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Locale Data Summary for Venda [ve]

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1Core DataAlphabetic InformationCharacters in UseMain Letters[a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z] [a b d ḓ e f g h i k l ḽ m n ṅ ṋ o p r s t ṱ u v w x y z]
2Core DataAlphabetic InformationCharacters in UseOthers: auxiliary[á à ă â å ä ã ā æ ç é è ĕ ê ë ē í ì ĭ î ï ī ñ ó ò ŏ ô ö ø ō œ ú ù ŭ û ü ū ÿ] [c j q]
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4Core DataAlphabetic InformationCharacters in UseOthers: punctuation[\- ‐ – — , ; \: ! ? . … ' ‘ ’ " “ ” ( ) \[ \] § @ * / \& # † ‡ ′ ″] [\- , ; \: ! ? . ( ) \[ \] \{ \}]
5Core DataNumbering SystemsNumbering Systemdefault= latn
6Core DataNumbering SystemsNumbering Systemnative= latn
7Locale Display NamesLocale Name PatternsLocale FormattinglocalePattern= {0} ({1})
8Locale Display NamesLocale Name PatternsLocale FormattinglocaleSeparator= {0}, {1}
9Locale Display NamesLocale Name PatternsLocale FormattinglocaleKeyTypePattern= {0}: {1}
10Locale Display NamesLocale Name PatternsLocale Field FallbackslanguageLanguage: {0} {0}
11Locale Display NamesLocale Name PatternsLocale Field FallbacksscriptScript: {0} {0}
12Locale Display NamesLocale Name PatternsLocale Field FallbacksterritoryRegion: {0} {0}
13Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AaaAfar aa
14Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AabAbkhazian ab
15Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AaceAchinese ace
16Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AachAcoli ach
17Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AadaAdangme ada
18Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AadyAdyghe ady
19Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AaeAvestan ae
20Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AaebTunisian Arabic aeb
21Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AafAfrikaans af
22Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AafhAfrihili afh
23Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AagqAghem agq
24Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AainAinu ain
25Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AakAkan ak
26Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AakkAkkadian akk
27Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AakzAlabama akz
28Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AaleAleut ale
29Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AalnGheg Albanian aln
30Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AaltSouthern Altai alt
31Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AamAmharic am
32Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AanAragonese an
33Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AangOld English ang
34Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AanpAngika anp
35Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AarArabic ar
36Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)Aar_001Modern Standard Arabic ar_001
37Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AarcAramaic arc
38Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AarnMapuche arn
39Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AaroAraona aro
40Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AarpArapaho arp
41Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AarqAlgerian Arabic arq
42Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AarwArawak arw
43Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AaryMoroccan Arabic ary
44Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AarzEgyptian Arabic arz
45Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AasAssamese as
46Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AasaAsu asa
47Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AaseAmerican Sign Language ase
48Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AastAsturian ast
49Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AavAvaric av
50Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AavkKotava avk
51Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AawaAwadhi awa
52Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AayAymara ay
53Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AazAzerbaijani az
54Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)Aaz-shortAzeri az
55Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AazbSouth Azerbaijani azb
56Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbaBashkir ba
57Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbalBaluchi bal
58Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbanBalinese ban
59Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbarBavarian bar
60Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbasBasaa bas
61Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbaxBamun bax
62Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbbcBatak Toba bbc
63Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbbjGhomala bbj
64Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbeBelarusian be
65Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbejBeja bej
66Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbemBemba bem
67Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbewBetawi bew
68Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbezBena bez
69Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbfdBafut bfd
70Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbfqBadaga bfq
71Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbgBulgarian bg
72Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbhoBhojpuri bho
73Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbiBislama bi
74Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbikBikol bik
75Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbinBini bin
76Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbjnBanjar bjn
77Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbkmKom bkm
78Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BblaSiksika bla
79Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbmBambara bm
80Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbnBengali bn
81Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BboTibetan bo
82Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbpyBishnupriya bpy
83Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbqiBakhtiari bqi
84Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbrBreton br
85Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbraBraj bra
86Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbrhBrahui brh
87Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbrxBodo brx
88Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbsBosnian bs
89Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbssAkoose bss
90Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbuaBuriat bua
91Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbugBuginese bug
92Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbumBulu bum
93Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbynBlin byn
94Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BbyvMedumba byv
95Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcaCatalan ca
96Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcadCaddo cad
97Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcarCarib car
98Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcayCayuga cay
99Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcchAtsam cch
100Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CceChechen ce
101Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcebCebuano ceb
102Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcggChiga cgg
103Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CchChamorro ch
104Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CchbChibcha chb
105Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CchgChagatai chg
106Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CchkChuukese chk
107Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CchmMari chm
108Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CchnChinook Jargon chn
109Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CchoChoctaw cho
110Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CchpChipewyan chp
111Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CchrCherokee chr
112Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CchyCheyenne chy
113Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CckbSorani Kurdish ckb
114Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcoCorsican co
115Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcopCoptic cop
116Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcpsCapiznon cps
117Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcrCree cr
118Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcrhCrimean Turkish crh
119Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcsCzech cs
120Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcsbKashubian csb
121Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcuChurch Slavic cu
122Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcvChuvash cv
123Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CcyWelsh cy
124Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdaDanish da
125Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdakDakota dak
126Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdarDargwa dar
127Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdavTaita dav
128Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdeGerman de
129Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)Dde_ATAustrian German de_AT
130Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)Dde_CHSwiss High German de_CH
131Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdelDelaware del
132Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdenSlave den
133Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdgrDogrib dgr
134Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdinDinka din
135Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdjeZarma dje
136Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdoiDogri doi
137Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdsbLower Sorbian dsb
138Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdtpCentral Dusun dtp
139Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DduaDuala dua
140Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdumMiddle Dutch dum
141Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdvDivehi dv
142Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdyoJola-Fonyi dyo
143Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdyuDyula dyu
144Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdzDzongkha dz
145Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DdzgDazaga dzg
146Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EebuEmbu ebu
147Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EeeEwe ee
148Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EefiEfik efi
149Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EeglEmilian egl
150Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EegyAncient Egyptian egy
151Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EekaEkajuk eka
152Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EelGreek el
153Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EelxElamite elx
154Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EenEnglish en
155Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)Een_AUAustralian English en_AU
156Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)Een_CACanadian English en_CA
157Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)Een_GBBritish English en_GB
158Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)Een_GB-shortU.K. English en_GB
159Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)Een_USAmerican English en_US
160Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)Een_US-shortU.S. English en_US
161Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EenmMiddle English enm
162Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EeoEsperanto eo
163Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EesSpanish es
164Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)Ees_419Latin American Spanish es_419
165Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)Ees_ESEuropean Spanish es_ES
166Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)Ees_MXMexican Spanish es_MX
167Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EesuCentral Yupik esu
168Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EetEstonian et
169Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EeuBasque eu
170Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EewoEwondo ewo
171Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EextExtremaduran ext
172Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfaPersian fa
173Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfanFang fan
174Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfatFanti fat
175Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FffFulah ff
176Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfiFinnish fi
177Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfilFilipino fil
178Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfitTornedalen Finnish fit
179Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfjFijian fj
180Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfoFaroese fo
181Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfonFon fon
182Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfrFrench fr
183Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)Ffr_CACanadian French fr_CA
184Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)Ffr_CHSwiss French fr_CH
185Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfrcCajun French frc
186Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfrmMiddle French frm
187Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfroOld French fro
188Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfrpArpitan frp
189Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfrrNorthern Frisian frr
190Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfrsEastern Frisian frs
191Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfurFriulian fur
192Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FfyWestern Frisian fy
193Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgaIrish ga
194Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgaaGa gaa
195Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgagGagauz gag
196Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GganGan Chinese gan
197Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgayGayo gay
198Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgbaGbaya gba
199Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgbzZoroastrian Dari gbz
200Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgdScottish Gaelic gd
201Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgezGeez gez
202Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgilGilbertese gil
203Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GglGalician gl
204Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GglkGilaki glk
205Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgmhMiddle High German gmh
206Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgnGuarani gn
207Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgohOld High German goh
208Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgomGoan Konkani gom
209Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgonGondi gon
210Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgorGorontalo gor
211Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgotGothic got
212Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgrbGrebo grb
213Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgrcAncient Greek grc
214Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgswSwiss German gsw
215Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GguGujarati gu
216Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgucWayuu guc
217Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgurFrafra gur
218Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GguzGusii guz
219Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgvManx gv
220Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GgwiGwichʼin gwi
221Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhaHausa ha
222Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhaiHaida hai
223Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhakHakka Chinese hak
224Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhawHawaiian haw
225Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HheHebrew he
226Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhiHindi hi
227Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhifFiji Hindi hif
228Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhilHiligaynon hil
229Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhitHittite hit
230Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhmnHmong hmn
231Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhoHiri Motu ho
232Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhrCroatian hr
233Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhsbUpper Sorbian hsb
234Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhsnXiang Chinese hsn
235Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhtHaitian ht
236Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhuHungarian hu
237Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhupHupa hup
238Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhyArmenian hy
239Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HhzHerero hz
240Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IiaInterlingua ia
241Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IibaIban iba
242Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IibbIbibio ibb
243Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IidIndonesian id
244Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IieInterlingue ie
245Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IigIgbo ig
246Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IiiSichuan Yi ii
247Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IikInupiaq ik
248Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IiloIloko ilo
249Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IinhIngush inh
250Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IioIdo io
251Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IisIcelandic is
252Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IitItalian it
253Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IiuInuktitut iu
254Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IizhIngrian izh
255Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JjaJapanese ja
256Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JjamJamaican Creole English jam
257Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JjboLojban jbo
258Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JjgoNgomba jgo
259Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JjmcMachame jmc
260Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JjprJudeo-Persian jpr
261Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JjrbJudeo-Arabic jrb
262Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JjutJutish jut
263Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JjvJavanese jv
264Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkaGeorgian ka
265Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkaaKara-Kalpak kaa
266Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkabKabyle kab
267Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkacKachin kac
268Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkajJju kaj
269Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkamKamba kam
270Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkawKawi kaw
271Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkbdKabardian kbd
272Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkblKanembu kbl
273Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkcgTyap kcg
274Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkdeMakonde kde
275Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkeaKabuverdianu kea
276Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkenKenyang ken
277Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkfoKoro kfo
278Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkgKongo kg
279Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkgpKaingang kgp
280Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkhaKhasi kha
281Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkhoKhotanese kho
282Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkhqKoyra Chiini khq
283Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkhwKhowar khw
284Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkiKikuyu ki
285Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkiuKirmanjki kiu
286Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkjKuanyama kj
287Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkkKazakh kk
288Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkkjKako kkj
289Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KklKalaallisut kl
290Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KklnKalenjin kln
291Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkmKhmer km
292Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkmbKimbundu kmb
293Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KknKannada kn
294Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkoKorean ko
295Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkoiKomi-Permyak koi
296Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkokKonkani kok
297Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkosKosraean kos
298Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkpeKpelle kpe
299Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkrKanuri kr
300Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkrcKarachay-Balkar krc
301Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkriKrio kri
302Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkrjKinaray-a krj
303Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkrlKarelian krl
304Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkruKurukh kru
305Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KksKashmiri ks
306Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KksbShambala ksb
307Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KksfBafia ksf
308Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkshColognian ksh
309Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkuKurdish ku
310Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkumKumyk kum
311Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkutKutenai kut
312Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkvKomi kv
313Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkwCornish kw
314Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KkyKyrgyz ky
315Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlaLatin la
316Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LladLadino lad
317Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlagLangi lag
318Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlahLahnda lah
319Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlamLamba lam
320Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlbLuxembourgish lb
321Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlezLezghian lez
322Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlfnLingua Franca Nova lfn
323Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlgGanda lg
324Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LliLimburgish li
325Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlijLigurian lij
326Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlivLivonian liv
327Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlktLakota lkt
328Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlmoLombard lmo
329Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlnLingala ln
330Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LloLao lo
331Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlolMongo lol
332Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlozLozi loz
333Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LltLithuanian lt
334Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LltgLatgalian ltg
335Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LluLuba-Katanga lu
336Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LluaLuba-Lulua lua
337Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LluiLuiseno lui
338Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlunLunda lun
339Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LluoLuo luo
340Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlusMizo lus
341Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LluyLuyia luy
342Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlvLatvian lv
343Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlzhLiterary Chinese lzh
344Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LlzzLaz lzz
345Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmadMadurese mad
346Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmafMafa maf
347Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmagMagahi mag
348Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmaiMaithili mai
349Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmakMakasar mak
350Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmanMandingo man
351Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmasMasai mas
352Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmdeMaba mde
353Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmdfMoksha mdf
354Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmdrMandar mdr
355Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmenMende men
356Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmerMeru mer
357Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmfeMorisyen mfe
358Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmgMalagasy mg
359Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmgaMiddle Irish mga
360Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmghMakhuwa-Meetto mgh
361Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmgoMetaʼ mgo
362Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmhMarshallese mh
363Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmiMaori mi
364Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmicMicmac mic
365Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MminMinangkabau min
366Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmkMacedonian mk
367Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmlMalayalam ml
368Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmnMongolian mn
369Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmncManchu mnc
370Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmniManipuri mni
371Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmohMohawk moh
372Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmosMossi mos
373Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmrMarathi mr
374Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmrjWestern Mari mrj
375Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmsMalay ms
376Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmtMaltese mt
377Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmuaMundang mua
378Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmulMultiple Languages mul
379Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmusCreek mus
380Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmwlMirandese mwl
381Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmwrMarwari mwr
382Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmwvMentawai mwv
383Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmyBurmese my
384Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmyeMyene mye
385Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmyvErzya myv
386Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MmznMazanderani mzn
387Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnaNauru na
388Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnanMin Nan Chinese nan
389Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnapNeapolitan nap
390Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnaqNama naq
391Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnbNorwegian Bokmål nb
392Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NndNorth Ndebele nd
393Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NndsLow German nds
394Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NneNepali ne
395Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnewNewari new
396Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NngNdonga ng
397Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NniaNias nia
398Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NniuNiuean niu
399Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnjoAo Naga njo
400Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnlDutch nl
401Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)Nnl_BEFlemish nl_BE
402Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnmgKwasio nmg
403Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnnNorwegian Nynorsk nn
404Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnnhNgiemboon nnh
405Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnoNorwegian no
406Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnogNogai nog
407Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnonOld Norse non
408Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnovNovial nov
409Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnqoNʼKo nqo
410Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnrSouth Ndebele nr
411Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnsoNorthern Sotho nso
412Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnusNuer nus
413Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnvNavajo nv
414Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnwcClassical Newari nwc
415Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnyNyanja ny
416Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnymNyamwezi nym
417Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnynNyankole nyn
418Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnyoNyoro nyo
419Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NnziNzima nzi
420Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OocOccitan oc
421Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OojOjibwa oj
422Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OomOromo om
423Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OorOriya or
424Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OosOssetic os
425Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OosaOsage osa
426Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OotaOttoman Turkish ota
427Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpaPunjabi pa
428Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpagPangasinan pag
429Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpalPahlavi pal
430Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpamPampanga pam
431Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpapPapiamento pap
432Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpauPalauan pau
433Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpcdPicard pcd
434Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpdcPennsylvania German pdc
435Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpdtPlautdietsch pdt
436Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpeoOld Persian peo
437Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpflPalatine German pfl
438Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PphnPhoenician phn
439Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpiPali pi
440Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PplPolish pl
441Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpmsPiedmontese pms
442Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpntPontic pnt
443Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PponPohnpeian pon
444Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PprgPrussian prg
445Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PproOld Provençal pro
446Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PpsPashto ps
447Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PptPortuguese pt
448Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)Ppt_BRBrazilian Portuguese pt_BR
449Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)Ppt_PTEuropean Portuguese pt_PT
450Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)QquQuechua qu
451Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)QqucKʼicheʼ quc
452Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)QqugChimborazo Highland Quichua qug
453Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrajRajasthani raj
454Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrapRapanui rap
455Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrarRarotongan rar
456Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrgnRomagnol rgn
457Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrifRiffian rif
458Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrmRomansh rm
459Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrnRundi rn
460Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RroRomanian ro
461Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)Rro_MDMoldavian ro_MD
462Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrofRombo rof
463Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RromRomany rom
464Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrootRoot root
465Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrtmRotuman rtm
466Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RruRussian ru
467Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrueRusyn rue
468Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrugRoviana rug
469Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrupAromanian rup
470Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrwKinyarwanda rw
471Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RrwkRwa rwk
472Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsaSanskrit sa
473Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsadSandawe sad
474Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsahSakha sah
475Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsamSamaritan Aramaic sam
476Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsaqSamburu saq
477Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsasSasak sas
478Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsatSantali sat
479Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsazSaurashtra saz
480Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsbaNgambay sba
481Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsbpSangu sbp
482Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SscSardinian sc
483Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SscnSicilian scn
484Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SscoScots sco
485Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsdSindhi sd
486Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsdcSassarese Sardinian sdc
487Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SseNorthern Sami se
488Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SseeSeneca see
489Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsehSena seh
490Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SseiSeri sei
491Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SselSelkup sel
492Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsesKoyraboro Senni ses
493Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsgSango sg
494Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsgaOld Irish sga
495Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsgsSamogitian sgs
496Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SshSerbo-Croatian sh
497Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SshiTachelhit shi
498Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SshnShan shn
499Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SshuChadian Arabic shu
500Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsiSinhala si
501Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsidSidamo sid
502Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SskSlovak sk
503Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SslSlovenian sl
504Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsliLower Silesian sli
505Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SslySelayar sly
506Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsmSamoan sm
507Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsmaSouthern Sami sma
508Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsmjLule Sami smj
509Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsmnInari Sami smn
510Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsmsSkolt Sami sms
511Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsnShona sn
512Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsnkSoninke snk
513Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsoSomali so
514Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsogSogdien sog
515Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsqAlbanian sq
516Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsrSerbian sr
517Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsrnSranan Tongo srn
518Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsrrSerer srr
519Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SssSwati ss
520Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SssySaho ssy
521Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SstSouthern Sotho st
522Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SstqSaterland Frisian stq
523Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsuSundanese su
524Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsukSukuma suk
525Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsusSusu sus
526Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsuxSumerian sux
527Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsvSwedish sv
528Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SswSwahili sw
529Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SswbComorian swb
530Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SswcCongo Swahili swc
531Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsycClassical Syriac syc
532Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SsyrSyriac syr
533Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SszlSilesian szl
534Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtaTamil ta
535Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtcyTulu tcy
536Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TteTelugu te
537Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtemTimne tem
538Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TteoTeso teo
539Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TterTereno ter
540Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtetTetum tet
541Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtgTajik tg
542Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TthThai th
543Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtiTigrinya ti
544Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtigTigre tig
545Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtivTiv tiv
546Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtkTurkmen tk
547Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtklTokelau tkl
548Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtkrTsakhur tkr
549Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtlTagalog tl
550Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtlhKlingon tlh
551Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtliTlingit tli
552Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtlyTalysh tly
553Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtmhTamashek tmh
554Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtnTswana tn
555Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtoTongan to
556Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtogNyasa Tonga tog
557Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtpiTok Pisin tpi
558Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtrTurkish tr
559Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtruTuroyo tru
560Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtrvTaroko trv
561Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtsTsonga ts
562Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtsdTsakonian tsd
563Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtsiTsimshian tsi
564Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TttTatar tt
565Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtttMuslim Tat ttt
566Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtumTumbuka tum
567Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtvlTuvalu tvl
568Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtwTwi tw
569Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtwqTasawaq twq
570Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtyTahitian ty
571Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtyvTuvinian tyv
572Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TtzmCentral Atlas Tamazight tzm
573Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UudmUdmurt udm
574Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UugUyghur ug
575Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UugaUgaritic uga
576Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UukUkrainian uk
577Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UumbUmbundu umb
578Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UundUnknown Language und
579Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UurUrdu ur
580Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UuzUzbek uz
581Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VvaiVai vai
582Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VveVenda Tshivenḓa
583Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VvecVenetian vec
584Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VvepVeps vep
585Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VviVietnamese vi
586Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VvlsWest Flemish vls
587Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VvmfMain-Franconian vmf
588Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VvoVolapük vo
589Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VvotVotic vot
590Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VvroVõro vro
591Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VvunVunjo vun
592Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WwaWalloon wa
593Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WwaeWalser wae
594Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WwalWolaytta wal
595Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WwarWaray war
596Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WwasWasho was
597Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WwoWolof wo
598Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WwuuWu Chinese wuu
599Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)XxalKalmyk xal
600Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)XxhXhosa xh
601Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)XxmfMingrelian xmf
602Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)XxogSoga xog
603Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)YyaoYao yao
604Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)YyapYapese yap
605Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)YyavYangben yav
606Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)YybbYemba ybb
607Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)YyiYiddish yi
608Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)YyoYoruba yo
609Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)YyrlNheengatu yrl
610Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)YyueCantonese yue
611Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZzaZhuang za
612Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZzapZapotec zap
613Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZzblBlissymbols zbl
614Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZzeaZeelandic zea
615Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZzenZenaga zen
616Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZzghStandard Moroccan Tamazight zgh
617Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZzhChinese zh
618Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)Zzh_HansSimplified Chinese zh_Hans
619Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)Zzh_HantTraditional Chinese zh_Hant
620Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZzuZulu zu
621Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZzunZuni zun
622Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZzxxNo linguistic content zxx
623Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZzzaZaza zza
624Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseArabArabic Arab
625Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseArmnArmenian Armn
626Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseBengBengali Beng
627Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseBopoBopomofo Bopo
628Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseCyrlCyrillic Cyrl
629Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseDevaDevanagari Deva
630Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseEthiEthiopic Ethi
631Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseGeorGeorgian Geor
632Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseGrekGreek Grek
633Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseGujrGujarati Gujr
634Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseGuruGurmukhi Guru
635Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHangHangul Hang
636Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHaniHan Hani
637Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHansSimplified Hans
638Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHans-stand-aloneSimplified Han Hans
639Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHantTraditional Hant
640Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHant-stand-aloneTraditional Han Hant
641Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHebrHebrew Hebr
642Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHiraHiragana Hira
643Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseJpanJapanese Jpan
644Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseKanaKatakana Kana
645Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseKhmrKhmer Khmr
646Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseKndaKannada Knda
647Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseKoreKorean Kore
648Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseLaooLao Laoo
649Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseLatnLatin Latn
650Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseMlymMalayalam Mlym
651Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseMymrMyanmar Mymr
652Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseOryaOriya Orya
653Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseSinhSinhala Sinh
654Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseTamlTamil Taml
655Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseTeluTelugu Telu
656Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseThaaThaana Thaa
657Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseThai= Thai
658Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseTibtTibetan Tibt
659Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseZyyyCommon Zyyy
660Locale Display NamesScriptsAspirationalCansUnified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics Cans
661Locale Display NamesScriptsAspirationalMongMongolian Mong
662Locale Display NamesScriptsAspirationalPlrdPollard Phonetic Plrd
663Locale Display NamesScriptsAspirationalTfngTifinagh Tfng
664Locale Display NamesScriptsAspirationalYiiiYi Yiii
665Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseBaliBalinese Bali
666Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseBamuBamum Bamu
667Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseBatkBatak Batk
668Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseCakmChakma Cakm
669Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseCham= Cham
670Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseCherCherokee Cher
671Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseJavaJavanese Java
672Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseKaliKayah Li Kali
673Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseLanaLanna Lana
674Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseLepcLepcha Lepc
675Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseLimbLimbu Limb
676Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseLisuFraser Lisu
677Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseMandMandaean Mand
678Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseMteiMeitei Mayek Mtei
679Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseNkooN’Ko Nkoo
680Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseOlckOl Chiki Olck
681Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseSaurSaurashtra Saur
682Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseSundSundanese Sund
683Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseSyloSyloti Nagri Sylo
684Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseSyrcSyriac Syrc
685Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseTaleTai Le Tale
686Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseTaluNew Tai Lue Talu
687Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseTavtTai Viet Tavt
688Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseVaiiVai Vaii
689Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricAghbCaucasian Albanian Aghb
690Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricArmiImperial Aramaic Armi
691Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricAvstAvestan Avst
692Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricBassBassa Vah Bass
693Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricBrahBrahmi Brah
694Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricBugiBuginese Bugi
695Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricBuhdBuhid Buhd
696Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricCariCarian Cari
697Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricCoptCoptic Copt
698Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricCprtCypriot Cprt
699Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricDsrtDeseret Dsrt
700Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricDuplDuployan shorthand Dupl
701Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricEgypEgyptian hieroglyphs Egyp
702Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricElbaElbasan Elba
703Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricGlagGlagolitic Glag
704Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricGothGothic Goth
705Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricGranGrantha Gran
706Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricHanoHanunoo Hano
707Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricHmngPahawh Hmong Hmng
708Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricItalOld Italic Ital
709Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricKharKharoshthi Khar
710Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricKhojKhojki Khoj
711Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricKthiKaithi Kthi
712Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricLinaLinear A Lina
713Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricLinbLinear B Linb
714Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricLyciLycian Lyci
715Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricLydiLydian Lydi
716Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricMahjMahajani Mahj
717Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricManiManichaean Mani
718Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricMendMende Mend
719Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricMercMeroitic Cursive Merc
720Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricMeroMeroitic Mero
721Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricModi= Modi
722Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricMrooMro Mroo
723Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricNarbOld North Arabian Narb
724Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricNbatNabataean Nbat
725Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricOgamOgham Ogam
726Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricOrkhOrkhon Orkh
727Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricOsmaOsmanya Osma
728Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricPalmPalmyrene Palm
729Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricPaucPau Cin Hau Pauc
730Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricPermOld Permic Perm
731Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricPhagPhags-pa Phag
732Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricPhliInscriptional Pahlavi Phli
733Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricPhlpPsalter Pahlavi Phlp
734Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricPhnxPhoenician Phnx
735Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricPrtiInscriptional Parthian Prti
736Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricQaac= Qaac
737Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricRjngRejang Rjng
738Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricRunrRunic Runr
739Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricSamrSamaritan Samr
740Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricSarbOld South Arabian Sarb
741Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricShawShavian Shaw
742Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricShrdSharada Shrd
743Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricSiddSiddham Sidd
744Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricSindKhudawadi Sind
745Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricSoraSora Sompeng Sora
746Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricTagbTagbanwa Tagb
747Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricTakrTakri Takr
748Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricTglgTagalog Tglg
749Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricTirhTirhuta Tirh
750Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricUgarUgaritic Ugar
751Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricWaraVarang Kshiti Wara
752Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricXpeoOld Persian Xpeo
753Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricXsuxSumero-Akkadian Cuneiform Xsux
754Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherAfakAfaka Afak
755Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherBlisBlissymbols Blis
756Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherBraiBraille Brai
757Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherCirtCirth Cirt
758Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherCyrsOld Church Slavonic Cyrillic Cyrs
759Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherEgydEgyptian demotic Egyd
760Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherEgyhEgyptian hieratic Egyh
761Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherGeokGeorgian Khutsuri Geok
762Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherHluwAnatolian Hieroglyphs Hluw
763Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherHrktJapanese syllabaries Hrkt
764Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherHungOld Hungarian Hung
765Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherIndsIndus Inds
766Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherJurcJurchen Jurc
767Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherKpelKpelle Kpel
768Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherLatfFraktur Latin Latf
769Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherLatgGaelic Latin Latg
770Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherLoma= Loma
771Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherMayaMayan hieroglyphs Maya
772Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherMoon= Moon
773Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherNkgbNaxi Geba Nkgb
774Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherNshuNüshu Nshu
775Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherPhlvBook Pahlavi Phlv
776Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaaa= Qaaa
777Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaab= Qaab
778Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaad= Qaad
779Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaae= Qaae
780Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaaf= Qaaf
781Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaag= Qaag
782Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaah= Qaah
783Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaaj= Qaaj
784Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaak= Qaak
785Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaal= Qaal
786Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaam= Qaam
787Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaan= Qaan
788Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaao= Qaao
789Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaap= Qaap
790Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaaq= Qaaq
791Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaar= Qaar
792Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaas= Qaas
793Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaat= Qaat
794Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaau= Qaau
795Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaav= Qaav
796Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaaw= Qaaw
797Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaax= Qaax
798Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaay= Qaay
799Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaaz= Qaaz
800Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaba= Qaba
801Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabb= Qabb
802Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabc= Qabc
803Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabd= Qabd
804Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabe= Qabe
805Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabf= Qabf
806Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabg= Qabg
807Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabh= Qabh
808Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabi= Qabi
809Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabj= Qabj
810Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabk= Qabk
811Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabl= Qabl
812Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabm= Qabm
813Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabn= Qabn
814Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabo= Qabo
815Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabp= Qabp
816Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabq= Qabq
817Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabr= Qabr
818Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabs= Qabs
819Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabt= Qabt
820Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabu= Qabu
821Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabv= Qabv
822Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabw= Qabw
823Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabx= Qabx
824Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherRoroRongorongo Roro
825Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherSaraSarati Sara
826Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherSgnwSignWriting Sgnw
827Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherSyreEstrangelo Syriac Syre
828Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherSyrjWestern Syriac Syrj
829Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherSyrnEastern Syriac Syrn
830Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherTangTangut Tang
831Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherTengTengwar Teng
832Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherVispVisible Speech Visp
833Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherWoleWoleai Wole
834Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherZinhInherited Zinh
835Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherZmthMathematical Notation Zmth
836Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherZsymSymbols Zsym
837Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherZxxxUnwritten Zxxx
838Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherZzzzUnknown Script Zzzz
839Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsWorld001World 001
840Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsWorld019Americas 019
841Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsWorld002Africa 002
842Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsWorld150Europe 150
843Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsWorld142Asia 142
844Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsWorld009Oceania 009
845Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAmericas003North America 003
846Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAmericas021Northern America 021
847Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAmericas013Central America 013
848Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAmericas029Caribbean 029
849Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAmericas005South America 005
850Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAmericas419Latin America 419
851Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAfrica015Northern Africa 015
852Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAfrica011Western Africa 011
853Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAfrica017Middle Africa 017
854Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAfrica014Eastern Africa 014
855Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAfrica018Southern Africa 018
856Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsEurope154Northern Europe 154
857Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsEurope155Western Europe 155
858Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsEurope151Eastern Europe 151
859Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsEurope039Southern Europe 039
860Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAsia145Western Asia 145
861Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAsia143Central Asia 143
862Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAsia030Eastern Asia 030
863Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAsia034Southern Asia 034
864Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAsia035Southeast Asia 035
865Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsOceania053Australasia 053
866Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsOceania054Melanesia 054
867Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsOceania057Micronesian Region 057
868Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsOceania061Polynesia 061
869Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsOceaniaQOOutlying Oceania QO
870Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsUnknown RegionZZUnknown Region ZZ
871Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Northern AmericaBMBermuda BM
872Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Northern AmericaCACanada CA
873Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Northern AmericaGLGreenland GL
874Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Northern AmericaPMSt. Pierre & Miquelon PM
875Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Northern AmericaUSUnited States US
876Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Northern AmericaUS-shortU.S. US
877Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Central AmericaBZBelize BZ
878Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Central AmericaCRCosta Rica CR
879Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Central AmericaGTGuatemala GT
880Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Central AmericaHNHonduras HN
881Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Central AmericaMXMexico MX
882Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Central AmericaNINicaragua NI
883Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Central AmericaPAPanama PA
884Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Central AmericaSVEl Salvador SV
885Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanAGAntigua & Barbuda AG
886Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanAIAnguilla AI
887Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanAWAruba AW
888Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanBBBarbados BB
889Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanBLSt. Barthélemy BL
890Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanBQCaribbean Netherlands BQ
891Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanBSBahamas BS
892Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanCUCuba CU
893Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanCWCuraçao CW
894Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanDMDominica DM
895Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanDODominican Republic DO
896Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanGDGrenada GD
897Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanGPGuadeloupe GP
898Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanHTHaiti HT
899Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanJMJamaica JM
900Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanKNSt. Kitts & Nevis KN
901Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanKYCayman Islands KY
902Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanLCSt. Lucia LC
903Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanMFSt. Martin MF
904Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanMQMartinique MQ
905Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanMSMontserrat MS
906Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanPRPuerto Rico PR
907Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanSXSint Maarten SX
908Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanTCTurks & Caicos Islands TC
909Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanTTTrinidad & Tobago TT
910Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanVCSt. Vincent & Grenadines VC
911Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanVGBritish Virgin Islands VG
912Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanVIU.S. Virgin Islands VI
913Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaARArgentina AR
914Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaBOBolivia BO
915Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaBRBrazil BR
916Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaCLChile CL
917Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaCOColombia CO
918Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaECEcuador EC
919Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaFKFalkland Islands FK
920Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaFK-variantFalkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) FK
921Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaGFFrench Guiana GF
922Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaGYGuyana GY
923Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaPEPeru PE
924Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaPYParaguay PY
925Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaSRSuriname SR
926Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaUYUruguay UY
927Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaVEVenezuela VE
928Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaDZAlgeria DZ
929Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaEGEgypt EG
930Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaEHWestern Sahara EH
931Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaLYLibya LY
932Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaMAMorocco MA
933Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaSDSudan SD
934Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaSSSouth Sudan SS
935Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaTNTunisia TN
936Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaEACeuta & Melilla EA
937Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaICCanary Islands IC
938Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaBFBurkina Faso BF
939Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaBJBenin BJ
940Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaCICôte d’Ivoire CI
941Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaCI-variantIvory Coast CI
942Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaCVCape Verde CV
943Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaGHGhana GH
944Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaGMGambia GM
945Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaGNGuinea GN
946Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaGWGuinea-Bissau GW
947Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaLRLiberia LR
948Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaMLMali ML
949Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaMRMauritania MR
950Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaNENiger NE
951Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaNGNigeria NG
952Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaSHSt. Helena SH
953Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaSLSierra Leone SL
954Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaSNSenegal SN
955Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaTGTogo TG
956Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaAOAngola AO
957Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaCDCongo - Kinshasa CD
958Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaCD-variantCongo (DRC) CD
959Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaCFCentral African Republic CF
960Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaCGCongo - Brazzaville CG
961Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaCG-variantCongo (Republic) CG
962Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaCMCameroon CM
963Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaGAGabon GA
964Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaGQEquatorial Guinea GQ
965Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaSTSão Tomé & Príncipe ST
966Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaTDChad TD
967Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaBIBurundi BI
968Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaDJDjibouti DJ
969Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaEREritrea ER
970Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaETEthiopia ET
971Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaKEKenya KE
972Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaKMComoros KM
973Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaMGMadagascar MG
974Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaMUMauritius MU
975Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaMWMalawi MW
976Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaMZMozambique MZ
977Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaRERéunion RE
978Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaRWRwanda RW
979Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaSCSeychelles SC
980Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaSOSomalia SO
981Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaTZTanzania TZ
982Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaUGUganda UG
983Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaYTMayotte YT
984Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaZMZambia ZM
985Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaZWZimbabwe ZW
986Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Southern AfricaBWBotswana BW
987Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Southern AfricaLSLesotho LS
988Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Southern AfricaNANamibia NA
989Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Southern AfricaSZSwaziland SZ
990Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Southern AfricaZASouth Africa ZA
991Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)EuropeEUEuropean Union EU
992Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeGGGuernsey GG
993Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeIMIsle of Man IM
994Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeJEJersey JE
995Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeAXÅland Islands AX
996Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeDKDenmark DK
997Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeEEEstonia EE
998Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeFIFinland FI
999Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeFOFaroe Islands FO
1000Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeGBUnited Kingdom GB
1001Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeGB-shortU.K. GB
1002Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeIEIreland IE
1003Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeISIceland IS
1004Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeLTLithuania LT
1005Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeLVLatvia LV
1006Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeNONorway NO
1007Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeSESweden SE
1008Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeSJSvalbard & Jan Mayen SJ
1009Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeATAustria AT
1010Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeBEBelgium BE
1011Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeCHSwitzerland CH
1012Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeDEGermany DE
1013Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeFRFrance FR
1014Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeLILiechtenstein LI
1015Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeLULuxembourg LU
1016Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeMCMonaco MC
1017Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeNLNetherlands NL
1018Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeBGBulgaria BG
1019Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeBYBelarus BY
1020Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeCZCzech Republic CZ
1021Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeHUHungary HU
1022Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeMDMoldova MD
1023Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropePLPoland PL
1024Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeRORomania RO
1025Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeRURussia RU
1026Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeSKSlovakia SK
1027Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeUAUkraine UA
1028Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeADAndorra AD
1029Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeALAlbania AL
1030Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeBABosnia & Herzegovina BA
1031Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeESSpain ES
1032Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeGIGibraltar GI
1033Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeGRGreece GR
1034Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeHRCroatia HR
1035Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeITItaly IT
1036Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeMEMontenegro ME
1037Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeMKMacedonia MK
1038Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeMK-variantMacedonia (FYROM) MK
1039Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeMTMalta MT
1040Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeRSSerbia RS
1041Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropePTPortugal PT
1042Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeSISlovenia SI
1043Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeSMSan Marino SM
1044Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeVAVatican City VA
1045Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeXKKosovo XK
1046Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaAEUnited Arab Emirates AE
1047Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaAMArmenia AM
1048Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaAZAzerbaijan AZ
1049Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaBHBahrain BH
1050Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaCYCyprus CY
1051Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaGEGeorgia GE
1052Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaILIsrael IL
1053Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaIQIraq IQ
1054Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaJOJordan JO
1055Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaKWKuwait KW
1056Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaLBLebanon LB
1057Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaOMOman OM
1058Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaPSPalestinian Territories PS
1059Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaPS-shortPalestine PS
1060Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaQAQatar QA
1061Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaSASaudi Arabia SA
1062Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaSYSyria SY
1063Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaTRTurkey TR
1064Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaYEYemen YE
1065Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Central AsiaTMTurkmenistan TM
1066Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Central AsiaTJTajikistan TJ
1067Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Central AsiaKGKyrgyzstan KG
1068Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Central AsiaKZKazakhstan KZ
1069Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Central AsiaUZUzbekistan UZ
1070Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaCNChina CN
1071Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaHKHong Kong SAR China HK
1072Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaHK-shortHong Kong HK
1073Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaJPJapan JP
1074Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaKPNorth Korea KP
1075Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaKRSouth Korea KR
1076Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaMNMongolia MN
1077Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaMOMacau SAR China MO
1078Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaMO-shortMacau MO
1079Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaTWTaiwan TW
1080Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaAFAfghanistan AF
1081Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaBDBangladesh BD
1082Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaBTBhutan BT
1083Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaINIndia IN
1084Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaIRIran IR
1085Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaLKSri Lanka LK
1086Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaMVMaldives MV
1087Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaNPNepal NP
1088Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaPKPakistan PK
1089Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaBNBrunei BN
1090Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaIDIndonesia ID
1091Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaKHCambodia KH
1092Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaLALaos LA
1093Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaMMMyanmar (Burma) MM
1094Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaMYMalaysia MY
1095Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaPHPhilippines PH
1096Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaSGSingapore SG
1097Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaTHThailand TH
1098Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaTLTimor-Leste TL
1099Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaTL-variantEast Timor TL
1100Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaVNVietnam VN
1101Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)AustralasiaAUAustralia AU
1102Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)AustralasiaNFNorfolk Island NF
1103Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)AustralasiaNZNew Zealand NZ
1104Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)MelanesiaFJFiji FJ
1105Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)MelanesiaNCNew Caledonia NC
1106Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)MelanesiaPGPapua New Guinea PG
1107Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)MelanesiaSBSolomon Islands SB
1108Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)MelanesiaVUVanuatu VU
1109Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Micronesian RegionFMMicronesia FM
1110Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Micronesian RegionGUGuam GU
1111Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Micronesian RegionKIKiribati KI
1112Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Micronesian RegionMHMarshall Islands MH
1113Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Micronesian RegionMPNorthern Mariana Islands MP
1114Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Micronesian RegionNRNauru NR
1115Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Micronesian RegionPWPalau PW
1116Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaASAmerican Samoa AS
1117Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaCKCook Islands CK
1118Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaNUNiue NU
1119Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaPFFrench Polynesia PF
1120Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaPNPitcairn Islands PN
1121Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaTKTokelau TK
1122Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaTOTonga TO
1123Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaTVTuvalu TV
1124Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaWFWallis & Futuna WF
1125Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaWSSamoa WS
1126Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaAQAntarctica AQ
1127Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaBVBouvet Island BV
1128Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaCCCocos (Keeling) Islands CC
1129Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaCXChristmas Island CX
1130Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaGSSouth Georgia & South Sandwich Islands GS
1131Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaHMHeard & McDonald Islands HM
1132Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaIOBritish Indian Ocean Territory IO
1133Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaTFFrench Southern Territories TF
1134Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaUMU.S. Outlying Islands UM
1135Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaACAscension Island AC
1136Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaCPClipperton Island CP
1137Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaDGDiego Garcia DG
1138Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaTATristan da Cunha TA
1139Locale Display NamesLocale Variantsnull1606NICTLate Middle French to 1606 1606NICT
1140Locale Display NamesLocale Variantsnull1694ACADEarly Modern French 1694ACAD
1141Locale Display NamesLocale Variantsnull1901Traditional German orthography 1901
1142Locale Display NamesLocale Variantsnull1959ACADAcademic 1959ACAD
1143Locale Display NamesLocale Variantsnull1994Standardized Resian orthography 1994
1144Locale Display NamesLocale Variantsnull1996German orthography of 1996 1996
1145Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullALALC97ALA-LC Romanization, 1997 edition ALALC97
1146Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullALUKUAluku dialect ALUKU
1147Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullAREVELAEastern Armenian AREVELA
1148Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullAREVMDAWestern Armenian AREVMDA
1149Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBAKU1926Unified Turkic Latin Alphabet BAKU1926
1150Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBALANKABalanka dialect of Anii BALANKA
1151Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBARLABarlavento dialect group of Kabuverdianu BARLA
1152Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBAUDDHA= BAUDDHA
1153Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBISCAYAN= BISCAYAN
1154Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBISKESan Giorgio/Bila dialect BISKE
1155Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBOHORICBohorič alphabet BOHORIC
1156Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBOONTBoontling BOONT
1157Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullDAJNKODajnko alphabet DAJNKO
1158Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullEKAVSKSerbian with Ekavian pronunciation EKAVSK
1159Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullEMODENGEarly Modern English EMODENG
1160Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullFONIPAIPA Phonetics FONIPA
1161Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullFONUPAUPA Phonetics FONUPA
1162Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullFONXSAMP= FONXSAMP
1163Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullHEPBURNHepburn romanization HEPBURN
1164Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullHOGNORSK= HOGNORSK
1165Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullIJEKAVSKSerbian with Ijekavian pronunciation IJEKAVSK
1166Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullITIHASA= ITIHASA
1167Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullJAUER= JAUER
1168Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullJYUTPING= JYUTPING
1169Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullKKCORCommon Orthography KKCOR
1170Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullKSCORStandard Orthography KSCOR
1171Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullLAUKIKA= LAUKIKA
1172Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullLIPAWThe Lipovaz dialect of Resian LIPAW
1173Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullLUNA1918= LUNA1918
1174Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullMETELKOMetelko alphabet METELKO
1175Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullMONOTONMonotonic MONOTON
1176Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullNDYUKANdyuka dialect NDYUKA
1177Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullNEDISNatisone dialect NEDIS
1178Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullNJIVAGniva/Njiva dialect NJIVA
1179Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullNULIKModern Volapük NULIK
1180Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullOSOJSOseacco/Osojane dialect OSOJS
1181Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullPAMAKAPamaka dialect PAMAKA
1182Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullPETR1708= PETR1708
1183Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullPINYINPinyin Romanization PINYIN
1184Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullPOLYTONPolytonic POLYTON
1185Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullPOSIXComputer POSIX
1186Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullPUTER= PUTER
1187Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullREVISEDRevised Orthography REVISED
1188Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullRIGIKClassic Volapük RIGIK
1189Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullROZAJResian ROZAJ
1190Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullRUMGR= RUMGR
1191Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSAAHOSaho SAAHO
1192Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSCOTLANDScottish Standard English SCOTLAND
1193Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSCOUSEScouse SCOUSE
1194Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSOLBAStolvizza/Solbica dialect SOLBA
1195Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSOTAVSotavento dialect group of Kabuverdianu SOTAV
1196Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSURMIRAN= SURMIRAN
1197Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSURSILV= SURSILV
1198Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSUTSILV= SUTSILV
1199Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullTARASKTaraskievica orthography TARASK
1200Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullUCCORUnified Orthography UCCOR
1201Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullUCRCORUnified Revised Orthography UCRCOR
1202Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullULSTER= ULSTER
1203Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullUNIFONUnifon phonetic alphabet UNIFON
1204Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullVAIDIKA= VAIDIKA
1205Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullVALENCIAValencian VALENCIA
1206Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullVALLADER= VALLADER
1207Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullWADEGILEWade-Giles Romanization WADEGILE
1208Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendarCalendar calendar
1209Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-buddhistBuddhist Calendar buddhist
1210Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-chineseChinese Calendar chinese
1211Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-copticCoptic Calendar coptic
1212Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-dangiDangi Calendar dangi
1213Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-ethiopicEthiopic Calendar ethiopic
1214Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-ethiopic-amete-alemEthiopic Amete Alem Calendar ethiopic-amete-alem
1215Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-gregorianGregorian Calendar gregorian
1216Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-hebrewHebrew Calendar hebrew
1217Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-indianIndian National Calendar indian
1218Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-islamicIslamic Calendar islamic
1219Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-islamic-civilIslamic Calendar (tabular, civil epoch) islamic-civil
1220Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-islamic-rgsaIslamic Calendar (Saudi Arabia, sighting) islamic-rgsa
1221Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-islamic-tblaIslamic Calendar (tabular, astronomical epoch) islamic-tbla
