana hiragana
612Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseJamoJamo jamo
613Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseJpanJapanese japonès japonés
614Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseKanaKatakana katakana
615Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseKhmrKhmer khmer
616Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseKndaKannada kannada
617Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseKoreKorean coreà
618Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseLaooLao lao
619Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseLatnLatin llatí
620Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseMlymMalayalam malaiàlam
621Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseMymrMyanmar birmà
622Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseOryaOdia oriya
623Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseSinhSinhala singalès singalés
624Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseTamlTamil tàmil
625Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseTeluTelugu telugu
626Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseThaaThaana thaana
627Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseThaiThai tailandès tailandés
628Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseTibtTibetan tibetà
629Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseZinhInherited heretat
630Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseZyyyCommon comú
631Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseAdlmAdlam adlam
632Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseBaliBalinese balinès balinés
633Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseBamuBamum bamum
634Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseBatkBatak batak
635Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseCakmChakma chakma
636Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseCansUnified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics síl·labes dels aborígens canadencs unificats
637Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseChamCham cham
638Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseCherCherokee cherokee
639Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseGongGunjala Gondi Gong
640Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseJavaJavanese javanès javanés
641Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseKaliKayah Li kayah li
642Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseLanaLanna lanna
643Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseLepcLepcha lepcha
644Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseLimbLimbu limbu
645Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseLisuFraser lisu
646Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseMandMandaean mandaic
647Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseMteiMeitei Mayek manipurí
648Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseNewaNewa newar
649Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseNkooN’Ko n’Ko
650Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseOlckOl Chiki santali
651Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseOsgeOsage osage
652Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UsePlrdPollard Phonetic pollard miao
653Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseRohgHanifi Rohingya Rohg
654Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseSaurSaurashtra saurashtra
655Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseSundSundanese sundanès sundanés
656Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseSyloSyloti Nagri syloti nagri
657Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseSyrcSyriac siríac
658Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseTaleTai Le tai le
659Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseTaluNew Tai Lue nou tai lue
660Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseTavtTai Viet tai viet
661Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseTfngTifinagh tifinagh
662Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseVaiiVai vai
663Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseYiiiYi yi
664Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricAghbCaucasian Albanian albanès caucàsic
665Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricAhomAhom ahom
666Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricArmiImperial Aramaic arameu imperial
667Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricAvstAvestan avèstic
668Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricBassBassa Vah bassa vah
669Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricBhksBhaiksuki bhaiksuki
670Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricBrahBrahmi brahmi
671Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricBugiBuginese buginès buginés
672Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricBuhdBuhid buhid
673Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricCariCarian carià
674Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricCoptCoptic copte
675Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricCprtCypriot xipriota
676Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricDogrDogra Dogr
677Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricDsrtDeseret deseret
678Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricDuplDuployan shorthand taquigrafia Duployé
679Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricEgypEgyptian hieroglyphs jeroglífic egipci
680Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricElbaElbasan elbasan
681Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricGlagGlagolitic glagolític
682Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricGonmMasaram Gondi Gonm
683Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricGothGothic gòtic
684Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricGranGrantha grantha
685Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricHanoHanunoo hanunoo
686Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricHatrHatran Hatr
687Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricHluwAnatolian Hieroglyphs jeroglífic anatoli
688Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricHmngPahawh Hmong pahawh hmong
689Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricHungOld Hungarian hongarès antic hongarés antic
690Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricItalOld Italic cursiva antiga
691Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricKharKharoshthi kharosthi
692Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricKhojKhojki khoja
693Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricKthiKaithi kaithi
694Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricLinaLinear A lineal A
695Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricLinbLinear B lineal B
696Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricLyciLycian lici
697Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricLydiLydian lidi
698Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricMahjMahajani mahajani
699Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricMakaMakasar Maka
700Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricManiManichaean maniqueu
701Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricMarcMarchen Marc
702Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricMedfMedefaidrin Medf
703Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricMendMende mende
704Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricMercMeroitic Cursive cursiva meroítica
705Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricMeroMeroitic meroític
706Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricModiModi modi
707Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricMongMongolian mongol
708Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricMrooMro mro
709Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricMultMultani multani
710Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricNarbOld North Arabian antic nord-aràbic
711Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricNbatNabataean nabateu
712Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricNshuNüshu nü shu
713Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricOgamOgham ogham
714Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricOrkhOrkhon orkhon
715Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricOsmaOsmanya osmanya
716Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricPalmPalmyrene palmirè palmiré
717Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricPauc= Pau Cin Hau
718Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricPermOld Permic antic pèrmic
719Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricPhagPhags-pa phagspa
720Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricPhliInscriptional Pahlavi pahlavi inscripcional
721Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricPhlpPsalter Pahlavi psalter pahlavi
722Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricPhnxPhoenician fenici
723Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricPrtiInscriptional Parthian parthià inscripcional
724Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricRjngRejang rejang
725Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricRunrRunic rúnic
726Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricSamrSamaritan samarità
727Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricSarbOld South Arabian sud-aràbic antic
728Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricSgnwSignWriting escriptura de signes
729Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricShawShavian shavià
730Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricShrdSharada shrada
731Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricSiddSiddham siddham
732Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricSindKhudawadi devangari
733Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricSogdSogdian Sogd
734Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricSogoOld Sogdian Sogo
735Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricSoraSora Sompeng sora sompeng
736Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricSoyoSoyombo Soyo
737Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricTagbTagbanwa tagbanwa
738Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricTakrTakri takri
739Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricTangTangut tangut
740Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricTglgTagalog tagàlog
741Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricTirhTirhuta tirhut
742Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricUgarUgaritic ugarític
743Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricWaraVarang Kshiti varang kshiti
744Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricXpeoOld Persian persa antic
745Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricXsuxSumero-Akkadian Cuneiform cuneïforme sumeri-accadi
746Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricZanbZanabazar Square Zanb
747Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherAfakAfaka afaka
748Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherBlisBlissymbols símbols Bliss
749Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherBraiBraille braille
750Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherCirtCirth cirth
751Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherCyrsOld Church Slavonic Cyrillic ciríl·lic de l’antic eslau eclesiàstic
752Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherEgydEgyptian demotic demòtic egipci
753Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherEgyhEgyptian hieratic hieràtic egipci
754Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherGeokGeorgian Khutsuri georgià hucuri
755Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherHrktJapanese syllabaries katakana o hiragana
756Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherIndsIndus escriptura de la vall de l’Indus
757Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherJurcJurchen jürchen
758Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherKpelKpelle kpelle
759Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherLatfFraktur Latin llatí fraktur
760Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherLatgGaelic Latin llatí gaèlic
761Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherLomaLoma loma
762Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherMayaMayan hieroglyphs jeroglífics maies
763Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherMoonMoon moon
764Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherNkgbNaxi Geba geba
765Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherPhlvBook Pahlavi pahlavi
766Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaag= Qaag
767Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherRoroRongorongo rongo-rongo
768Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherSaraSarati sarati
769Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherSyreEstrangelo Syriac siríac estrangelo
770Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherSyrjWestern Syriac siríac occidental
771Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherSyrnEastern Syriac siríac oriental
772Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherTengTengwar tengwar
773Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherVispVisible Speech llenguatge visible
774Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherWoleWoleai woleai
775Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherZmthMathematical Notation notació matemàtica
776Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherZsyeEmoji emoji
777Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherZsymSymbols símbols
778Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherZxxxUnwritten sense escriptura
779Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherZzzzUnknown Script escriptura desconeguda
780Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsWorld001World Món
781Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsWorld019Americas Amèrica
782Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsWorld002Africa Àfrica
783Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsWorld150Europe Europa
784Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsWorld142Asia Àsia
785Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsWorld009= Oceania
786Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsWorldEUEuropean Union Unió Europea
787Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsWorldEZEurozone zona euro
788Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsWorldUNUnited Nations Nacions Unides
789Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsWorldUN-shortUN ONU
790Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAmericas003North America Amèrica del Nord
791Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAmericas021Northern America Amèrica septentrional
792Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAmericas013Central America Amèrica Central
793Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAmericas029Caribbean Carib
794Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAmericas005South America Amèrica del Sud
795Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAmericas419Latin America Amèrica Llatina
796Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAfrica015Northern Africa Àfrica septentrional
797Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAfrica011Western Africa Àfrica occidental
798Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAfrica017Middle Africa Àfrica central
799Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAfrica014Eastern Africa Àfrica oriental
800Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAfrica018Southern Africa Àfrica meridional
801Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAfrica202Sub-Saharan Africa Àfrica subsahariana
802Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsEurope154Northern Europe Europa septentrional
803Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsEurope155Western Europe Europa occidental
804Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsEurope151Eastern Europe Europa oriental
805Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsEurope039Southern Europe Europa meridional
806Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAsia145Western Asia Àsia occidental
807Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAsia143Central Asia Àsia central
808Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAsia030Eastern Asia Àsia oriental
809Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAsia034Southern Asia Àsia meridional
810Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAsia035Southeast Asia Àsia sud-oriental
811Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsOceania053Australasia Australàsia
812Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsOceania054Melanesia Melanèsia
813Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsOceania057Micronesian Region Regió de la Micronèsia
814Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsOceania061Polynesia Polinèsia
815Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsOceaniaQOOutlying Oceania Territoris allunyats d’Oceania
816Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsUnknown RegionXAPseudo-Accents XA
817Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsUnknown RegionXBPseudo-Bidi XB
818Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsUnknown RegionZZUnknown Region Regió desconeguda
819Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Northern AmericaBMBermuda Bermudes
820Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Northern AmericaCACanada Canadà
821Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Northern AmericaGLGreenland Grenlàndia
822Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Northern AmericaPMSt. Pierre & Miquelon Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon
823Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Northern AmericaUSUnited States Estats Units
824Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Northern AmericaUS-shortUS EUA
825Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Central AmericaBZ= Belize
826Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Central AmericaCR= Costa Rica
827Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Central AmericaGT= Guatemala
828Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Central AmericaHNHonduras Hondures
829Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Central AmericaMXMexico Mèxic
830Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Central AmericaNI= Nicaragua
831Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Central AmericaPAPanama Panamà
832Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Central AmericaSV= El Salvador
833Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanAGAntigua & Barbuda Antigua i Barbuda
834Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanAI= Anguilla
835Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanAW= Aruba
836Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanBB= Barbados
837Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanBLSt. Barthélemy Saint Barthélemy
838Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanBQCaribbean Netherlands Carib Neerlandès
839Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanBSBahamas Bahames
840Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanCU= Cuba
841Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanCW= Curaçao
842Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanDM= Dominica
843Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanDODominican Republic República Dominicana
844Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanGD= Grenada
845Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanGP= Guadeloupe
846Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanHTHaiti Haití
847Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanJM= Jamaica
848Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanKNSt. Kitts & Nevis Saint Christopher i Nevis
849Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanKYCayman Islands Illes Caiman
850Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanLCSt. Lucia Saint Lucia
851Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanMFSt. Martin Saint Martin
852Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanMQMartinique Martinica
853Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanMS= Montserrat
854Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanPR= Puerto Rico
855Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanSX= Sint Maarten
856Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanTCTurks & Caicos Islands Illes Turks i Caicos
857Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanTTTrinidad & Tobago Trinitat i Tobago
858Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanVCSt. Vincent & Grenadines Saint Vincent i les Grenadines
859Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanVGBritish Virgin Islands Illes Verges Britàniques
860Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanVIU.S. Virgin Islands Illes Verges Nord-americanes
861Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaAR= Argentina
862Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaBOBolivia Bolívia
863Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaBRBrazil Brasil
864Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaBVBouvet Island Bouvet
865Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaCLChile Xile
866Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaCOColombia Colòmbia
867Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaECEcuador Equador
868Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaFKFalkland Islands Illes Malvines
869Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaFK-variantFalkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) Illes Malvines (Illes Falkland)
870Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaGFFrench Guiana Guaiana Francesa
871Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaGSSouth Georgia & South Sandwich Islands Illes Geòrgia del Sud i Sandwich del Sud
872Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaGY= Guyana
873Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaPEPeru Perú
874Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaPYParaguay Paraguai
875Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaSRSuriname Surinam
876Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaUYUruguay Uruguai
877Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaVEVenezuela Veneçuela
878Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaDZAlgeria Algèria
879Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaEGEgypt Egipte
880Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaEHWestern Sahara Sàhara Occidental
881Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaLYLibya Líbia
882Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaMAMorocco Marroc
883Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaSD= Sudan
884Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaTNTunisia Tunísia
885Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaEACeuta & Melilla Ceuta i Melilla
886Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaICCanary Islands Illes Canàries
887Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaBF= Burkina Faso
888Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaBJBenin Benín
889Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaCICôte d’Ivoire Costa d’Ivori
890Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaCI-variantIvory Coast CI
891Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaCVCape Verde Cap Verd
892Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaGH= Ghana
893Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaGMGambia Gàmbia
894Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaGN= Guinea
895Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaGWGuinea-Bissau Guinea Bissau
896Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaLRLiberia Libèria
897Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaML= Mali
898Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaMRMauritania Mauritània
899Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaNENiger Níger
900Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaNGNigeria Nigèria
901Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaSHSt. Helena Saint Helena
902Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaSL= Sierra Leone
903Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaSN= Senegal
904Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaTG= Togo
905Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaAO= Angola
906Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaCD= Congo - Kinshasa
907Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaCD-variantCongo (DRC) Congo (República Democràtica del Congo)
908Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaCFCentral African Republic República Centreafricana
909Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaCG= Congo - Brazzaville
910Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaCG-variantCongo (Republic) Congo (República del Congo)
911Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaCMCameroon Camerun
912Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaGA= Gabon
913Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaGQEquatorial Guinea Guinea Equatorial
914Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaSTSão Tomé & Príncipe São Tomé i Príncipe
915Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaTDChad Txad
916Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaBI= Burundi
917Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaDJ= Djibouti
918Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaER= Eritrea
919Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaETEthiopia Etiòpia
920Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaIOBritish Indian Ocean Territory Territori Britànic de l’Oceà Índic
921Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaKE= Kenya
922Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaKMComoros Comores
923Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaMG= Madagascar
924Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaMUMauritius Maurici
925Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaMW= Malawi
926Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaMZMozambique Moçambic
927Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaRERéunion Illa de la Reunió
928Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaRWRwanda Ruanda
929Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaSC= Seychelles
930Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaSOSomalia Somàlia
931Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaSSSouth Sudan Sudan del Sud
932Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaTFFrench Southern Territories Territoris Australs Francesos
933Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaTZTanzania Tanzània
934Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaUG= Uganda
935Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaYT= Mayotte
936Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaZMZambia Zàmbia
937Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaZWZimbabwe Zimbàbue
938Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Southern AfricaBW= Botswana
939Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Southern AfricaLS= Lesotho
940Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Southern AfricaNANamibia Namíbia
941Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Southern AfricaSZSwaziland Swazilàndia
942Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Southern AfricaZASouth Africa República de Sud-àfrica
943Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeGG= Guernsey
944Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeIMIsle of Man Illa de Man
945Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeJE= Jersey
946Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeAXÅland Islands Illes Åland
947Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeDKDenmark Dinamarca
948Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeEEEstonia Estònia
949Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeFIFinland Finlàndia
950Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeFOFaroe Islands Illes Fèroe
951Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeGBUnited Kingdom Regne Unit
952Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeGB-shortUK RU
953Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeIEIreland Irlanda
954Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeISIceland Islàndia
955Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeLTLithuania Lituània
956Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeLVLatvia Letònia
957Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeNONorway Noruega
958Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeSESweden Suècia
959Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeSJSvalbard & Jan Mayen Svalbard i Jan Mayen
960Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeATAustria Àustria
961Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeBEBelgium Bèlgica
962Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeCHSwitzerland Suïssa
963Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeDEGermany Alemanya
964Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeFRFrance França
965Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeLI= Liechtenstein
966Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeLULuxembourg Luxemburg
967Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeMCMonaco Mònaco
968Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeNLNetherlands Països Baixos
969Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeBGBulgaria Bulgària
970Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeBYBelarus Belarús
971Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeCZCzechia Txèquia
972Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeCZ-variantCzech Republic República Txeca
973Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeHUHungary Hongria
974Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeMDMoldova Moldàvia
975Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropePLPoland Polònia
976Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeRO= Romania
977Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeRURussia Rússia
978Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeSKSlovakia Eslovàquia
979Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeUAUkraine Ucraïna
980Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeAD= Andorra
981Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeALAlbania Albània
982Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeBABosnia & Herzegovina Bòsnia i Hercegovina
983Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeESSpain Espanya
984Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeGI= Gibraltar
985Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeGRGreece Grècia
986Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeHRCroatia Croàcia
987Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeITItaly Itàlia
988Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeME= Montenegro
989Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeMKMacedonia Macedònia
990Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeMK-variantMacedonia (FYROM) Macedònia (Antiga República Iugoslava de Macedònia)
991Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeMT= Malta
992Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeRSSerbia Sèrbia
993Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropePT= Portugal
994Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeSISlovenia Eslovènia
995Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeSM= San Marino
996Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeVAVatican City Ciutat del Vaticà
997Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeXK= Kosovo
998Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaAEUnited Arab Emirates Emirats Àrabs Units
999Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaAMArmenia Armènia
1000Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaAZAzerbaijan Azerbaidjan
1001Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaBH= Bahrain
1002Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaCYCyprus Xipre
1003Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaGEGeorgia Geòrgia
1004Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaIL= Israel
1005Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaIQ= Iraq
1006Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaJOJordan Jordània
1007Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaKW= Kuwait
1008Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaLBLebanon Líban
1009Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaOM= Oman
1010Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaPSPalestinian Territories territoris palestins
1011Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaPS-shortPalestine Palestina
1012Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaQA= Qatar
1013Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaSASaudi Arabia Aràbia Saudita
1014Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaSYSyria Síria
1015Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaTRTurkey Turquia
1016Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaYEYemen Iemen
1017Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Central AsiaTM= Turkmenistan
1018Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Central AsiaTJTajikistan Tadjikistan
1019Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Central AsiaKGKyrgyzstan Kirguizistan
1020Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Central AsiaKZ= Kazakhstan
1021Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Central AsiaUZ= Uzbekistan
1022Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaCNChina Xina
1023Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaHKHong Kong SAR China Hong Kong (RAE Xina)
1024Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaHK-short= Hong Kong
1025Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaJPJapan Japó
1026Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaKPNorth Korea Corea del Nord
1027Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaKRSouth Korea Corea del Sud
1028Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaMNMongolia Mongòlia
1029Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaMOMacau SAR China Macau (RAE Xina)
1030Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaMO-short= Macau
1031Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaTW= Taiwan
1032Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaAFAfghanistan Afganistan
1033Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaBDBangladesh Bangla Desh
1034Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaBT= Bhutan
1035Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaINIndia Índia
1036Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaIR= Iran
1037Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaLK= Sri Lanka
1038Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaMV= Maldives
1039Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaNP= Nepal
1040Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaPK= Pakistan
1041Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaBN= Brunei
1042Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaIDIndonesia Indonèsia
1043Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaKHCambodia Cambodja
1044Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaLA= Laos
1045Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaMMMyanmar (Burma) Myanmar (Birmània)
1046Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaMYMalaysia Malàisia
1047Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaPHPhilippines Filipines
1048Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaSGSingapore Singapur
1049Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaTHThailand Tailàndia
1050Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaTLTimor-Leste Timor Oriental
1051Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaTL-variantEast Timor TL
1052Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaVN= Vietnam
1053Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)AustralasiaAUAustralia Austràlia
1054Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)AustralasiaCCCocos (Keeling) Islands Illes Cocos
1055Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)AustralasiaCXChristmas Island Illa Christmas
1056Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)AustralasiaHMHeard & McDonald Islands Illa Heard i Illes McDonald
1057Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)AustralasiaNFNorfolk Island Norfolk
1058Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)AustralasiaNZNew Zealand Nova Zelanda
1059Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)MelanesiaFJ= Fiji
1060Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)MelanesiaNCNew Caledonia Nova Caledònia
1061Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)MelanesiaPGPapua New Guinea Papua Nova Guinea
1062Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)MelanesiaSBSolomon Islands Illes Salomó
1063Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)MelanesiaVU= Vanuatu
1064Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Micronesian RegionFMMicronesia Micronèsia
1065Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Micronesian RegionGU= Guam
1066Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Micronesian RegionKI= Kiribati
1067Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Micronesian RegionMHMarshall Islands Illes Marshall
1068Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Micronesian RegionMPNorthern Mariana Islands Illes Mariannes del Nord
1069Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Micronesian RegionNR= Nauru
1070Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Micronesian RegionPW= Palau
1071Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Micronesian RegionUMU.S. Outlying Islands Illes Perifèriques Menors dels EUA
1072Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaASAmerican Samoa Samoa Nord-americana
1073Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaCKCook Islands Illes Cook
1074Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaNU= Niue
1075Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaPFFrench Polynesia Polinèsia Francesa
1076Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaPNPitcairn Islands Illes Pitcairn
1077Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaTK= Tokelau
1078Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaTO= Tonga
1079Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaTV= Tuvalu
1080Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaWFWallis & Futuna Wallis i Futuna
1081Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaWS= Samoa
1082Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaAQAntarctica Antàrtida
1083Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaACAscension Island Illa de l’Ascensió
1084Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaCPClipperton Island Illa Clipperton
1085Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaDG= Diego Garcia
1086Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaTATristan da Cunha Tristão da Cunha
1087Locale Display NamesLocale Variantsnull1606NICTLate Middle French to 1606 francès mitjà tardà fins el 1606
1088Locale Display NamesLocale Variantsnull1694ACADEarly Modern French francès modern primerenc
1089Locale Display NamesLocale Variantsnull1901Traditional German orthography ortografia alemanya tradicional
1090Locale Display NamesLocale Variantsnull1959ACADAcademic acadèmica
1091Locale Display NamesLocale Variantsnull1994Standardized Resian orthography ortografia resiana estandarditzada
1092Locale Display NamesLocale Variantsnull1996German orthography of 1996 ortografia alemanya de 1996
1093Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullABL1943Orthographic formulation of 1943 ABL1943
1094Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullAKUAPEM= AKUAPEM
1095Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullALALC97ALA-LC Romanization, 1997 edition romanització ALA/LC, edició de 1997
1096Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullALUKUAluku dialect dialecte aluku
1097Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullAO1990Portuguese Language Orthographic Agreement of 1990 AO1990
1098Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullARANES= ARANES
1099Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullAREVELAEastern Armenian armeni oriental
1100Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullAREVMDAWestern Armenian armeni occidental
1101Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullASANTE= ASANTE
1102Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullAUVERN= AUVERN
1103Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBAKU1926Unified Turkic Latin Alphabet alfabet llatí turc unificat
1104Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBALANKABalanka dialect of Anii BALANKA
1105Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBARLABarlavento dialect group of Kabuverdianu BARLA
1106Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBASICENG= BASICENG
1107Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBAUDDHABAUDDHA bauddha
1108Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBISCAYANBISCAYAN basc biscaí
1109Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBISKESan Giorgio/Bila dialect dialecte de San Giorgio/Bila
1110Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBOHORICBohorič alphabet BOHORIC
1111Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBOONT= Boontling
1112Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullCISAUP= CISAUP
1113Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullCOLB1945Portuguese-Brazilian Orthographic Convention of 1945 COLB1945
1114Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullCORNU= CORNU
1115Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullCREISS= CREISS
1116Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullDAJNKODajnko alphabet DAJNKO
1117Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullEKAVSKSerbian with Ekavian pronunciation EKAVSK
1118Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullEMODENGEarly Modern English EMODENG
1119Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullFONIPAIPA Phonetics alfabet fonètic internacional
1120Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullFONKIRSH= FONKIRSH
1121Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullFONNAPA= FONNAPA
1122Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullFONUPAUPA Phonetics sistema fonètic UPA
1123Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullFONXSAMPFONXSAMP sistema X-SAMPA
1124Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullGASCON= GASCON
1125Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullGRCLASS= GRCLASS
1126Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullGRITAL= GRITAL
1127Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullGRMISTR= GRMISTR
1128Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullHEPBURNHepburn romanization romanització Hepburn
1129Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullHOGNORSKHOGNORSK høgnorsk
1130Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullHSISTEMO= HSISTEMO
1131Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullIJEKAVSKSerbian with Ijekavian pronunciation IJEKAVSK
1132Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullITIHASAITIHASA itihasa
1133Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullIVANCHOV= IVANCHOV
1134Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullJAUERJAUER jauer
1135Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullJYUTPINGJYUTPING jyupting
1136Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullKKCORCommon Orthography ortografia comuna
1137Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullKOCIEWIE= KOCIEWIE
1138Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullKSCORStandard Orthography KSCOR
1139Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullLAUKIKALAUKIKA laukika
1140Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullLEMOSIN= LEMOSIN
1141Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullLENGADOC= LENGADOC
1142Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullLIPAWThe Lipovaz dialect of Resian dialecte Lipovaz del resià
1143Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullLUNA1918LUNA1918 luna 1918
1144Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullMETELKOMetelko alphabet METELKO
1145Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullMONOTONMonotonic monotònic
1146Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullNDYUKANdyuka dialect dialecte ndyuka
1147Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullNEDISNatisone dialect dialecte de Natisone
1148Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullNEWFOUND= NEWFOUND
1149Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullNICARD= NICARD
1150Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullNJIVAGniva/Njiva dialect dialecte de Gniva/Njiva
1151Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullNULIKModern Volapük NULIK
1152Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullOSOJSOseacco/Osojane dialect dialecte d’Oseacco/Osojane
1153Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullOXENDICTOxford English Dictionary spelling OXENDICT
1154Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullPAHAWH2= PAHAWH2
1155Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullPAHAWH3= PAHAWH3
1156Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullPAHAWH4= PAHAWH4
1157Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullPAMAKAPamaka dialect dialecte pamaka
1158Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullPETR1708PETR1708 ortografia russa 1708–1917
1159Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullPINYINPinyin Romanization romanització Pinyin
1160Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullPOLYTONPolytonic politònic
1161Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullPOSIXComputer ordinador
1162Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullPROVENC= PROVENC
1163Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullPUTERPUTER alt engiadinès
1164Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullREVISEDRevised Orthography ortografia revisada
1165Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullRIGIKClassic Volapük RIGIK
1166Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullROZAJResian resià
1167Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullRUMGRRUMGR interomanx
1168Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSAAHOSaho saho
1169Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSCOTLANDScottish Standard English anglès estàndard d’Escòcia
1170Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSCOUSEScouse scouse
1171Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSIMPLE= SIMPLE
1172Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSOLBAStolvizza/Solbica dialect dialecte de Stolvizza/Solbica
1173Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSOTAVSotavento dialect group of Kabuverdianu SOTAV
1174Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSPANGLIS= SPANGLIS
1175Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSURMIRANSURMIRAN surmiran
1176Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSURSILVSURSILV sobreselvà
1177Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSUTSILVSUTSILV sotaselvà
1178Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullTARASKTaraskievica orthography ortografia taraskievica
1179Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullUCCORUnified Orthography ortografia unificada
1180Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullUCRCORUnified Revised Orthography ortografia revisada unificada
1181Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullULSTERULSTER ulster
1182Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullUNIFONUnifon phonetic alphabet UNIFON
1183Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullVAIDIKAVAIDIKA vèdic
1184Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullVALENCIAValencian valencià
1185Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullVALLADERVALLADER baix engiadinès
1186Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullVIVARAUP= VIVARAUP
1187Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullWADEGILEWade-Giles Romanization romanització Wade-Giles
1188Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullXSISTEMO= XSISTEMO
1189Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendarCalendar calendari
1190Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-buddhistBuddhist Calendar calendari budista
1191Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-chineseChinese Calendar calendari xinès calendari xinés
1192Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-copticCoptic Calendar calendari copte
1193Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-dangiDangi Calendar calendari dangi
1194Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-ethiopicEthiopic Calendar calendari etíop
1195Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-ethiopic-amete-alemEthiopic Amete Alem Calendar calendari etíop amete-alem
1196Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-gregorianGregorian Calendar calendari gregorià
1197Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-hebrewHebrew Calendar calendari hebreu
1198Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-indianIndian National Calendar calendari hindú
1199Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-islamicIslamic Calendar calendari islàmic
1200Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-islamic-civilIslamic Calendar (tabular, civil epoch) calendari civil islàmic
1201Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-islamic-rgsaIslamic Calendar (Saudi Arabia, sighting) islamic-rgsa
1202Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-islamic-tblaIslamic Calendar (tabular, astronomical epoch) islamic-tbla
1203Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-islamic-umalquraIslamic Calendar (Umm al-Qura) calendari islàmic (Umm al-Qura)
1204Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-iso8601ISO-8601 Calendar calendari ISO-8601
1205Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-japaneseJapanese Calendar calendari japonès calendari japonés
1206Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-persianPersian Calendar calendari persa
1207Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-rocMinguo Calendar calendari de la República de Xina
1208Locale Display NamesKeyscolAlternatecolAlternateIgnore Symbols Sorting Ordenació sense tenir en compte els símbols
1209Locale Display NamesKeyscolAlternatecolAlternate-non-ignorableSort Symbols Ordena els símbols
1210Locale Display NamesKeyscolAlternatecolAlternate-shiftedSort Ignoring Symbols Ordena sense tenir en compte els símbols
1211Locale Display NamesKeyscolBackwardscolBackwardsReversed Accent Sorting Ordenació per accents invertida
1212Locale Display NamesKeyscolBackwardscolBackwards-noSort Accents Normally Ordena els accents de manera normal
1213Locale Display NamesKeyscolBackwardscolBackwards-yesSort Accents Reversed Ordena amb ordre invers dels accents
1214Locale Display NamesKeyscolCaseFirstcolCaseFirstUppercase/Lowercase Ordering Ordenació per majúscules i minúscules
1215Locale Display NamesKeyscolCaseFirstcolCaseFirst-lowerSort Lowercase First Mostra primer les minúscules
1216Locale Display NamesKeyscolCaseFirstcolCaseFirst-noSort Normal Case Order Ordena per tipus de lletra normal
1217Locale Display NamesKeyscolCaseFirstcolCaseFirst-upperSort Uppercase First Ordena amb majúscules primer
1218Locale Display NamesKeyscolCaseLevelcolCaseLevelCase Sensitive Sorting Ordenació per detecció de majúscules
1219Locale Display NamesKeyscolCaseLevelcolCaseLevel-noSort Case Insensitive Ordena sense distingir majúscules i minúscules
1220Locale Display NamesKeyscolCaseLevelcolCaseLevel-yesSort Case Sensitive Ordena amb detecció de majúscules i minúscules
1221Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollationSort Order ordenació
1222Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-big5hanTraditional Chinese Sort Order - Big5 ordre del xinès tradicional - Big5 ordre del xinés tradicional - Big5
1223Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-compatPrevious Sort Order, for compatibility ordenació anterior, per a compatibilitat
1224Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-dictionaryDictionary Sort Order ordenació de diccionari
1225Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-ducetDefault Unicode Sort Order ordenació Unicode predeterminada
1226Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-emojiEmoji Sort Order emoji
1227Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-eorEuropean Ordering Rules normes europees d’ordenació
1228Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-gb2312hanSimplified Chinese Sort Order - GB2312 ordre del xinès simplificat - GB2312 ordre del xinés simplificat - GB2312
1229Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-phonebookPhonebook Sort Order ordre de la guia telefònica
1230Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-phoneticPhonetic Sort Order Ordenació fonètica
1231Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-pinyinPinyin Sort Order ordre pinyin
1232Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-reformedReformed Sort Order ordenació reformada
1233Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-searchGeneral-Purpose Search cerca de propòsit general
1234Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-searchjlSearch By Hangul Initial Consonant cerca per consonant inicial del hangul
1235Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-standardStandard Sort Order ordenació estàndard
1236Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-strokeStroke Sort Order ordre dels traços
1237Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-traditionalTraditional Sort Order ordre tradicional
1238Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-unihanRadical-Stroke Sort Order ordenació per quantitat de traços radicals
1239Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-zhuyinZhuyin Sort Order zhuyin
1240Locale Display NamesKeyscolNormalizationcolNormalizationNormalized Sorting Ordenació normalitzada
1241Locale Display NamesKeyscolNormalizationcolNormalization-noSort Without Normalization Ordena sense normalització
1242Locale Display NamesKeyscolNormalizationcolNormalization-yesSort Unicode Normalized Ordena per caràcters Unicode normalitzats
1243Locale Display NamesKeyscolNumericcolNumericNumeric Sorting Ordenació numèrica
1244Locale Display NamesKeyscolNumericcolNumeric-noSort Digits Individually Ordena els dígits individualment
1245Locale Display NamesKeyscolNumericcolNumeric-yesSort Digits Numerically Ordena els dígits numèricament
1246Locale Display NamesKeyscolStrengthcolStrengthSorting Strength Força de l’ordenació
1247Locale Display NamesKeyscolStrengthcolStrength-identicalSort All Ordena-ho tot
1248Locale Display NamesKeyscolStrengthcolStrength-primarySort Base Letters Only Ordena només les lletres de base
1249Locale Display NamesKeyscolStrengthcolStrength-quaternarySort Accents/Case/Width/Kana Ordena per accents/majúscules/amplada/kana
1250Locale Display NamesKeyscolStrengthcolStrength-secondarySort Accents Ordena els accents
1251Locale Display NamesKeyscolStrengthcolStrength-tertiarySort Accents/Case/Width Ordena per accent/majúscules/amplada
1252Locale Display NamesKeyscurrencycurrencyCurrency moneda
1253Locale Display NamesKeysCurrency FormatcfCurrency Format format de moneda
1254Locale Display NamesKeysCurrency Formatcf-accountAccounting Currency Format format de moneda comptable
1255Locale Display NamesKeysCurrency Formatcf-standardStandard Currency Format format de moneda estàndard
1256Locale Display NamesKeysd0d0-fwidthTo Fullwidth amplada completa
1257Locale Display NamesKeysd0d0-hwidthTo Halfwidth amplada mitjana
1258Locale Display NamesKeysd0d0-npinyinTo Pinyin With Numeric Tones Numèric
1259Locale Display NamesKeysHour CyclehcHour Cycle (12 vs 24) sistema horari (12 h o 24 h)
1260Locale Display NamesKeysHour Cyclehc-h1112 Hour System (0–11) sistema de 12 hores (0–11)
1261Locale Display NamesKeysHour Cyclehc-h1212 Hour System (1–12) sistema de 12 hores (1–12)
1262Locale Display NamesKeysHour Cyclehc-h2324 Hour System (0–23) sistema de 24 hores (0–23)
1263Locale Display NamesKeysHour Cyclehc-h2424 Hour System (1–24) sistema de 24 hores (1–24)
1264Locale Display NamesKeysLine BreaklbLine Break Style estil de salt de línia
1265Locale Display NamesKeysLine Breaklb-looseLoose Line Break Style salt de línia flexible
1266Locale Display NamesKeysLine Breaklb-normalNormal Line Break Style salt de línia normal
1267Locale Display NamesKeysLine Breaklb-strictStrict Line Break Style salt de línia estricte
1268Locale Display NamesKeysm0m0-bgnUS BGN Transliteration sistema de transliteració BGN
1269Locale Display NamesKeysm0m0-ungegnUN GEGN Transliteration sistema de transliteració UNGEGN
1270Locale Display NamesKeysMeasurement SystemmsMeasurement System sistema de mesures
1271Locale Display NamesKeysMeasurement Systemms-metricMetric System sistema mètric
1272Locale Display NamesKeysMeasurement Systemms-uksystemImperial Measurement System sistema imperial d’unitats
1273Locale Display NamesKeysMeasurement Systemms-ussystemUS Measurement System sistema d’unitats dels EUA
1274Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbersNumbers xifres
1275Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-ahomAhom Digits ahom
1276Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-arabArabic-Indic Digits xifres indoaràbigues
1277Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-arabextExtended Arabic-Indic Digits xifres indoaràbigues ampliades
1278Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-armnArmenian Numerals nombres armenis
1279Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-armnlowArmenian Lowercase Numerals nombres armenis en minúscula
1280Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-baliBalinese Digits dígits balinesos
1281Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-bengBangla Digits dígits bengalins
1282Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-brahBrahmi Digits brah
1283Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-cakmChakma Digits cakm
1284Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-chamCham Digits dígits txams
1285Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-cyrlCyrillic Numerals cyrl
1286Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-devaDevanagari Digits dígits devanagaris
1287Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-ethiEthiopic Numerals nombres etiòpics
1288Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-financeFinancial Numerals Numerals financers
1289Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-fullwideFull-Width Digits dígits d’amplada completa
1290Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-georGeorgian Numerals nombres georgians
1291Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-gongGunjala Gondi digits gong
1292Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-gonmMasaram Gondi digits gonm
1293Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-grekGreek Numerals nombres grecs
1294Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-greklowGreek Lowercase Numerals nombres grecs en minúscula
1295Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-gujrGujarati Digits dígits gujarati
1296Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-guruGurmukhi Digits dígits gurmukhi
1297Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-hanidecChinese Decimal Numerals nombres decimals xinesos
1298Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-hansSimplified Chinese Numerals nombres xinesos simplificats
1299Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-hansfinSimplified Chinese Financial Numerals nombres financers xinesos simplificats
1300Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-hantTraditional Chinese Numerals nombres xinesos tradicionals
1301Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-hantfinTraditional Chinese Financial Numerals nombres financers xinesos tradicionals
1302Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-hebrHebrew Numerals nombres hebreus
1303Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-hmngPahawh Hmong Digits hmng
1304Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-javaJavanese Digits dígits javanesos
1305Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-jpanJapanese Numerals nombres japonesos
1306Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-jpanfinJapanese Financial Numerals nombres financers japonesos
1307Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-kaliKayah Li Digits dígits kayah
1308Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-khmrKhmer Digits dígits khmer
1309Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-kndaKannada Digits dígits kannada
1310Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-lanaTai Tham Hora Digits dígits tai tham hora
1311Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-lanathamTai Tham Tham Digits dígits tai tham tham
1312Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-laooLao Digits dígits lao
1313Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-latnWestern Digits dígits aràbics
1314Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-lepcLepcha Digits dígits lepcha
1315Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-limbLimbu Digits dígits limbu
1316Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-mathboldMathematical Bold Digits mathbold
1317Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-mathdblMathematical Double-Struck Digits mathdbl
1318Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-mathmonoMathematical Monospace Digits mathmono
1319Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-mathsanbMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digits mathsanb
1320Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-mathsansMathematical Sans-Serif Digits mathsans
1321Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-mlymMalayalam Digits dígits malaiàlam
1322Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-modiModi Digits modi
1323Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-mongMongolian Digits dígits mongols
1324Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-mrooMro Digits mroo
1325Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-mteiMeetei Mayek Digits dígits meitei mayek
1326Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-mymrMyanmar Digits dígits de Myanmar
1327Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-mymrshanMyanmar Shan Digits dígits shan de Myanmar
1328Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-mymrtlngMyanmar Tai Laing Digits mymrtlng
1329Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-nativeNative Digits Dígits natius
1330Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-nkooN’Ko Digits dígits n’ko
1331Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-olckOl Chiki Digits dígits ol chiki
1332Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-oryaOdia Digits dígits oriya
1333Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-osmaOsmanya Digits osma
1334Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-rohgHanifi Rohingya digits rohg
1335Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-romanRoman Numerals nombres romans
1336Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-romanlowRoman Lowercase Numerals nombres romans en minúscula
1337Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-saurSaurashtra Digits dígits saurashtra
1338Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-shrdSharada Digits shrd
1339Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-sindKhudawadi Digits sind
1340Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-sinhSinhala Lith Digits sinh
1341Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-soraSora Sompeng Digits sora
1342Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-sundSundanese Digits dígits sudanesos
1343Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-takrTakri Digits takr
1344Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-taluNew Tai Lue Digits dígits tai lue nous
1345Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-tamlTraditional Tamil Numerals nombres tamils tradicionals
1346Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-tamldecTamil Digits dígits tamils
1347Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-teluTelugu Digits dígits telugu
1348Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-thaiThai Digits dígits tai
1349Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-tibtTibetan Digits dígits tibetans
1350Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-tirhTirhuta Digits tirh
1351Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-traditionalTraditional Numerals Numerals tradicionals
1352Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-vaiiVai Digits dígits vai
1353Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-waraWarang Citi Digits wara
1354Locale Display NamesKeystimezonetimezoneTime Zone Zona horària
1355Locale Display NamesKeysvavaLocale Variant Variant local
1356Locale Display NamesKeysxxPrivate-Use ús privat
1357Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsera= era
1358Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsera-short= era
1359Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsera-narrow= era
1360Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsyearyear any
1361Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsyear-shortyr. any
1362Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsyear-narrowyr. any
1363Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsquarterquarter trimestre
1364Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsquarter-shortqtr. trim.
1365Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsquarter-narrowqtr. trim.
1366Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsmonthmonth mes
1367Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsmonth-shortmo. mes
1368Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsmonth-narrowmo. mes
1369Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsweekweek setmana
1370Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsweek-shortwk. setm.
1371Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsweek-narrowwk. setm.
1372Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldsweekOfMonthweek of month setmana del mes
1373Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldsweekOfMonth-shortwk. of mo. setm. del mes
1374Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldsweekOfMonth-narrowwk. of mo. setm. del mes
1375Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsdayday dia
1376Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsday-shortday dia
1377Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsday-narrowday dia
1378Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldsdayOfYearday of year dia de l’any
1379Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldsdayOfYear-shortday of yr. dia de l’any
1380Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldsdayOfYear-narrowday of yr. dia de l’any
1381Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsweekdayday of the week dia de la setmana
1382Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsweekday-shortday of wk. dia de la setm.
1383Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsweekday-narrowday of wk. dia de la setm.
1384Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldsweekdayOfMonthweekday of the month dia de la setmana del mes
1385Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldsweekdayOfMonth-shortwkday. of mo. dia de la setm. del mes
1386Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldsweekdayOfMonth-narrowwkday. of mo. dia de la setm. del mes
1387Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldsdayperiodAM/PM a. m./p. m.
1388Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsdayperiod-shortAM/PM a. m./p. m.
1389Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsdayperiod-narrowAM/PM a. m./p. m.
1390Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldszonetime zone fus horari
1391Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldszone-shortzone fus horari
1392Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldszone-narrowzone fus horari
1393Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldshourhour hora
1394Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldshour-shorthr. h
1395Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldshour-narrowhr. h
1396Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsminuteminute minut
1397Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsminute-shortmin. min
1398Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsminute-narrowmin. min
1399Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldssecondsecond segon
1400Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldssecond-shortsec. s
1401Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldssecond-narrowsec. s
1402Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year-1last year l’any passat
1403Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year0this year enguany
1404Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year1next year l’any que ve
1405Date & TimeFieldsRelative Yearfuture-onein {0} year d’aquí a {0} any
1406Date & TimeFieldsRelative Yearfuture-otherin {0} years d’aquí a {0} anys
1407Date & TimeFieldsRelative Yearpast-one{0} year ago fa {0} any
1408Date & TimeFieldsRelative Yearpast-other{0} years ago fa {0} anys
1409Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year Short-1last yr. l’any passat
1410Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year Short0this yr. enguany
1411Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year Short1next yr. l’any que ve
1412Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year Shortfuture-onein {0} yr. d’aquí a {0} any
1413Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year Shortfuture-otherin {0} yr. d’aquí a {0} anys
1414Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year Shortpast-one{0} yr. ago fa {0} any
1415Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year Shortpast-other{0} yr. ago fa {0} anys
1416Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year Narrow-1last yr. l’any passat
1417Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year Narrow0this yr. enguany
1418Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year Narrow1next yr. l’any que ve
1419Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year Narrowfuture-onein {0} yr. d’aquí a {0} any
1420Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year Narrowfuture-otherin {0} yr. d’aquí a {0} anys
1421Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year Narrowpast-one{0} yr. ago fa {0} any
1422Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year Narrowpast-other{0} yr. ago fa {0} anys
1423Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter-1last quarter el trimestre passat
1424Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter0this quarter aquest trimestre
1425Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter1next quarter el trimestre que ve
1426Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarterfuture-onein {0} quarter d’aquí a {0} trimestre
1427Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarterfuture-otherin {0} quarters d’aquí a {0} trimestres
1428Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarterpast-one{0} quarter ago fa {0} trimestre
1429Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarterpast-other{0} quarters ago fa {0} trimestres
1430Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter Short-1last qtr. el trim. passat
1431Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter Short0this qtr. aquest trim.
1432Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter Short1next qtr. el trim. que ve
1433Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter Shortfuture-onein {0} qtr. d’aquí a {0} trim.
1434Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter Shortfuture-otherin {0} qtrs. d’aquí a {0} trim.
1435Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter Shortpast-one{0} qtr. ago fa {0} trim.
1436Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter Shortpast-other{0} qtrs. ago fa {0} trim.
1437Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter Narrow-1last qtr. trim. passat
1438Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter Narrow0this qtr. aquest trim.
1439Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter Narrow1next qtr. trim. vinent
1440Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter Narrowfuture-onein {0} qtr. d’aquí a {0} trim.
1441Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter Narrowfuture-otherin {0} qtrs. d’aquí a {0} trim.
1442Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter Narrowpast-one{0} qtr. ago fa {0} trim.
1443Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter Narrowpast-other{0} qtrs. ago fa {0} trim.
1444Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month-1last month el mes passat
1445Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month0this month aquest mes
1446Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month1next month el mes que ve
1447Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monthfuture-onein {0} month d’aquí a {0} mes
1448Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monthfuture-otherin {0} months d’aquí a {0} mesos
1449Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monthpast-one{0} month ago fa {0} mes
1450Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monthpast-other{0} months ago fa {0} mesos
1451Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month Short-1last mo. el mes passat
1452Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month Short0this mo. aquest mes
1453Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month Short1next mo. el mes que ve
1454Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month Shortfuture-onein {0} mo. d’aquí a {0} mes
1455Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month Shortfuture-otherin {0} mo. d’aquí a {0} mesos
1456Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month Shortpast-one{0} mo. ago fa {0} mes
1457Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month Shortpast-other{0} mo. ago fa {0} mesos
1458Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month Narrow-1last mo. mes passat
1459Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month Narrow0this mo. aquest mes
1460Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month Narrow1next mo. mes vinent
1461Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month Narrowfuture-onein {0} mo. d’aquí a {0} mes
1462Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month Narrowfuture-otherin {0} mo. d’aquí a {0} mesos
1463Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month Narrowpast-one{0} mo. ago fa {0} mes
1464Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month Narrowpast-other{0} mo. ago fa {0} mesos
1465Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week-1last week la setmana passada
1466Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week0this week aquesta setmana
1467Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week1next week la setmana que ve
1468Date & TimeFieldsRelative Weekfuture-onein {0} week d’aquí a {0} setmana
1469Date & TimeFieldsRelative Weekfuture-otherin {0} weeks d’aquí a {0} setmanes
1470Date & TimeFieldsRelative Weekpast-one{0} week ago fa {0} setmana
1471Date & TimeFieldsRelative Weekpast-other{0} weeks ago fa {0} setmanes
1472Date & TimeFieldsRelative WeekPeriodthe week of {0} la setmana del {0}
1473Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week Short-1last wk. la setm. passada
1474Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week Short0this wk. aquesta setm.
1475Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week Short1next wk. la setm. que ve
1476Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week Shortfuture-onein {0} wk. d’aquí a {0} setm.
1477Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week Shortfuture-otherin {0} wk. d’aquí a {0} setm.
1478Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week Shortpast-one{0} wk. ago fa {0} setm.
1479Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week Shortpast-other{0} wk. ago fa {0} setm.
1480Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week ShortPeriodthe week of {0} la setmana de: {0}
1481Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week Narrow-1last wk. setm. passada
1482Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week Narrow0this wk. aquesta setm.
1483Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week Narrow1next wk. setm. vinent
1484Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week Narrowfuture-onein {0} wk. d’aquí a {0} setm.
1485Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week Narrowfuture-otherin {0} wk. d’aquí a {0} setm.
1486Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week Narrowpast-one{0} wk. ago fa {0} setm.
1487Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week Narrowpast-other{0} wk. ago fa {0} setm.
1488Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week NarrowPeriodthe week of {0} la setmana de: {0}
1489Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day-2n/a abans-d’ahir
1490Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day-1yesterday ahir
1491Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day0today avui
1492Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day1tomorrow demà
1493Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day2n/a demà passat
1494Date & TimeFieldsRelative Dayfuture-onein {0} day d’aquí a {0} dia
1495Date & TimeFieldsRelative Dayfuture-otherin {0} days d’aquí a {0} dies
1496Date & TimeFieldsRelative Daypast-one{0} day ago fa {0} dia
1497Date & TimeFieldsRelative Daypast-other{0} days ago fa {0} dies
1498Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Short-2n/a abans-d’ahir
1499Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Short-1yesterday ahir
1500Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Short0today avui
1501Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Short1tomorrow demà
1502Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Short2n/a demà passat
1503Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Shortfuture-onein {0} day d’aquí a {0} dia
1504Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Shortfuture-otherin {0} days d’aquí a {0} dies
1505Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Shortpast-one{0} day ago fa {0} dia
1506Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Shortpast-other{0} days ago fa {0} dies
1507Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Narrow-2n/a abans-d’ahir
1508Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Narrow-1yesterday ahir
1509Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Narrow0today avui
1510Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Narrow1tomorrow demà
1511Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Narrow2n/a demà passat
1512Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Narrowfuture-onein {0} day d’aquí a {0} dia
1513Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Narrowfuture-otherin {0} days d’aquí a {0} dies
1514Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Narrowpast-one{0} day ago fa {0} dia
1515Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Narrowpast-other{0} days ago fa {0} dies
1516Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hour0this hour aquesta hora
1517Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hourfuture-onein {0} hour d’aquí a {0} hora
1518Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hourfuture-otherin {0} hours d’aquí a {0} hores
1519Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hourpast-one{0} hour ago fa {0} hora
1520Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hourpast-other{0} hours ago fa {0} hores
1521Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hour Short0this hour aquesta hora
1522Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hour Shortfuture-onein {0} hr. d’aquí a {0} h
1523Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hour Shortfuture-otherin {0} hr. d’aquí a {0} h
1524Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hour Shortpast-one{0} hr. ago fa {0} h
1525Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hour Shortpast-other{0} hr. ago fa {0} h
1526Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hour Narrow0this hour aquesta hora
1527Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hour Narrowfuture-onein {0} hr. d‘aquí a {0} h
1528Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hour Narrowfuture-otherin {0} hr. d‘aquí a {0} h
1529Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hour Narrowpast-one{0} hr. ago fa {0} h
1530Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hour Narrowpast-other{0} hr. ago fa {0} h
1531Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minute0this minute aquest minut
1532Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minutefuture-onein {0} minute d’aquí a {0} minut
1533Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minutefuture-otherin {0} minutes d’aquí a {0} minuts
1534Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minutepast-one{0} minute ago fa {0} minut
1535Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minutepast-other{0} minutes ago fa {0} minuts
1536Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minute Short0this minute aquest minut
1537Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minute Shortfuture-onein {0} min. d’aquí a {0} min
1538Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minute Shortfuture-otherin {0} min. d’aquí a {0} min
1539Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minute Shortpast-one{0} min. ago fa {0} min
1540Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minute Shortpast-other{0} min. ago fa {0} min
1541Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minute Narrow0this minute aquest minut
1542Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minute Narrowfuture-onein {0} min. d’aquí a {0} min
1543Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minute Narrowfuture-otherin {0} min. d’aquí a {0} min
1544Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minute Narrowpast-one{0} min. ago fa {0} min
1545Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minute Narrowpast-other{0} min. ago fa {0} min
1546Date & TimeFieldsRelative Second0now ara
1547Date & TimeFieldsRelative Secondfuture-onein {0} second d’aquí a {0} segon
1548Date & TimeFieldsRelative Secondfuture-otherin {0} seconds d’aquí a {0} segons
1549Date & TimeFieldsRelative Secondpast-one{0} second ago fa {0} segon
1550Date & TimeFieldsRelative Secondpast-other{0} seconds ago fa {0} segons
1551Date & TimeFieldsRelative Second Short0now ara
1552Date & TimeFieldsRelative Second Shortfuture-onein {0} sec. d’aquí a {0} s
1553Date & TimeFieldsRelative Second Shortfuture-otherin {0} sec. d’aquí a {0} s
1554Date & TimeFieldsRelative Second Shortpast-one{0} sec. ago fa {0} s
1555Date & TimeFieldsRelative Second Shortpast-other{0} sec. ago fa {0} s
1556Date & TimeFieldsRelative Second Narrow0now ara
1557Date & TimeFieldsRelative Second Narrowfuture-onein {0} sec. d’aquí a {0} s
1558Date & TimeFieldsRelative Second Narrowfuture-otherin {0} sec. d’aquí a {0} s
1559Date & TimeFieldsRelative Second Narrowpast-one{0} sec. ago fa {0} s
1560Date & TimeFieldsRelative Second Narrowpast-other{0} sec. ago fa {0} s
1561Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday-1last Sunday diumenge passat
1562Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday0this Sunday aquest diumenge
1563Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday1next Sunday diumenge que ve
1564Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sundayfuture-onein {0} Sunday d’aquí a {0} diumenge
1565Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sundayfuture-otherin {0} Sundays d’aquí a {0} diumenges
1566Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sundaypast-one{0} Sunday ago fa {0} diumenge
1567Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sundaypast-other{0} Sundays ago fa {0} diumenges
1568Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday Short-1last Sun. dg. passat
1569Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday Short0this Sun. aquest dg.
1570Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday Short1next Sun. dg. que ve
1571Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday Shortfuture-onein {0} Sun. d’aquí a {0} dg.
1572Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday Shortfuture-otherin {0} Sun. d’aquí a {0} dg.
1573Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday Shortpast-one{0} Sun. ago fa {0} dg.