1222Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-islamic-umalquraIslamic Calendar (Umm al-Qura) islamic-umalqura
1223Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-iso8601ISO-8601 Calendar iso8601
1224Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-japaneseJapanese Calendar japanese
1225Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-persianPersian Calendar persian
1226Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-rocMinguo Calendar roc
1227Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollationSort Order collation
1228Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-big5hanTraditional Chinese Sort Order - Big5 big5han
1229Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-dictionaryDictionary Sort Order dictionary
1230Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-ducetDefault Unicode Sort Order ducet
1231Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-eorEuropean Ordering Rules eor
1232Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-gb2312hanSimplified Chinese Sort Order - GB2312 gb2312han
1233Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-phonebookPhonebook Sort Order phonebook
1234Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-pinyinPinyin Sort Order pinyin
1235Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-reformedReformed Sort Order reformed
1236Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-searchGeneral-Purpose Search search
1237Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-searchjlSearch By Hangul Initial Consonant searchjl
1238Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-standardStandard Sort Order standard
1239Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-strokeStroke Sort Order stroke
1240Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-traditionalTraditional Sort Order traditional
1241Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-unihanRadical-Stroke Sort Order unihan
1242Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-zhuyinZhuyin Sort Order zhuyin
1243Locale Display NamesKeyscurrencycurrencyCurrency currency
1244Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbersNumbers numbers
1245Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-arabArabic-Indic Digits arab
1246Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-arabextExtended Arabic-Indic Digits arabext
1247Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-armnArmenian Numerals armn
1248Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-armnlowArmenian Lowercase Numerals armnlow
1249Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-baliBalinese Digits bali
1250Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-bengBengali Digits beng
1251Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-brahBrahmi Digits brah
1252Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-cakmChakma Digits cakm
1253Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-chamCham Digits cham
1254Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-devaDevanagari Digits deva
1255Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-ethiEthiopic Numerals ethi
1256Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-fullwideFull Width Digits fullwide
1257Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-georGeorgian Numerals geor
1258Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-grekGreek Numerals grek
1259Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-greklowGreek Lowercase Numerals greklow
1260Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-gujrGujarati Digits gujr
1261Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-guruGurmukhi Digits guru
1262Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-hanidecChinese Decimal Numerals hanidec
1263Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-hansSimplified Chinese Numerals hans
1264Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-hansfinSimplified Chinese Financial Numerals hansfin
1265Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-hantTraditional Chinese Numerals hant
1266Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-hantfinTraditional Chinese Financial Numerals hantfin
1267Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-hebrHebrew Numerals hebr
1268Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-javaJavanese Digits java
1269Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-jpanJapanese Numerals jpan
1270Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-jpanfinJapanese Financial Numerals jpanfin
1271Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-kaliKayah Li Digits kali
1272Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-khmrKhmer Digits khmr
1273Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-kndaKannada Digits knda
1274Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-lanaTai Tham Hora Digits lana
1275Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-lanathamTai Tham Tham Digits lanatham
1276Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-laooLao Digits laoo
1277Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-latnWestern Digits latn
1278Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-lepcLepcha Digits lepc
1279Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-limbLimbu Digits limb
1280Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-mlymMalayalam Digits mlym
1281Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-mongMongolian Digits mong
1282Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-mteiMeetei Mayek Digits mtei
1283Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-mymrMyanmar Digits mymr
1284Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-mymrshanMyanmar Shan Digits mymrshan
1285Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-nkooN’Ko Digits nkoo
1286Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-olckOl Chiki Digits olck
1287Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-oryaOriya Digits orya
1288Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-osmaOsmanya Digits osma
1289Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-romanRoman Numerals roman
1290Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-romanlowRoman Lowercase Numerals romanlow
1291Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-saurSaurashtra Digits saur
1292Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-shrdSharada Digits shrd
1293Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-soraSora Sompeng Digits sora
1294Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-sundSundanese Digits sund
1295Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-takrTakri Digits takr
1296Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-taluNew Tai Lue Digits talu
1297Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-tamlTraditional Tamil Numerals taml
1298Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-tamldecTamil Digits tamldec
1299Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-teluTelugu Digits telu
1300Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-thaiThai Digits thai
1301Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-tibtTibetan Digits tibt
1302Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-vaiiVai Digits vaii
1303Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsera= Era
1304Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsyear= Year
1305Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsquarter= Quarter
1306Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsmonth= Month
1307Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsweek= Week
1308Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsday= Day
1309Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsweekday= Day of the Week
1310Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldsdayperiodAM/PM Dayperiod
1311Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldszoneTime Zone Zone
1312Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldshour= Hour
1313Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsminute= Minute
1314Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldssecond= Second
1315Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year-1= last year
1316Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year0= this year
1317Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year1= next year
1318Date & TimeFieldsRelative Yearfuture-otherin {0} years +{0} y
1319Date & TimeFieldsRelative Yearpast-other{0} years ago -{0} y
1320Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter-1= last quarter
1321Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter0= this quarter
1322Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter1= next quarter
1323Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarterfuture-otherin {0} quarters +{0} Q
1324Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarterpast-other{0} quarters ago -{0} Q
1325Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month-1= last month
1326Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month0= this month
1327Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month1= next month
1328Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monthfuture-otherin {0} months +{0} m
1329Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monthpast-other{0} months ago -{0} m
1330Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week-1= last week
1331Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week0= this week
1332Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week1= next week
1333Date & TimeFieldsRelative Weekfuture-otherin {0} weeks +{0} w
1334Date & TimeFieldsRelative Weekpast-other{0} weeks ago -{0} w
1335Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day-1= yesterday
1336Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day0= today
1337Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day1= tomorrow
1338Date & TimeFieldsRelative Dayfuture-otherin {0} days +{0} d
1339Date & TimeFieldsRelative Daypast-other{0} days ago -{0} d
1340Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hourfuture-otherin {0} hours +{0} h
1341Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hourpast-other{0} hours ago -{0} h
1342Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minutefuture-otherin {0} minutes +{0} min
1343Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minutepast-other{0} minutes ago -{0} min
1344Date & TimeFieldsRelative Second0= now
1345Date & TimeFieldsRelative Secondfuture-otherin {0} seconds +{0} s
1346Date & TimeFieldsRelative Secondpast-other{0} seconds ago -{0} s
1347Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday-1= last Sunday
1348Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday0= this Sunday
1349Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday1= next Sunday
1350Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday-1= last Monday
1351Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday0= this Monday
1352Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday1= next Monday
1353Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday-1= last Tuesday
1354Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday0= this Tuesday
1355Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday1= next Tuesday
1356Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday-1= last Wednesday
1357Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday0= this Wednesday
1358Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday1= next Wednesday
1359Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday-1= last Thursday
1360Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday0= this Thursday
1361Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday1= next Thursday
1362Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday-1= last Friday
1363Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday0= this Friday
1364Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday1= next Friday
1365Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday-1= last Saturday
1366Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday0= this Saturday
1367Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday1= next Saturday
1368Date & TimeGregorianEras - abbreviated0BC BCE
1369Date & TimeGregorianEras - abbreviated0-variant= BCE
1370Date & TimeGregorianEras - abbreviated1AD CE
1371Date & TimeGregorianEras - abbreviated1-variant= CE
1372Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - wide - Formatting11st quarter Kotara ya u thoma
1373Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - wide - Formatting22nd quarter Kotara ya vhuvhili
1374Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - wide - Formatting33rd quarter Kotara ya vhuraru
1375Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - wide - Formatting44th quarter Kotara ya vhuṋa
1376Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - abbreviated - Formatting1Q1 K1
1377Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - abbreviated - Formatting2Q2 K2
1378Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - abbreviated - Formatting3Q3 K3
1379Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - abbreviated - Formatting4Q4 K4
1380Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - narrow - Standalone1= 1
1381Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - narrow - Standalone2= 2
1382Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - narrow - Standalone3= 3
1383Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - narrow - Standalone4= 4
1384Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingJanJanuary Phando
1385Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingFebFebruary Luhuhi
1386Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingMarMarch Ṱhafamuhwe
1387Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingAprApril Lambamai
1388Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingMayMay Shundunthule
1389Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingJunJune Fulwi
1390Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingJulJuly Fulwana
1391Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingAugAugust Ṱhangule
1392Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingSepSeptember Khubvumedzi
1393Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingOctOctober Tshimedzi
1394Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingNovNovember Ḽara
1395Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingDecDecember Nyendavhusiku
1396Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingJanJan Pha
1397Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingFebFeb Luh
1398Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingMarMar Ṱhf
1399Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingAprApr Lam
1400Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingMayMay Shu
1401Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingJunJun Lwi
1402Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingJulJul Lwa
1403Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingAugAug Ṱha
1404Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingSepSep Khu
1405Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingOctOct Tsh
1406Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingNovNov Ḽar
1407Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingDecDec Nye
1408Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJanJ 1
1409Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneFebF 2
1410Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneMarM 3
1411Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneAprA 4
1412Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneMayM 5
1413Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJunJ 6
1414Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJulJ 7
1415Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneAugA 8
1416Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneSepS 9
1417Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneOctO 10
1418Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneNovN 11
1419Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneDecD 12
1420Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - FormattingsunSunday Swondaha
1421Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - FormattingmonMonday Musumbuluwo
1422Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - FormattingtueTuesday Ḽavhuvhili
1423Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - FormattingwedWednesday Ḽavhuraru
1424Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - FormattingthuThursday Ḽavhuṋa
1425Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - FormattingfriFriday Ḽavhuṱanu
1426Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - FormattingsatSaturday Mugivhela
1427Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - FormattingsunSun Swo
1428Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - FormattingmonMon Mus
1429Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - FormattingtueTue Vhi
1430Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - FormattingwedWed Rar
1431Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - FormattingthuThu Ṋa
1432Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - FormattingfriFri Ṱan
1433Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - FormattingsatSat Mug
1434Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - Standalonesun= S
1435Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - Standalonemon= M
1436Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - Standalonetue= T
1437Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - Standalonewed= W
1438Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - Standalonethu= T
1439Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - Standalonefri= F
1440Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - Standalonesat= S
1441Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - wide - Formattingam= AM
1442Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - wide - Formattingnoon= noon
1443Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - wide - Formattingpm= PM
1444Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - narrow - Formattingam= a
1445Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - narrow - Formattingnoon= n
1446Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - narrow - Formattingpm= p
1447Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Date FormatsfullEEEE, MMMM d, y y MMMM d, EEEE
1448Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Date FormatslongMMMM d, y y MMMM d
1449Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Date FormatsmediumMMM d, y y MMM d
1450Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Date FormatsshortM/d/yy y-MM-dd
1451Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Time Formatsfullh:mm:ss a zzzz HH:mm:ss zzzz
1452Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Time Formatslongh:mm:ss a z HH:mm:ss z
1453Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Time Formatsmediumh:mm:ss a HH:mm:ss
1454Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Time Formatsshorth:mm a HH:mm
1455Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsfull{1} 'at' {0} {1} {0}
1456Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatslong{1} 'at' {0} {1} {0}
1457Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsmedium{1}, {0} {1} {0}
1458Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsshort{1}, {0} {1} {0}
1459Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsd= d
1460Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsE= ccc
1461Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsEdd E d, E
1462Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyy G G y
1463Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMMMM y G G y MMM
1464Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMdMMM d, y G G y MMM d
1465Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMEdE, MMM d, y G G y MMM d, E
1466Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsM= L
1467Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMdM/d MM-dd
1468Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMEdE, M/d MM-dd, E
1469Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMM= LLL
1470Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMd= MMM d
1471Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMEdE, MMM d MMM d, E
1472Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsy= y
1473Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyMM/y y-MM
1474Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyMdM/d/y y-MM-dd
1475Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyMEdE, M/d/y y-MM-dd, E
1476Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyMMMMMM y y MMM
1477Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyMMMdMMM d, y y MMM d
1478Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyMMMEdE, MMM d, y y MMM d, E
1479Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyQQQQQQ y y QQQ
1480Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyQQQQQQQQ y y QQQQ
1481Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsEhm= E h:mm a
1482Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsEHm= E HH:mm
1483Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsEhms= E h:mm:ss a
1484Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsEHms= E HH:mm:ss
1485Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time Formatsh= h a
1486Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsH= HH
1487Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time Formatshm= h:mm a
1488Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsHm= HH:mm
1489Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time Formatshms= h:mm:ss a
1490Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsHms= HH:mm:ss
1491Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time Formatsms= mm:ss
1492Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - AppendTimezone= {0} {1}
1493Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date Formatsd/dd – d d–d
1494Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsM/MM – M MM–MM
1495Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMd/dM/d – M/d MM-dd – MM-dd
1496Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMd/MM/d – M/d MM-dd – MM-dd
1497Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMEd/dE, M/d – E, M/d MM-dd, E – MM-dd, E
1498Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMEd/ME, M/d – E, M/d MM-dd, E – MM-dd, E
1499Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMM/MMMM – MMM LLL–LLL
1500Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMd/dMMM d – d MMM d–d
1501Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMd/M= MMM d – MMM d
1502Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMEd/dE, MMM d – E, MMM d MMM d, E – MMM d, E
1503Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMEd/ME, MMM d – E, MMM d MMM d, E – MMM d, E
1504Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date Formatsy/yy – y y–y
1505Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyM/MM/y – M/y y-MM – y-MM
1506Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyM/yM/y – M/y y-MM – y-MM
1507Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/dM/d/y – M/d/y y-MM-dd – y-MM-dd
1508Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/MM/d/y – M/d/y y-MM-dd – y-MM-dd
1509Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/yM/d/y – M/d/y y-MM-dd – y-MM-dd
1510Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/dE, M/d/y – E, M/d/y y-MM-dd, E – y-MM-dd, E
1511Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/ME, M/d/y – E, M/d/y y-MM-dd, E – y-MM-dd, E
1512Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/yE, M/d/y – E, M/d/y y-MM-dd, E – y-MM-dd, E
1513Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMM/MMMM – MMM y y MMM–MMM
1514Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMM/yMMM y – MMM y y MMM – y MMM
1515Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/dMMM d – d, y y MMM d–d
1516Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/MMMM d – MMM d, y y MMM d – MMM d
1517Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/yMMM d, y – MMM d, y y MMM d – y MMM d
1518Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/dE, MMM d – E, MMM d, y y MMM d, E – MMM d, E
1519Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/ME, MMM d – E, MMM d, y y MMM d, E – MMM d, E
1520Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/yE, MMM d, y – E, MMM d, y y MMM d, E – y MMM d, E
1521Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMM/MMMMM – MMMM y y MMMM–MMMM
1522Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMM/yMMMM y – MMMM y y MMMM – y MMMM
1523Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time Formatsh/a= h a – h a
1524Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time Formatsh/hh – h a h–h a
1525Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsH/HHH – HH HH–HH
1526Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshm/a= h:mm a – h:mm a
1527Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshm/hh:mm – h:mm a h:mm–h:mm a
1528Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHm/HHH:mm – HH:mm HH:mm–HH:mm
1529Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshm/mh:mm – h:mm a h:mm–h:mm a
1530Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHm/mHH:mm – HH:mm HH:mm–HH:mm
1531Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshmv/a= h:mm a – h:mm a v
1532Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshmv/hh:mm – h:mm a v h:mm–h:mm a v
1533Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHmv/HHH:mm – HH:mm v HH:mm–HH:mm v
1534Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshmv/mh:mm – h:mm a v h:mm–h:mm a v
1535Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHmv/mHH:mm – HH:mm v HH:mm–HH:mm v
1536Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshv/a= h a – h a v
1537Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshv/hh – h a v h–h a v
1538Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHv/HHH – HH v HH–HH v
1539Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - FallbackFallback= {0} – {1}
1540Date & TimeGenericEras - abbreviated0= ERA0
1541Date & TimeGenericEras - abbreviated1= ERA1
1542Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingJan= M01
1543Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingFeb= M02
1544Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingMar= M03
1545Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingApr= M04
1546Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingMay= M05
1547Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingJun= M06
1548Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingJul= M07
1549Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingAug= M08
1550Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingSep= M09
1551Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingOct= M10
1552Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingNov= M11
1553Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingDec= M12
1554Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneJan= 1
1555Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneFeb= 2
1556Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneMar= 3
1557Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneApr= 4
1558Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneMay= 5
1559Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneJun= 6
1560Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul= 7
1561Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneAug= 8
1562Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneSep= 9
1563Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneOct= 10
1564Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneNov= 11
1565Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneDec= 12
1566Date & TimeGenericFormats - Standard - Date FormatsfullEEEE, MMMM d, y G G y MMMM d, EEEE
1567Date & TimeGenericFormats - Standard - Date FormatslongMMMM d, y G G y MMMM d
1568Date & TimeGenericFormats - Standard - Date FormatsmediumMMM d, y G G y MMM d
1569Date & TimeGenericFormats - Standard - Date FormatsshortM/d/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM-dd
1570Date & TimeGenericFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsfull{1} 'at' {0} {1} {0}
1571Date & TimeGenericFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatslong{1} 'at' {0} {1} {0}
1572Date & TimeGenericFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsmedium{1}, {0} {1} {0}
1573Date & TimeGenericFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsshort{1}, {0} {1} {0}
1574Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsd= d
1575Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsE= ccc
1576Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsEdd E d, E
1577Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyy G G y
1578Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMMMM y G G y MMM
1579Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMdMMM d, y G G y MMM d
1580Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMEdE, MMM d, y G G y MMM d, E
1581Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsM= L
1582Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMdM/d MM-dd
1583Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMEdE, M/d MM-dd, E
1584Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMM= LLL
1585Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMd= MMM d
1586Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMEdE, MMM d MMM d, E
1587Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsyy G G y
1588Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsyyyyy G G y
1589Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMM/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM
1590Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMdM/d/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM-dd
1591Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMEdE, M/d/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM-dd, E
1592Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMMMMM y G G y MMM
1593Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMMdMMM d, y G G y MMM d
1594Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMMEdE, MMM d, y G G y MMM d, E
1595Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyQQQQQQ y G G y QQQ
1596Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyQQQQQQQQ y G G y QQQQ
1597Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsEhm= E h:mm a
1598Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsEHm= E HH:mm