1574Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday Shortpast-other{0} Sun. ago fa {0} dg.
1575Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday Narrow-1last Su dg. passat
1576Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday Narrow0this Su aquest dg.
1577Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday Narrow1next Su dg. que ve
1578Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday Narrowfuture-onein {0} Su d’aquí a {0} dg.
1579Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday Narrowfuture-otherin {0} Su d’aquí a {0} dg.
1580Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday Narrowpast-one{0} Su ago fa {0} dg.
1581Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday Narrowpast-other{0} Su ago fa {0} dg.
1582Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday-1last Monday dilluns passat
1583Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday0this Monday aquest dilluns
1584Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday1next Monday dilluns que ve
1585Date & TimeFieldsRelative Mondayfuture-onein {0} Monday d’aquí a {0} dilluns
1586Date & TimeFieldsRelative Mondayfuture-otherin {0} Mondays d’aquí a {0} dilluns
1587Date & TimeFieldsRelative Mondaypast-one{0} Monday ago fa {0} dilluns
1588Date & TimeFieldsRelative Mondaypast-other{0} Mondays ago fa {0} dilluns
1589Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday Short-1last Mon. dl. passat
1590Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday Short0this Mon. aquest dl.
1591Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday Short1next Mon. dl. que ve
1592Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday Shortfuture-onein {0} Mon. d’aquí a {0} dl.
1593Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday Shortfuture-otherin {0} Mon. d’aquí a {0} dl.
1594Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday Shortpast-one{0} Mon. ago fa {0} dl.
1595Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday Shortpast-other{0} Mon. ago fa {0} dl.
1596Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday Narrow-1last M dl. passat
1597Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday Narrow0this M aquest dl.
1598Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday Narrow1next M dl. que ve
1599Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday Narrowfuture-onein {0} M d’aquí a {0} dl.
1600Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday Narrowfuture-otherin {0} M d’aquí a {0} dl.
1601Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday Narrowpast-one{0} M ago fa {0} dl.
1602Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday Narrowpast-other{0} M ago fa {0} dl.
1603Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday-1last Tuesday dimarts passat
1604Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday0this Tuesday aquest dimarts
1605Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday1next Tuesday dimarts que ve
1606Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesdayfuture-onein {0} Tuesday d’aquí a {0} dimarts
1607Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesdayfuture-otherin {0} Tuesdays d’aquí a {0} dimarts
1608Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesdaypast-one{0} Tuesday ago fa {0} dimarts
1609Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesdaypast-other{0} Tuesdays ago fa {0} dimarts
1610Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday Short-1last Tue. dt. passat
1611Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday Short0this Tue. aquest dt.
1612Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday Short1next Tue. dt. que ve
1613Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday Shortfuture-onein {0} Tue. d’aquí a {0} dt.
1614Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday Shortfuture-otherin {0} Tue. d’aquí a {0} dt.
1615Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday Shortpast-one{0} Tue. ago fa {0} dt.
1616Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday Shortpast-other{0} Tue. ago fa {0} dt.
1617Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday Narrow-1last Tu dt. passat
1618Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday Narrow0this Tu aquest dt.
1619Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday Narrow1next Tu dt. que ve
1620Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday Narrowfuture-onein {0} Tu d’aquí a {0} dt.
1621Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday Narrowfuture-otherin {0} Tu d’aquí a {0} dt.
1622Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday Narrowpast-one{0} Tu ago fa {0} dt.
1623Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday Narrowpast-other{0} Tu ago fa {0} dt.
1624Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday-1last Wednesday dimecres passat
1625Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday0this Wednesday aquest dimecres
1626Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday1next Wednesday dimecres que ve
1627Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesdayfuture-onein {0} Wednesday d’aquí a {0} dimecres
1628Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesdayfuture-otherin {0} Wednesdays d’aquí a {0} dimecres
1629Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesdaypast-one{0} Wednesday ago fa {0} dimecres
1630Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesdaypast-other{0} Wednesdays ago fa {0} dimecres
1631Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday Short-1last Wed. dc. passat
1632Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday Short0this Wed. aquest dc.
1633Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday Short1next Wed. dc. que ve
1634Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday Shortfuture-onein {0} Wed. d’aquí a {0} dc.
1635Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday Shortfuture-otherin {0} Wed. d’aquí a {0} dc.
1636Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday Shortpast-one{0} Wed. ago fa {0} dc.
1637Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday Shortpast-other{0} Wed. ago fa {0} dc.
1638Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday Narrow-1last W dc. passat
1639Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday Narrow0this W aquest dc.
1640Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday Narrow1next W dc. que ve
1641Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday Narrowfuture-onein {0} W d’aquí a {0} dc.
1642Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday Narrowfuture-otherin {0} W d’aquí a {0} dc.
1643Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday Narrowpast-one{0} W ago fa {0} dc.
1644Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday Narrowpast-other{0} W ago fa {0} dc.
1645Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday-1last Thursday dijous passat
1646Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday0this Thursday aquest dijous
1647Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday1next Thursday dijous que ve
1648Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursdayfuture-onein {0} Thursday d’aquí a {0} dijous
1649Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursdayfuture-otherin {0} Thursdays d’aquí a {0} dijous
1650Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursdaypast-one{0} Thursday ago fa {0} dijous
1651Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursdaypast-other{0} Thursdays ago fa {0} dijous
1652Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday Short-1last Thu. dj. passat
1653Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday Short0this Thu. aquest dj.
1654Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday Short1next Thu. dj. que ve
1655Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday Shortfuture-onein {0} Thu. d’aquí a {0} dj.
1656Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday Shortfuture-otherin {0} Thu. d’aquí a {0} dj.
1657Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday Shortpast-one{0} Thu. ago fa {0} dj.
1658Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday Shortpast-other{0} Thu. ago fa {0} dj.
1659Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday Narrow-1last Th dj. passat
1660Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday Narrow0this Th aquest dj.
1661Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday Narrow1next Th dj. que ve
1662Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday Narrowfuture-onein {0} Th d’aquí a {0} dj.
1663Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday Narrowfuture-otherin {0} Th d’aquí a {0} dj.
1664Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday Narrowpast-one{0} Th ago fa {0} dj.
1665Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday Narrowpast-other{0} Th ago fa {0} dj.
1666Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday-1last Friday divendres passat
1667Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday0this Friday aquest divendres
1668Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday1next Friday divendres que ve
1669Date & TimeFieldsRelative Fridayfuture-onein {0} Friday d’aquí a {0} divendres
1670Date & TimeFieldsRelative Fridayfuture-otherin {0} Fridays d’aquí a {0} divendres
1671Date & TimeFieldsRelative Fridaypast-one{0} Friday ago fa {0} divendres
1672Date & TimeFieldsRelative Fridaypast-other{0} Fridays ago fa {0} divendres
1673Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday Short-1last Fri. dv. passat
1674Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday Short0this Fri. aquest dv.
1675Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday Short1next Fri. dv. que ve
1676Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday Shortfuture-onein {0} Fri. d’aquí a {0} dv.
1677Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday Shortfuture-otherin {0} Fri. d’aquí a {0} dv.
1678Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday Shortpast-one{0} Fri. ago fa {0} dv.
1679Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday Shortpast-other{0} Fri. ago fa {0} dv.
1680Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday Narrow-1last F dv. passat
1681Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday Narrow0this F aquest dv.
1682Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday Narrow1next F dv. que ve
1683Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday Narrowfuture-onein {0} F d’aquí a {0} dv.
1684Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday Narrowfuture-otherin {0} F d’aquí a {0} dv.
1685Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday Narrowpast-one{0} F ago fa {0} dv.
1686Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday Narrowpast-other{0} F ago fa {0} dv.
1687Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday-1last Saturday dissabte passat
1688Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday0this Saturday aquest dissabte
1689Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday1next Saturday dissabte que ve
1690Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturdayfuture-onein {0} Saturday d’aquí a {0} dissabte
1691Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturdayfuture-otherin {0} Saturdays d’aquí a {0} dissabtes
1692Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturdaypast-one{0} Saturday ago fa {0} dissabte
1693Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturdaypast-other{0} Saturdays ago fa {0} dissabtes
1694Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday Short-1last Sat. ds. passat
1695Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday Short0this Sat. aquest ds.
1696Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday Short1next Sat. ds. que ve
1697Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday Shortfuture-onein {0} Sat. d’aquí a {0} ds.
1698Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday Shortfuture-otherin {0} Sat. d’aquí a {0} ds.
1699Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday Shortpast-one{0} Sat. ago fa {0} ds.
1700Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday Shortpast-other{0} Sat. ago fa {0} ds.
1701Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday Narrow-1last Sa ds. passat
1702Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday Narrow0this Sa aquest ds.
1703Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday Narrow1next Sa ds. que ve
1704Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday Narrowfuture-onein {0} Sa d’aquí a {0} ds.
1705Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday Narrowfuture-otherin {0} Sa d’aquí a {0} ds.
1706Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday Narrowpast-one{0} Sa ago fa {0} ds.
1707Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday Narrowpast-other{0} Sa ago fa {0} ds.
1708Date & TimeGregorianEras - wide0Before Christ abans de Crist
1709Date & TimeGregorianEras - wide0-variantBefore Common Era abans de l’era cristiana
1710Date & TimeGregorianEras - wide1Anno Domini després de Crist
1711Date & TimeGregorianEras - wide1-variantCommon Era era cristiana
1712Date & TimeGregorianEras - abbreviated0BC aC
1713Date & TimeGregorianEras - abbreviated0-variantBCE AEC
1714Date & TimeGregorianEras - abbreviated1AD dC
1715Date & TimeGregorianEras - abbreviated1-variantCE EC
1716Date & TimeGregorianEras - narrow0B aC
1717Date & TimeGregorianEras - narrow0-variantBCE AEC
1718Date & TimeGregorianEras - narrow1A dC
1719Date & TimeGregorianEras - narrow1-variantCE EC
1720Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - wide - Formatting11st quarter 1r trimestre
1721Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - wide - Formatting22nd quarter 2n trimestre
1722Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - wide - Formatting33rd quarter 3r trimestre
1723Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - wide - Formatting44th quarter 4t trimestre
1724Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - wide - Standalone11st quarter 1r trimestre
1725Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - wide - Standalone22nd quarter 2n trimestre
1726Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - wide - Standalone33rd quarter 3r trimestre
1727Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - wide - Standalone44th quarter 4t trimestre
1728Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - abbreviated - Formatting1Q1 1T
1729Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - abbreviated - Formatting2Q2 2T
1730Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - abbreviated - Formatting3Q3 3T
1731Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - abbreviated - Formatting4Q4 4T
1732Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - abbreviated - Standalone1Q1 1T
1733Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - abbreviated - Standalone2Q2 2T
1734Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - abbreviated - Standalone3Q3 3T
1735Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - abbreviated - Standalone4Q4 4T
1736Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - narrow - Formatting1= 1
1737Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - narrow - Formatting2= 2
1738Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - narrow - Formatting3= 3
1739Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - narrow - Formatting4= 4
1740Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - narrow - Standalone1= 1
1741Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - narrow - Standalone2= 2
1742Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - narrow - Standalone3= 3
1743Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - narrow - Standalone4= 4
1744Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingJanJanuary de gener
1745Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingFebFebruary de febrer
1746Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingMarMarch de març
1747Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingAprApril d’abril
1748Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingMayMay de maig
1749Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingJunJune de juny
1750Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingJulJuly de juliol
1751Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingAugAugust d’agost
1752Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingSepSeptember de setembre
1753Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingOctOctober d’octubre
1754Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingNovNovember de novembre
1755Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingDecDecember de desembre
1756Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - StandaloneJanJanuary gener
1757Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - StandaloneFebFebruary febrer
1758Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - StandaloneMarMarch març
1759Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - StandaloneAprApril abril
1760Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - StandaloneMayMay maig
1761Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - StandaloneJunJune juny
1762Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - StandaloneJulJuly juliol
1763Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - StandaloneAugAugust agost
1764Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - StandaloneSepSeptember setembre
1765Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - StandaloneOctOctober octubre
1766Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - StandaloneNovNovember novembre
1767Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - StandaloneDecDecember desembre
1768Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingJanJan de gen.
1769Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingFebFeb de febr.
1770Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingMarMar de març
1771Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingAprApr d’abr.
1772Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingMayMay de maig
1773Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingJunJun de juny
1774Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingJulJul de jul.
1775Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingAugAug d’ag.
1776Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingSepSep de set.
1777Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingOctOct d’oct.
1778Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingNovNov de nov.
1779Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingDecDec de des.
1780Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneJanJan gen.
1781Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneFebFeb febr.
1782Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneMarMar març
1783Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneAprApr abr.
1784Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneMayMay maig
1785Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneJunJun juny
1786Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneJulJul jul.
1787Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneAugAug ag.
1788Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneSepSep set.
1789Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneOctOct oct.
1790Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneNovNov nov.
1791Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneDecDec des.
1792Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - FormattingJanJ GN
1793Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - FormattingFebF FB
1794Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - FormattingMarM
1795Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - FormattingAprA AB
1796Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - FormattingMayM MG
1797Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - FormattingJunJ JN
1798Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - FormattingJulJ JL
1799Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - FormattingAugA AG
1800Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - FormattingSepS ST
1801Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - FormattingOctO OC
1802Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - FormattingNovN NV
1803Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - FormattingDecD DS
1804Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJanJ GN
1805Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneFebF FB
1806Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneMarM
1807Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneAprA AB
1808Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneMayM MG
1809Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJunJ JN
1810Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJulJ JL
1811Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneAugA AG
1812Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneSepS ST
1813Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneOctO OC
1814Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneNovN NV
1815Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneDecD DS
1816Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - FormattingsunSunday diumenge
1817Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - FormattingmonMonday dilluns
1818Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - FormattingtueTuesday dimarts
1819Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - FormattingwedWednesday dimecres
1820Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - FormattingthuThursday dijous
1821Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - FormattingfriFriday divendres
1822Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - FormattingsatSaturday dissabte
1823Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - StandalonesunSunday diumenge
1824Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - StandalonemonMonday dilluns
1825Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - StandalonetueTuesday dimarts
1826Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - StandalonewedWednesday dimecres
1827Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - StandalonethuThursday dijous
1828Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - StandalonefriFriday divendres
1829Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - StandalonesatSaturday dissabte
1830Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - FormattingsunSun dg.
1831Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - FormattingmonMon dl.
1832Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - FormattingtueTue dt.
1833Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - FormattingwedWed dc.
1834Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - FormattingthuThu dj.
1835Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - FormattingfriFri dv.
1836Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - FormattingsatSat ds.
1837Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - StandalonesunSun dg.
1838Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - StandalonemonMon dl.
1839Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - StandalonetueTue dt.
1840Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - StandalonewedWed dc.
1841Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - StandalonethuThu dj.
1842Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - StandalonefriFri dv.
1843Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - StandalonesatSat ds.
1844Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - FormattingsunSu dg.
1845Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - FormattingmonMo dl.
1846Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - FormattingtueTu dt.
1847Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - FormattingwedWe dc.
1848Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - FormattingthuTh dj.
1849Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - FormattingfriFr dv.
1850Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - FormattingsatSa ds.
1851Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - StandalonesunSu dg.
1852Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - StandalonemonMo dl.
1853Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - StandalonetueTu dt.
1854Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - StandalonewedWe dc.
1855Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - StandalonethuTh dj.
1856Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - StandalonefriFr dv.
1857Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - StandalonesatSa ds.
1858Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - FormattingsunS dg
1859Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - FormattingmonM dl
1860Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - FormattingtueT dt
1861Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - FormattingwedW dc
1862Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - FormattingthuT dj
1863Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - FormattingfriF dv
1864Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - FormattingsatS ds
1865Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - StandalonesunS dg
1866Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - StandalonemonM dl
1867Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - StandalonetueT dt
1868Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - StandalonewedW dc
1869Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - StandalonethuT dj
1870Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - StandalonefriF dv
1871Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - StandalonesatS ds
1872Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - wide - FormattingamAM a. m.
1873Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - wide - FormattingpmPM p. m.
1874Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - wide - Formattingmidnightmidnight mitjanit
1875Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - wide - Formattingmorning1in the morning matinada
1876Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - wide - Formattingmorning2n/a matí
1877Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - wide - Formattingafternoon1in the afternoon migdia
1878Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - wide - Formattingafternoon2n/a tarda
1879Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - wide - Formattingevening1in the evening vespre
1880Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - wide - Formattingnight1at night nit
1881Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - wide - StandaloneamAM a. m.
1882Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - wide - StandalonepmPM p. m.
1883Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - wide - Standalonemidnightmidnight mitjanit
1884Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - wide - Standalonemorning1morning matinada
1885Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - wide - Standalonemorning2n/a matí
1886Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - wide - Standaloneafternoon1afternoon migdia
1887Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - wide - Standaloneafternoon2n/a tarda
1888Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - wide - Standaloneevening1evening vespre
1889Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - wide - Standalonenight1night nit
1890Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - abbreviated - FormattingamAM a. m.
1891Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - abbreviated - FormattingpmPM p. m.
1892Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - abbreviated - Formattingmidnightmidnight mitjanit
1893Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - abbreviated - Formattingmorning1in the morning matinada
1894Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - abbreviated - Formattingmorning2n/a matí
1895Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - abbreviated - Formattingafternoon1in the afternoon migdia
1896Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - abbreviated - Formattingafternoon2n/a tarda
1897Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - abbreviated - Formattingevening1in the evening vespre
1898Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - abbreviated - Formattingnight1at night nit
1899Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - abbreviated - StandaloneamAM a. m.
1900Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - abbreviated - StandalonepmPM p. m.
1901Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - abbreviated - Standalonemidnightmidnight mitjanit
1902Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - abbreviated - Standalonemorning1morning matinada
1903Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - abbreviated - Standalonemorning2n/a matí
1904Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - abbreviated - Standaloneafternoon1afternoon migdia
1905Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - abbreviated - Standaloneafternoon2n/a tarda
1906Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - abbreviated - Standaloneevening1evening vespre
1907Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - abbreviated - Standalonenight1night nit
1908Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - narrow - Formattingama a. m.
1909Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - narrow - Formattingpmp p. m.
1910Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - narrow - Formattingmidnightmi mitjanit
1911Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - narrow - Formattingmorning1in the morning mat.
1912Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - narrow - Formattingmorning2n/a matí
1913Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - narrow - Formattingafternoon1in the afternoon md
1914Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - narrow - Formattingafternoon2n/a tarda
1915Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - narrow - Formattingevening1in the evening vespre
1916Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - narrow - Formattingnight1at night nit
1917Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - narrow - StandaloneamAM a. m.
1918Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - narrow - StandalonepmPM p. m.
1919Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - narrow - Standalonemidnightmidnight mitjanit
1920Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - narrow - Standalonemorning1morning matinada
1921Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - narrow - Standalonemorning2n/a matí
1922Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - narrow - Standaloneafternoon1afternoon migdia
1923Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - narrow - Standaloneafternoon2n/a tarda
1924Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - narrow - Standaloneevening1evening vespre
1925Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - narrow - Standalonenight1night nit
1926Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Date FormatsfullEEEE, MMMM d, y EEEE, d MMMM 'de' y
1927Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Date FormatslongMMMM d, y d MMMM 'de' y
1928Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Date FormatsmediumMMM d, y d MMM y
1929Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Date FormatsshortM/d/yy d/M/yy
1930Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Time Formatsfullh:mm:ss a zzzz H:mm:ss zzzz
1931Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Time Formatslongh:mm:ss a z H:mm:ss z
1932Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Time Formatsmediumh:mm:ss a H:mm:ss
1933Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Time Formatsshorth:mm a H:mm
1934Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsfull{1} 'at' {0} {1} 'a' 'les' {0}
1935Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatslong{1} 'at' {0} {1} 'a' 'les' {0}
1936Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsmedium= {1}, {0}
1937Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsshort{1}, {0} {1} {0}
1938Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMMW-one'week' W 'of' MMMM 'setmana' W MMMM
1939Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMMW-other'week' W 'of' MMMM 'setmana' W MMMM
1940Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsyw-one'week' w 'of' Y 'setmana' w 'de' Y
1941Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsyw-other'week' w 'of' Y 'setmana' w 'de' Y
1942Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsd= d
1943Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsE= ccc
1944Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsEdd E E d
1945Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGy= y G
1946Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMMMM y G LLL y G
1947Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMdMMM d, y G d MMM 'de' y G
1948Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMEdE, MMM d, y G E, d MMM 'de' y G
1949Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMMn/a LLLL 'de' y G
1950Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMMdn/a d MMMM 'de' y G
1951Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMMEdn/a E, d MMMM 'de' y G
1952Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsM= L
1953Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMdM/d d/M
1954Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMEdE, M/d E d/M
1955Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMM= LLL
1956Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMdMMM d d MMM
1957Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMEdE, MMM d E, d MMM
1958Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMMdMMMM d d MMMM
1959Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMMEdn/a E, d MMMM
1960Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsy= y
1961Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyM= M/y
1962Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyMdM/d/y d/M/y
1963Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyMEdE, M/d/y E, d/M/y
1964Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyMMMMMM y LLL 'de' y
1965Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyMMMdMMM d, y d MMM 'de' y
1966Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyMMMEdE, MMM d, y E, d MMM y
1967Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyMMMMMMMM y LLLL 'de' y
1968Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyMMMMdn/a d MMMM 'de' y
1969Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyMMMMEdn/a E, d MMMM 'de' y
1970Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyQQQ= QQQ y
1971Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyQQQQ= QQQQ y
1972Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - 12 Hour Time FormatsBh= h B
1973Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - 12 Hour Time FormatsBhm= h:mm B
1974Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - 12 Hour Time FormatsBhms= h:mm:ss B
1975Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - 12 Hour Time FormatsEBhm= E h:mm B
1976Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - 12 Hour Time FormatsEBhms= E h:mm:ss B
1977Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - 12 Hour Time FormatsEhm= E h:mm a
1978Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - 12 Hour Time FormatsEhms= E h:mm:ss a
1979Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - 12 Hour Time Formatsh= h a
1980Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - 12 Hour Time Formatshm= h:mm a
1981Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - 12 Hour Time Formatshms= h:mm:ss a
1982Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - 12 Hour Time Formatshmsv= h:mm:ss a v
1983Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - 12 Hour Time Formatshmv= h:mm a v
1984Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - 24 Hour Time FormatsEHmE HH:mm E H:mm
1985Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - 24 Hour Time FormatsEHmsE HH:mm:ss E H:mm:ss
1986Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - 24 Hour Time FormatsHHH H
1987Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - 24 Hour Time FormatsHmHH:mm H:mm
1988Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - 24 Hour Time FormatsHmsHH:mm:ss H:mm:ss
1989Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - 24 Hour Time FormatsHmsvHH:mm:ss v H:mm:ss v
1990Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - 24 Hour Time FormatsHmvHH:mm v H:mm v
1991Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - 24 Hour Time Formatsms= mm:ss
1992Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - AppendTimezone= {0} {1}
1993Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date Formatsd/dd – d d–d
1994Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGy/Gy G – y G G y – G y
1995Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGy/yy – y G G y–y
1996Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyM/GM/y GGGGG – M/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM – GGGGG y-MM
1997Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyM/MM/y – M/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM – y-MM
1998Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyM/yM/y – M/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM – y-MM
1999Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyMd/dM/d/y – M/d/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM-dd – y-MM-dd
2000Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyMd/GM/d/y GGGGG – M/d/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM-dd – GGGGG y-MM-dd
2001Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyMd/MM/d/y – M/d/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM-dd – y-MM-dd
2002Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyMd/yM/d/y – M/d/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM-dd – y-MM-dd
2003Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyMEd/dE, M/d/y – E, M/d/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM-dd, E – y-MM-dd, E
2004Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyMEd/GE, M/d/y GGGGG – E, M/d/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM-dd, E – GGGGG y-MM-dd, E
2005Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyMEd/ME, M/d/y – E, M/d/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM-dd, E – y-MM-dd, E
2006Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyMEd/yE, M/d/y – E, M/d/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM-dd, E – y-MM-dd, E
2007Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyMMM/GMMM y G – MMM y G G y MMM – G y MMM
2008Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyMMM/MMMM – MMM y G G y MMM–MMM
2009Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyMMM/yMMM y – MMM y G G y MMM – y MMM
2010Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyMMMd/dMMM d – d, y G G y MMM d–d
2011Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyMMMd/GMMM d, y G – MMM d, y G G y MMM d – G y MMM d
2012Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyMMMd/MMMM d – MMM d, y G G y MMM d – MMM d
2013Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyMMMd/yMMM d, y – MMM d, y G G y MMM d – y MMM d
2014Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyMMMEd/dE, MMM d – E, MMM d, y G G y MMM d, E – MMM d, E
2015Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyMMMEd/GE, MMM d, y G – E, MMM d, y G G y MMM d, E – G y MMM d, E
2016Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyMMMEd/ME, MMM d – E, MMM d, y G G y MMM d, E – MMM d, E
2017Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyMMMEd/yE, MMM d, y – E, MMM d, y G G y MMM d, E – y MMM d, E
2018Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsM/MM – M M–M
2019Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMd/dM/d – M/d d/M – d/M
2020Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMd/MM/d – M/d d/M – d/M
2021Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMEd/dE, M/d – E, M/d E, d/M – E, d/M
2022Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMEd/ME, M/d – E, M/d E, d/M – E, d/M
2023Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMM/MMMM – MMM LLL – LLL
2024Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMd/dMMM d – d d–d MMM
2025Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMd/MMMM d – MMM d d MMM – d MMM
2026Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMEd/dE, MMM d – E, MMM d E, d – E, d MMM
2027Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMEd/ME, MMM d – E, MMM d E, d MMM – E, d MMM
2028Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date Formatsy/yy – y y–y
2029Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyM/M= M/y – M/y
2030Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyM/y= M/y – M/y
2031Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/dM/d/y – M/d/y d/M/y – d/M/y
2032Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/MM/d/y – M/d/y d/M/y – d/M/y
2033Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/yM/d/y – M/d/y d/M/y – d/M/y
2034Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/dE, M/d/y – E, M/d/y E, d/M/y – E, d/M/y
2035Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/ME, M/d/y – E, M/d/y E, d/M/y – E, d/M/y
2036Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/yE, M/d/y – E, M/d/y E, d/M/y – E, d/M/y
2037Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMM/MMMM – MMM y LLL–LLL y
2038Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMM/yMMM y – MMM y LLL y – LLL y
2039Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/dMMM d – d, y d–d MMM y
2040Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/MMMM d – MMM d, y d MMM – d MMM y
2041Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/yMMM d, y – MMM d, y d MMM y – d MMM y
2042Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/dE, MMM d – E, MMM d, y E, d – E, d MMM y
2043Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/ME, MMM d – E, MMM d, y E, d MMM – E, d MMM y
2044Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/yE, MMM d, y – E, MMM d, y E, d MMM y – E, d MMM y
2045Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMM/MMMMM – MMMM y LLLL–LLLL 'de' y
2046Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMM/yMMMM y – MMMM y LLLL 'de' y – LLLL 'de' y
2047Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMMd/dn/a d–d MMMM 'de' y
2048Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMMd/Mn/a d MMMM – d MMMM 'de' y
2049Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMMd/yn/a d MMMM 'de' y – d MMMM 'de' y
2050Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMMEd/dn/a E, d – E, d MMMM 'de' y
2051Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMMEd/Mn/a E, d MMMM – E, d MMMM 'de' y
2052Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMMEd/yn/a E, d MMMM 'de' y – E, d MMMM 'de' y
2053Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - 12 Hour Time Formatsh/a= h a – h a
2054Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - 12 Hour Time Formatsh/hh – h a h–h a
2055Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - 12 Hour Time Formatshm/a= h:mm a – h:mm a
2056Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - 12 Hour Time Formatshm/hh:mm – h:mm a h:mm–h:mm a
2057Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - 12 Hour Time Formatshm/mh:mm – h:mm a h:mm–h:mm a
2058Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - 12 Hour Time Formatshmv/a= h:mm a – h:mm a v
2059Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - 12 Hour Time Formatshmv/hh:mm – h:mm a v h:mm–h:mm a v
2060Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - 12 Hour Time Formatshmv/mh:mm – h:mm a v h:mm–h:mm a v
2061Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - 12 Hour Time Formatshv/a= h a – h a v
2062Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - 12 Hour Time Formatshv/hh – h a v h–h a v
2063Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - 24 Hour Time FormatsH/HHH – HH H–H
2064Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - 24 Hour Time FormatsHm/HHH:mm – HH:mm H:mm–H:mm
2065Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - 24 Hour Time FormatsHm/mHH:mm – HH:mm H:mm–H:mm
2066Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - 24 Hour Time FormatsHmv/HHH:mm – HH:mm v H:mm–H:mm v
2067Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - 24 Hour Time FormatsHmv/mHH:mm – HH:mm v H:mm–H:mm v