1599Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsEhms= E h:mm:ss a
1600Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsEHms= E HH:mm:ss
1601Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time Formatsh= h a
1602Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsH= HH
1603Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time Formatshm= h:mm a
1604Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsHm= HH:mm
1605Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time Formatshms= h:mm:ss a
1606Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsHms= HH:mm:ss
1607Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time Formatsms= mm:ss
1608Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - AppendTimezone= {0} {1}
1609Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date Formatsd/dd – d d–d
1610Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsM/MM – M MM–MM
1611Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMd/dM/d – M/d MM-dd – MM-dd
1612Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMd/MM/d – M/d MM-dd – MM-dd
1613Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMEd/dE, M/d – E, M/d MM-dd, E – MM-dd, E
1614Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMEd/ME, M/d – E, M/d MM-dd, E – MM-dd, E
1615Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMM/MMMM – MMM LLL–LLL
1616Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMd/dMMM d – d MMM d–d
1617Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMd/M= MMM d – MMM d
1618Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMEd/dE, MMM d – E, MMM d MMM d, E – MMM d, E
1619Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMEd/ME, MMM d – E, MMM d MMM d, E – MMM d, E
1620Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date Formatsy/yy – y G G y–y
1621Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyM/MM/y – M/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM – y-MM
1622Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyM/yM/y – M/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM – y-MM
1623Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/dM/d/y – M/d/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM-dd – y-MM-dd
1624Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/MM/d/y – M/d/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM-dd – y-MM-dd
1625Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/yM/d/y – M/d/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM-dd – y-MM-dd
1626Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/dE, M/d/y – E, M/d/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM-dd, E – y-MM-dd, E
1627Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/ME, M/d/y – E, M/d/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM-dd, E – y-MM-dd, E
1628Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/yE, M/d/y – E, M/d/y GGGGG GGGGG y-MM-dd, E – y-MM-dd, E
1629Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMM/MMMM – MMM y G G y MMM–MMM
1630Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMM/yMMM y – MMM y G G y MMM – y MMM
1631Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/dMMM d – d, y G G y MMM d–d
1632Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/MMMM d – MMM d, y G G y MMM d – MMM d
1633Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/yMMM d, y – MMM d, y G G y MMM d – y MMM d
1634Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/dE, MMM d – E, MMM d, y G G y MMM d, E – MMM d, E
1635Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/ME, MMM d – E, MMM d, y G G y MMM d, E – MMM d, E
1636Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/yE, MMM d, y – E, MMM d, y G G y MMM d, E – y MMM d, E
1637Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMM/MMMMM – MMMM y G G y MMMM–MMMM
1638Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMM/yMMMM y – MMMM y G G y MMMM – y MMMM
1639Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time Formatsh/a= h a – h a
1640Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time Formatsh/hh – h a h–h a
1641Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsH/HHH – HH HH–HH
1642Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshm/a= h:mm a – h:mm a
1643Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshm/hh:mm – h:mm a h:mm–h:mm a
1644Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHm/HHH:mm – HH:mm HH:mm–HH:mm
1645Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshm/mh:mm – h:mm a h:mm–h:mm a
1646Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHm/mHH:mm – HH:mm HH:mm–HH:mm
1647Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshmv/a= h:mm a – h:mm a v
1648Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshmv/hh:mm – h:mm a v h:mm–h:mm a v
1649Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHmv/HHH:mm – HH:mm v HH:mm–HH:mm v
1650Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshmv/mh:mm – h:mm a v h:mm–h:mm a v
1651Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHmv/mHH:mm – HH:mm v HH:mm–HH:mm v
1652Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshv/a= h a – h a v
1653Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshv/hh – h a v h–h a v
1654Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHv/HHH – HH v HH–HH v
1655Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - FallbackFallback= {0} – {1}
1656Date & TimeBuddhistEras - abbreviated0= BE
1657Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-1= zi
1658Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-2= chou
1659Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-3= yin
1660Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-4= mao
1661Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-5= chen
1662Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-6= si
1663Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-7= wu
1664Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-8= wei
1665Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-9= shen
1666Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-10= you
1667Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-11= xu
1668Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-12= hai
1669Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-1= spring begins
1670Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-2= rain water
1671Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-3= insects awaken
1672Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-4= spring equinox
1673Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-5= bright and clear
1674Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-6= grain rain
1675Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-7= summer begins
1676Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-8= grain full
1677Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-9= grain in ear
1678Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-10= summer solstice
1679Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-11= minor heat
1680Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-12= major heat
1681Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-13= autumn begins
1682Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-14= end of heat
1683Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-15= white dew
1684Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-16= autumn equinox
1685Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-17= cold dew
1686Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-18= frost descends
1687Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-19= winter begins
1688Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-20= minor snow
1689Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-21= major snow
1690Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-22= winter solstice
1691Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-23= minor cold
1692Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-24= major cold
1693Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-1= jia-zi
1694Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-2= yi-chou
1695Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-3= bing-yin
1696Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-4= ding-mao
1697Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-5= wu-chen
1698Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-6= ji-si
1699Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-7= geng-wu
1700Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-8= xin-wei
1701Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-9= ren-shen
1702Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-10= gui-you
1703Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-11= jia-xu
1704Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-12= yi-hai
1705Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-13= bing-zi
1706Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-14= ding-chou
1707Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-15= wu-yin
1708Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-16= ji-mao
1709Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-17= geng-chen
1710Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-18= xin-si
1711Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-19= ren-wu
1712Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-20= gui-wei
1713Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-21= jia-shen
1714Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-22= yi-you
1715Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-23= bing-xu
1716Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-24= ding-hai
1717Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-25= wu-zi
1718Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-26= ji-chou
1719Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-27= geng-yin
1720Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-28= xin-mao
1721Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-29= ren-chen
1722Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-30= gui-si
1723Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-31= jia-wu
1724Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-32= yi-wei
1725Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-33= bing-shen
1726Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-34= ding-you
1727Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-35= wu-xu
1728Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-36= ji-hai
1729Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-37= geng-zi
1730Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-38= xin-chou
1731Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-39= ren-yin
1732Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-40= gui-mao
1733Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-41= jia-chen
1734Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-42= yi-si
1735Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-43= bing-wu
1736Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-44= ding-wei
1737Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-45= wu-shen
1738Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-46= ji-you
1739Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-47= geng-xu
1740Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-48= xin-hai
1741Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-49= ren-zi
1742Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-50= gui-chou
1743Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-51= jia-yin
1744Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-52= yi-mao
1745Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-53= bing-chen
1746Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-54= ding-si
1747Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-55= wu-wu
1748Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-56= ji-wei
1749Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-57= geng-shen
1750Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-58= xin-you
1751Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-59= ren-xu
1752Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-60= gui-hai
1753Date & TimeChinesemonthPatternsmonthPattern-format-wide-leap= {0}bis
1754Date & TimeChinesemonthPatternsmonthPattern-numeric-all-leap= {0}bis
1755Date & TimeChinesemonthPatternsmonthPattern-stand-alone-narrow-leap= {0}b
1756Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingJanMonth1 M01
1757Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingFebMonth2 M02
1758Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingMarMonth3 M03
1759Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingAprMonth4 M04
1760Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingMayMonth5 M05
1761Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingJunMonth6 M06
1762Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingJulMonth7 M07
1763Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingAugMonth8 M08
1764Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingSepMonth9 M09
1765Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingOctMonth10 M10
1766Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingNovMonth11 M11
1767Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingDecMonth12 M12
1768Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneJan= 1
1769Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneFeb= 2
1770Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneMar= 3
1771Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneApr= 4
1772Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneMay= 5
1773Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneJun= 6
1774Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul= 7
1775Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneAug= 8
1776Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneSep= 9
1777Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneOct= 10
1778Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneNov= 11
1779Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneDec= 12
1780Date & TimeChineseFormats - Standard - Date FormatsfullEEEE, MMMM d, U U MMMM d, EEEE
1781Date & TimeChineseFormats - Standard - Date FormatslongMMMM d, U U MMMM d
1782Date & TimeChineseFormats - Standard - Date FormatsmediumMMM d, U U MMM d
1783Date & TimeChineseFormats - Standard - Date FormatsshortM/d/yy y-MM-dd
1784Date & TimeChineseFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsfull{1} 'at' {0} {1} {0}
1785Date & TimeChineseFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatslong{1} 'at' {0} {1} {0}
1786Date & TimeChineseFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsmedium{1}, {0} {1} {0}
1787Date & TimeChineseFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsshort{1}, {0} {1} {0}
1788Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsd= d
1789Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsE= ccc
1790Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsEdd E d, E
1791Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGy= U
1792Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMMMM U U MMM
1793Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMdMMM d, U U MMM d
1794Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMEdE, MMM d, U U MMM d, E
1795Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsM= L
1796Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMdM/d MM-dd
1797Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMEdE, M/d MM-dd, E
1798Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMM= LLL
1799Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMd= MMM d
1800Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMEdE, MMM d MMM d, E
1801Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsy= U
1802Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyMdM/d/y y-MM-dd
1803Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsyyyy= U
1804Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMM/y y-MM
1805Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMdM/d/y y-MM-dd
1806Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMEdE, M/d/y y-MM-dd, E
1807Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMMMMM U U MMM
1808Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMMdMMM d, U U MMM d
1809Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMMEdE, MMM d, U U MMM d, E
1810Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyQQQQQQ U U QQQ
1811Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyQQQQQQQQ U U QQQQ
1812Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Time Formatsh= h a
1813Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsH= HH
1814Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Time Formatshm= h:mm a
1815Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsHm= HH:mm
1816Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Time Formatshms= h:mm:ss a
1817Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsHms= HH:mm:ss
1818Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Time Formatsms= mm:ss
1819Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - AppendTimezone= {0} {1}
1820Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date Formatsd/dd – d d–d
1821Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsM/MM – M MM–MM
1822Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMd/dM/d – M/d MM-dd – MM-dd
1823Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMd/MM/d – M/d MM-dd – MM-dd
1824Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMEd/dE, M/d – E, M/d MM-dd, E – MM-dd, E
1825Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMEd/ME, M/d – E, M/d MM-dd, E – MM-dd, E
1826Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMM/MMMM – MMM LLL–LLL
1827Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMd/dMMM d – d MMM d–d
1828Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMd/M= MMM d – MMM d
1829Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMEd/dE, MMM d – E, MMM d MMM d, E – MMM d, E
1830Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMEd/ME, MMM d – E, MMM d MMM d, E – MMM d, E
1831Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date Formatsy/yU – U U–U
1832Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyM/MM/y – M/y y-MM – y-MM
1833Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyM/yM/y – M/y y-MM – y-MM
1834Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/dM/d/y – M/d/y y-MM-dd – y-MM-dd
1835Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/MM/d/y – M/d/y y-MM-dd – y-MM-dd
1836Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/yM/d/y – M/d/y y-MM-dd – y-MM-dd
1837Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/dE, M/d/y – E, M/d/y y-MM-dd, E – y-MM-dd, E
1838Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/ME, M/d/y – E, M/d/y y-MM-dd, E – y-MM-dd, E
1839Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/yE, M/d/y – E, M/d/y y-MM-dd, E – y-MM-dd, E
1840Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMM/MMMM – MMM U U MMM–MMM
1841Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMM/yMMM U – MMM U U MMM – U MMM
1842Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/dMMM d – d, U U MMM d–d
1843Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/MMMM d – MMM d, U U MMM d – MMM d
1844Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/yMMM d, U – MMM d, U U MMM d – U MMM d
1845Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/dE, MMM d – E, MMM d, U U MMM d, E – MMM d, E
1846Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/ME, MMM d – E, MMM d, U U MMM d, E – MMM d, E
1847Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/yE, MMM d, U – E, MMM d, U U MMM d, E – U MMM d, E
1848Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMM/MMMMM – MMMM U U MMMM–MMMM
1849Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMM/yMMMM U – MMMM U U MMMM – U MMMM
1850Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time Formatsh/a= h a – h a
1851Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time Formatsh/hh – h a h–h a
1852Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsH/HHH – HH HH–HH
1853Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshm/a= h:mm a – h:mm a
1854Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshm/hh:mm – h:mm a h:mm–h:mm a
1855Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHm/HHH:mm – HH:mm HH:mm–HH:mm
1856Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshm/mh:mm – h:mm a h:mm–h:mm a
1857Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHm/mHH:mm – HH:mm HH:mm–HH:mm
1858Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshmv/a= h:mm a – h:mm a v
1859Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshmv/hh:mm – h:mm a v h:mm–h:mm a v
1860Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHmv/HHH:mm – HH:mm v HH:mm–HH:mm v
1861Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshmv/mh:mm – h:mm a v h:mm–h:mm a v
1862Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHmv/mHH:mm – HH:mm v HH:mm–HH:mm v
1863Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshv/a= h a – h a v
1864Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshv/hh – h a v h–h a v
1865Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHv/HHH – HH v HH–HH v
1866Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - FallbackFallback= {0} – {1}
1867Date & TimeCopticEras - abbreviated0= ERA0
1868Date & TimeCopticEras - abbreviated1= ERA1
1869Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingJan= Tout
1870Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingFeb= Baba
1871Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingMar= Hator
1872Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingApr= Kiahk
1873Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingMay= Toba
1874Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingJun= Amshir
1875Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingJul= Baramhat
1876Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingAug= Baramouda
1877Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingSep= Bashans
1878Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingOct= Paona
1879Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingNov= Epep
1880Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingDec= Mesra
1881Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingUnd= Nasie
1882Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneJan= 1
1883Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneFeb= 2
1884Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneMar= 3
1885Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneApr= 4
1886Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneMay= 5
1887Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneJun= 6
1888Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul= 7
1889Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneAug= 8
1890Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneSep= 9
1891Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneOct= 10
1892Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneNov= 11
1893Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneDec= 12
1894Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneUnd= 13
1895Date & TimeEthiopicEras - abbreviated0= ERA0
1896Date & TimeEthiopicEras - abbreviated1= ERA1
1897Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingJan= Meskerem
1898Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingFeb= Tekemt
1899Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingMar= Hedar
1900Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingApr= Tahsas
1901Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingMay= Ter
1902Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingJun= Yekatit
1903Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingJul= Megabit
1904Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingAug= Miazia
1905Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingSep= Genbot
1906Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingOct= Sene
1907Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingNov= Hamle
1908Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingDec= Nehasse
1909Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingUnd= Pagumen
1910Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneJan= 1
1911Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneFeb= 2
1912Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneMar= 3
1913Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneApr= 4
1914Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneMay= 5
1915Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneJun= 6
1916Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul= 7
1917Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneAug= 8
1918Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneSep= 9
1919Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneOct= 10
1920Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneNov= 11
1921Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneDec= 12
1922Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneUnd= 13
1923Date & TimeEthiopic-Amete-AlemEras - abbreviated0= ERA0
1924Date & TimeHebrewEras - abbreviated0= AM
1925Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingJan= Tishri
1926Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingFeb= Heshvan
1927Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingMar= Kislev
1928Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingApr= Tevet
1929Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingMay= Shevat
1930Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingJun= Adar I
1931Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingJul= Adar
1932Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingJul (leap)= Adar II
1933Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingAug= Nisan
1934Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingSep= Iyar
1935Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingOct= Sivan
1936Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingNov= Tamuz
1937Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingDec= Av
1938Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingUnd= Elul
1939Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneJan= 1
1940Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneFeb= 2
1941Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneMar= 3
1942Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneApr= 4
1943Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneMay= 5
1944Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneJun= 6
1945Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul= 7
1946Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul (leap)= 7
1947Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneAug= 8
1948Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneSep= 9
1949Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneOct= 10
1950Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneNov= 11
1951Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneDec= 12
1952Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneUnd= 13
1953Date & TimeIndianEras - abbreviated0= Saka
1954Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingJan= Chaitra
1955Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingFeb= Vaisakha
1956Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingMar= Jyaistha
1957Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingApr= Asadha
1958Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingMay= Sravana
1959Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingJun= Bhadra
1960Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingJul= Asvina
1961Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingAug= Kartika
1962Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingSep= Agrahayana
1963Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingOct= Pausa
1964Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingNov= Magha
1965Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingDec= Phalguna
1966Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJan= 1
1967Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneFeb= 2
1968Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneMar= 3
1969Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneApr= 4
1970Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneMay= 5
1971Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJun= 6
1972Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul= 7
1973Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneAug= 8
1974Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneSep= 9
1975Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneOct= 10
1976Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneNov= 11
1977Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneDec= 12
1978Date & TimeIslamicEras - abbreviated0= AH
1979Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingJan= Muharram
1980Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingFeb= Safar
1981Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingMar= Rabiʻ I
1982Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingApr= Rabiʻ II
1983Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingMay= Jumada I
1984Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingJun= Jumada II
1985Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingJul= Rajab
1986Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingAug= Shaʻban
1987Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingSep= Ramadan
1988Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingOct= Shawwal
1989Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingNov= Dhuʻl-Qiʻdah
1990Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingDec= Dhuʻl-Hijjah
1991Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingJan= Muh.
1992Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingFeb= Saf.
1993Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingMar= Rab. I
1994Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingApr= Rab. II
1995Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingMay= Jum. I
1996Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingJun= Jum. II
1997Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingJul= Raj.
1998Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingAug= Sha.
1999Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingSep= Ram.
2000Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingOct= Shaw.
2001Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingNov= Dhuʻl-Q.
2002Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingDec= Dhuʻl-H.
2003Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneJan= 1
2004Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneFeb= 2
2005Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneMar= 3
2006Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneApr= 4
2007Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneMay= 5
2008Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneJun= 6
2009Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul= 7
2010Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneAug= 8
2011Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneSep= 9
2012Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneOct= 10
2013Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneNov= 11
2014Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneDec= 12
2015Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated0= Taika (645-650)
2016Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated1= Hakuchi (650-671)
2017Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated2= Hakuhō (672-686)
2018Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated3= Shuchō (686-701)
2019Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated4= Taihō (701-704)
2020Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated5= Keiun (704-708)
2021Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated6= Wadō (708-715)
2022Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated7= Reiki (715-717)
2023Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated8= Yōrō (717-724)
2024Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated9= Jinki (724-729)
2025Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated10= Tempyō (729-749)
2026Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated11= Tempyō-kampō (749-749)
2027Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated12= Tempyō-shōhō (749-757)
2028Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated13= Tempyō-hōji (757-765)
2029Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated14= Temphō-jingo (765-767)
2030Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated15= Jingo-keiun (767-770)
2031Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated16= Hōki (770-780)
2032Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated17= Ten-ō (781-782)
2033Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated18= Enryaku (782-806)
2034Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated19= Daidō (806-810)
2035Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated20= Kōnin (810-824)
2036Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated21= Tenchō (824-834)
2037Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated22= Jōwa (834-848)
2038Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated23= Kajō (848-851)
2039Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated24= Ninju (851-854)
2040Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated25= Saiko (854-857)
2041Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated26= Tennan (857-859)
2042Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated27= Jōgan (859-877)
2043Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated28= Genkei (877-885)
2044Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated29= Ninna (885-889)
2045Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated30= Kampyō (889-898)
2046Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated31= Shōtai (898-901)
2047Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated32= Engi (901-923)
2048Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated33= Enchō (923-931)
2049Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated34= Shōhei (931-938)
2050Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated35= Tengyō (938-947)
2051Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated36= Tenryaku (947-957)
2052Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated37= Tentoku (957-961)
2053Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated38= Ōwa (961-964)
2054Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated39= Kōhō (964-968)
2055Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated40= Anna (968-970)
2056Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated41= Tenroku (970-973)
2057Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated42= Ten-en (973-976)
2058Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated43= Jōgen (976-978)
2059Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated44= Tengen (978-983)
2060Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated45= Eikan (983-985)
2061Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated46= Kanna (985-987)
2062Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated47= Ei-en (987-989)
2063Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated48= Eiso (989-990)
2064Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated49= Shōryaku (990-995)
2065Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated50= Chōtoku (995-999)
2066Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated51= Chōhō (999-1004)
2067Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated52= Kankō (1004-1012)
2068Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated53= Chōwa (1012-1017)
2069Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated54= Kannin (1017-1021)
2070Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated55= Jian (1021-1024)
2071Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated56= Manju (1024-1028)
2072Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated57= Chōgen (1028-1037)
2073Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated58= Chōryaku (1037-1040)
2074Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated59= Chōkyū (1040-1044)
2075Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated60= Kantoku (1044-1046)
2076Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated61= Eishō (1046-1053)
2077Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated62= Tengi (1053-1058)
2078Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated63= Kōhei (1058-1065)
2079Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated64= Jiryaku (1065-1069)
2080Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated65= Enkyū (1069-1074)
2081Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated66= Shōho (1074-1077)
2082Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated67= Shōryaku (1077-1081)
2083Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated68= Eiho (1081-1084)
2084Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated69= Ōtoku (1084-1087)
2085Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated70= Kanji (1087-1094)
2086Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated71= Kaho (1094-1096)
2087Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated72= Eichō (1096-1097)
2088Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated73= Shōtoku (1097-1099)
2089Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated74= Kōwa (1099-1104)
2090Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated75= Chōji (1104-1106)
2091Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated76= Kashō (1106-1108)
2092Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated77= Tennin (1108-1110)
2093Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated78= Ten-ei (1110-1113)
2094Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated79= Eikyū (1113-1118)
2095Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated80= Gen-ei (1118-1120)
2096Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated81= Hoan (1120-1124)
2097Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated82= Tenji (1124-1126)
2098Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated83= Daiji (1126-1131)
2099Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated84= Tenshō (1131-1132)
2100Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated85= Chōshō (1132-1135)
2101Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated86= Hoen (1135-1141)
2102Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated87= Eiji (1141-1142)
2103Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated88= Kōji (1142-1144)
2104Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated89= Tenyō (1144-1145)
2105Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated90= Kyūan (1145-1151)
2106Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated91= Ninpei (1151-1154)
2107Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated92= Kyūju (1154-1156)
2108Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated93= Hogen (1156-1159)
2109Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated94= Heiji (1159-1160)
2110Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated95= Eiryaku (1160-1161)
2111Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated96= Ōho (1161-1163)
2112Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated97= Chōkan (1163-1165)
2113Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated98= Eiman (1165-1166)
2114Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated99= Nin-an (1166-1169)
2115Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated100= Kaō (1169-1171)
2116Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated101= Shōan (1171-1175)
2117Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated102= Angen (1175-1177)
2118Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated103= Jishō (1177-1181)
2119Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated104= Yōwa (1181-1182)
2120Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated105= Juei (1182-1184)
2121Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated106= Genryuku (1184-1185)
2122Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated107= Bunji (1185-1190)
2123Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated108= Kenkyū (1190-1199)
2124Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated109= Shōji (1199-1201)
2125Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated110= Kennin (1201-1204)
2126Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated111= Genkyū (1204-1206)
2127Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated112= Ken-ei (1206-1207)
2128Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated113= Shōgen (1207-1211)
2129Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated114= Kenryaku (1211-1213)
2130Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated115= Kenpō (1213-1219)
2131Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated116= Shōkyū (1219-1222)
2132Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated117= Jōō (1222-1224)
2133Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated118= Gennin (1224-1225)
2134Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated119= Karoku (1225-1227)
2135Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated120= Antei (1227-1229)
2136Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated121= Kanki (1229-1232)
2137Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated122= Jōei (1232-1233)
2138Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated123= Tempuku (1233-1234)
2139Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated124= Bunryaku (1234-1235)
2140Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated125= Katei (1235-1238)
2141Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated126= Ryakunin (1238-1239)
2142Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated127= En-ō (1239-1240)
2143Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated128= Ninji (1240-1243)
2144Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated129= Kangen (1243-1247)
2145Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated130= Hōji (1247-1249)
2146Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated131= Kenchō (1249-1256)
2147Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated132= Kōgen (1256-1257)
2148Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated133= Shōka (1257-1259)
2149Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated134= Shōgen (1259-1260)
2150Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated135= Bun-ō (1260-1261)
2151Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated136= Kōchō (1261-1264)
2152Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated137= Bun-ei (1264-1275)
2153Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated138= Kenji (1275-1278)
2154Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated139= Kōan (1278-1288)
2155Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated140= Shōō (1288-1293)
2156Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated141= Einin (1293-1299)
2157Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated142= Shōan (1299-1302)
2158Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated143= Kengen (1302-1303)
2159Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated144= Kagen (1303-1306)
2160Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated145= Tokuji (1306-1308)
2161Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated146= Enkei (1308-1311)
2162Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated147= Ōchō (1311-1312)
2163Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated148= Shōwa (1312-1317)
2164Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated149= Bunpō (1317-1319)
2165Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated150= Genō (1319-1321)
2166Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated151= Genkyō (1321-1324)
2167Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated152= Shōchū (1324-1326)
2168Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated153= Kareki (1326-1329)
2169Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated154= Gentoku (1329-1331)
2170Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated155= Genkō (1331-1334)
2171Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated156= Kemmu (1334-1336)
2172Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated157= Engen (1336-1340)
2173Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated158= Kōkoku (1340-1346)
2174Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated159= Shōhei (1346-1370)
2175Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated160= Kentoku (1370-1372)
2176Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated161= Bunchū (1372-1375)
2177Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated162= Tenju (1375-1379)
2178Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated163= Kōryaku (1379-1381)
2179Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated164= Kōwa (1381-1384)
2180Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated165= Genchū (1384-1392)
2181Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated166= Meitoku (1384-1387)
2182Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated167= Kakei (1387-1389)
2183Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated168= Kōō (1389-1390)
2184Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated169= Meitoku (1390-1394)
2185Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated170= Ōei (1394-1428)
2186Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated171= Shōchō (1428-1429)
2187Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated172= Eikyō (1429-1441)
2188Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated173= Kakitsu (1441-1444)
2189Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated174= Bun-an (1444-1449)
2190Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated175= Hōtoku (1449-1452)
2191Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated176= Kyōtoku (1452-1455)
2192Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated177= Kōshō (1455-1457)
2193Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated178= Chōroku (1457-1460)
2194Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated179= Kanshō (1460-1466)
2195Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated180= Bunshō (1466-1467)
2196Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated181= Ōnin (1467-1469)
2197Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated182= Bunmei (1469-1487)
2198Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated183= Chōkyō (1487-1489)
2199Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated184= Entoku (1489-1492)
2200Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated185= Meiō (1492-1501)
2201Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated186= Bunki (1501-1504)
2202Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated187= Eishō (1504-1521)
2203Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated188= Taiei (1521-1528)
2204Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated189= Kyōroku (1528-1532)
2205Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated190= Tenmon (1532-1555)
2206Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated191= Kōji (1555-1558)
2207Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated192= Eiroku (1558-1570)
2208Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated193= Genki (1570-1573)
2209Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated194= Tenshō (1573-1592)
2210Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated195= Bunroku (1592-1596)
2211Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated196= Keichō (1596-1615)
2212Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated197= Genwa (1615-1624)
2213Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated198= Kan-ei (1624-1644)
2214Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated199= Shōho (1644-1648)
2215Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated200= Keian (1648-1652)
2216Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated201= Shōō (1652-1655)
2217Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated202= Meiryaku (1655-1658)
2218Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated203= Manji (1658-1661)
2219Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated204= Kanbun (1661-1673)
2220Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated205= Enpō (1673-1681)
2221Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated206= Tenwa (1681-1684)
2222Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated207= Jōkyō (1684-1688)
2223Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated208= Genroku (1688-1704)
2224Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated209= Hōei (1704-1711)
2225Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated210= Shōtoku (1711-1716)
2226Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated211= Kyōhō (1716-1736)
2227Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated212= Genbun (1736-1741)
2228Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated213= Kanpō (1741-1744)
2229Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated214= Enkyō (1744-1748)
2230Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated215= Kan-en (1748-1751)
2231Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated216= Hōryaku (1751-1764)
2232Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated217= Meiwa (1764-1772)
2233Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated218= An-ei (1772-1781)
2234Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated219= Tenmei (1781-1789)
2235Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated220= Kansei (1789-1801)
2236Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated221= Kyōwa (1801-1804)
2237Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated222= Bunka (1804-1818)
2238Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated223= Bunsei (1818-1830)
2239Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated224= Tenpō (1830-1844)
2240Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated225= Kōka (1844-1848)
2241Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated226= Kaei (1848-1854)
2242Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated227= Ansei (1854-1860)
2243Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated228= Man-en (1860-1861)
2244Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated229= Bunkyū (1861-1864)
2245Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated230= Genji (1864-1865)
2246Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated231= Keiō (1865-1868)
2247Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated232= Meiji
2248Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated233= Taishō
2249Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated234= Shōwa
2250Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated235= Heisei
2251Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow0= Taika (645-650)
2252Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow1= Hakuchi (650-671)
2253Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow2= Hakuhō (672-686)
2254Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow3= Shuchō (686-701)
2255Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow4= Taihō (701-704)
2256Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow5= Keiun (704-708)
2257Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow6= Wadō (708-715)
2258Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow7= Reiki (715-717)
2259Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow8= Yōrō (717-724)
2260Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow9= Jinki (724-729)
2261Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow10= Tempyō (729-749)
2262Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow11= Tempyō-kampō (749-749)
2263Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow12= Tempyō-shōhō (749-757)
2264Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow13= Tempyō-hōji (757-765)
2265Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow14= Temphō-jingo (765-767)
2266Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow15= Jingo-keiun (767-770)
2267Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow16= Hōki (770-780)
2268Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow17= Ten-ō (781-782)
2269Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow18= Enryaku (782-806)
2270Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow19= Daidō (806-810)
2271Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow20= Kōnin (810-824)
2272Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow21= Tenchō (824-834)
2273Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow22= Jōwa (834-848)
2274Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow23= Kajō (848-851)
2275Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow24= Ninju (851-854)
2276Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow25= Saiko (854-857)
2277Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow26= Tennan (857-859)
2278Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow27= Jōgan (859-877)
2279Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow28= Genkei (877-885)
2280Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow29= Ninna (885-889)
2281Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow30= Kampyō (889-898)
2282Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow31= Shōtai (898-901)
2283Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow32= Engi (901-923)
2284Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow33= Enchō (923-931)
2285Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow34= Shōhei (931-938)
2286Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow35= Tengyō (938-947)
2287Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow36= Tenryaku (947-957)
2288Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow37= Tentoku (957-961)
2289Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow38= Ōwa (961-964)
2290Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow39= Kōhō (964-968)
2291Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow40= Anna (968-970)
2292Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow41= Tenroku (970-973)
2293Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow42= Ten-en (973-976)
2294Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow43= Jōgen (976-978)
2295Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow44= Tengen (978-983)
2296Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow45= Eikan (983-985)
2297Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow46= Kanna (985-987)
2298Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow47= Ei-en (987-989)
2299Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow48= Eiso (989-990)
2300Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow49= Shōryaku (990-995)
2301Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow50= Chōtoku (995-999)
2302Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow51= Chōhō (999-1004)
2303Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow52= Kankō (1004-1012)
2304Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow53= Chōwa (1012-1017)
2305Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow54= Kannin (1017-1021)
2306Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow55= Jian (1021-1024)
2307Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow56= Manju (1024-1028)
2308Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow57= Chōgen (1028-1037)
2309Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow58= Chōryaku (1037-1040)
2310Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow59= Chōkyū (1040-1044)
2311Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow60= Kantoku (1044-1046)
2312Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow61= Eishō (1046-1053)
2313Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow62= Tengi (1053-1058)
2314Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow63= Kōhei (1058-1065)
2315Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow64= Jiryaku (1065-1069)
2316Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow65= Enkyū (1069-1074)
2317Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow66= Shōho (1074-1077)
2318Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow67= Shōryaku (1077-1081)
2319Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow68= Eiho (1081-1084)
2320Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow69= Ōtoku (1084-1087)
2321Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow70= Kanji (1087-1094)
2322Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow71= Kaho (1094-1096)
2323Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow72= Eichō (1096-1097)
2324Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow73= Shōtoku (1097-1099)
2325Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow74= Kōwa (1099-1104)
2326Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow75= Chōji (1104-1106)
2327Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow76= Kashō (1106-1108)
2328Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow77= Tennin (1108-1110)
2329Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow78= Ten-ei (1110-1113)
2330Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow79= Eikyū (1113-1118)
2331Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow80= Gen-ei (1118-1120)
2332Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow81= Hoan (1120-1124)
2333Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow82= Tenji (1124-1126)
2334Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow83= Daiji (1126-1131)
2335Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow84= Tenshō (1131-1132)
2336Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow85= Chōshō (1132-1135)
2337Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow86= Hoen (1135-1141)
2338Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow87= Eiji (1141-1142)
2339Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow88= Kōji (1142-1144)
2340Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow89= Tenyō (1144-1145)
2341Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow90= Kyūan (1145-1151)
2342Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow91= Ninpei (1151-1154)
2343Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow92= Kyūju (1154-1156)
2344Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow93= Hogen (1156-1159)
2345Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow94= Heiji (1159-1160)
2346Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow95= Eiryaku (1160-1161)
2347Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow96= Ōho (1161-1163)
2348Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow97= Chōkan (1163-1165)
2349Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow98= Eiman (1165-1166)
2350Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow99= Nin-an (1166-1169)
2351Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow100= Kaō (1169-1171)
2352Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow101= Shōan (1171-1175)
2353Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow102= Angen (1175-1177)
2354Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow103= Jishō (1177-1181)
2355Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow104= Yōwa (1181-1182)
2356Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow105= Juei (1182-1184)
2357Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow106= Genryuku (1184-1185)
2358Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow107= Bunji (1185-1190)
2359Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow108= Kenkyū (1190-1199)
2360Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow109= Shōji (1199-1201)
2361Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow110= Kennin (1201-1204)
2362Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow111= Genkyū (1204-1206)
2363Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow112= Ken-ei (1206-1207)
2364Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow113= Shōgen (1207-1211)
2365Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow114= Kenryaku (1211-1213)
2366Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow115= Kenpō (1213-1219)
2367Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow116= Shōkyū (1219-1222)
2368Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow117= Jōō (1222-1224)
2369Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow118= Gennin (1224-1225)
2370Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow119= Karoku (1225-1227)
2371Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow120= Antei (1227-1229)
2372Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow121= Kanki (1229-1232)
2373Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow122= Jōei (1232-1233)
2374Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow123= Tempuku (1233-1234)
2375Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow124= Bunryaku (1234-1235)
2376Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow125= Katei (1235-1238)
2377Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow126= Ryakunin (1238-1239)
2378Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow127= En-ō (1239-1240)
2379Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow128= Ninji (1240-1243)
2380Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow129= Kangen (1243-1247)
2381Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow130= Hōji (1247-1249)
2382Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow131= Kenchō (1249-1256)
2383Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow132= Kōgen (1256-1257)
2384Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow133= Shōka (1257-1259)
2385Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow134= Shōgen (1259-1260)
2386Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow135= Bun-ō (1260-1261)
2387Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow136= Kōchō (1261-1264)
2388Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow137= Bun-ei (1264-1275)
2389Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow138= Kenji (1275-1278)
2390Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow139= Kōan (1278-1288)
2391Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow140= Shōō (1288-1293)
2392Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow141= Einin (1293-1299)
2393Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow142= Shōan (1299-1302)
2394Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow143= Kengen (1302-1303)
2395Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow144= Kagen (1303-1306)
2396Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow145= Tokuji (1306-1308)
2397Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow146= Enkei (1308-1311)
2398Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow147= Ōchō (1311-1312)
2399Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow148= Shōwa (1312-1317)
2400Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow149= Bunpō (1317-1319)
2401Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow150= Genō (1319-1321)
2402Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow151= Genkyō (1321-1324)
2403Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow152= Shōchū (1324-1326)
2404Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow153= Kareki (1326-1329)
2405Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow154= Gentoku (1329-1331)
2406Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow155= Genkō (1331-1334)
2407Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow156= Kemmu (1334-1336)
2408Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow157= Engen (1336-1340)
2409Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow158= Kōkoku (1340-1346)
2410Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow159= Shōhei (1346-1370)
2411Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow160= Kentoku (1370-1372)
2412Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow161= Bunchũ (1372-1375)
2413Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow162= Tenju (1375-1379)
2414Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow163= Kōryaku (1379-1381)
2415Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow164= Kōwa (1381-1384)
2416Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow165= Genchũ (1384-1392)
2417Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow166= Meitoku (1384-1387)
2418Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow167= Kakei (1387-1389)
2419Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow168= Kōō (1389-1390)
2420Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow169= Meitoku (1390-1394)
2421Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow170= Ōei (1394-1428)
2422Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow171= Shōchō (1428-1429)
2423Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow172= Eikyō (1429-1441)
2424Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow173= Kakitsu (1441-1444)
2425Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow174= Bun-an (1444-1449)
2426Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow175= Hōtoku (1449-1452)
2427Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow176= Kyōtoku (1452-1455)
2428Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow177= Kōshō (1455-1457)
2429Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow178= Chōroku (1457-1460)
2430Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow179= Kanshō (1460-1466)
2431Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow180= Bunshō (1466-1467)
2432Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow181= Ōnin (1467-1469)
2433Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow182= Bunmei (1469-1487)
2434Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow183= Chōkyō (1487-1489)
2435Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow184= Entoku (1489-1492)
2436Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow185= Meiō (1492-1501)
2437Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow186= Bunki (1501-1504)
2438Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow187= Eishō (1504-1521)
2439Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow188= Taiei (1521-1528)
2440Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow189= Kyōroku (1528-1532)
2441Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow190= Tenmon (1532-1555)
2442Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow191= Kōji (1555-1558)
2443Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow192= Eiroku (1558-1570)
2444Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow193= Genki (1570-1573)
2445Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow194= Tenshō (1573-1592)
2446Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow195= Bunroku (1592-1596)
2447Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow196= Keichō (1596-1615)
2448Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow197= Genwa (1615-1624)
2449Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow198= Kan-ei (1624-1644)
2450Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow199= Shōho (1644-1648)
2451Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow200= Keian (1648-1652)
2452Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow201= Shōō (1652-1655)
2453Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow202= Meiryaku (1655-1658)
2454Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow203= Manji (1658-1661)
2455Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow204= Kanbun (1661-1673)
2456Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow205= Enpō (1673-1681)
2457Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow206= Tenwa (1681-1684)
2458Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow207= Jōkyō (1684-1688)
2459Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow208= Genroku (1688-1704)
2460Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow209= Hōei (1704-1711)
2461Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow210= Shōtoku (1711-1716)
2462Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow211= Kyōhō (1716-1736)
2463Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow212= Genbun (1736-1741)
2464Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow213= Kanpō (1741-1744)
2465Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow214= Enkyō (1744-1748)
2466Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow215= Kan-en (1748-1751)
2467Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow216= Hōryaku (1751-1764)
2468Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow217= Meiwa (1764-1772)
2469Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow218= An-ei (1772-1781)
2470Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow219= Tenmei (1781-1789)
2471Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow220= Kansei (1789-1801)
2472Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow221= Kyōwa (1801-1804)
2473Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow222= Bunka (1804-1818)
2474Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow223= Bunsei (1818-1830)
2475Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow224= Tenpō (1830-1844)
2476Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow225= Kōka (1844-1848)
2477Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow226= Kaei (1848-1854)
2478Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow227= Ansei (1854-1860)
2479Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow228= Man-en (1860-1861)
2480Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow229= Bunkyū (1861-1864)
2481Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow230= Genji (1864-1865)
2482Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow231= Keiō (1865-1868)
2483Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow232= M
2484Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow233= T
2485Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow234= S
2486Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow235= H
2487Date & TimePersianEras - abbreviated0= AP
2488Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingJan= Farvardin
2489Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingFeb= Ordibehesht
2490Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingMar= Khordad
2491Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingApr= Tir
2492Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingMay= Mordad
2493Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingJun= Shahrivar
2494Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingJul= Mehr
2495Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingAug= Aban
2496Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingSep= Azar
2497Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingOct= Dey
2498Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingNov= Bahman
2499Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingDec= Esfand
2500Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJan= 1
2501Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneFeb= 2
2502Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneMar= 3
2503Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneApr= 4
2504Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneMay= 5
2505Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJun= 6
2506Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul= 7
2507Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneAug= 8
2508Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneSep= 9
2509Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneOct= 10
2510Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneNov= 11
2511Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneDec= 12
2512Date & TimeROCEras - abbreviated0= Before R.O.C.