2068Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - 24 Hour Time FormatsHv/HHH – HH v H–H v
2069Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - FallbackFallback{0} – {1} {0} - {1}
2070Date & TimeGenericFormats - Standard - Date FormatsfullEEEE, MMMM d, y G EEEE, d MMMM 'de' y G
2071Date & TimeGenericFormats - Standard - Date FormatslongMMMM d, y G d MMMM 'de' y G
2072Date & TimeGenericFormats - Standard - Date FormatsmediumMMM d, y G d/M/y G
2073Date & TimeGenericFormats - Standard - Date FormatsshortM/d/y GGGGG d/M/yy GGGGG
2074Date & TimeGenericFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsfull{1} 'at' {0} {1} 'a' 'les' {0}
2075Date & TimeGenericFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatslong{1} 'at' {0} {1} 'a' 'les' {0}
2076Date & TimeGenericFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsmedium= {1}, {0}
2077Date & TimeGenericFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsshort= {1}, {0}
2078Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsd= d
2079Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsE= ccc
2080Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsEdd E E d
2081Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGy= y G
2082Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMMMM y G LLL y G
2083Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMdMMM d, y G d MMM y G
2084Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMEdE, MMM d, y G E, d MMM y G
2085Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMMn/a LLLL 'de' y G
2086Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMMdn/a d MMMM 'de' y G
2087Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMMEdn/a E, d MMMM 'de' y G
2088Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsM= L
2089Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMdM/d d/M
2090Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMEdE, M/d E, d/M
2091Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMM= LLL
2092Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMdMMM d d MMM
2093Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMEdE, MMM d E, d MMM
2094Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMMdMMMM d d MMMM
2095Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMMEdn/a E, d MMMM
2096Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsy= y G
2097Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsyyyy= y G
2098Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMM/y GGGGG M/y G
2099Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMdM/d/y GGGGG d/M/y G
2100Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMEdE, M/d/y GGGGG E, d/M/y GGGGG
2101Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMMMMM y G LLL y G
2102Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMMdMMM d, y G d MMM y G
2103Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMMEdE, MMM d, y G E, d MMM y G
2104Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMMMMMMM y G LLLL 'de' y G
2105Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMMMdn/a d MMMM 'de' y G
2106Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMMMEdn/a E, d MMMM 'de' y G
2107Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyQQQ= QQQ y G
2108Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyQQQQ= QQQQ y G
2109Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - 12 Hour Time FormatsBh= h B
2110Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - 12 Hour Time FormatsBhm= h:mm B
2111Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - 12 Hour Time FormatsBhms= h:mm:ss B
2112Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - 12 Hour Time FormatsEBhm= E h:mm B
2113Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - 12 Hour Time FormatsEBhms= E h:mm:ss B
2114Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - 12 Hour Time FormatsEhm= E h:mm a
2115Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - 12 Hour Time FormatsEhms= E h:mm:ss a
2116Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - 12 Hour Time Formatsh= h a
2117Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - 12 Hour Time Formatshm= h:mm a
2118Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - 12 Hour Time Formatshms= h:mm:ss a
2119Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - 24 Hour Time FormatsEHm= E HH:mm
2120Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - 24 Hour Time FormatsEHms= E HH:mm:ss
2121Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - 24 Hour Time FormatsHHH H
2122Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - 24 Hour Time FormatsHmHH:mm H:mm
2123Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - 24 Hour Time FormatsHmsHH:mm:ss H:mm:ss
2124Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - 24 Hour Time Formatsms= mm:ss
2125Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date Formatsd/dd – d d–d
2126Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGy/Gy G – y G G y – G y
2127Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGy/yy – y G G y–y
2128Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyM/GM/y GGGGG – M/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM – GGGGG y-MM
2129Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyM/MM/y – M/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM – y-MM
2130Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyM/yM/y – M/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM – y-MM
2131Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyMd/dM/d/y – M/d/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM-dd – y-MM-dd
2132Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyMd/GM/d/y GGGGG – M/d/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM-dd – GGGGG y-MM-dd
2133Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyMd/MM/d/y – M/d/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM-dd – y-MM-dd
2134Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyMd/yM/d/y – M/d/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM-dd – y-MM-dd
2135Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyMEd/dE, M/d/y – E, M/d/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM-dd, E – y-MM-dd, E
2136Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyMEd/GE, M/d/y GGGGG – E, M/d/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM-dd, E – GGGGG y-MM-dd, E
2137Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyMEd/ME, M/d/y – E, M/d/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM-dd, E – y-MM-dd, E
2138Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyMEd/yE, M/d/y – E, M/d/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM-dd, E – y-MM-dd, E
2139Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyMMM/GMMM y G – MMM y G G y MMM – G y MMM
2140Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyMMM/MMMM – MMM y G G y MMM–MMM
2141Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyMMM/yMMM y – MMM y G G y MMM – y MMM
2142Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyMMMd/dMMM d – d, y G G y MMM d–d
2143Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyMMMd/GMMM d, y G – MMM d, y G G y MMM d – G y MMM d
2144Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyMMMd/MMMM d – MMM d, y G G y MMM d – MMM d
2145Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyMMMd/yMMM d, y – MMM d, y G G y MMM d – y MMM d
2146Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyMMMEd/dE, MMM d – E, MMM d, y G G y MMM d, E – MMM d, E
2147Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyMMMEd/GE, MMM d, y G – E, MMM d, y G G y MMM d, E – G y MMM d, E
2148Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyMMMEd/ME, MMM d – E, MMM d, y G G y MMM d, E – MMM d, E
2149Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsGyMMMEd/yE, MMM d, y – E, MMM d, y G G y MMM d, E – y MMM d, E
2150Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date Formatsh/a= h a – h a
2151Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date Formatsh/hh – h a h–h a
2152Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsH/HHH – HH H–H
2153Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date Formatshm/ah:mm a – h:mm a h:mm a –h:mm a
2154Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date Formatshm/hh:mm – h:mm a h:mm–h:mm a
2155Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsHm/HHH:mm – HH:mm HH:mm–HH:mm
2156Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date Formatshm/mh:mm – h:mm a h:mm–h:mm a
2157Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsHm/mHH:mm – HH:mm HH:mm–HH:mm
2158Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date Formatshmv/a= h:mm a – h:mm a v
2159Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date Formatshmv/hh:mm – h:mm a v h:mm–h:mm a v
2160Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsHmv/HHH:mm – HH:mm v HH:mm–HH:mm v
2161Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date Formatshmv/mh:mm – h:mm a v h:mm–h:mm a v
2162Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsHmv/mHH:mm – HH:mm v HH:mm–HH:mm v
2163Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date Formatshv/a= h a – h a v
2164Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date Formatshv/hh – h a v h–h a v
2165Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsHv/HHH – HH v H–H v
2166Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsM/MM – M M–M
2167Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMd/dM/d – M/d d/M – d/M
2168Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMd/MM/d – M/d d/M – d/M
2169Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMEd/dE, M/d – E, M/d E, d/M – E, d/M
2170Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMEd/ME, M/d – E, M/d E, d/M – E, d/M
2171Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMM/MMMM – MMM MMM–MMM
2172Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMd/dMMM d – d d–d MMM
2173Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMd/MMMM d – MMM d d MMM – d MMM
2174Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMEd/dE, MMM d – E, MMM d E, d – E, d MMM
2175Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMEd/ME, MMM d – E, MMM d E, d MMM – E, d MMM
2176Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date Formatsy/yy – y G y–y G
2177Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyM/M= M/y – M/y GGGGG
2178Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyM/y= M/y – M/y GGGGG
2179Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/dM/d/y – M/d/y GGGGG d/M/y – d/M/y GGGGG
2180Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/MM/d/y – M/d/y GGGGG d/M/y – d/M/y GGGGG
2181Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/yM/d/y – M/d/y GGGGG d/M/y – d/M/y GGGGG
2182Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/dE, M/d/y – E, M/d/y GGGGG E, d/M/y – E, d/M/y GGGGG
2183Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/ME, M/d/y – E, M/d/y GGGGG E, d/M/y – E, d/M/y GGGGG
2184Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/yE, M/d/y – E, M/d/y GGGGG E, d/M/y – E, d/M/y GGGGG
2185Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMM/MMMM – MMM y G MMM–MMM y G
2186Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMM/yMMM y – MMM y G MMM 'de' y – MMM 'de' y G
2187Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/dMMM d – d, y G d–d MMM 'de' y G
2188Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/MMMM d – MMM d, y G d MMM – d MMM 'de' y G
2189Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/yMMM d, y – MMM d, y G d MMM 'de' y – d MMM 'de' y G
2190Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/dE, MMM d – E, MMM d, y G E, d MMM – E, d MMM 'de' y G
2191Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/ME, MMM d – E, MMM d, y G E, d MMM – E, d MMM 'de' y G
2192Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/yE, MMM d, y – E, MMM d, y G E, d MMM 'de' y – E, d MMM 'de' y G
2193Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMM/MMMMM – MMMM y G MMMM–MMMM 'de' y G
2194Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMM/yMMMM y – MMMM y G MMMM 'de' y – MMMM 'de' y G
2195Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMMd/dn/a d–d MMMM 'de' y G
2196Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMMd/Mn/a d MMMM – d MMMM 'de' y G
2197Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMMd/yn/a d MMMM 'de' y – d MMMM 'de' y G
2198Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMMEd/dn/a E, d MMMM – E, d MMMM 'de' y G
2199Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMMEd/Mn/a E, d MMMM – E, d MMMM 'de' y G
2200Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMMEd/yn/a E, d MMMM 'de' y – E, d MMMM 'de' y G
2201Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - FallbackFallback{0} – {1} {0} - {1}
2202Date & TimeBuddhistEras - wide0BE eB
2203Date & TimeBuddhistEras - abbreviated0BE eB
2204Date & TimeBuddhistEras - narrow0BE eB
2205Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Standard - Date FormatsfullEEEE, MMMM d, y G EEEE, dd MMMM y G
2206Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Standard - Date FormatslongMMMM d, y G d MMMM y G
2207Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Standard - Date FormatsmediumMMM d, y G d MMM y G
2208Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Standard - Date FormatsshortM/d/y GGGGG dd/MM/y GGGGG
2209Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsfull{1} 'at' {0} {1}, {0}
2210Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatslong{1} 'at' {0} {1}, {0}
2211Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsmedium= {1}, {0}
2212Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsshort= {1}, {0}
2213Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsd= d
2214Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsM= L
2215Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMdM/d d/M
2216Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMEdE, M/d E, d/M
2217Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMM= LLL
2218Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMdMMM d d MMM
2219Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMEdE, MMM d E d MMM
2220Date & TimeBuddhistFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsy= y G
2221Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-1= zi
2222Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-2= chou
2223Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-3= yin
2224Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-4= mao
2225Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-5= chen
2226Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-6= si
2227Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-7= wu
2228Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-8= wei
2229Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-9= shen
2230Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-10= you
2231Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-11= xu
2232Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-12= hai
2233Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-1= spring begins
2234Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-2= rain water
2235Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-3= insects awaken
2236Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-4= spring equinox
2237Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-5= bright and clear
2238Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-6= grain rain
2239Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-7= summer begins
2240Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-8= grain full
2241Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-9= grain in ear
2242Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-10= summer solstice
2243Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-11= minor heat
2244Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-12= major heat
2245Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-13= autumn begins
2246Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-14= end of heat
2247Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-15= white dew
2248Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-16= autumn equinox
2249Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-17= cold dew
2250Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-18= frost descends
2251Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-19= winter begins
2252Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-20= minor snow
2253Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-21= major snow
2254Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-22= winter solstice
2255Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-23= minor cold
2256Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-24= major cold
2257Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-1= jia-zi
2258Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-2= yi-chou
2259Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-3= bing-yin
2260Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-4= ding-mao
2261Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-5= wu-chen
2262Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-6= ji-si
2263Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-7= geng-wu
2264Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-8= xin-wei
2265Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-9= ren-shen
2266Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-10= gui-you
2267Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-11= jia-xu
2268Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-12= yi-hai
2269Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-13= bing-zi
2270Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-14= ding-chou
2271Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-15= wu-yin
2272Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-16= ji-mao
2273Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-17= geng-chen
2274Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-18= xin-si
2275Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-19= ren-wu
2276Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-20= gui-wei
2277Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-21= jia-shen
2278Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-22= yi-you
2279Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-23= bing-xu
2280Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-24= ding-hai
2281Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-25= wu-zi
2282Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-26= ji-chou
2283Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-27= geng-yin
2284Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-28= xin-mao
2285Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-29= ren-chen
2286Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-30= gui-si
2287Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-31= jia-wu
2288Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-32= yi-wei
2289Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-33= bing-shen
2290Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-34= ding-you
2291Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-35= wu-xu
2292Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-36= ji-hai
2293Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-37= geng-zi
2294Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-38= xin-chou
2295Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-39= ren-yin
2296Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-40= gui-mao
2297Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-41= jia-chen
2298Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-42= yi-si
2299Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-43= bing-wu
2300Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-44= ding-wei
2301Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-45= wu-shen
2302Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-46= ji-you
2303Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-47= geng-xu
2304Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-48= xin-hai
2305Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-49= ren-zi
2306Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-50= gui-chou
2307Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-51= jia-yin
2308Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-52= yi-mao
2309Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-53= bing-chen
2310Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-54= ding-si
2311Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-55= wu-wu
2312Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-56= ji-wei
2313Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-57= geng-shen
2314Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-58= xin-you
2315Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-59= ren-xu
2316Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-60= gui-hai
2317Date & TimeChinesezodiacscyclic-format-abbreviated-1Rat zi
2318Date & TimeChinesezodiacscyclic-format-abbreviated-2Ox chou
2319Date & TimeChinesezodiacscyclic-format-abbreviated-3Tiger yin
2320Date & TimeChinesezodiacscyclic-format-abbreviated-4Rabbit mao
2321Date & TimeChinesezodiacscyclic-format-abbreviated-5Dragon chen
2322Date & TimeChinesezodiacscyclic-format-abbreviated-6Snake si
2323Date & TimeChinesezodiacscyclic-format-abbreviated-7Horse wu
2324Date & TimeChinesezodiacscyclic-format-abbreviated-8Goat wei
2325Date & TimeChinesezodiacscyclic-format-abbreviated-9Monkey shen
2326Date & TimeChinesezodiacscyclic-format-abbreviated-10Rooster you
2327Date & TimeChinesezodiacscyclic-format-abbreviated-11Dog xu
2328Date & TimeChinesezodiacscyclic-format-abbreviated-12Pig hai
2329Date & TimeChinesemonthPatternsmonthPattern-format-wide-leap= {0}bis
2330Date & TimeChinesemonthPatternsmonthPattern-numeric-all-leap= {0}bis
2331Date & TimeChinesemonthPatternsmonthPattern-stand-alone-narrow-leap= {0}b
2332Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingJanFirst Month 1
2333Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingFebSecond Month 2
2334Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingMarThird Month 3
2335Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingAprFourth Month 4
2336Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingMayFifth Month 5
2337Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingJunSixth Month 6
2338Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingJulSeventh Month 7
2339Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingAugEighth Month 8
2340Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingSepNinth Month 9
2341Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingOctTenth Month 10
2342Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingNovEleventh Month 11
2343Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingDecTwelfth Month 12
2344Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - StandaloneJanFirst Month 1
2345Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - StandaloneFebSecond Month 2
2346Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - StandaloneMarThird Month 3
2347Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - StandaloneAprFourth Month 4
2348Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - StandaloneMayFifth Month 5
2349Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - StandaloneJunSixth Month 6
2350Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - StandaloneJulSeventh Month 7
2351Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - StandaloneAugEighth Month 8
2352Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - StandaloneSepNinth Month 9
2353Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - StandaloneOctTenth Month 10
2354Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - StandaloneNovEleventh Month 11
2355Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - StandaloneDecTwelfth Month 12
2356Date & TimeChineseMonths - abbreviated - FormattingJanMo1 1
2357Date & TimeChineseMonths - abbreviated - FormattingFebMo2 2
2358Date & TimeChineseMonths - abbreviated - FormattingMarMo3 3
2359Date & TimeChineseMonths - abbreviated - FormattingAprMo4 4
2360Date & TimeChineseMonths - abbreviated - FormattingMayMo5 5
2361Date & TimeChineseMonths - abbreviated - FormattingJunMo6 6
2362Date & TimeChineseMonths - abbreviated - FormattingJulMo7 7
2363Date & TimeChineseMonths - abbreviated - FormattingAugMo8 8
2364Date & TimeChineseMonths - abbreviated - FormattingSepMo9 9
2365Date & TimeChineseMonths - abbreviated - FormattingOctMo10 10
2366Date & TimeChineseMonths - abbreviated - FormattingNovMo11 11
2367Date & TimeChineseMonths - abbreviated - FormattingDecMo12 12
2368Date & TimeChineseMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneJanMo1 1
2369Date & TimeChineseMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneFebMo2 2
2370Date & TimeChineseMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneMarMo3 3
2371Date & TimeChineseMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneAprMo4 4
2372Date & TimeChineseMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneMayMo5 5
2373Date & TimeChineseMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneJunMo6 6
2374Date & TimeChineseMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneJulMo7 7
2375Date & TimeChineseMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneAugMo8 8
2376Date & TimeChineseMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneSepMo9 9
2377Date & TimeChineseMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneOctMo10 10
2378Date & TimeChineseMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneNovMo11 11
2379Date & TimeChineseMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneDecMo12 12
2380Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - FormattingJan= 1
2381Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - FormattingFeb= 2
2382Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - FormattingMar= 3
2383Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - FormattingApr= 4
2384Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - FormattingMay= 5
2385Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - FormattingJun= 6
2386Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - FormattingJul= 7
2387Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - FormattingAug= 8
2388Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - FormattingSep= 9
2389Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - FormattingOct= 10
2390Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - FormattingNov= 11
2391Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - FormattingDec= 12
2392Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneJan= 1
2393Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneFeb= 2
2394Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneMar= 3
2395Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneApr= 4
2396Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneMay= 5
2397Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneJun= 6
2398Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul= 7
2399Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneAug= 8
2400Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneSep= 9
2401Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneOct= 10
2402Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneNov= 11
2403Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneDec= 12
2404Date & TimeChineseFormats - Standard - Date FormatsfullEEEE, MMMM d, r(U) EEEE, dd MMMM UU
2405Date & TimeChineseFormats - Standard - Date FormatslongMMMM d, r(U) d MMMM U
2406Date & TimeChineseFormats - Standard - Date FormatsmediumMMM d, r d MMM U
2407Date & TimeChineseFormats - Standard - Date FormatsshortM/d/r d/M/y
2408Date & TimeChineseFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsfull{1} 'at' {0} {1} {0}
2409Date & TimeChineseFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatslong{1} 'at' {0} {1} {0}
2410Date & TimeChineseFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsmedium{1}, {0} {1} {0}
2411Date & TimeChineseFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsshort{1}, {0} {1} {0}
2412Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsd= d
2413Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsE= ccc
2414Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsEdd E d, E
2415Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyr(U) r U
2416Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMMMM r(U) r(U) MMM
2417Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMdMMM d, r r MMM d
2418Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMEdE, MMM d, r(U) r(U) MMM d, E
2419Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsM= L
2420Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMdM/d MM-dd
2421Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMEdE, M/d MM-dd, E
2422Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMM= LLL
2423Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMd= MMM d
2424Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMEdE, MMM d MMM d, E
2425Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMMd= MMMM d
2426Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsUMM/U U MM
2427Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsUMdM/d/U U MM-d
2428Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsUMMMMMM U U MMM
2429Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsUMMMdMMM d, U U MMM d
2430Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsy= r(U)
2431Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyMdM/d/r r-MM-dd
2432Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsyyyy= r(U)
2433Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMM/r r-MM
2434Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMdM/d/r r-MM-dd
2435Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMEdE, M/d/r r-MM-dd, E
2436Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMMMMM r(U) r(U) MMM
2437Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMMdMMM d, r r MMM d
2438Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMMEdE, MMM d, r(U) r(U) MMM d, E
2439Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMMMMMMM r(U) r(U) MMMM
2440Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyQQQQQQ r(U) r(U) QQQ
2441Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyQQQQQQQQ r(U) r(U) QQQQ
2442Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - 12 Hour Time FormatsBh= h B
2443Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - 12 Hour Time FormatsBhm= h:mm B
2444Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - 12 Hour Time FormatsBhms= h:mm:ss B
2445Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - 12 Hour Time FormatsEBhm= E h:mm B
2446Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - 12 Hour Time FormatsEBhms= E h:mm:ss B
2447Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - 12 Hour Time Formatsh= h a
2448Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - 12 Hour Time Formatshm= h:mm a
2449Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - 12 Hour Time Formatshms= h:mm:ss a
2450Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - 24 Hour Time FormatsH= HH
2451Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - 24 Hour Time FormatsHm= HH:mm
2452Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - 24 Hour Time FormatsHms= HH:mm:ss
2453Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - 24 Hour Time Formatsms= mm:ss
2454Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date Formatsd/dd – d d–d
2455Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date Formatsh/a= h a – h a
2456Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date Formatsh/hh – h a h–h a
2457Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsH/HHH – HH HH–HH
2458Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date Formatshm/a= h:mm a – h:mm a
2459Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date Formatshm/hh:mm – h:mm a h:mm–h:mm a
2460Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsHm/HHH:mm – HH:mm HH:mm–HH:mm
2461Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date Formatshm/mh:mm – h:mm a h:mm–h:mm a
2462Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsHm/mHH:mm – HH:mm HH:mm–HH:mm
2463Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date Formatshmv/a= h:mm a – h:mm a v
2464Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date Formatshmv/hh:mm – h:mm a v h:mm–h:mm a v
2465Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsHmv/HHH:mm – HH:mm v HH:mm–HH:mm v
2466Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date Formatshmv/mh:mm – h:mm a v h:mm–h:mm a v
2467Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsHmv/mHH:mm – HH:mm v HH:mm–HH:mm v
2468Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date Formatshv/a= h a – h a v
2469Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date Formatshv/hh – h a v h–h a v
2470Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsHv/HHH – HH v HH–HH v
2471Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsM/MM – M MM–MM
2472Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMd/dM/d – M/d MM-dd – MM-dd
2473Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMd/MM/d – M/d MM-dd – MM-dd
2474Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMEd/dE, M/d – E, M/d MM-dd, E – MM-dd, E
2475Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMEd/ME, M/d – E, M/d MM-dd, E – MM-dd, E
2476Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMM/MMMM – MMM LLL–LLL
2477Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMd/dMMM d – d MMM d–d
2478Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMd/M= MMM d – MMM d
2479Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMEd/dE, MMM d – E, MMM d MMM d, E – MMM d, E
2480Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMEd/ME, MMM d – E, MMM d MMM d, E – MMM d, E
2481Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date Formatsy/yU – U U–U
2482Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyM/MM/y – M/y y-MM – y-MM
2483Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyM/yM/y – M/y y-MM – y-MM
2484Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/dM/d/y – M/d/y y-MM-dd – y-MM-dd
2485Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/MM/d/y – M/d/y y-MM-dd – y-MM-dd
2486Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/yM/d/y – M/d/y y-MM-dd – y-MM-dd
2487Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/dE, M/d/y – E, M/d/y y-MM-dd, E – y-MM-dd, E
2488Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/ME, M/d/y – E, M/d/y y-MM-dd, E – y-MM-dd, E
2489Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/yE, M/d/y – E, M/d/y y-MM-dd, E – y-MM-dd, E
2490Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMM/MMMM – MMM U U MMM–MMM
2491Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMM/yMMM U – MMM U U MMM – U MMM
2492Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/dMMM d – d, U U MMM d–d
2493Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/MMMM d – MMM d, U U MMM d – MMM d
2494Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/yMMM d, U – MMM d, U U MMM d – U MMM d
2495Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/dE, MMM d – E, MMM d, U U MMM d, E – MMM d, E
2496Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/ME, MMM d – E, MMM d, U U MMM d, E – MMM d, E
2497Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/yE, MMM d, U – E, MMM d, U U MMM d, E – U MMM d, E
2498Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMM/MMMMM – MMMM U U MMMM–MMMM
2499Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMM/yMMMM U – MMMM U U MMMM – U MMMM
2500Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - FallbackFallback= {0} – {1}
2501Date & TimeCopticEras - wide0= ERA0
2502Date & TimeCopticEras - abbreviated0= ERA0
2503Date & TimeCopticEras - abbreviated1= ERA1
2504Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingJan= Tout
2505Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingFeb= Baba
2506Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingMar= Hator
2507Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingApr= Kiahk
2508Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingMay= Toba
2509Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingJun= Amshir
2510Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingJul= Baramhat
2511Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingAug= Baramouda
2512Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingSep= Bashans
2513Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingOct= Paona
2514Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingNov= Epep
2515Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingDec= Mesra
2516Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingUnd= Nasie
2517Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneJan= 1
2518Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneFeb= 2
2519Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneMar= 3
2520Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneApr= 4
2521Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneMay= 5
2522Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneJun= 6
2523Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul= 7
2524Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneAug= 8
2525Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneSep= 9
2526Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneOct= 10
2527Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneNov= 11
2528Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneDec= 12
2529Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneUnd= 13
2530Date & TimeEthiopicEras - wide0= ERA0
2531Date & TimeEthiopicEras - wide1= ERA1
2532Date & TimeEthiopicEras - abbreviated0= ERA0
2533Date & TimeEthiopicEras - abbreviated1= ERA1
2534Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingJan= Meskerem
2535Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingFeb= Tekemt
2536Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingMar= Hedar
2537Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingApr= Tahsas
2538Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingMay= Ter
2539Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingJun= Yekatit
2540Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingJul= Megabit
2541Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingAug= Miazia
2542Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingSep= Genbot
2543Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingOct= Sene
2544Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingNov= Hamle
2545Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingDec= Nehasse
2546Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingUnd= Pagumen
2547Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneJan= 1
2548Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneFeb= 2
2549Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneMar= 3
2550Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneApr= 4
2551Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneMay= 5
2552Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneJun= 6
2553Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul= 7
2554Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneAug= 8
2555Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneSep= 9
2556Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneOct= 10
2557Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneNov= 11
2558Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneDec= 12
2559Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneUnd= 13
2560Date & TimeEthiopic-Amete-AlemEras - abbreviated0= ERA0
2561Date & TimeHebrewEras - wide0= AM
2562Date & TimeHebrewEras - abbreviated0= AM
2563Date & TimeHebrewEras - narrow0= AM
2564Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingJan= Tishri
2565Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingFeb= Heshvan
2566Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingMar= Kislev
2567Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingApr= Tevet
2568Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingMay= Shevat
2569Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingJun= Adar I
2570Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingJul= Adar
2571Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingJul (leap)= Adar II
2572Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingAug= Nisan
2573Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingSep= Iyar
2574Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingOct= Sivan
2575Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingNov= Tamuz
2576Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingDec= Av
2577Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingUnd= Elul
2578Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneJan= 1
2579Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneFeb= 2
2580Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneMar= 3
2581Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneApr= 4
2582Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneMay= 5
2583Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneJun= 6
2584Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul= 7
2585Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul (leap)= 7
2586Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneAug= 8
2587Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneSep= 9
2588Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneOct= 10
2589Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneNov= 11
2590Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneDec= 12
2591Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneUnd= 13
2592Date & TimeIndianEras - wide0= Saka
2593Date & TimeIndianEras - abbreviated0= Saka
2594Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingJan= Chaitra
2595Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingFeb= Vaisakha
2596Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingMar= Jyaistha
2597Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingApr= Asadha
2598Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingMay= Sravana
2599Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingJun= Bhadra
2600Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingJul= Asvina
2601Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingAug= Kartika
2602Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingSep= Agrahayana
2603Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingOct= Pausa
2604Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingNov= Magha
2605Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingDec= Phalguna
2606Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJan= 1
2607Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneFeb= 2
2608Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneMar= 3
2609Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneApr= 4
2610Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneMay= 5
2611Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJun= 6
2612Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul= 7
2613Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneAug= 8
2614Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneSep= 9
2615Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneOct= 10
2616Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneNov= 11
2617Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneDec= 12
2618Date & TimeIslamicEras - wide0= AH
2619Date & TimeIslamicEras - abbreviated0= AH
2620Date & TimeIslamicEras - narrow0= AH
2621Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingJan= Muharram
2622Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingFeb= Safar
2623Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingMar= Rabiʻ I
2624Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingApr= Rabiʻ II
2625Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingMay= Jumada I
2626Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingJun= Jumada II
2627Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingJul= Rajab
2628Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingAug= Shaʻban
2629Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingSep= Ramadan
2630Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingOct= Shawwal
2631Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingNov= Dhuʻl-Qiʻdah
2632Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingDec= Dhuʻl-Hijjah
2633Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingJan= Muh.
2634Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingFeb= Saf.
2635Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingMar= Rab. I
2636Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingApr= Rab. II
2637Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingMay= Jum. I
2638Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingJun= Jum. II
2639Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingJul= Raj.
2640Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingAug= Sha.
2641Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingSep= Ram.
2642Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingOct= Shaw.
2643Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingNov= Dhuʻl-Q.
2644Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingDec= Dhuʻl-H.
2645Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneJan= 1
2646Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneFeb= 2
2647Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneMar= 3
2648Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneApr= 4
2649Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneMay= 5
2650Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneJun= 6
2651Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul= 7
2652Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneAug= 8
2653Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneSep= 9
2654Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneOct= 10
2655Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneNov= 11
2656Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneDec= 12
2657Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated0= Taika (645–650)
2658Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated1= Hakuchi (650–671)
2659Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated2= Hakuhō (672–686)
2660Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated3= Shuchō (686–701)
2661Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated4= Taihō (701–704)
2662Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated5= Keiun (704–708)
2663Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated6= Wadō (708–715)
2664Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated7= Reiki (715–717)
2665Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated8= Yōrō (717–724)
2666Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated9= Jinki (724–729)
2667Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated10= Tenpyō (729–749)
2668Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated11= Tenpyō-kampō (749–749)
2669Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated12= Tenpyō-shōhō (749–757)
2670Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated13= Tenpyō-hōji (757–765)
2671Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated14= Tenpyō-jingo (765–767)
2672Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated15= Jingo-keiun (767–770)
2673Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated16= Hōki (770–780)
2674Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated17= Ten-ō (781–782)
2675Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated18= Enryaku (782–806)
2676Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated19= Daidō (806–810)
2677Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated20= Kōnin (810–824)
2678Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated21= Tenchō (824–834)
2679Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated22= Jōwa (834–848)
2680Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated23= Kajō (848–851)
2681Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated24= Ninju (851–854)
2682Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated25= Saikō (854–857)
2683Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated26= Ten-an (857–859)
2684Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated27= Jōgan (859–877)
2685Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated28= Gangyō (877–885)
2686Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated29= Ninna (885–889)
2687Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated30= Kanpyō (889–898)
2688Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated31= Shōtai (898–901)
2689Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated32= Engi (901–923)
2690Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated33= Enchō (923–931)
2691Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated34= Jōhei (931–938)
2692Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated35= Tengyō (938–947)
2693Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated36= Tenryaku (947–957)
2694Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated37= Tentoku (957–961)
2695Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated38= Ōwa (961–964)
2696Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated39= Kōhō (964–968)
2697Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated40= Anna (968–970)
2698Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated41= Tenroku (970–973)
2699Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated42= Ten’en (973–976)
2700Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated43= Jōgen (976–978)
2701Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated44= Tengen (978–983)
2702Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated45= Eikan (983–985)
2703Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated46= Kanna (985–987)
2704Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated47= Eien (987–989)
2705Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated48= Eiso (989–990)
2706Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated49= Shōryaku (990–995)
2707Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated50= Chōtoku (995–999)
2708Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated51= Chōhō (999–1004)
2709Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated52= Kankō (1004–1012)
2710Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated53= Chōwa (1012–1017)
2711Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated54= Kannin (1017–1021)
2712Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated55= Jian (1021–1024)
2713Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated56= Manju (1024–1028)
2714Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated57= Chōgen (1028–1037)
2715Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated58= Chōryaku (1037–1040)
2716Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated59= Chōkyū (1040–1044)
2717Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated60= Kantoku (1044–1046)
2718Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated61= Eishō (1046–1053)
2719Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated62= Tengi (1053–1058)
2720Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated63= Kōhei (1058–1065)
2721Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated64= Jiryaku (1065–1069)
2722Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated65= Enkyū (1069–1074)
2723Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated66= Shōho (1074–1077)
2724Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated67= Shōryaku (1077–1081)
2725Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated68= Eihō (1081–1084)
2726Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated69= Ōtoku (1084–1087)
2727Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated70= Kanji (1087–1094)
2728Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated71= Kahō (1094–1096)
2729Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated72= Eichō (1096–1097)
2730Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated73= Jōtoku (1097–1099)
2731Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated74= Kōwa (1099–1104)
2732Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated75= Chōji (1104–1106)
2733Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated76= Kashō (1106–1108)
2734Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated77= Tennin (1108–1110)
2735Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated78= Ten-ei (1110–1113)
2736Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated79= Eikyū (1113–1118)
2737Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated80= Gen’ei (1118–1120)
2738Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated81= Hōan (1120–1124)
2739Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated82= Tenji (1124–1126)
2740Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated83= Daiji (1126–1131)
2741Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated84= Tenshō (1131–1132)
2742Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated85= Chōshō (1132–1135)
2743Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated86= Hōen (1135–1141)
2744Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated87= Eiji (1141–1142)
2745Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated88= Kōji (1142–1144)
2746Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated89= Ten’yō (1144–1145)
2747Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated90= Kyūan (1145–1151)
2748Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated91= Ninpei (1151–1154)
2749Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated92= Kyūju (1154–1156)
2750Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated93= Hōgen (1156–1159)
2751Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated94= Heiji (1159–1160)
2752Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated95= Eiryaku (1160–1161)
2753Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated96= Ōho (1161–1163)
2754Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated97= Chōkan (1163–1165)
2755Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated98= Eiman (1165–1166)
2756Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated99= Nin’an (1166–1169)
2757Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated100= Kaō (1169–1171)
2758Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated101= Shōan (1171–1175)
2759Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated102= Angen (1175–1177)
2760Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated103= Jishō (1177–1181)
2761Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated104= Yōwa (1181–1182)
2762Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated105= Juei (1182–1184)
2763Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated106= Genryaku (1184–1185)
2764Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated107= Bunji (1185–1190)
2765Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated108= Kenkyū (1190–1199)
2766Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated109= Shōji (1199–1201)
2767Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated110= Kennin (1201–1204)
2768Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated111= Genkyū (1204–1206)
2769Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated112= Ken’ei (1206–1207)
2770Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated113= Jōgen (1207–1211)
2771Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated114= Kenryaku (1211–1213)
2772Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated115= Kenpō (1213–1219)
2773Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated116= Jōkyū (1219–1222)
2774Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated117= Jōō (1222–1224)
2775Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated118= Gennin (1224–1225)
2776Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated119= Karoku (1225–1227)
2777Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated120= Antei (1227–1229)
2778Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated121= Kanki (1229–1232)
2779Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated122= Jōei (1232–1233)
2780Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated123= Tenpuku (1233–1234)
2781Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated124= Bunryaku (1234–1235)
2782Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated125= Katei (1235–1238)
2783Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated126= Ryakunin (1238–1239)
2784Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated127= En’ō (1239–1240)
2785Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated128= Ninji (1240–1243)
2786Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated129= Kangen (1243–1247)
2787Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated130= Hōji (1247–1249)
2788Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated131= Kenchō (1249–1256)
2789Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated132= Kōgen (1256–1257)
2790Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated133= Shōka (1257–1259)
2791Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated134= Shōgen (1259–1260)
2792Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated135= Bun’ō (1260–1261)
2793Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated136= Kōchō (1261–1264)
2794Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated137= Bun’ei (1264–1275)
2795Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated138= Kenji (1275–1278)
2796Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated139= Kōan (1278–1288)
2797Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated140= Shōō (1288–1293)
2798Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated141= Einin (1293–1299)
2799Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated142= Shōan (1299–1302)
2800Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated143= Kengen (1302–1303)
2801Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated144= Kagen (1303–1306)
2802Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated145= Tokuji (1306–1308)
2803Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated146= Enkyō (1308–1311)
2804Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated147= Ōchō (1311–1312)
2805Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated148= Shōwa (1312–1317)
2806Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated149= Bunpō (1317–1319)
2807Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated150= Genō (1319–1321)
2808Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated151= Genkō (1321–1324)
2809Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated152= Shōchū (1324–1326)
2810Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated153= Karyaku (1326–1329)
2811Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated154= Gentoku (1329–1331)
2812Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated155= Genkō (1331–1334)
2813Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated156= Kenmu (1334–1336)
2814Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated157= Engen (1336–1340)
2815Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated158= Kōkoku (1340–1346)
2816Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated159= Shōhei (1346–1370)
2817Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated160= Kentoku (1370–1372)
2818Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated161= Bunchū (1372–1375)
2819Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated162= Tenju (1375–1379)
2820Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated163= Kōryaku (1379–1381)
2821Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated164= Kōwa (1381–1384)
2822Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated165= Genchū (1384–1392)
2823Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated166= Meitoku (1384–1387)
2824Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated167= Kakei (1387–1389)
2825Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated168= Kōō (1389–1390)
2826Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated169= Meitoku (1390–1394)
2827Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated170= Ōei (1394–1428)
2828Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated171= Shōchō (1428–1429)
2829Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated172= Eikyō (1429–1441)
2830Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated173= Kakitsu (1441–1444)
2831Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated174= Bun’an (1444–1449)
2832Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated175= Hōtoku (1449–1452)
2833Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated176= Kyōtoku (1452–1455)
2834Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated177= Kōshō (1455–1457)
2835Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated178= Chōroku (1457–1460)
2836Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated179= Kanshō (1460–1466)
2837Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated180= Bunshō (1466–1467)
2838Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated181= Ōnin (1467–1469)
2839Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated182= Bunmei (1469–1487)
2840Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated183= Chōkyō (1487–1489)
2841Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated184= Entoku (1489–1492)
2842Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated185= Meiō (1492–1501)
2843Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated186= Bunki (1501–1504)
2844Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated187= Eishō (1504–1521)
2845Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated188= Taiei (1521–1528)
2846Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated189= Kyōroku (1528–1532)
2847Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated190= Tenbun (1532–1555)
2848Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated191= Kōji (1555–1558)
2849Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated192= Eiroku (1558–1570)
2850Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated193= Genki (1570–1573)
2851Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated194= Tenshō (1573–1592)
2852Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated195= Bunroku (1592–1596)
2853Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated196= Keichō (1596–1615)
2854Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated197= Genna (1615–1624)
2855Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated198= Kan’ei (1624–1644)
2856Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated199= Shōho (1644–1648)
2857Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated200= Keian (1648–1652)
2858Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated201= Jōō (1652–1655)
2859Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated202= Meireki (1655–1658)
2860Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated203= Manji (1658–1661)
2861Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated204= Kanbun (1661–1673)
2862Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated205= Enpō (1673–1681)
2863Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated206= Tenna (1681–1684)
2864Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated207= Jōkyō (1684–1688)
2865Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated208= Genroku (1688–1704)
2866Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated209= Hōei (1704–1711)
2867Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated210= Shōtoku (1711–1716)
2868Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated211= Kyōhō (1716–1736)
2869Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated212= Genbun (1736–1741)
2870Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated213= Kanpō (1741–1744)
2871Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated214= Enkyō (1744–1748)
2872Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated215= Kan’en (1748–1751)
2873Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated216= Hōreki (1751–1764)
2874Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated217= Meiwa (1764–1772)
2875Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated218= An’ei (1772–1781)
2876Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated219= Tenmei (1781–1789)
2877Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated220= Kansei (1789–1801)
2878Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated221= Kyōwa (1801–1804)
2879Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated222= Bunka (1804–1818)
2880Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated223= Bunsei (1818–1830)
2881Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated224= Tenpō (1830–1844)
2882Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated225= Kōka (1844–1848)
2883Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated226= Kaei (1848–1854)
2884Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated227= Ansei (1854–1860)
2885Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated228= Man’en (1860–1861)
2886Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated229= Bunkyū (1861–1864)
2887Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated230= Genji (1864–1865)
2888Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated231= Keiō (1865–1868)
2889Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated232= Meiji
2890Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated233= Taishō
2891Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated234= Shōwa
2892Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated235= Heisei
2893Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated236= Qqqq
2894Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow0= Taika (645–650)
2895Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow1= Hakuchi (650–671)
2896Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow2= Hakuhō (672–686)
2897Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow3= Shuchō (686–701)
2898Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow4= Taihō (701–704)
2899Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow5= Keiun (704–708)
2900Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow6= Wadō (708–715)
2901Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow7= Reiki (715–717)
2902Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow8= Yōrō (717–724)
2903Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow9= Jinki (724–729)
2904Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow10= Tenpyō (729–749)
2905Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow11= Tenpyō-kampō (749–749)
2906Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow12= Tenpyō-shōhō (749–757)
2907Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow13= Tenpyō-hōji (757–765)
2908Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow14= Tenpyō-jingo (765–767)
2909Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow15= Jingo-keiun (767–770)
2910Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow16= Hōki (770–780)
2911Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow17= Ten-ō (781–782)
2912Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow18= Enryaku (782–806)
2913Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow19= Daidō (806–810)
2914Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow20= Kōnin (810–824)
2915Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow21= Tenchō (824–834)
2916Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow22= Jōwa (834–848)
2917Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow23= Kajō (848–851)
2918Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow24= Ninju (851–854)
2919Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow25= Saikō (854–857)
2920Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow26= Ten-an (857–859)
2921Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow27= Jōgan (859–877)
2922Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow28= Gangyō (877–885)
2923Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow29= Ninna (885–889)
2924Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow30= Kanpyō (889–898)
2925Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow31= Shōtai (898–901)
2926Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow32= Engi (901–923)
2927Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow33= Enchō (923–931)
2928Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow34= Jōhei (931–938)
2929Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow35= Tengyō (938–947)
2930Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow36= Tenryaku (947–957)
2931Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow37= Tentoku (957–961)
2932Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow38= Ōwa (961–964)
2933Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow39= Kōhō (964–968)
2934Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow40= Anna (968–970)
2935Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow41= Tenroku (970–973)
2936Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow42= Ten’en (973–976)
2937Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow43= Jōgen (976–978)
2938Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow44= Tengen (978–983)
2939Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow45= Eikan (983–985)
2940Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow46= Kanna (985–987)
2941Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow47= Eien (987–989)
2942Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow48= Eiso (989–990)
2943Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow49= Shōryaku (990–995)
2944Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow50= Chōtoku (995–999)
2945Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow51= Chōhō (999–1004)
2946Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow52= Kankō (1004–1012)
2947Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow53= Chōwa (1012–1017)
2948Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow54= Kannin (1017–1021)
2949Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow55= Jian (1021–1024)
2950Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow56= Manju (1024–1028)
2951Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow57= Chōgen (1028–1037)
2952Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow58= Chōryaku (1037–1040)
2953Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow59= Chōkyū (1040–1044)
2954Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow60= Kantoku (1044–1046)
2955Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow61= Eishō (1046–1053)
2956Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow62= Tengi (1053–1058)
2957Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow63= Kōhei (1058–1065)
2958Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow64= Jiryaku (1065–1069)
2959Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow65= Enkyū (1069–1074)
2960Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow66= Shōho (1074–1077)
2961Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow67= Shōryaku (1077–1081)
2962Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow68= Eihō (1081–1084)
2963Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow69= Ōtoku (1084–1087)
2964Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow70= Kanji (1087–1094)
2965Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow71= Kahō (1094–1096)
2966Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow72= Eichō (1096–1097)
2967Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow73= Jōtoku (1097–1099)
2968Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow74= Kōwa (1099–1104)
2969Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow75= Chōji (1104–1106)
2970Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow76= Kashō (1106–1108)
2971Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow77= Tennin (1108–1110)
2972Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow78= Ten-ei (1110–1113)
2973Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow79= Eikyū (1113–1118)
2974Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow80= Gen’ei (1118–1120)
2975Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow81= Hōan (1120–1124)
2976Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow82= Tenji (1124–1126)
2977Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow83= Daiji (1126–1131)
2978Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow84= Tenshō (1131–1132)
2979Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow85= Chōshō (1132–1135)
2980Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow86= Hōen (1135–1141)
2981Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow87= Eiji (1141–1142)
2982Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow88= Kōji (1142–1144)
2983Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow89= Ten’yō (1144–1145)
2984Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow90= Kyūan (1145–1151)
2985Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow91= Ninpei (1151–1154)
2986Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow92= Kyūju (1154–1156)
2987Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow93= Hōgen (1156–1159)
2988Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow94= Heiji (1159–1160)
2989Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow95= Eiryaku (1160–1161)
2990Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow96= Ōho (1161–1163)
2991Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow97= Chōkan (1163–1165)
2992Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow98= Eiman (1165–1166)
2993Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow99= Nin’an (1166–1169)
2994Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow100= Kaō (1169–1171)
2995Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow101= Shōan (1171–1175)
2996Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow102= Angen (1175–1177)
2997Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow103= Jishō (1177–1181)
2998Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow104= Yōwa (1181–1182)
2999Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow105= Juei (1182–1184)
3000Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow106= Genryaku (1184–1185)
3001Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow107= Bunji (1185–1190)
3002Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow108= Kenkyū (1190–1199)
3003Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow109= Shōji (1199–1201)
3004Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow110= Kennin (1201–1204)
3005Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow111= Genkyū (1204–1206)
3006Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow112= Ken’ei (1206–1207)
3007Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow113= Jōgen (1207–1211)
3008Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow114= Kenryaku (1211–1213)
3009Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow115= Kenpō (1213–1219)
3010Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow116= Jōkyū (1219–1222)
3011Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow117= Jōō (1222–1224)
3012Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow118= Gennin (1224–1225)
3013Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow119= Karoku (1225–1227)
3014Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow120= Antei (1227–1229)
3015Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow121= Kanki (1229–1232)
3016Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow122= Jōei (1232–1233)
3017Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow123= Tenpuku (1233–1234)
3018Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow124= Bunryaku (1234–1235)
3019Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow125= Katei (1235–1238)
3020Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow126= Ryakunin (1238–1239)
3021Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow127= En’ō (1239–1240)
3022Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow128= Ninji (1240–1243)
3023Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow129= Kangen (1243–1247)
3024Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow130= Hōji (1247–1249)
3025Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow131= Kenchō (1249–1256)
3026Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow132= Kōgen (1256–1257)
3027Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow133= Shōka (1257–1259)
3028Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow134= Shōgen (1259–1260)
3029Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow135= Bun’ō (1260–1261)
3030Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow136= Kōchō (1261–1264)
3031Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow137= Bun’ei (1264–1275)
3032Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow138= Kenji (1275–1278)
3033Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow139= Kōan (1278–1288)
3034Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow140= Shōō (1288–1293)
3035Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow141= Einin (1293–1299)
3036Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow142= Shōan (1299–1302)
3037Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow143= Kengen (1302–1303)
3038Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow144= Kagen (1303–1306)
3039Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow145= Tokuji (1306–1308)
3040Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow146= Enkyō (1308–1311)
3041Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow147= Ōchō (1311–1312)
3042Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow148= Shōwa (1312–1317)
3043Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow149= Bunpō (1317–1319)
3044Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow150= Genō (1319–1321)
3045Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow151= Genkō (1321–1324)
3046Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow152= Shōchū (1324–1326)
3047Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow153= Karyaku (1326–1329)
3048Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow154= Gentoku (1329–1331)
3049Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow155= Genkō (1331–1334)
3050Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow156= Kenmu (1334–1336)
3051Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow157= Engen (1336–1340)
3052Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow158= Kōkoku (1340–1346)
3053Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow159= Shōhei (1346–1370)
3054Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow160= Kentoku (1370–1372)
3055Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow161= Bunchū (1372–1375)
3056Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow162= Tenju (1375–1379)
3057Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow163= Kōryaku (1379–1381)
3058Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow164= Kōwa (1381–1384)
3059Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow165= Genchū (1384–1392)
3060Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow166= Meitoku (1384–1387)
3061Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow167= Kakei (1387–1389)
3062Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow168= Kōō (1389–1390)
3063Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow169= Meitoku (1390–1394)
3064Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow170= Ōei (1394–1428)
3065Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow171= Shōchō (1428–1429)
3066Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow172= Eikyō (1429–1441)
3067Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow173= Kakitsu (1441–1444)
3068Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow174= Bun’an (1444–1449)
3069Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow175= Hōtoku (1449–1452)
3070Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow176= Kyōtoku (1452–1455)
3071Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow177= Kōshō (1455–1457)
3072Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow178= Chōroku (1457–1460)
3073Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow179= Kanshō (1460–1466)
3074Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow180= Bunshō (1466–1467)
3075Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow181= Ōnin (1467–1469)
3076Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow182= Bunmei (1469–1487)
3077Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow183= Chōkyō (1487–1489)
3078Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow184= Entoku (1489–1492)
3079Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow185= Meiō (1492–1501)
3080Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow186= Bunki (1501–1504)
3081Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow187= Eishō (1504–1521)
3082Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow188= Taiei (1521–1528)
3083Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow189= Kyōroku (1528–1532)
3084Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow190= Tenbun (1532–1555)
3085Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow191= Kōji (1555–1558)
3086Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow192= Eiroku (1558–1570)
3087Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow193= Genki (1570–1573)
3088Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow194= Tenshō (1573–1592)
3089Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow195= Bunroku (1592–1596)
3090Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow196= Keichō (1596–1615)
3091Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow197= Genna (1615–1624)
3092Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow198= Kan’ei (1624–1644)
3093Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow199= Shōho (1644–1648)
3094Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow200= Keian (1648–1652)
3095Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow201= Jōō (1652–1655)
3096Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow202= Meireki (1655–1658)
3097Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow203= Manji (1658–1661)
3098Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow204= Kanbun (1661–1673)
3099Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow205= Enpō (1673–1681)
3100Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow206= Tenna (1681–1684)
3101Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow207= Jōkyō (1684–1688)
3102Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow208= Genroku (1688–1704)
3103Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow209= Hōei (1704–1711)
3104Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow210= Shōtoku (1711–1716)
3105Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow211= Kyōhō (1716–1736)
3106Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow212= Genbun (1736–1741)
3107Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow213= Kanpō (1741–1744)
3108Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow214= Enkyō (1744–1748)
3109Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow215= Kan’en (1748–1751)
3110Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow216= Hōreki (1751–1764)
3111Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow217= Meiwa (1764–1772)
3112Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow218= An’ei (1772–1781)
3113Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow219= Tenmei (1781–1789)
3114Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow220= Kansei (1789–1801)
3115Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow221= Kyōwa (1801–1804)
3116Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow222= Bunka (1804–1818)
3117Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow223= Bunsei (1818–1830)
3118Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow224= Tenpō (1830–1844)
3119Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow225= Kōka (1844–1848)
3120Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow226= Kaei (1848–1854)
3121Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow227= Ansei (1854–1860)
3122Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow228= Man’en (1860–1861)
3123Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow229= Bunkyū (1861–1864)
3124Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow230= Genji (1864–1865)
3125Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow231= Keiō (1865–1868)
3126Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow232= M
3127Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow233= T
3128Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow234= S
3129Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow235= H
3130Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow236= Q
3131Date & TimePersianEras - wide0= AP
3132Date & TimePersianEras - abbreviated0= AP
3133Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingJan= Farvardin
3134Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingFeb= Ordibehesht
3135Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingMar= Khordad
3136Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingApr= Tir
3137Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingMay= Mordad
3138Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingJun= Shahrivar
3139Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingJul= Mehr
3140Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingAug= Aban
3141Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingSep= Azar
3142Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingOct= Dey
3143Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingNov= Bahman
3144Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingDec= Esfand
3145Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJan= 1
3146Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneFeb= 2
3147Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneMar= 3
3148Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneApr= 4
3149Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneMay= 5
3150Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJun= 6
3151Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul= 7
3152Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneAug= 8
3153Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneSep= 9
3154Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneOct= 10
3155Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneNov= 11
3156Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneDec= 12
3157Date & TimeMinguoEras - wide0Before R.O.C. Abans de ROC
3158Date & TimeMinguoEras - wide1Minguo ROC
3159Date & TimeMinguoEras - abbreviated0= Before R.O.C.