2513Date & TimeROCEras - abbreviated1Minguo R.O.C.
2514TimezonesTimezone Display PatternsnullRegion Format - Generic{0} Time {0}
2515TimezonesTimezone Display PatternsnullRegion Format - Standard{0} Standard Time {0} (+0)
2516TimezonesTimezone Display PatternsnullRegion Format - Daylight{0} Daylight Time {0} (+1)
2517TimezonesTimezone Display PatternsnullGMT Format= GMT{0}
2518TimezonesTimezone Display PatternsnullGMT Hours/Minutes Format= +HH:mm;-HH:mm
2519TimezonesTimezone Display PatternsnullGMT Zero Format= GMT
2520TimezonesTimezone Display PatternsnullLocation Fallback Format= {1} ({0})
2521TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsAdak= Adak
2522TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsAnchorage= Anchorage
2523TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsAnguilla= Anguilla
2524TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsAntigua= Antigua
2525TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsAruba= Aruba
2526TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsBahia_Banderas= Bahia Banderas
2527TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsBarbados= Barbados
2528TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsBelize= Belize
2529TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsBermuda= Bermuda
2530TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsBlanc-Sablon= Blanc-Sablon
2531TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsBoise= Boise
2532TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsCambridge_Bay= Cambridge Bay
2533TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsCancun= Cancun
2534TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsCayman= Cayman
2535TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsChicago= Chicago
2536TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsChihuahua= Chihuahua
2537TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsCoral_Harbour= Atikokan
2538TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsCosta_Rica= Costa Rica
2539TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsCreston= Creston
2540TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsCuracaoCuraçao Curacao
2541TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsDanmarkshavn= Danmarkshavn
2542TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsDawson= Dawson
2543TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsDawson_Creek= Dawson Creek
2544TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsDenver= Denver
2545TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsDetroit= Detroit
2546TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsDominica= Dominica
2547TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsEdmonton= Edmonton
2548TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsEl_Salvador= El Salvador
2549TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsGlace_Bay= Glace Bay
2550TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsGodthab= Nuuk
2551TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsGoose_Bay= Goose Bay
2552TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsGrand_Turk= Grand Turk
2553TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsGrenada= Grenada
2554TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsGuadeloupe= Guadeloupe
2555TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsGuatemala= Guatemala
2556TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsHalifax= Halifax
2557TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsHavana= Havana
2558TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsHermosillo= Hermosillo
2559TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsHonolulu= Honolulu
2560TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIndiana/Knox= Knox, Indiana
2561TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIndiana/Marengo= Marengo, Indiana
2562TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIndiana/Petersburg= Petersburg, Indiana
2563TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIndiana/Tell_City= Tell City, Indiana
2564TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIndiana/Vevay= Vevay, Indiana
2565TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIndiana/Vincennes= Vincennes, Indiana
2566TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIndiana/Winamac= Winamac, Indiana
2567TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIndianapolis= Indianapolis
2568TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsInuvik= Inuvik
2569TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIqaluit= Iqaluit
2570TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsJamaica= Jamaica
2571TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsJuneau= Juneau
2572TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsKentucky/Monticello= Monticello, Kentucky
2573TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsKralendijk= Kralendijk
2574TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsLos_Angeles= Los Angeles
2575TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsLouisville= Louisville
2576TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsLower_Princes= Lower Prince’s Quarter
2577TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsManagua= Managua
2578TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMarigot= Marigot
2579TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMartinique= Martinique
2580TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMatamoros= Matamoros
2581TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMazatlan= Mazatlan
2582TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMenominee= Menominee
2583TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMerida= Merida
2584TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMetlakatla= Metlakatla
2585TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMexico_City= Mexico City
2586TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMiquelon= Miquelon
2587TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMoncton= Moncton
2588TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMonterrey= Monterrey
2589TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMontserrat= Montserrat
2590TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsNassau= Nassau
2591TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsNew_York= New York
2592TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsNipigon= Nipigon
2593TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsNome= Nome
2594TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsNorth_Dakota/Beulah= Beulah, North Dakota
2595TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsNorth_Dakota/Center= Center, North Dakota
2596TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsNorth_Dakota/New_Salem= New Salem, North Dakota
2597TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsOjinaga= Ojinaga
2598TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsPanama= Panama
2599TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsPangnirtung= Pangnirtung
2600TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsPhoenix= Phoenix
2601TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsPort_of_Spain= Port of Spain
2602TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsPort-au-Prince= Port-au-Prince
2603TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsPuerto_Rico= Puerto Rico
2604TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsRainy_River= Rainy River
2605TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsRankin_Inlet= Rankin Inlet
2606TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsRegina= Regina
2607TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsResolute= Resolute
2608TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSanta_Isabel= Santa Isabel
2609TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSanto_Domingo= Santo Domingo
2610TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsScoresbysund= Ittoqqortoormiit
2611TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSitka= Sitka
2612TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSt_BarthelemySt. Barthélemy St. Barthelemy
2613TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSt_Johns= St. John’s
2614TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSt_Kitts= St. Kitts
2615TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSt_Lucia= St. Lucia
2616TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSt_Thomas= St. Thomas
2617TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSt_Vincent= St. Vincent
2618TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSwift_Current= Swift Current
2619TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsTegucigalpa= Tegucigalpa
2620TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsThule= Thule
2621TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsThunder_Bay= Thunder Bay
2622TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsTijuana= Tijuana
2623TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsToronto= Toronto
2624TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsTortola= Tortola
2625TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsVancouver= Vancouver
2626TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsWhitehorse= Whitehorse
2627TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsWinnipeg= Winnipeg
2628TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsYakutat= Yakutat
2629TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsYellowknife= Yellowknife
2630TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsAraguaina= Araguaina
2631TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsArgentina/La_Rioja= La Rioja
2632TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsArgentina/Rio_Gallegos= Rio Gallegos
2633TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsArgentina/Salta= Salta
2634TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsArgentina/San_Juan= San Juan
2635TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsArgentina/San_Luis= San Luis
2636TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsArgentina/Tucuman= Tucuman
2637TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsArgentina/Ushuaia= Ushuaia
2638TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsAsuncionAsunción Asuncion
2639TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsBahia= Bahia
2640TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsBelem= Belem
2641TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsBoa_Vista= Boa Vista
2642TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsBogota= Bogota
2643TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsBuenos_Aires= Buenos Aires
2644TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsCampo_Grande= Campo Grande
2645TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsCaracas= Caracas
2646TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsCatamarca= Catamarca
2647TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsCayenne= Cayenne
2648TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsCordoba= Cordoba
2649TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsCuiaba= Cuiaba
2650TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsEaster= Easter
2651TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsEirunepe= Eirunepe
2652TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsFortaleza= Fortaleza
2653TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsGalapagos= Galapagos
2654TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsGuayaquil= Guayaquil
2655TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsGuyana= Guyana
2656TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsJujuy= Jujuy
2657TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsLa_Paz= La Paz
2658TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsLima= Lima
2659TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsMaceio= Maceio
2660TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsManaus= Manaus
2661TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsMendoza= Mendoza
2662TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsMontevideo= Montevideo
2663TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsNoronha= Noronha
2664TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsParamaribo= Paramaribo
2665TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsPorto_Velho= Porto Velho
2666TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsRecife= Recife
2667TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsRio_Branco= Rio Branco
2668TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsSantarem= Santarem
2669TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsSantiago= Santiago
2670TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsSao_Paulo= Sao Paulo
2671TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsStanley= Stanley
2672TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsAbidjan= Abidjan
2673TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsAccra= Accra
2674TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsAddis_Ababa= Addis Ababa
2675TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsAlgiers= Algiers
2676TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsAntananarivo= Antananarivo
2677TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsAsmera= Asmara
2678TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsBamako= Bamako
2679TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsBangui= Bangui
2680TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsBanjul= Banjul
2681TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsBissau= Bissau
2682TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsBlantyre= Blantyre
2683TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsBrazzaville= Brazzaville
2684TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsBujumbura= Bujumbura
2685TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsCairo= Cairo
2686TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsCape_Verde= Cape Verde
2687TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsCasablanca= Casablanca
2688TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsComoro= Comoro
2689TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsConakry= Conakry
2690TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsDakar= Dakar
2691TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsDar_es_Salaam= Dar es Salaam
2692TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsDjibouti= Djibouti
2693TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsDouala= Douala
2694TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsEl_Aaiun= El Aaiun
2695TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsFreetown= Freetown
2696TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsGaborone= Gaborone
2697TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsHarare= Harare
2698TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsJohannesburg= Johannesburg
2699TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsJuba= Juba
2700TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsKampala= Kampala
2701TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsKhartoum= Khartoum
2702TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsKigali= Kigali
2703TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsKinshasa= Kinshasa
2704TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsLagos= Lagos
2705TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsLibreville= Libreville
2706TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsLome= Lome
2707TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsLuanda= Luanda
2708TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsLubumbashi= Lubumbashi
2709TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsLusaka= Lusaka
2710TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMahe= Mahe
2711TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMalabo= Malabo
2712TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMaputo= Maputo
2713TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMaseru= Maseru
2714TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMauritius= Mauritius
2715TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMayotte= Mayotte
2716TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMbabane= Mbabane
2717TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMogadishu= Mogadishu
2718TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMonrovia= Monrovia
2719TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsNairobi= Nairobi
2720TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsNdjamena= Ndjamena
2721TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsNiamey= Niamey
2722TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsNouakchott= Nouakchott
2723TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsOuagadougou= Ouagadougou
2724TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsPorto-Novo= Porto-Novo
2725TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsReunionRéunion Reunion
2726TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsSao_TomeSão Tomé Sao Tome
2727TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsSt_Helena= St. Helena
2728TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsTripoli= Tripoli
2729TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsTunis= Tunis
2730TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsWindhoek= Windhoek
2731TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsAmsterdam= Amsterdam
2732TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsAndorra= Andorra
2733TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsAthens= Athens
2734TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsAzores= Azores
2735TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsBelgrade= Belgrade
2736TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsBerlin= Berlin
2737TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsBratislava= Bratislava
2738TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsBrussels= Brussels
2739TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsBucharest= Bucharest
2740TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsBudapest= Budapest
2741TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsBusingen= Busingen
2742TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsCanary= Canary
2743TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsCeuta= Ceuta
2744TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsChisinau= Chisinau
2745TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsCopenhagen= Copenhagen
2746TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsDublin= Dublin
2747TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsFaeroe= Faroe
2748TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsGibraltar= Gibraltar
2749TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsGuernsey= Guernsey
2750TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsHelsinki= Helsinki
2751TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsIsle_of_Man= Isle of Man
2752TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsJersey= Jersey
2753TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsKiev= Kiev
2754TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsLisbon= Lisbon
2755TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsLjubljana= Ljubljana
2756TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsLondon= London
2757TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsLongyearbyen= Longyearbyen
2758TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsLuxembourg= Luxembourg
2759TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsMadeira= Madeira
2760TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsMadrid= Madrid
2761TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsMalta= Malta
2762TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsMariehamn= Mariehamn
2763TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsMinsk= Minsk
2764TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsMonaco= Monaco
2765TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsOslo= Oslo
2766TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsParis= Paris
2767TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsPodgorica= Podgorica
2768TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsPrague= Prague
2769TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsReykjavik= Reykjavik
2770TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsRiga= Riga
2771TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsRome= Rome
2772TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsSan_Marino= San Marino
2773TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsSarajevo= Sarajevo
2774TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsSkopje= Skopje
2775TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsSofia= Sofia
2776TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsStockholm= Stockholm
2777TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsTallinn= Tallinn
2778TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsTirane= Tirane
2779TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsUzhgorodUzhhorod Uzhgorod
2780TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsVaduz= Vaduz
2781TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsVatican= Vatican
2782TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsVienna= Vienna
2783TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsVilnius= Vilnius
2784TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsWarsaw= Warsaw
2785TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsZagreb= Zagreb
2786TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsZaporozhye= Zaporozhye
2787TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsZurich= Zurich
2788TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsAnadyr= Anadyr
2789TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsChita= Chita
2790TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsIrkutsk= Irkutsk
2791TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsKaliningrad= Kaliningrad
2792TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsKamchatka= Kamchatka
2793TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsKhandyga= Khandyga
2794TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsKrasnoyarsk= Krasnoyarsk
2795TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsMagadan= Magadan
2796TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsMoscow= Moscow
2797TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsNovokuznetsk= Novokuznetsk
2798TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsNovosibirsk= Novosibirsk
2799TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsOmsk= Omsk
2800TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsSakhalin= Sakhalin
2801TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsSamara= Samara
2802TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsSimferopol= Simferopol
2803TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsSrednekolymsk= Srednekolymsk
2804TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsUst-Nera= Ust-Nera
2805TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsVladivostok= Vladivostok
2806TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsVolgograd= Volgograd
2807TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsYakutsk= Yakutsk
2808TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsYekaterinburg= Yekaterinburg
2809TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsAden= Aden
2810TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsAmman= Amman
2811TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsBaghdad= Baghdad