3160Date & TimeMinguoEras - abbreviated1Minguo R.O.C.
3161Date & TimeMinguoFormats - Standard - Date FormatsfullEEEE, MMMM d, y G EEEE d MMMM 'de' y G
3162Date & TimeMinguoFormats - Standard - Date FormatslongMMMM d, y G d MMMM 'de' y G
3163Date & TimeMinguoFormats - Standard - Date FormatsmediumMMM d, y G dd/MM/y G
3164Date & TimeMinguoFormats - Standard - Date FormatsshortM/d/y GGGGG dd/MM/y GGGGG
3165TimezonesTimezone Display PatternsnullRegion Format - Generic{0} Time Hora de: {0}
3166TimezonesTimezone Display PatternsnullRegion Format - Standard{0} Standard Time Hora estàndard, {0}
3167TimezonesTimezone Display PatternsnullRegion Format - Daylight{0} Daylight Time Hora d’estiu, {0}
3168TimezonesTimezone Display PatternsnullGMT Format= GMT{0}
3169TimezonesTimezone Display PatternsnullGMT Hours/Minutes Format= +HH:mm;-HH:mm
3170TimezonesTimezone Display PatternsnullGMT Zero Format= GMT
3171TimezonesTimezone Display PatternsnullLocation Fallback Format= {1} ({0})
3172TimezonesNorth AmericaAlaskageneric-longAlaska Time Hora d’Alaska
3173TimezonesNorth AmericaAlaskastandard-longAlaska Standard Time Hora estàndard d’Alaska
3174TimezonesNorth AmericaAlaskadaylight-longAlaska Daylight Time Hora d’estiu d’Alaska
3175TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Centralgeneric-longCentral Time Hora central d’Amèrica del Nord
3176TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Centralstandard-longCentral Standard Time Hora estàndard central d’Amèrica del Nord
3177TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Centraldaylight-longCentral Daylight Time Hora d’estiu central d’Amèrica del Nord
3178TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Easterngeneric-longEastern Time Hora oriental d’Amèrica del Nord
3179TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Easternstandard-longEastern Standard Time Hora estàndard oriental d’Amèrica del Nord
3180TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Easterndaylight-longEastern Daylight Time Hora d’estiu oriental d’Amèrica del Nord
3181TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Mountaingeneric-longMountain Time Hora de muntanya d’Amèrica del Nord
3182TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Mountainstandard-longMountain Standard Time Hora estàndard de muntanya d’Amèrica del Nord
3183TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Mountaindaylight-longMountain Daylight Time Hora d’estiu de muntanya d’Amèrica del Nord
3184TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Pacificgeneric-longPacific Time Hora del Pacífic d’Amèrica del Nord
3185TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Pacificstandard-longPacific Standard Time Hora estàndard del Pacífic d’Amèrica del Nord
3186TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Pacificdaylight-longPacific Daylight Time Hora d’estiu del Pacífic d’Amèrica del Nord
3187TimezonesNorth AmericaAtlanticgeneric-longAtlantic Time Hora de l’Atlàntic
3188TimezonesNorth AmericaAtlanticstandard-longAtlantic Standard Time Hora estàndard de l’Atlàntic
3189TimezonesNorth AmericaAtlanticdaylight-longAtlantic Daylight Time Hora d’estiu de l’Atlàntic
3190TimezonesNorth AmericaCubageneric-longCuba Time Hora de Cuba
3191TimezonesNorth AmericaCubastandard-longCuba Standard Time Hora estàndard de Cuba
3192TimezonesNorth AmericaCubadaylight-longCuba Daylight Time Hora d’estiu de Cuba
3193TimezonesNorth AmericaGreenland_Easterngeneric-longEast Greenland Time Hora de l’Est de Grenlàndia
3194TimezonesNorth AmericaGreenland_Easternstandard-longEast Greenland Standard Time Hora estàndard de l’Est de Grenlàndia
3195TimezonesNorth AmericaGreenland_Easterndaylight-longEast Greenland Summer Time Hora d’estiu de l’Est de Grenlàndia
3196TimezonesNorth AmericaGreenland_Westerngeneric-longWest Greenland Time Hora de l’Oest de Grenlàndia
3197TimezonesNorth AmericaGreenland_Westernstandard-longWest Greenland Standard Time Hora estàndard de l’Oest de Grenlàndia
3198TimezonesNorth AmericaGreenland_Westerndaylight-longWest Greenland Summer Time Hora d’estiu de l’Oest de Grenlàndia
3199TimezonesNorth AmericaHawaii_Aleutiangeneric-longHawaii-Aleutian Time Hora de Hawaii-Aleutianes
3200TimezonesNorth AmericaHawaii_Aleutianstandard-longHawaii-Aleutian Standard Time Hora estàndard de Hawaii-Aleutianes
3201TimezonesNorth AmericaHawaii_Aleutiandaylight-longHawaii-Aleutian Daylight Time Hora d’estiu de Hawaii-Aleutianes
3202TimezonesNorth AmericaMexico_Northwestgeneric-longNorthwest Mexico Time Hora del nord-oest de Mèxic
3203TimezonesNorth AmericaMexico_Northweststandard-longNorthwest Mexico Standard Time Hora estàndard del nord-oest de Mèxic
3204TimezonesNorth AmericaMexico_Northwestdaylight-longNorthwest Mexico Daylight Time Hora d’estiu del nord-oest de Mèxic
3205TimezonesNorth AmericaMexico_Pacificgeneric-longMexican Pacific Time Hora del Pacífic de Mèxic
3206TimezonesNorth AmericaMexico_Pacificstandard-longMexican Pacific Standard Time Hora estàndard del Pacífic de Mèxic
3207TimezonesNorth AmericaMexico_Pacificdaylight-longMexican Pacific Daylight Time Hora d’estiu del Pacífic de Mèxic
3208TimezonesNorth AmericaNewfoundlandgeneric-longNewfoundland Time Hora de Terranova
3209TimezonesNorth AmericaNewfoundlandstandard-longNewfoundland Standard Time Hora estàndard de Terranova
3210TimezonesNorth AmericaNewfoundlanddaylight-longNewfoundland Daylight Time Hora d’estiu de Terranova
3211TimezonesNorth AmericaPierre_Miquelongeneric-longSt. Pierre & Miquelon Time Hora de Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon
3212TimezonesNorth AmericaPierre_Miquelonstandard-longSt. Pierre & Miquelon Standard Time Hora estàndard de Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon
3213TimezonesNorth AmericaPierre_Miquelondaylight-longSt. Pierre & Miquelon Daylight Time Hora d’estiu de Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon
3214TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsAdak= Adak
3215TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsAnchorage= Anchorage
3216TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsAnguilla= Anguilla
3217TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsAntigua= Antigua
3218TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsAruba= Aruba
3219TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsBahia_BanderasBahia Banderas Bahía de Banderas
3220TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsBarbados= Barbados
3221TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsBelize= Belize
3222TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsBermudaBermuda Bermudes
3223TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsBlanc-SablonBlanc-Sablon Blanc Sablon
3224TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsBoise= Boise
3225TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsCambridge_Bay= Cambridge Bay
3226TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsCancun= Cancun
3227TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsCaymanCayman Caiman
3228TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsChicago= Chicago
3229TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsChihuahua= Chihuahua
3230TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsCoral_Harbour= Atikokan
3231TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsCosta_Rica= Costa Rica
3232TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsCreston= Creston
3233TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsCuracao= Curaçao
3234TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsDanmarkshavn= Danmarkshavn
3235TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsDawson= Dawson
3236TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsDawson_Creek= Dawson Creek
3237TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsDenver= Denver
3238TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsDetroit= Detroit
3239TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsDominica= Dominica
3240TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsEdmonton= Edmonton
3241TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsEl_Salvador= El Salvador
3242TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsFort_Nelson= Fort Nelson
3243TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsGlace_Bay= Glace Bay
3244TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsGodthab= Nuuk
3245TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsGoose_Bay= Goose Bay
3246TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsGrand_Turk= Grand Turk
3247TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsGrenada= Grenada
3248TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsGuadeloupe= Guadeloupe
3249TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsGuatemala= Guatemala
3250TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsHalifax= Halifax
3251TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsHavana= Havana
3252TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsHermosillo= Hermosillo
3253TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsHonolulun/a Honolulu
3254TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIndiana/Knox= Knox, Indiana
3255TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIndiana/Marengo= Marengo, Indiana
3256TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIndiana/Petersburg= Petersburg, Indiana
3257TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIndiana/Tell_City= Tell City, Indiana
3258TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIndiana/Vevay= Vevay, Indiana
3259TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIndiana/Vincennes= Vincennes, Indiana
3260TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIndiana/Winamac= Winamac, Indiana
3261TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIndianapolis= Indianapolis
3262TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsInuvik= Inuvik
3263TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIqaluit= Iqaluit
3264TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsJamaica= Jamaica
3265TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsJuneau= Juneau
3266TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsKentucky/Monticello= Monticello, Kentucky
3267TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsKralendijk= Kralendijk
3268TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsLos_Angeles= Los Angeles
3269TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsLouisville= Louisville
3270TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsLower_Princes= Lower Prince’s Quarter
3271TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsManagua= Managua
3272TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMarigot= Marigot
3273TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMartiniqueMartinique Martinica
3274TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMatamoros= Matamoros
3275TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMazatlanMazatlan Mazatlán
3276TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMenominee= Menominee
3277TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMeridaMerida Mérida
3278TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMetlakatla= Metlakatla
3279TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMexico_CityMexico City Ciutat de Mèxic
3280TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMiquelon= Miquelon
3281TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMoncton= Moncton
3282TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMonterrey= Monterrey
3283TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMontserrat= Montserrat
3284TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsNassau= Nassau
3285TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsNew_YorkNew York Nova York
3286TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsNipigon= Nipigon
3287TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsNome= Nome
3288TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsNorth_Dakota/BeulahBeulah, North Dakota Beulah, Dakota del Nord
3289TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsNorth_Dakota/CenterCenter, North Dakota Center, Dakota del Nord
3290TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsNorth_Dakota/New_SalemNew Salem, North Dakota New Salem, Dakota del Nord
3291TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsOjinaga= Ojinaga
3292TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsPanamaPanama Panamà
3293TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsPangnirtung= Pangnirtung
3294TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsPhoenix= Phoenix
3295TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsPort_of_Spain= Port of Spain
3296TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsPort-au-Prince= Port-au-Prince
3297TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsPuerto_Rico= Puerto Rico
3298TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsRainy_River= Rainy River
3299TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsRankin_Inlet= Rankin Inlet
3300TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsRegina= Regina
3301TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsResolute= Resolute
3302TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSanta_Isabeln/a Santa Isabel
3303TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSanto_Domingo= Santo Domingo
3304TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsScoresbysundIttoqqortoormiit Scoresbysund
3305TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSitka= Sitka
3306TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSt_BarthelemySt. Barthélemy Saint Barthélemy
3307TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSt_JohnsSt. John’s Saint John’s
3308TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSt_KittsSt. Kitts Saint Kitts
3309TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSt_LuciaSt. Lucia Saint Lucia
3310TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSt_ThomasSt. Thomas Saint Thomas
3311TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSt_VincentSt. Vincent Saint Vincent
3312TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSwift_Current= Swift Current
3313TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsTegucigalpa= Tegucigalpa
3314TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsThule= Thule
3315TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsThunder_Bay= Thunder Bay
3316TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsTijuana= Tijuana
3317TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsToronto= Toronto
3318TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsTortola= Tortola
3319TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsVancouver= Vancouver
3320TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsWhitehorse= Whitehorse
3321TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsWinnipeg= Winnipeg
3322TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsYakutat= Yakutat
3323TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsYellowknife= Yellowknife
3324TimezonesSouth AmericaAmazongeneric-longAmazon Time Hora de l’Amazones
3325TimezonesSouth AmericaAmazonstandard-longAmazon Standard Time Hora estàndard de l’Amazones
3326TimezonesSouth AmericaAmazondaylight-longAmazon Summer Time Hora d’estiu de l’Amazones
3327TimezonesSouth AmericaArgentinageneric-longArgentina Time Hora de l’Argentina
3328TimezonesSouth AmericaArgentinastandard-longArgentina Standard Time Hora estàndard de l’Argentina
3329TimezonesSouth AmericaArgentinadaylight-longArgentina Summer Time Hora d’estiu de l’Argentina
3330TimezonesSouth AmericaArgentina_Westerngeneric-longWestern Argentina Time Hora de l’oest de l’Argentina
3331TimezonesSouth AmericaArgentina_Westernstandard-longWestern Argentina Standard Time Hora estàndard de l’oest de l’Argentina
3332TimezonesSouth AmericaArgentina_Westerndaylight-longWestern Argentina Summer Time Hora d’estiu de l’oest de l’Argentina
3333TimezonesSouth AmericaBoliviastandard-longBolivia Time Hora de Bolívia
3334TimezonesSouth AmericaBrasiliageneric-longBrasilia Time Hora de Brasília
3335TimezonesSouth AmericaBrasiliastandard-longBrasilia Standard Time Hora estàndard de Brasília
3336TimezonesSouth AmericaBrasiliadaylight-longBrasilia Summer Time Hora d’estiu de Brasília
3337TimezonesSouth AmericaChilegeneric-longChile Time Hora de Xile
3338TimezonesSouth AmericaChilestandard-longChile Standard Time Hora estàndard de Xile
3339TimezonesSouth AmericaChiledaylight-longChile Summer Time Hora d’estiu de Xile
3340TimezonesSouth AmericaColombiageneric-longColombia Time Hora de Colòmbia
3341TimezonesSouth AmericaColombiastandard-longColombia Standard Time Hora estàndard de Colòmbia
3342TimezonesSouth AmericaColombiadaylight-longColombia Summer Time Hora d’estiu de Colòmbia
3343TimezonesSouth AmericaEastergeneric-longEaster Island Time Hora de l’illa de Pasqua
3344TimezonesSouth AmericaEasterstandard-longEaster Island Standard Time Hora estàndard de l’illa de Pasqua
3345TimezonesSouth AmericaEasterdaylight-longEaster Island Summer Time Hora d’estiu de l’illa de Pasqua
3346TimezonesSouth AmericaEcuadorstandard-longEcuador Time Hora de l’Equador
3347TimezonesSouth AmericaFalklandgeneric-longFalkland Islands Time Hora de les illes Malvines
3348TimezonesSouth AmericaFalklandstandard-longFalkland Islands Standard Time Hora estàndard de les illes Malvines
3349TimezonesSouth AmericaFalklanddaylight-longFalkland Islands Summer Time Hora d’estiu de les illes Malvines
3350TimezonesSouth AmericaFrench_Guianastandard-longFrench Guiana Time Hora de la Guaiana Francesa
3351TimezonesSouth AmericaGalapagosstandard-longGalapagos Time Hora de Galápagos
3352TimezonesSouth AmericaGuyanastandard-longGuyana Time Hora de Guyana
3353TimezonesSouth AmericaNoronhageneric-longFernando de Noronha Time Hora de Fernando de Noronha
3354TimezonesSouth AmericaNoronhastandard-longFernando de Noronha Standard Time Hora estàndard de Fernando de Noronha
3355TimezonesSouth AmericaNoronhadaylight-longFernando de Noronha Summer Time Hora d’estiu de Fernando de Noronha
3356TimezonesSouth AmericaParaguaygeneric-longParaguay Time Hora del Paraguai
3357TimezonesSouth AmericaParaguaystandard-longParaguay Standard Time Hora estàndard del Paraguai
3358TimezonesSouth AmericaParaguaydaylight-longParaguay Summer Time Hora d’estiu del Paraguai
3359TimezonesSouth AmericaPerugeneric-longPeru Time Hora del Perú
3360TimezonesSouth AmericaPerustandard-longPeru Standard Time Hora estàndard del Perú
3361TimezonesSouth AmericaPerudaylight-longPeru Summer Time Hora d’estiu del Perú
3362TimezonesSouth AmericaSouth_Georgiastandard-longSouth Georgia Time Hora de Geòrgia del Sud
3363TimezonesSouth AmericaSurinamestandard-longSuriname Time Hora de Surinam
3364TimezonesSouth AmericaUruguaygeneric-longUruguay Time Hora de l’Uruguai
3365TimezonesSouth AmericaUruguaystandard-longUruguay Standard Time Hora estàndard de l’Uruguai
3366TimezonesSouth AmericaUruguaydaylight-longUruguay Summer Time Hora d’estiu de l’Uruguai
3367TimezonesSouth AmericaVenezuelastandard-longVenezuela Time Hora de Veneçuela
3368TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsAraguainaAraguaina Araguaína
3369TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsArgentina/La_Rioja= La Rioja
3370TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsArgentina/Rio_GallegosRio Gallegos Río Gallegos
3371TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsArgentina/Salta= Salta
3372TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsArgentina/San_Juan= San Juan
3373TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsArgentina/San_Luis= San Luis
3374TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsArgentina/TucumanTucuman Tucumán
3375TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsArgentina/Ushuaia= Ushuaia
3376TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsAsuncion= Asunción
3377TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsBahia= Bahia
3378TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsBelemBelem Belém
3379TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsBoa_Vista= Boa Vista
3380TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsBogotaBogota Bogotà
3381TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsBuenos_Aires= Buenos Aires
3382TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsCampo_Grande= Campo Grande
3383TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsCaracas= Caracas
3384TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsCatamarca= Catamarca
3385TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsCayenneCayenne Caiena
3386TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsCordobaCordoba Córdoba
3387TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsCuiabaCuiaba Cuiabá
3388TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsEasterEaster Illa de Pasqua
3389TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsEirunepeEirunepe Eirunepé
3390TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsFortaleza= Fortaleza
3391TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsGalapagosGalapagos Galápagos
3392TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsGuayaquil= Guayaquil
3393TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsGuyana= Guyana
3394TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsJujuy= Jujuy
3395TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsLa_Paz= La Paz
3396TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsLima= Lima
3397TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsMaceioMaceio Maceió
3398TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsManaus= Manaus
3399TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsMendoza= Mendoza
3400TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsMontevideo= Montevideo
3401TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsNoronha= Noronha
3402TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsParamaribo= Paramaribo
3403TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsPorto_Velho= Porto Velho
3404TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsPunta_Arenas= Punta Arenas
3405TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsRecife= Recife
3406TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsRio_BrancoRio Branco Río Branco
3407TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsSantaremSantarem Santarém
3408TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsSantiago= Santiago
3409TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsSao_PauloSao Paulo São Paulo
3410TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsSouth_GeorgiaSouth Georgia Geòrgia del Sud
3411TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsStanley= Stanley
3412TimezonesAfricaAfrica_Centralstandard-longCentral Africa Time Hora de l’Àfrica Central
3413TimezonesAfricaAfrica_Easternstandard-longEast Africa Time Hora de l’Àfrica Oriental
3414TimezonesAfricaAfrica_Southernstandard-longSouth Africa Standard Time Hora estàndard del sud de l’Àfrica
3415TimezonesAfricaAfrica_Westerngeneric-longWest Africa Time Hora de l’Àfrica Occidental
3416TimezonesAfricaAfrica_Westernstandard-longWest Africa Standard Time Hora estàndard de l’Àfrica Occidental
3417TimezonesAfricaAfrica_Westerndaylight-longWest Africa Summer Time Hora d’estiu de l’Àfrica Occidental
3418TimezonesAfricaCape_Verdegeneric-longCape Verde Time Hora de Cap Verd
3419TimezonesAfricaCape_Verdestandard-longCape Verde Standard Time Hora estàndard de Cap Verd
3420TimezonesAfricaCape_Verdedaylight-longCape Verde Summer Time Hora d’estiu de Cap Verd
3421TimezonesAfricaFrench_Southernstandard-longFrench Southern & Antarctic Time Hora d’Antàrtida i França del Sud
3422TimezonesAfricaIndian_Oceanstandard-longIndian Ocean Time Hora de l’oceà Índic
3423TimezonesAfricaMauritiusgeneric-longMauritius Time Hora de Maurici
3424TimezonesAfricaMauritiusstandard-longMauritius Standard Time Hora estàndard de Maurici
3425TimezonesAfricaMauritiusdaylight-longMauritius Summer Time Hora d’estiu de Maurici
3426TimezonesAfricaReunionstandard-longRéunion Time Hora de Reunió
3427TimezonesAfricaSeychellesstandard-longSeychelles Time Hora de les Seychelles
3428TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsAbidjan= Abidjan
3429TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsAccra= Accra
3430TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsAddis_AbabaAddis Ababa Addis Abeba
3431TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsAlgiersAlgiers Alger
3432TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsAntananarivo= Antananarivo
3433TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsAsmera= Asmara
3434TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsBamako= Bamako
3435TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsBangui= Bangui
3436TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsBanjul= Banjul
3437TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsBissau= Bissau
3438TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsBlantyre= Blantyre
3439TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsBrazzaville= Brazzaville
3440TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsBujumbura= Bujumbura
3441TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsCairoCairo Caire, el
3442TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsCape_VerdeCape Verde Cap Verd
3443TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsCasablanca= Casablanca
3444TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsChagos= Chagos
3445TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsComoro= Comoro
3446TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsConakry= Conakry
3447TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsDakar= Dakar
3448TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsDar_es_Salaam= Dar es Salaam
3449TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsDjibouti= Djibouti
3450TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsDouala= Douala
3451TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsEl_AaiunEl Aaiun Al-aaiun
3452TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsFreetown= Freetown
3453TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsGaborone= Gaborone
3454TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsHarare= Harare
3455TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsJohannesburg= Johannesburg
3456TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsJuba= Juba
3457TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsKampala= Kampala
3458TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsKerguelen= Kerguelen
3459TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsKhartoumKhartoum Khartum
3460TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsKigali= Kigali
3461TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsKinshasa= Kinshasa
3462TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsLagos= Lagos
3463TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsLibreville= Libreville
3464TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsLome= Lome
3465TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsLuanda= Luanda
3466TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsLubumbashi= Lubumbashi
3467TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsLusaka= Lusaka
3468TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMahe= Mahe
3469TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMalabo= Malabo
3470TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMaputo= Maputo
3471TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMaseru= Maseru
3472TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMauritiusMauritius Maurici
3473TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMayotte= Mayotte
3474TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMbabane= Mbabane
3475TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMogadishuMogadishu Muqdiisho
3476TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMonrovia= Monrovia
3477TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsNairobi= Nairobi
3478TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsNdjamena= Ndjamena
3479TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsNiamey= Niamey
3480TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsNouakchott= Nouakchott
3481TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsOuagadougou= Ouagadougou
3482TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsPorto-Novo= Porto-Novo
3483TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsReunionRéunion Reunió
3484TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsSao_Tome= São Tomé
3485TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsSt_HelenaSt. Helena Saint Helena
3486TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsTripoliTripoli Trípoli
3487TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsTunis= Tunis
3488TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsWindhoek= Windhoek
3489TimezonesEuropeAzoresgeneric-longAzores Time Hora de les Açores
3490TimezonesEuropeAzoresstandard-longAzores Standard Time Hora estàndard de les Açores
3491TimezonesEuropeAzoresdaylight-longAzores Summer Time Hora d’estiu de les Açores
3492TimezonesEuropeEurope_Centralgeneric-longCentral European Time Hora del Centre d’Europa
3493TimezonesEuropeEurope_Centralgeneric-shortn/a CET
3494TimezonesEuropeEurope_Centralstandard-longCentral European Standard Time Hora estàndard del Centre d’Europa
3495TimezonesEuropeEurope_Centralstandard-shortn/a CET
3496TimezonesEuropeEurope_Centraldaylight-longCentral European Summer Time Hora d’estiu del Centre d’Europa
3497TimezonesEuropeEurope_Centraldaylight-shortn/a CEST
3498TimezonesEuropeEurope_Easterngeneric-longEastern European Time Hora de l’Est d’Europa
3499TimezonesEuropeEurope_Easterngeneric-shortn/a EET
3500TimezonesEuropeEurope_Easternstandard-longEastern European Standard Time Hora estàndard de l’Est d’Europa
3501TimezonesEuropeEurope_Easternstandard-shortn/a EET
3502TimezonesEuropeEurope_Easterndaylight-longEastern European Summer Time Hora d’estiu de l’Est d’Europa
3503TimezonesEuropeEurope_Easterndaylight-shortn/a EEST
3504TimezonesEuropeEurope_Further_Easternstandard-longFurther-eastern European Time Hora de l’Extrem Orient Europeu
3505TimezonesEuropeEurope_Westerngeneric-longWestern European Time Hora de l’Oest d’Europa
3506TimezonesEuropeEurope_Westerngeneric-shortn/a WET
3507TimezonesEuropeEurope_Westernstandard-longWestern European Standard Time Hora estàndard de l’Oest d’Europa
3508TimezonesEuropeEurope_Westernstandard-shortn/a WET
3509TimezonesEuropeEurope_Westerndaylight-longWestern European Summer Time Hora d’estiu de l’Oest d’Europa
3510TimezonesEuropeEurope_Westerndaylight-shortn/a WEST
3511TimezonesEuropeGMTstandard-longGreenwich Mean Time Hora del Meridià de Greenwich
3512TimezonesEuropeGMTstandard-short= GMT
3513TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsAmsterdam= Amsterdam
3514TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsAndorra= Andorra
3515TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsAthensAthens Atenes
3516TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsAzoresAzores Açores
3517TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsBelgradeBelgrade Belgrad
3518TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsBerlinBerlin Berlín
3519TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsBratislava= Bratislava
3520TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsBrusselsBrussels Brussel·les
3521TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsBucharestBucharest Bucarest
3522TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsBudapest= Budapest
3523TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsBusingen= Busingen
3524TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsCanaryCanary Illes Canàries
3525TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsCeuta= Ceuta
3526TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsChisinau= Chisinau
3527TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsCopenhagen= Copenhagen
3528TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsDublinDublin Dublín
3529TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsFaeroeFaroe Illes Fèroe
3530TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsGibraltar= Gibraltar
3531TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsGuernsey= Guernsey
3532TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsHelsinkiHelsinki Hèlsinki
3533TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsIsle_of_ManIsle of Man Man
3534TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsJersey= Jersey
3535TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsKievKiev Kíev
3536TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsLisbonLisbon Lisboa
3537TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsLjubljana= Ljubljana
3538TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsLondonLondon Londres
3539TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsLongyearbyen= Longyearbyen
3540TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsLuxembourgLuxembourg Luxemburg
3541TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsMadeira= Madeira
3542TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsMadrid= Madrid
3543TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsMalta= Malta
3544TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsMariehamnMariehamn Maarianhamina
3545TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsMinsk= Minsk
3546TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsMonacoMonaco Mònaco
3547TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsOslo= Oslo
3548TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsParisParis París
3549TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsPodgorica= Podgorica
3550TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsPraguePrague Praga
3551TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsReykjavik= Reykjavik
3552TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsRiga= Riga
3553TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsRomeRome Roma
3554TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsSan_Marino= San Marino
3555TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsSarajevo= Sarajevo
3556TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsSimferopol= Simferopol
3557TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsSkopje= Skopje
3558TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsSofia= Sofia
3559TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsStockholmStockholm Estocolm
3560TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsTallinn= Tallinn
3561TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsTiraneTirane Tirana
3562TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsUzhgorodUzhhorod Uzhgorod
3563TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsVaduz= Vaduz
3564TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsVaticanVatican Vaticà
3565TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsViennaVienna Viena
3566TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsVilniusVilnius Vílnius
3567TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsWarsawWarsaw Varsòvia
3568TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsZagreb= Zagreb
3569TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsZaporozhyeZaporozhye Zaporíjia
3570TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsZurichZurich Zuric
3571TimezonesRussiaAnadyrgeneric-longAnadyr Time Hora d’Anadyr
3572TimezonesRussiaAnadyrstandard-longAnadyr Standard Time Hora estàndard d’Anadyr
3573TimezonesRussiaAnadyrdaylight-longAnadyr Summer Time Horari d’estiu d’Anadyr
3574TimezonesRussiaIrkutskgeneric-longIrkutsk Time Hora d’Irkutsk
3575TimezonesRussiaIrkutskstandard-longIrkutsk Standard Time Hora estàndard d’Irkutsk
3576TimezonesRussiaIrkutskdaylight-longIrkutsk Summer Time Hora d’estiu d’Irkutsk
3577TimezonesRussiaKamchatkageneric-longPetropavlovsk-Kamchatski Time Hora de Kamtxatka
3578TimezonesRussiaKamchatkastandard-longPetropavlovsk-Kamchatski Standard Time Hora estàndard de Petropavlovsk de Kamtxatka
3579TimezonesRussiaKamchatkadaylight-longPetropavlovsk-Kamchatski Summer Time Horari d’estiu de Petropavlovsk de Kamtxatka
3580TimezonesRussiaKrasnoyarskgeneric-longKrasnoyarsk Time Hora de Krasnoiarsk
3581TimezonesRussiaKrasnoyarskstandard-longKrasnoyarsk Standard Time Hora estàndard de Krasnoiarsk
3582TimezonesRussiaKrasnoyarskdaylight-longKrasnoyarsk Summer Time Hora d’estiu de Krasnoiarsk
3583TimezonesRussiaMagadangeneric-longMagadan Time Hora de Magadan
3584TimezonesRussiaMagadanstandard-longMagadan Standard Time Hora estàndard de Magadan
3585TimezonesRussiaMagadandaylight-longMagadan Summer Time Hora d’estiu de Magadan
3586TimezonesRussiaMoscowgeneric-longMoscow Time Hora de Moscou
3587TimezonesRussiaMoscowstandard-longMoscow Standard Time Hora estàndard de Moscou
3588TimezonesRussiaMoscowdaylight-longMoscow Summer Time Hora d’estiu de Moscou
3589TimezonesRussiaNovosibirskgeneric-longNovosibirsk Time Hora de Novosibirsk
3590TimezonesRussiaNovosibirskstandard-longNovosibirsk Standard Time Hora estàndard de Novosibirsk
3591TimezonesRussiaNovosibirskdaylight-longNovosibirsk Summer Time Hora d’estiu de Novosibirsk
3592TimezonesRussiaOmskgeneric-longOmsk Time Hora d’Omsk
3593TimezonesRussiaOmskstandard-longOmsk Standard Time Hora estàndard d’Omsk
3594TimezonesRussiaOmskdaylight-longOmsk Summer Time Hora d’estiu d’Omsk
3595TimezonesRussiaSakhalingeneric-longSakhalin Time Hora de Sakhalin
3596TimezonesRussiaSakhalinstandard-longSakhalin Standard Time Hora estàndard de Sakhalin
3597TimezonesRussiaSakhalindaylight-longSakhalin Summer Time Hora d’estiu de Sakhalin
3598TimezonesRussiaSamarageneric-longSamara Time Hora de Samara
3599TimezonesRussiaSamarastandard-longSamara Standard Time Hora estàndard de Samara
3600TimezonesRussiaSamaradaylight-longSamara Summer Time Hora d’estiu de Samara
3601TimezonesRussiaVladivostokgeneric-longVladivostok Time Hora de Vladivostok
3602TimezonesRussiaVladivostokstandard-longVladivostok Standard Time Hora estàndard de Vladivostok
3603TimezonesRussiaVladivostokdaylight-longVladivostok Summer Time Hora d’estiu de Vladivostok
3604TimezonesRussiaVolgogradgeneric-longVolgograd Time Hora de Volgograd
3605TimezonesRussiaVolgogradstandard-longVolgograd Standard Time Hora estàndard de Volgograd
3606TimezonesRussiaVolgograddaylight-longVolgograd Summer Time Hora d’estiu de Volgograd
3607TimezonesRussiaYakutskgeneric-longYakutsk Time Hora de Iakutsk
3608TimezonesRussiaYakutskstandard-longYakutsk Standard Time Hora estàndard de Iakutsk
3609TimezonesRussiaYakutskdaylight-longYakutsk Summer Time Hora d’estiu de Iakutsk
3610TimezonesRussiaYekaterinburggeneric-longYekaterinburg Time Hora d’Ekaterinburg
3611TimezonesRussiaYekaterinburgstandard-longYekaterinburg Standard Time Hora estàndard d’Ekaterinburg
3612TimezonesRussiaYekaterinburgdaylight-longYekaterinburg Summer Time Hora d’estiu d’Ekaterinburg
3613TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsAnadyrAnadyr Anadyr’
3614TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsAstrakhan= Astrakhan
3615TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsBarnaul= Barnaul
3616TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsChitaChita Txità
3617TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsIrkutsk= Irkutsk
3618TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsKaliningrad= Kaliningrad
3619TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsKamchatkaKamchatka Kamtxatka
3620TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsKhandyga= Khandyga
3621TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsKirov= Kirov
3622TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsKrasnoyarskKrasnoyarsk Krasnoiarsk
3623TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsMagadan= Magadan
3624TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsMoscowMoscow Moscou
3625TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsNovokuznetsk= Novokuznetsk
3626TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsNovosibirsk= Novosibirsk
3627TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsOmsk= Omsk
3628TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsSakhalin= Sakhalin
3629TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsSamara= Samara
3630TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsSaratovSaratov Saràtov
3631TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsSrednekolymskSrednekolymsk Srednekolimsk
3632TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsTomsk= Tomsk
3633TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsUlyanovskUlyanovsk Uliànovsk
3634TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsUst-NeraUst-Nera Ust’-Nera
3635TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsVladivostok= Vladivostok
3636TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsVolgograd= Volgograd
3637TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsYakutskYakutsk Jakutsk
3638TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsYekaterinburgYekaterinburg Jekaterinburg
3639TimezonesWestern AsiaArabiangeneric-longArabian Time Hora àrab
3640TimezonesWestern AsiaArabianstandard-longArabian Standard Time Hora estàndard àrab
3641TimezonesWestern AsiaArabiandaylight-longArabian Daylight Time Hora d’estiu àrab
3642TimezonesWestern AsiaArmeniageneric-longArmenia Time Hora d’Armènia
3643TimezonesWestern AsiaArmeniastandard-longArmenia Standard Time Hora estàndard d’Armènia
3644TimezonesWestern AsiaArmeniadaylight-longArmenia Summer Time Hora d’estiu d’Armènia
3645TimezonesWestern AsiaAzerbaijangeneric-longAzerbaijan Time Hora d’Azerbaidjan
3646TimezonesWestern AsiaAzerbaijanstandard-longAzerbaijan Standard Time Hora estàndard d’Azerbaidjan
3647TimezonesWestern AsiaAzerbaijandaylight-longAzerbaijan Summer Time Hora d’estiu d’Azerbaidjan
3648TimezonesWestern AsiaGeorgiageneric-longGeorgia Time Hora de Geòrgia
3649TimezonesWestern AsiaGeorgiastandard-longGeorgia Standard Time Hora estàndard de Geòrgia
3650TimezonesWestern AsiaGeorgiadaylight-longGeorgia Summer Time Hora d’estiu de Geòrgia
3651TimezonesWestern AsiaGulfstandard-longGulf Standard Time Hora del Golf
3652TimezonesWestern AsiaIsraelgeneric-longIsrael Time Hora d’Israel
3653TimezonesWestern AsiaIsraelstandard-longIsrael Standard Time Hora estàndard d’Israel
3654TimezonesWestern AsiaIsraeldaylight-longIsrael Daylight Time Hora d’estiu d’Israel
3655TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsAden= Aden
3656TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsAmman= Amman
3657TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsBaghdadBaghdad Bagdad
3658TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsBahrain= Bahrain
3659TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsBakuBaku Bakú
3660TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsBeirut= Beirut
3661TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsDamascusDamascus Damasc
3662TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsDubai= Dubai
3663TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsFamagusta= Famagusta
3664TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsGaza= Gaza
3665TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsHebron= Hebron
3666TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsIstanbul= Istanbul
3667TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsJerusalem= Jerusalem
3668TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsKuwait= Kuwait
3669TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsMuscatMuscat Masqat
3670TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsNicosiaNicosia Nicòsia
3671TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsQatar= Qatar
3672TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsRiyadhRiyadh Al-Riyād
3673TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsTbilisi= Tbilisi
3674TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsYerevanYerevan Erevan
3675TimezonesCentral AsiaKazakhstan_Easternstandard-longEast Kazakhstan Time Hora de l’est del Kazakhstan
3676TimezonesCentral AsiaKazakhstan_Westernstandard-longWest Kazakhstan Time Hora de l’oest del Kazakhstan
3677TimezonesCentral AsiaKyrgystanstandard-longKyrgyzstan Time Hora del Kirguizistan
3678TimezonesCentral AsiaTajikistanstandard-longTajikistan Time Hora del Tadjikistan
3679TimezonesCentral AsiaTurkmenistangeneric-longTurkmenistan Time Hora del Turkmenistan
3680TimezonesCentral AsiaTurkmenistanstandard-longTurkmenistan Standard Time Hora estàndard del Turkmenistan
3681TimezonesCentral AsiaTurkmenistandaylight-longTurkmenistan Summer Time Hora d’estiu del Turkmenistan
3682TimezonesCentral AsiaUzbekistangeneric-longUzbekistan Time Hora de l’Uzbekistan
3683TimezonesCentral AsiaUzbekistanstandard-longUzbekistan Standard Time Hora estàndard de l’Uzbekistan
3684TimezonesCentral AsiaUzbekistandaylight-longUzbekistan Summer Time Hora d’estiu de l’Uzbekistan
3685TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsAlmaty= Almaty
3686TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsAqtauAqtau Aqtaū
3687TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsAqtobe= Aqtobe
3688TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsAshgabat= Ashgabat
3689TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsAtyrauAtyrau Atirau
3690TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsBishkekBishkek Bixkek
3691TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsDushanbe= Dushanbe
3692TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsOral= Oral
3693TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsQyzylordaQyzylorda Kizil-Orda
3694TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsSamarkandSamarkand Samarcanda
3695TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsTashkentTashkent Taixkent
3696TimezonesEastern AsiaChinageneric-longChina Time Hora de la Xina
3697TimezonesEastern AsiaChinastandard-longChina Standard Time Hora estàndard de la Xina
3698TimezonesEastern AsiaChinadaylight-longChina Daylight Time Hora d’estiu de la Xina
3699TimezonesEastern AsiaChoibalsangeneric-longChoibalsan Time Hora de Choibalsan
3700TimezonesEastern AsiaChoibalsanstandard-longChoibalsan Standard Time Hora estàndard de Choibalsan
3701TimezonesEastern AsiaChoibalsandaylight-longChoibalsan Summer Time Hora d’estiu de Choibalsan
3702TimezonesEastern AsiaHong_Konggeneric-longHong Kong Time Hora de Hong Kong
3703TimezonesEastern AsiaHong_Kongstandard-longHong Kong Standard Time Hora estàndard de Hong Kong
3704TimezonesEastern AsiaHong_Kongdaylight-longHong Kong Summer Time Hora d’estiu de Hong Kong
3705TimezonesEastern AsiaHovdgeneric-longHovd Time Hora de Hovd
3706TimezonesEastern AsiaHovdstandard-longHovd Standard Time Hora estàndard de Hovd
3707TimezonesEastern AsiaHovddaylight-longHovd Summer Time Hora d’estiu de Hovd
3708TimezonesEastern AsiaJapangeneric-longJapan Time Hora del Japó
3709TimezonesEastern AsiaJapanstandard-longJapan Standard Time Hora estàndard del Japó
3710TimezonesEastern AsiaJapandaylight-longJapan Daylight Time Hora d’estiu del Japó
3711TimezonesEastern AsiaKoreageneric-longKorean Time Hora de Corea
3712TimezonesEastern AsiaKoreastandard-longKorean Standard Time Hora estàndard de Corea
3713TimezonesEastern AsiaKoreadaylight-longKorean Daylight Time Hora d’estiu de Corea
3714TimezonesEastern AsiaMacaugeneric-longMacau Time Hora de Macau
3715TimezonesEastern AsiaMacaustandard-longMacau Standard Time Hora estàndard de Macau
3716TimezonesEastern AsiaMacaudaylight-longMacau Summer Time Hora d’estiu de Macau
3717TimezonesEastern AsiaMongoliageneric-longUlaanbaatar Time Hora d’Ulan Bator
3718TimezonesEastern AsiaMongoliastandard-longUlaanbaatar Standard Time Hora estàndard d’Ulan Bator
3719TimezonesEastern AsiaMongoliadaylight-longUlaanbaatar Summer Time Hora d’estiu d’Ulan Bator
3720TimezonesEastern AsiaPyongyangstandard-longPyongyang Time Hora de Pyongyang
3721TimezonesEastern AsiaTaipeigeneric-longTaipei Time Hora de Taipei
3722TimezonesEastern AsiaTaipeistandard-longTaipei Standard Time Hora estàndard de Taipei
3723TimezonesEastern AsiaTaipeidaylight-longTaipei Daylight Time Hora d’estiu de Taipei
3724TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsChoibalsan= Choibalsan
3725TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsHong_Kong= Hong Kong
3726TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsHovd= Hovd
3727TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsMacau= Macau
3728TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsPyongyang= Pyongyang
3729TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsSeoulSeoul Seül
3730TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsShanghaiShanghai Xangai
3731TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsTaipei= Taipei
3732TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsTokyoTokyo Tòquio
3733TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsUlaanbaatarUlaanbaatar Ulan Bator
3734TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsUrumqiUrumqi Urumchi
3735TimezonesSouthern AsiaAfghanistanstandard-longAfghanistan Time Hora de l’Afganistan
3736TimezonesSouthern AsiaBangladeshgeneric-longBangladesh Time Hora de Bangla Desh
3737TimezonesSouthern AsiaBangladeshstandard-longBangladesh Standard Time Hora estàndard de Bangla Desh
3738TimezonesSouthern AsiaBangladeshdaylight-longBangladesh Summer Time Hora d’estiu de Bangla Desh
3739TimezonesSouthern AsiaBhutanstandard-longBhutan Time Hora de Bhutan
3740TimezonesSouthern AsiaIndiastandard-longIndia Standard Time Hora de l’Índia
3741TimezonesSouthern AsiaIrangeneric-longIran Time Hora d’Iran
3742TimezonesSouthern AsiaIranstandard-longIran Standard Time Hora estàndard d’Iran
3743TimezonesSouthern AsiaIrandaylight-longIran Daylight Time Hora d’estiu d’Iran
3744TimezonesSouthern AsiaMaldivesstandard-longMaldives Time Hora de les Maldives
3745TimezonesSouthern AsiaNepalstandard-longNepal Time Hora del Nepal
3746TimezonesSouthern AsiaPakistangeneric-longPakistan Time Hora del Pakistan
3747TimezonesSouthern AsiaPakistanstandard-longPakistan Standard Time Hora estàndard del Pakistan
3748TimezonesSouthern AsiaPakistandaylight-longPakistan Summer Time Hora d’estiu del Pakistan
3749TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsCalcuttaKolkata Calcuta
3750TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsColombo= Colombo
3751TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsDhakaDhaka Dacca
3752TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsKabulKabul Kābul
3753TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsKarachi= Karachi
3754TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsKatmanduKathmandu Katmandú
3755TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsMaldives= Maldives
3756TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsTehranTehran Teheran
3757TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsThimphuThimphu Thimbu
3758TimezonesSoutheast AsiaBruneistandard-longBrunei Darussalam Time Hora de Brunei Darussalam
3759TimezonesSoutheast AsiaEast_Timorstandard-longEast Timor Time Hora de Timor Oriental
3760TimezonesSoutheast AsiaIndochinastandard-longIndochina Time Hora d’Indoxina
3761TimezonesSoutheast AsiaIndonesia_Centralstandard-longCentral Indonesia Time Hora central d’Indonèsia
3762TimezonesSoutheast AsiaIndonesia_Easternstandard-longEastern Indonesia Time Hora de l’est d’Indonèsia
3763TimezonesSoutheast AsiaIndonesia_Westernstandard-longWestern Indonesia Time Hora de l’oest d’Indonèsia
3764TimezonesSoutheast AsiaMalaysiastandard-longMalaysia Time Hora de Malàisia
3765TimezonesSoutheast AsiaMyanmarstandard-longMyanmar Time Hora de Myanmar
3766TimezonesSoutheast AsiaPhilippinesgeneric-longPhilippine Time Hora de Filipines
3767TimezonesSoutheast AsiaPhilippinesstandard-longPhilippine Standard Time Hora estàndard de Filipines
3768TimezonesSoutheast AsiaPhilippinesdaylight-longPhilippine Summer Time Hora d’estiu de Filipines
3769TimezonesSoutheast AsiaSingaporestandard-longSingapore Standard Time Hora de Singapur
3770TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsBangkok= Bangkok
3771TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsBrunei= Brunei
3772TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsDili= Dili
3773TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsJakarta= Jakarta
3774TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsJayapuraJayapura Jaipur
3775TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsKuala_Lumpur= Kuala Lumpur
3776TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsKuching= Kuching
3777TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsMakassarMakassar Makasar
3778TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsManila= Manila
3779TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsPhnom_Penh= Phnom Penh
3780TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsPontianak= Pontianak
3781TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsRangoonYangon Yangôn
3782TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsSaigonHo Chi Minh City Ho Chi Minh
3783TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsSingaporeSingapore Singapur
3784TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsVientiane= Vientiane
3785TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_Centralgeneric-longCentral Australia Time Hora d’Austràlia Central
3786TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_Centralstandard-longAustralian Central Standard Time Hora estàndard d’Austràlia Central
3787TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_Centraldaylight-longAustralian Central Daylight Time Hora d’estiu d’Austràlia Central
3788TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_CentralWesterngeneric-longAustralian Central Western Time Hora d’Austràlia centre-occidental
3789TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_CentralWesternstandard-longAustralian Central Western Standard Time Hora estàndard d’Austràlia centre-occidental
3790TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_CentralWesterndaylight-longAustralian Central Western Daylight Time Hora d’estiu d’Austràlia centre-occidental
3791TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_Easterngeneric-longEastern Australia Time Hora d’Austràlia Oriental
3792TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_Easternstandard-longAustralian Eastern Standard Time Hora estàndard d’Austràlia Oriental
3793TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_Easterndaylight-longAustralian Eastern Daylight Time Hora d’estiu d’Austràlia Oriental
3794TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_Westerngeneric-longWestern Australia Time Hora d’Austràlia Occidental
3795TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_Westernstandard-longAustralian Western Standard Time Hora estàndard d’Austràlia Occidental
3796TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_Westerndaylight-longAustralian Western Daylight Time Hora d’estiu d’Austràlia Occidental
3797TimezonesAustralasiaChathamgeneric-longChatham Time Hora de Chatham
3798TimezonesAustralasiaChathamstandard-longChatham Standard Time Hora estàndard de Chatham
3799TimezonesAustralasiaChathamdaylight-longChatham Daylight Time Hora d’estiu de Chatham
3800TimezonesAustralasiaChristmasstandard-longChristmas Island Time Hora de Kiritimati
3801TimezonesAustralasiaCocosstandard-longCocos Islands Time Hora de les illes Cocos
3802TimezonesAustralasiaLord_Howegeneric-longLord Howe Time Hora de Lord Howe
3803TimezonesAustralasiaLord_Howestandard-longLord Howe Standard Time Hora estàndard de Lord Howe
3804TimezonesAustralasiaLord_Howedaylight-longLord Howe Daylight Time Horari d’estiu de Lord Howe
3805TimezonesAustralasiaMacquariestandard-longMacquarie Island Time Hora de Macquarie
3806TimezonesAustralasiaNew_Zealandgeneric-longNew Zealand Time Hora de Nova Zelanda
3807TimezonesAustralasiaNew_Zealandstandard-longNew Zealand Standard Time Hora estàndard de Nova Zelanda
3808TimezonesAustralasiaNew_Zealanddaylight-longNew Zealand Daylight Time Hora d’estiu de Nova Zelanda
3809TimezonesAustralasiaNorfolkstandard-longNorfolk Island Time Hora de les illes Norfolk
3810TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsAdelaide= Adelaide
3811TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsAuckland= Auckland
3812TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsBrisbane= Brisbane
3813TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsBroken_Hill= Broken Hill
3814TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsChatham= Chatham
3815TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsChristmas= Christmas
3816TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsCocos= Cocos
3817TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsCurrie= Currie
3818TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsDarwin= Darwin
3819TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsEucla= Eucla
3820TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsHobart= Hobart
3821TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsLindeman= Lindeman
3822TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsLord_Howe= Lord Howe
3823TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsMacquarie= Macquarie
3824TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsMelbourne= Melbourne
3825TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsNorfolk= Norfolk
3826TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsPerth= Perth
3827TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsSydney= Sydney
3828TimezonesAntarcticaDavisstandard-longDavis Time Hora de Davis
3829TimezonesAntarcticaDumontDUrvillestandard-longDumont-d’Urville Time Hora de Dumont d’Urville
3830TimezonesAntarcticaMawsonstandard-longMawson Time Hora de Mawson
3831TimezonesAntarcticaRotherastandard-longRothera Time Hora de Rothera
3832TimezonesAntarcticaSyowastandard-longSyowa Time Hora de Syowa
3833TimezonesAntarcticaVostokstandard-longVostok Time Hora de Vostok
3834TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsCasey= Casey
3835TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsDavis= Davis
3836TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsDumontDUrville= Dumont d’Urville
3837TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsMawson= Mawson
3838TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsMcMurdo= McMurdo
3839TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsPalmer= Palmer
3840TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsRothera= Rothera
3841TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsSyowa= Syowa
3842TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsTroll= Troll
3843TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsVostok= Vostok
3844TimezonesOceaniaApiageneric-longApia Time Hora d’Apia
3845TimezonesOceaniaApiastandard-longApia Standard Time Hora estàndard d’Apia
3846TimezonesOceaniaApiadaylight-longApia Daylight Time Hora d’estiu d’Apia
3847TimezonesOceaniaChamorrostandard-longChamorro Standard Time Hora de Chamorro
3848TimezonesOceaniaCookgeneric-longCook Islands Time Hora de les illes Cook
3849TimezonesOceaniaCookstandard-longCook Islands Standard Time Hora estàndard de les illes Cook
3850TimezonesOceaniaCookdaylight-longCook Islands Half Summer Time Hora de mig estiu de les illes Cook
3851TimezonesOceaniaFijigeneric-longFiji Time Hora de Fiji
3852TimezonesOceaniaFijistandard-longFiji Standard Time Hora estàndard de Fiji
3853TimezonesOceaniaFijidaylight-longFiji Summer Time Hora d’estiu de Fiji
3854TimezonesOceaniaGambierstandard-longGambier Time Hora de Gambier
3855TimezonesOceaniaGilbert_Islandsstandard-longGilbert Islands Time Hora de les illes Gilbert
3856TimezonesOceaniaKosraestandard-longKosrae Time Hora de Kosrae
3857TimezonesOceaniaLine_Islandsstandard-longLine Islands Time Hora de Line Islands
3858TimezonesOceaniaMarquesasstandard-longMarquesas Time Hora de les Marqueses
3859TimezonesOceaniaMarshall_Islandsstandard-longMarshall Islands Time Hora de les illes Marshall
3860TimezonesOceaniaNaurustandard-longNauru Time Hora de Nauru
3861TimezonesOceaniaNew_Caledoniageneric-longNew Caledonia Time Hora de Nova Caledònia
3862TimezonesOceaniaNew_Caledoniastandard-longNew Caledonia Standard Time Hora estàndard de Nova Caledònia
3863TimezonesOceaniaNew_Caledoniadaylight-longNew Caledonia Summer Time Hora d’estiu de Nova Caledònia
3864TimezonesOceaniaNiuestandard-longNiue Time Hora de Niue
3865TimezonesOceaniaPalaustandard-longPalau Time Hora de Palau
3866TimezonesOceaniaPapua_New_Guineastandard-longPapua New Guinea Time Hora de Papua Nova Guinea
3867TimezonesOceaniaPhoenix_Islandsstandard-longPhoenix Islands Time Hora de les illes Phoenix
3868TimezonesOceaniaPitcairnstandard-longPitcairn Time Hora de Pitcairn
3869TimezonesOceaniaPonapestandard-longPonape Time Hora de Ponape
3870TimezonesOceaniaSamoageneric-longSamoa Time Hora de Samoa
3871TimezonesOceaniaSamoastandard-longSamoa Standard Time Hora estàndard de Samoa
3872TimezonesOceaniaSamoadaylight-longSamoa Daylight Time Hora d’estiu de Samoa
3873TimezonesOceaniaSolomonstandard-longSolomon Islands Time Hora de Salomó
3874TimezonesOceaniaTahitistandard-longTahiti Time Hora de Tahití
3875TimezonesOceaniaTokelaustandard-longTokelau Time Hora de Tokelau
3876TimezonesOceaniaTongageneric-longTonga Time Hora de Tonga
3877TimezonesOceaniaTongastandard-longTonga Standard Time Hora estàndard de Tonga
3878TimezonesOceaniaTongadaylight-longTonga Summer Time Hora d’estiu de Tonga
3879TimezonesOceaniaTrukstandard-longChuuk Time Hora de Chuuk
3880TimezonesOceaniaTuvalustandard-longTuvalu Time Hora de Tuvalu
3881TimezonesOceaniaVanuatugeneric-longVanuatu Time Hora de Vanatu
3882TimezonesOceaniaVanuatustandard-longVanuatu Standard Time Hora estàndard de Vanatu
3883TimezonesOceaniaVanuatudaylight-longVanuatu Summer Time Hora d’estiu de Vanatu
3884TimezonesOceaniaWakestandard-longWake Island Time Hora de Wake
3885TimezonesOceaniaWallisstandard-longWallis & Futuna Time Hora de Wallis i Futuna
3886TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsApia= Apia
3887TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsBougainville= Bougainville
3888TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsEfate= Efate
3889TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsEnderbury= Enderbury
3890TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsFakaofo= Fakaofo
3891TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsFiji= Fiji
3892TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsFunafuti= Funafuti
3893TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsGambier= Gambier
3894TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsGuadalcanal= Guadalcanal
3895TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsGuam= Guam
3896TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsJohnston= Johnston
3897TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsKiritimati= Kiritimati
3898TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsKosrae= Kosrae
3899TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsKwajalein= Kwajalein
3900TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsMajuro= Majuro
3901TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsMarquesasMarquesas Marqueses
3902TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsMidway= Midway
3903TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsNauru= Nauru
3904TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsNiue= Niue
3905TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsNoumeaNoumea Nouméa
3906TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsPago_Pago= Pago Pago
3907TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsPalau= Palau
3908TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsPitcairn= Pitcairn
3909TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsPonape= Pohnpei
3910TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsPort_Moresby= Port Moresby
3911TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsRarotonga= Rarotonga
3912TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsSaipan= Saipan
3913TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsTahitiTahiti Tahití
3914TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsTarawa= Tarawa
3915TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsTongatapu= Tongatapu
3916TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsTruk= Chuuk
3917TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsWake= Wake
3918TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsWallis= Wallis
3919TimezonesUnknown RegionCities and RegionsUnknownUnknown City Ciutat desconeguda
3920TimezonesOverridesEtc/UTCstandard-longCoordinated Universal Time Temps universal coordinat
3921TimezonesOverridesEtc/UTCstandard-short= UTC
3922TimezonesOverridesEurope/Dublindaylight-longIrish Standard Time Hora estàndard d’Irlanda
3923TimezonesOverridesEurope/Londondaylight-longBritish Summer Time Hora d’estiu britànica
3924NumbersSymbolsGrouping ControlMinimum Grouping Digits= 1
3925NumbersSymbolsTime Symbols Time Separator= :
3926NumbersSymbolsTime Symbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)Time Separator= :
3927NumbersSymbolsTime Symbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)Time Separator= ٫
3928NumbersSymbolsSymbols decimal. ,
3929NumbersSymbolsSymbols group, .
3930NumbersSymbolsSymbols plusSign= +
3931NumbersSymbolsSymbols minusSign= -
3932NumbersSymbolsSymbols percentSign= %
3933NumbersSymbolsSymbols perMille=
3934NumbersSymbolsSymbols exponential= E
3935NumbersSymbolsSymbols superscriptingExponent= ×
3936NumbersSymbolsSymbols infinity=
3937NumbersSymbolsSymbols nan= NaN
3938NumbersSymbolsSymbols list= ;
3939NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)decimal= ٫
3940NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)group= ٬
3941NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)plusSign= ؜+
3942NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)minusSign= ؜-
3943NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)percentSign= ٪؜
3944NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)perMille= ؉
3945NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)exponential= اس
3946NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)superscriptingExponent= ×
3947NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)infinity=
3948NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)nan= NaN
3949NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)list= ؛
3950NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)decimal= ٫
3951NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)group= ٬
3952NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)plusSign= ‎+‎
3953NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)minusSign= ‎-‎
3954NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)percentSign= ٪
3955NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)perMille= ؉
3956NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)exponential= ×۱۰^
3957NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)superscriptingExponent= ×
3958NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)infinity=
3959NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)nan= NaN
3960NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)list= ؛
3961NumbersMinimal PairsOrdinalfewTake the {0}rd right. Agafa el {0}t a la dreta.
3962NumbersMinimal PairsOrdinaloneTake the {0}st right. Agafa el {0}r a la dreta.
3963NumbersMinimal PairsOrdinalotherTake the {0}th right. Agafa el {0}è a la dreta.
3964NumbersMinimal PairsOrdinaltwoTake the {0}nd right. Agafa el {0}n a la dreta.
3965NumbersMinimal PairsPluralone{0} day {0} dia
3966NumbersMinimal PairsPluralother{0} days {0} dies
3967NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsStandard Patterns standard-decimal= #,##0.###
3968NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsStandard Patterns standard-currency¤#,##0.00 #,##0.00 ¤
3969NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsStandard Patterns standard-percent= #,##0%
3970NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsStandard Patterns standard-scientific= #E0
3971NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsStandard Patterns accounting-currency¤#,##0.00;(¤#,##0.00) #,##0.00 ¤;(#,##0.00 ¤)
3972NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsStandard Patterns using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)standard-currency= #,##0.00 ¤
3973NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsStandard Patterns using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)standard-percent= #,##0%
3974NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsCurrency Unit Patterns currencies-one= {0} {1}
3975NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsCurrency Unit Patterns currencies-other= {0} {1}
3976NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsMiscellaneous Patterns approximately= ~{0}
3977NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsMiscellaneous Patterns atLeast{0}+ ≥ {0}
3978NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsMiscellaneous Patterns atMost= ≤{0}
3979NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsMiscellaneous Patterns range{0}–{1} {0}-{1}
3980NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Currency 4-digits-short-one¤0K 0m ¤
3981NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Currency 4-digits-short-other¤0K 0m ¤
3982NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Currency 5-digits-short-one¤00K 00m ¤
3983NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Currency 5-digits-short-other¤00K 00m ¤
3984NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Currency 6-digits-short-one¤000K 000m ¤
3985NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Currency 6-digits-short-other¤000K 000m ¤
3986NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Currency 7-digits-short-one¤0M 0 M ¤
3987NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Currency 7-digits-short-other¤0M 0 M ¤
3988NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Currency 8-digits-short-one¤00M 00 M ¤
3989NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Currency 8-digits-short-other¤00M 00 M ¤
3990NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Currency 9-digits-short-one¤000M 000 M ¤
3991NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Currency 9-digits-short-other¤000M 000 M ¤
3992NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Currency 10-digits-short-one¤0B 0000 M ¤
3993NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Currency 10-digits-short-other¤0B 0000 M ¤
3994NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Currency 11-digits-short-one¤00B 00mM ¤
3995NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Currency 11-digits-short-other¤00B 00mM ¤
3996NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Currency 12-digits-short-one¤000B 000mM ¤
3997NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Currency 12-digits-short-other¤000B 000mM ¤
3998NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Currency 13-digits-short-one¤0T 0 B ¤
3999NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Currency 13-digits-short-other¤0T 0 B ¤
4000NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Currency 14-digits-short-one¤00T 00 B ¤
4001NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Currency 14-digits-short-other¤00T 00 B ¤
4002NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Currency 15-digits-short-one¤000T 000 B ¤
4003NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Currency 15-digits-short-other¤000T 000 B ¤
4004NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 4-digits-long-one0 thousand 0 miler
4005NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 4-digits-long-other0 thousand 0 milers
4006NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 5-digits-long-one00 thousand 00 milers
4007NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 5-digits-long-other00 thousand 00 milers
4008NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 6-digits-long-one000 thousand 000 milers
4009NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 6-digits-long-other000 thousand 000 milers
4010NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 7-digits-long-one0 million 0 milió
4011NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 7-digits-long-other0 million 0 milions
4012NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 8-digits-long-one00 million 00 milions
4013NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 8-digits-long-other00 million 00 milions
4014NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 9-digits-long-one000 million 000 milions
4015NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 9-digits-long-other000 million 000 milions
4016NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 10-digits-long-one0 billion 0 miler de milions
4017NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 10-digits-long-other0 billion 0 milers de milions
4018NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 11-digits-long-one00 billion 00 milers de milions
4019NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 11-digits-long-other00 billion 00 milers de milions
4020NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 12-digits-long-one000 billion 000 milers de milions
4021NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 12-digits-long-other000 billion 000 milers de milions
4022NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 13-digits-long-one0 trillion 0 bilió
4023NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 13-digits-long-other0 trillion 0 bilions
4024NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 14-digits-long-one00 trillion 00 bilions
4025NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 14-digits-long-other00 trillion 00 bilions
4026NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 15-digits-long-one000 trillion 000 bilions
4027NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 15-digits-long-other000 trillion 000 bilions
4028NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 4-digits-short-one0K 0m
4029NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 4-digits-short-other0K 0m
4030NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 5-digits-short-one00K 00m
4031NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 5-digits-short-other00K 00m
4032NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 6-digits-short-one000K 000m
4033NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 6-digits-short-other000K 000m
4034NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 7-digits-short-one0M 0 M
4035NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 7-digits-short-other0M 0 M
4036NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 8-digits-short-one00M 00 M
4037NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 8-digits-short-other00M 00 M
4038NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 9-digits-short-one000M 000 M
4039NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 9-digits-short-other000M 000 M
4040NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 10-digits-short-one0B 0000 M
4041NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 10-digits-short-other0B 0000 M
4042NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 11-digits-short-one00B 00mM
4043NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 11-digits-short-other00B 00mM
4044NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 12-digits-short-one000B 000mM
4045NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 12-digits-short-other000B 000mM
4046NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 13-digits-short-one0T 0 B
4047NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 13-digits-short-other0T 0 B
4048NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 14-digits-short-one00T 00 B
4049NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 14-digits-short-other00T 00 B
4050NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 15-digits-short-one000T 000 B
4051NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 15-digits-short-other000T 000 B
4052CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: BermudaBMD-nameBermudan Dollar dòlar de les Bermudes
4053CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: BermudaBMD-name-oneBermudan dollar dòlar de les Bermudes
4054CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: BermudaBMD-name-otherBermudan dollars dòlars de les Bermudes
4055CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: BermudaBMD-symbol= BMD
4056CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: BermudaBMD-symbol-narrow= $
4057CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: CanadaCAD-nameCanadian Dollar dòlar canadenc
4058CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: CanadaCAD-name-oneCanadian dollar dòlar canadenc
4059CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: CanadaCAD-name-otherCanadian dollars dòlars canadencs
4060CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: CanadaCAD-symbolCA$ CAD
4061CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: CanadaCAD-symbol-narrow= $
4062CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United StatesUSD-nameUS Dollar dòlar dels Estats Units
4063CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United StatesUSD-name-oneUS dollar dòlar dels Estats Units
4064CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United StatesUSD-name-otherUS dollars dòlars dels Estats Units
4065CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United StatesUSD-symbol$ USD
4066CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United StatesUSD-symbol-narrow= $
4067CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United States: USN (fund)USN-nameUS Dollar (Next day) dòlar dels Estats Units (dia següent)
4068CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United States: USN (fund)USN-name-oneUS dollar (next day) dòlar dels Estats Units (dia següent)
4069CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United States: USN (fund)USN-name-otherUS dollars (next day) dòlars dels Estats Units (dia següent)
4070CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United States: USN (fund)USN-symbol= USN
4071CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United States: USS (fund)USS-nameUS Dollar (Same day) dòlar dels Estats Units (mateix dia)
4072CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United States: USS (fund)USS-name-oneUS dollar (same day) dòlar dels Estats Units (mateix dia)
4073CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United States: USS (fund)USS-name-otherUS dollars (same day) dòlars dels Estats Units (mateix dia)
4074CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United States: USS (fund)USS-symbol= USS
4075CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: BelizeBZD-nameBelize Dollar dòlar de Belize
4076CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: BelizeBZD-name-oneBelize dollar dòlar de Belize
4077CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: BelizeBZD-name-otherBelize dollars dòlars de Belize
4078CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: BelizeBZD-symbol= BZD
4079CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: BelizeBZD-symbol-narrow= $
4080CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Costa RicaCRC-nameCosta Rican Colón colon costa-riqueny
4081CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Costa RicaCRC-name-oneCosta Rican colón colon costa-riqueny
4082CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Costa RicaCRC-name-otherCosta Rican colóns colons costa-riquenys
4083CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Costa RicaCRC-symbol= CRC
4084CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Costa RicaCRC-symbol-narrow=
4085CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: GuatemalaGTQ-nameGuatemalan Quetzal quetzal guatemalenc
4086CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: GuatemalaGTQ-name-oneGuatemalan quetzal quetzal guatemalenc
4087CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: GuatemalaGTQ-name-otherGuatemalan quetzals quetzals guatemalencs
4088CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: GuatemalaGTQ-symbol= GTQ
4089CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: GuatemalaGTQ-symbol-narrow= Q
4090CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: HondurasHNL-nameHonduran Lempira lempira hondurenya
4091CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: HondurasHNL-name-oneHonduran lempira lempira hondurenya
4092CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: HondurasHNL-name-otherHonduran lempiras lempires hondurenyes
4093CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: HondurasHNL-symbol= HNL
4094CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: HondurasHNL-symbol-narrow= L
4095CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: MexicoMXN-nameMexican Peso peso mexicà
4096CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: MexicoMXN-name-oneMexican peso peso mexicà
4097CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: MexicoMXN-name-otherMexican pesos pesos mexicans
4098CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: MexicoMXN-symbolMX$ MXN
4099CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: MexicoMXN-symbol-narrow= $
4100CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Mexico: MXP (old)MXP-nameMexican Silver Peso (1861–1992) peso de plata mexicà (1861–1992)
4101CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Mexico: MXP (old)MXP-name-oneMexican silver peso (1861–1992) peso de plata mexicà (1861–1992)
4102CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Mexico: MXP (old)MXP-name-otherMexican silver pesos (1861–1992) pesos de plata mexicans (1861–1992)
4103CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Mexico: MXP (old)MXP-symbol= MXP
4104CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Mexico: MXV (fund)MXV-nameMexican Investment Unit unidad de inversión (UDI) mexicana
4105CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Mexico: MXV (fund)MXV-name-oneMexican investment unit unidad de inversión (UDI) mexicana
4106CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Mexico: MXV (fund)MXV-name-otherMexican investment units unidades de inversión (UDI) mexicanes
4107CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Mexico: MXV (fund)MXV-symbol= MXV
4108CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: NicaraguaNIO-nameNicaraguan Córdoba córdoba nicaragüenc
4109CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: NicaraguaNIO-name-oneNicaraguan córdoba córdoba nicaragüenc
4110CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: NicaraguaNIO-name-otherNicaraguan córdobas córdobas nicaragüencs
4111CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: NicaraguaNIO-symbol= NIO
4112CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: NicaraguaNIO-symbol-narrow= C$
4113CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Nicaragua: NIC (old)NIC-nameNicaraguan Córdoba (1988–1991) córdoba nicaragüenca
4114CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Nicaragua: NIC (old)NIC-name-oneNicaraguan córdoba (1988–1991) córdoba nicaragüenca
4115CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Nicaragua: NIC (old)NIC-name-otherNicaraguan córdobas (1988–1991) córdobas nicaragüenques
4116CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Nicaragua: NIC (old)NIC-symbol= NIC
4117CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: PanamaPAB-namePanamanian Balboa balboa panameny
4118CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: PanamaPAB-name-onePanamanian balboa balboa panameny
4119CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: PanamaPAB-name-otherPanamanian balboas balboes panamenys
4120CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: PanamaPAB-symbol= PAB
4121CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: El Salvador: SVC (old)SVC-nameSalvadoran Colón colon salvadorenc
4122CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: El Salvador: SVC (old)SVC-name-oneSalvadoran colón colón salvadorenc
4123CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: El Salvador: SVC (old)SVC-name-otherSalvadoran colones colones salvadorencs
4124CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: El Salvador: SVC (old)SVC-symbol= SVC
4125CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: ArubaAWG-nameAruban Florin florí d’Aruba
4126CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: ArubaAWG-name-oneAruban florin florí d’Aruba
4127CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: ArubaAWG-name-otherAruban florin florins d’Aruba
4128CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: ArubaAWG-symbol= AWG
4129CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BarbadosBBD-nameBarbadian Dollar dòlar de Barbados
4130CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BarbadosBBD-name-oneBarbadian dollar dòlar de Barbados
4131CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BarbadosBBD-name-otherBarbadian dollars dòlars de Barbados
4132CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BarbadosBBD-symbol= BBD
4133CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BarbadosBBD-symbol-narrow= $
4134CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BahamasBSD-nameBahamian Dollar dòlar de les Bahames
4135CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BahamasBSD-name-oneBahamian dollar dòlar de les Bahames
4136CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BahamasBSD-name-otherBahamian dollars dòlars de les Bahames
4137CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BahamasBSD-symbol= BSD
4138CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BahamasBSD-symbol-narrow= $
4139CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUC-nameCuban Convertible Peso peso convertible cubà
4140CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUP-nameCuban Peso peso cubà
4141CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUC-name-oneCuban convertible peso peso convertible cubà
4142CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUC-name-otherCuban convertible pesos pesos convertibles cubans
4143CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUP-name-oneCuban peso peso cubà
4144CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUP-name-otherCuban pesos pesos cubans
4145CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUC-symbol= CUC
4146CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUP-symbol= CUP
4147CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUC-symbol-narrow= $
4148CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUP-symbol-narrow= $
4149CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CuraçaoANG-nameNetherlands Antillean Guilder florí de les Antilles Neerlandeses
4150CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CuraçaoANG-name-oneNetherlands Antillean guilder florí de les Antilles Neerlandeses
4151CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CuraçaoANG-name-otherNetherlands Antillean guilders florins de les Antilles Neerlandeses
4152CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CuraçaoANG-symbol= ANG
4153CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Dominican RepublicDOP-nameDominican Peso peso dominicà
4154CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Dominican RepublicDOP-name-oneDominican peso peso dominicà
4155CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Dominican RepublicDOP-name-otherDominican pesos pesos dominicans
4156CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Dominican RepublicDOP-symbol= DOP
4157CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Dominican RepublicDOP-symbol-narrow= $
4158CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: HaitiHTG-nameHaitian Gourde gourde haitià
4159CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: HaitiHTG-name-oneHaitian gourde gourde haitià
4160CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: HaitiHTG-name-otherHaitian gourdes gourdes haitians
4161CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: HaitiHTG-symbol= HTG
4162CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: JamaicaJMD-nameJamaican Dollar dòlar jamaicà
4163CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: JamaicaJMD-name-oneJamaican dollar dòlar jamaicà
4164CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: JamaicaJMD-name-otherJamaican dollars dòlars jamaicans
4165CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: JamaicaJMD-symbol= JMD
4166CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: JamaicaJMD-symbol-narrow= $
4167CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Cayman IslandsKYD-nameCayman Islands Dollar dòlar de les illes Caiman
4168CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Cayman IslandsKYD-name-oneCayman Islands dollar dòlar de les illes Caiman
4169CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Cayman IslandsKYD-name-otherCayman Islands dollars dòlars de les illes Caiman
4170CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Cayman IslandsKYD-symbol= KYD
4171CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Cayman IslandsKYD-symbol-narrow= $
4172CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: St. LuciaXCD-nameEast Caribbean Dollar dòlar del Carib Oriental
4173CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: St. LuciaXCD-name-oneEast Caribbean dollar dòlar del Carib Oriental
4174CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: St. LuciaXCD-name-otherEast Caribbean dollars dòlars del Carib Oriental
4175CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: St. LuciaXCD-symbolEC$ XCD
4176CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: St. LuciaXCD-symbol-narrow= $
4177CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Trinidad & TobagoTTD-nameTrinidad & Tobago Dollar dòlar de Trinitat i Tobago
4178CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Trinidad & TobagoTTD-name-oneTrinidad & Tobago dollar dòlar de Trinitat i Tobago
4179CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Trinidad & TobagoTTD-name-otherTrinidad & Tobago dollars dòlars de Trinitat i Tobago
4180CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Trinidad & TobagoTTD-symbol= TTD
4181CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Trinidad & TobagoTTD-symbol-narrow= $
4182CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ArgentinaARS-nameArgentine Peso peso argentí
4183CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ArgentinaARS-name-oneArgentine peso peso argentí
4184CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ArgentinaARS-name-otherArgentine pesos pesos argentins
4185CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ArgentinaARS-symbol= ARS
4186CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ArgentinaARS-symbol-narrow= $
4187CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARA (old)ARA-nameArgentine Austral austral argentí
4188CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARA (old)ARA-name-oneArgentine austral austral argentí
4189CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARA (old)ARA-name-otherArgentine australs australs argentins
4190CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARA (old)ARA-symbol= ARA
4191CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARL (old)ARL-nameArgentine Peso Ley (1970–1983) peso ley argentí (1970–1983)
4192CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARL (old)ARL-name-oneArgentine peso ley (1970–1983) peso ley argentí (1970–1983)
4193CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARL (old)ARL-name-otherArgentine pesos ley (1970–1983) pesos ley argentins (1970–1983)
4194CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARL (old)ARL-symbol= ARL
4195CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARM (old)ARM-nameArgentine Peso (1881–1970) peso argentí (1981–1970)
4196CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARM (old)ARM-name-oneArgentine peso (1881–1970) peso argentí moneda nacional
4197CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARM (old)ARM-name-otherArgentine pesos (1881–1970) pesos argentins moneda nacional
4198CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARM (old)ARM-symbol= ARM
4199CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARP (old)ARP-nameArgentine Peso (1983–1985) peso argentí (1983–1985)
4200CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARP (old)ARP-name-oneArgentine peso (1983–1985) peso argentí (1983–1985)
4201CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARP (old)ARP-name-otherArgentine pesos (1983–1985) pesos argentins (1983–1985)
4202CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARP (old)ARP-symbol= ARP
4203CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BoliviaBOB-nameBolivian Boliviano bolivià
4204CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BoliviaBOB-name-oneBolivian boliviano bolivià
4205CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BoliviaBOB-name-otherBolivian bolivianos bolivians
4206CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BoliviaBOB-symbol= BOB
4207CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BoliviaBOB-symbol-narrow= Bs
4208CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOL (old)BOL-nameBolivian Boliviano (1863–1963) boliviano bolivià (1863–1963)
4209CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOL (old)BOL-name-oneBolivian boliviano (1863–1963) boliviano bolivià (1863–1963)
4210CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOL (old)BOL-name-otherBolivian bolivianos (1863–1963) bolivianos bolivians (1863–1963)
4211CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOL (old)BOL-symbol= BOL
4212CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOP (old)BOP-nameBolivian Peso peso bolivià
4213CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOP (old)BOP-name-oneBolivian peso peso bolivià
4214CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOP (old)BOP-name-otherBolivian pesos pesos bolivians
4215CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOP (old)BOP-symbol= BOP
4216CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOV (old)BOV-nameBolivian Mvdol MVDOL bolivià
4217CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOV (old)BOV-name-oneBolivian mvdol MVDOL bolivià
4218CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOV (old)BOV-name-otherBolivian mvdols MVDOL bolivians
4219CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOV (old)BOV-symbol= BOV
4220CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BrazilBRL-nameBrazilian Real real brasiler
4221CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BrazilBRL-name-oneBrazilian real real brasiler
4222CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BrazilBRL-name-otherBrazilian reals reals brasilers
4223CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BrazilBRL-symbolR$ BRL
4224CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BrazilBRL-symbol-narrow= R$
4225CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRB (old)BRB-nameBrazilian New Cruzeiro (1967–1986) cruzeiro novo brasiler (1967–1986)
4226CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRB (old)BRB-name-oneBrazilian new cruzeiro (1967–1986) cruzeiro novo brasiler (1967–1986)
4227CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRB (old)BRB-name-otherBrazilian new cruzeiros (1967–1986) cruzeiros novos brasilers (1967–1986)
4228CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRB (old)BRB-symbol= BRB
4229CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRC (old)BRC-nameBrazilian Cruzado (1986–1989) cruzado brasiler
4230CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRC (old)BRC-name-oneBrazilian cruzado (1986–1989) cruzado brasiler
4231CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRC (old)BRC-name-otherBrazilian cruzados (1986–1989) cruzados brasilers
4232CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRC (old)BRC-symbol= BRC
4233CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRE (old)BRE-nameBrazilian Cruzeiro (1990–1993) cruzeiro brasiler (1990–1993)
4234CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRE (old)BRE-name-oneBrazilian cruzeiro (1990–1993) cruzeiro brasiler (1990–1993)
4235CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRE (old)BRE-name-otherBrazilian cruzeiros (1990–1993) cruzeiros brasilers (1990–1993)
4236CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRE (old)BRE-symbol= BRE
4237CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRN (old)BRN-nameBrazilian New