2812TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsBahrain= Bahrain
2813TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsBaku= Baku
2814TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsBeirut= Beirut
2815TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsDamascus= Damascus
2816TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsDubai= Dubai
2817TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsGaza= Gaza
2818TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsHebron= Hebron
2819TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsIstanbul= Istanbul
2820TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsJerusalem= Jerusalem
2821TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsKuwait= Kuwait
2822TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsMuscat= Muscat
2823TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsNicosia= Nicosia
2824TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsQatar= Qatar
2825TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsRiyadh= Riyadh
2826TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsTbilisi= Tbilisi
2827TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsYerevan= Yerevan
2828TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsAlmaty= Almaty
2829TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsAqtau= Aqtau
2830TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsAqtobe= Aqtobe
2831TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsAshgabat= Ashgabat
2832TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsBishkek= Bishkek
2833TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsDushanbe= Dushanbe
2834TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsOral= Oral
2835TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsQyzylorda= Qyzylorda
2836TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsSamarkand= Samarkand
2837TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsTashkent= Tashkent
2838TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsChoibalsan= Choibalsan
2839TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsHong_Kong= Hong Kong
2840TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsHovd= Hovd
2841TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsMacau= Macau
2842TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsPyongyang= Pyongyang
2843TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsSeoul= Seoul
2844TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsShanghai= Shanghai
2845TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsTaipei= Taipei
2846TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsTokyo= Tokyo
2847TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsUlaanbaatar= Ulaanbaatar
2848TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsUrumqi= Urumqi
2849TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsCalcutta= Kolkata
2850TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsColombo= Colombo
2851TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsDhaka= Dhaka
2852TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsKabul= Kabul
2853TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsKarachi= Karachi
2854TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsKatmandu= Kathmandu
2855TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsMaldives= Maldives
2856TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsTehran= Tehran
2857TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsThimphu= Thimphu
2858TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsBangkok= Bangkok
2859TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsBrunei= Brunei
2860TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsDili= Dili
2861TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsJakarta= Jakarta
2862TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsJayapura= Jayapura
2863TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsKuala_Lumpur= Kuala Lumpur
2864TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsKuching= Kuching
2865TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsMakassar= Makassar
2866TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsManila= Manila
2867TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsPhnom_Penh= Phnom Penh
2868TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsPontianak= Pontianak
2869TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsRangoon= Rangoon
2870TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsSaigonHo Chi Minh City Ho Chi Minh
2871TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsSingapore= Singapore
2872TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsVientiane= Vientiane
2873TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsAdelaide= Adelaide
2874TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsAuckland= Auckland
2875TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsBrisbane= Brisbane
2876TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsBroken_Hill= Broken Hill
2877TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsChatham= Chatham
2878TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsCurrie= Currie
2879TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsDarwin= Darwin
2880TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsEucla= Eucla
2881TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsHobart= Hobart
2882TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsLindeman= Lindeman
2883TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsLord_Howe= Lord Howe
2884TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsMacquarie= Macquarie
2885TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsMelbourne= Melbourne
2886TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsNorfolk= Norfolk
2887TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsPerth= Perth
2888TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsSydney= Sydney
2889TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsCasey= Casey
2890TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsDavis= Davis
2891TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsDumontDUrville= Dumont d’Urville
2892TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsMawson= Mawson
2893TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsMcMurdo= McMurdo
2894TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsPalmer= Palmer
2895TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsRothera= Rothera
2896TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsSyowa= Syowa
2897TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsTroll= Troll
2898TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsVostok= Vostok
2899TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsApia= Apia
2900TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsChagos= Chagos
2901TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsChristmas= Christmas
2902TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsCocos= Cocos
2903TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsEfate= Efate
2904TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsEnderbury= Enderbury
2905TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsFakaofo= Fakaofo
2906TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsFiji= Fiji
2907TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsFunafuti= Funafuti
2908TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsGambier= Gambier
2909TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsGuadalcanal= Guadalcanal
2910TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsGuam= Guam
2911TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsJohnston= Johnston
2912TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsKerguelen= Kerguelen
2913TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsKiritimati= Kiritimati
2914TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsKosrae= Kosrae
2915TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsKwajalein= Kwajalein
2916TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsMajuro= Majuro
2917TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsMarquesas= Marquesas
2918TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsMidway= Midway
2919TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsNauru= Nauru
2920TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsNiue= Niue
2921TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsNoumea= Noumea
2922TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsPago_Pago= Pago Pago
2923TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsPalau= Palau
2924TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsPitcairn= Pitcairn
2925TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsPonape= Pohnpei
2926TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsPort_Moresby= Port Moresby
2927TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsRarotonga= Rarotonga
2928TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsSaipan= Saipan
2929TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsSouth_Georgia= South Georgia
2930TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsTahiti= Tahiti
2931TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsTarawa= Tarawa
2932TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsTongatapu= Tongatapu
2933TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsTruk= Chuuk
2934TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsWake= Wake
2935TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsWallis= Wallis
2936TimezonesUnknown RegionCities and RegionsUnknownUnknown City Unknown
2937NumbersSymbolsTime Symbols Time Separator= :
2938NumbersSymbolsTime Symbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)Time Separator= ٫
2939NumbersSymbolsTime Symbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)Time Separator= ٫
2940NumbersSymbolsSymbols decimal. ,
2941NumbersSymbolsSymbols group,  
2942NumbersSymbolsSymbols plusSign= +
2943NumbersSymbolsSymbols minusSign= -
2944NumbersSymbolsSymbols percentSign= %
2945NumbersSymbolsSymbols perMille=
2946NumbersSymbolsSymbols exponential= E
2947NumbersSymbolsSymbols superscriptingExponent= ×
2948NumbersSymbolsSymbols infinity=
2949NumbersSymbolsSymbols nan= NaN
2950NumbersSymbolsSymbols list= ;
2951NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)decimal= ٫
2952NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)group= ٬
2953NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)plusSign= ‏+
2954NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)minusSign= ‏-
2955NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)percentSign= ٪
2956NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)perMille= ؉
2957NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)exponential= اس
2958NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)superscriptingExponent= ×
2959NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)infinity=
2960NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)nan= NaN
2961NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)list= ؛
2962NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)decimal= ٫
2963NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)group= ٬
2964NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)plusSign= ‎+‎
2965NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)minusSign= ‎-‎
2966NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)percentSign= ٪
2967NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)perMille= ؉
2968NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)exponential= ×۱۰^
2969NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)superscriptingExponent= ×
2970NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)infinity=
2971NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)nan= NaN
2972NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)list= ؛
2973NumbersSymbolsGrouping ControlMinimum Grouping Digits= 1
2974NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsStandard Patterns standard-decimal= #,##0.###
2975NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsStandard Patterns standard-currency= ¤#,##0.00
2976NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsStandard Patterns standard-percent= #,##0%
2977NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsStandard Patterns standard-scientific= #E0
2978NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsCurrency Unit Patterns currencies-other= {0} {1}
2979NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsMiscellaneous Patterns atLeast{0}+ ⩾{0}
2980NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsMiscellaneous Patterns range= {0}–{1}
2981NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 4-digits-short-other= 0K
2982NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 5-digits-short-other= 00K
2983NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 6-digits-short-other= 000K
2984NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 7-digits-short-other= 0M
2985NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 8-digits-short-other= 00M
2986NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 9-digits-short-other= 000M
2987NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 10-digits-short-other0B 0G
2988NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 11-digits-short-other00B 00G
2989NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 12-digits-short-other000B 000G
2990NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 13-digits-short-other= 0T
2991NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 14-digits-short-other= 00T
2992NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 15-digits-short-other= 000T
2993CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: BermudaBMD-nameBermudan Dollar BMD
2994CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: BermudaBMD-symbol= BMD
2995CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: BermudaBMD-symbol-narrow= $
2996CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: CanadaCAD-nameCanadian Dollar CAD
2997CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: CanadaCAD-symbol= CA$
2998CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: CanadaCAD-symbol-narrow= $
2999CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United StatesUSD-nameUS Dollar USD
3000CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United StatesUSD-symbol$ US$
3001CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United StatesUSD-symbol-narrow= $
3002CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United States: USN (fund)USN-nameUS Dollar (Next day) USN
3003CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United States: USN (fund)USN-symbol= USN
3004CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United States: USS (fund)USS-nameUS Dollar (Same day) USS
3005CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United States: USS (fund)USS-symbol= USS
3006CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: BelizeBZD-nameBelize Dollar BZD
3007CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: BelizeBZD-symbol= BZD
3008CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: BelizeBZD-symbol-narrow= $
3009CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Costa RicaCRC-nameCosta Rican Colón CRC
3010CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Costa RicaCRC-symbol= CRC
3011CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Costa RicaCRC-symbol-narrow=
3012CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: GuatemalaGTQ-nameGuatemalan Quetzal GTQ
3013CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: GuatemalaGTQ-symbol= GTQ
3014CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: GuatemalaGTQ-symbol-narrow= Q
3015CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: HondurasHNL-nameHonduran Lempira HNL
3016CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: HondurasHNL-symbol= HNL
3017CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: HondurasHNL-symbol-narrow= L
3018CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: MexicoMXN-nameMexican Peso MXN
3019CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: MexicoMXN-symbol= MX$
3020CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: MexicoMXN-symbol-narrow= $
3021CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Mexico: MXP (old)MXP-nameMexican Silver Peso (1861–1992) MXP
3022CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Mexico: MXP (old)MXP-symbol= MXP
3023CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Mexico: MXV (fund)MXV-nameMexican Investment Unit MXV
3024CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Mexico: MXV (fund)MXV-symbol= MXV
3025CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: NicaraguaNIO-nameNicaraguan Córdoba NIO
3026CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: NicaraguaNIO-symbol= NIO
3027CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: NicaraguaNIO-symbol-narrow= C$
3028CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Nicaragua: NIC (old)NIC-nameNicaraguan Córdoba (1988–1991) NIC
3029CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Nicaragua: NIC (old)NIC-symbol= NIC
3030CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: PanamaPAB-namePanamanian Balboa PAB
3031CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: PanamaPAB-symbol= PAB
3032CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: El Salvador: SVC (old)SVC-nameSalvadoran Colón SVC
3033CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: El Salvador: SVC (old)SVC-symbol= SVC
3034CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: ArubaAWG-nameAruban Florin AWG
3035CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: ArubaAWG-symbol= AWG
3036CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BarbadosBBD-nameBarbadian Dollar BBD
3037CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BarbadosBBD-symbol= BBD
3038CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BarbadosBBD-symbol-narrow= $
3039CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BahamasBSD-nameBahamian Dollar BSD
3040CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BahamasBSD-symbol= BSD
3041CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BahamasBSD-symbol-narrow= $
3042CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUC-nameCuban Convertible Peso CUC
3043CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUP-nameCuban Peso CUP
3044CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUC-symbol= CUC
3045CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUP-symbol= CUP
3046CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUC-symbol-narrow= $
3047CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUP-symbol-narrow= $
3048CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CuraçaoANG-nameNetherlands Antillean Guilder ANG
3049CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CuraçaoANG-symbol= ANG
3050CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Dominican RepublicDOP-nameDominican Peso DOP
3051CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Dominican RepublicDOP-symbol= DOP
3052CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Dominican RepublicDOP-symbol-narrow= $
3053CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: HaitiHTG-nameHaitian Gourde HTG
3054CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: HaitiHTG-symbol= HTG
3055CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: JamaicaJMD-nameJamaican Dollar JMD
3056CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: JamaicaJMD-symbol= JMD
3057CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: JamaicaJMD-symbol-narrow= $
3058CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Cayman IslandsKYD-nameCayman Islands Dollar KYD
3059CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Cayman IslandsKYD-symbol= KYD
3060CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Cayman IslandsKYD-symbol-narrow= $
3061CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: St. LuciaXCD-nameEast Caribbean Dollar XCD
3062CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: St. LuciaXCD-symbol= EC$
3063CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: St. LuciaXCD-symbol-narrow= $
3064CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Trinidad & TobagoTTD-nameTrinidad & Tobago Dollar TTD
3065CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Trinidad & TobagoTTD-symbol= TTD
3066CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Trinidad & TobagoTTD-symbol-narrow= $
3067CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ArgentinaARS-nameArgentine Peso ARS
3068CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ArgentinaARS-symbol= ARS
3069CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ArgentinaARS-symbol-narrow= $
3070CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARA (old)ARA-nameArgentine Austral ARA
3071CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARA (old)ARA-symbol= ARA
3072CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARL (old)ARL-nameArgentine Peso Ley (1970–1983) ARL
3073CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARL (old)ARL-symbol= ARL
3074CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARM (old)ARM-nameArgentine Peso (1881–1970) ARM
3075CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARM (old)ARM-symbol= ARM
3076CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARP (old)ARP-nameArgentine Peso (1983–1985) ARP
3077CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARP (old)ARP-symbol= ARP
3078CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BoliviaBOB-nameBolivian Boliviano BOB
3079CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BoliviaBOB-symbol= BOB
3080CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BoliviaBOB-symbol-narrow= Bs
3081CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOL (old)BOL-nameBolivian Boliviano (1863–1963) BOL
3082CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOL (old)BOL-symbol= BOL
3083CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOP (old)BOP-nameBolivian Peso BOP
3084CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOP (old)BOP-symbol= BOP
3085CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOV (old)BOV-nameBolivian Mvdol BOV
3086CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOV (old)BOV-symbol= BOV
3087CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BrazilBRL-nameBrazilian Real BRL
3088CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BrazilBRL-symbol= R$
3089CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BrazilBRL-symbol-narrow= R$
3090CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRB (old)BRB-nameBrazilian New Cruzeiro (1967–1986) BRB
3091CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRB (old)BRB-symbol= BRB
3092CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRC (old)BRC-nameBrazilian Cruzado (1986–1989) BRC
3093CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRC (old)BRC-symbol= BRC
3094CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRE (old)BRE-nameBrazilian Cruzeiro (1990–1993) BRE
3095CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRE (old)BRE-symbol= BRE
3096CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRN (old)BRN-nameBrazilian New Cruzado (1989–1990) BRN
3097CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRN (old)BRN-symbol= BRN
3098CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRR (old)BRR-nameBrazilian Cruzeiro (1993–1994) BRR
3099CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRR (old)BRR-symbol= BRR
3100CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRZ (old)BRZ-nameBrazilian Cruzeiro (1942–1967) BRZ
3101CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRZ (old)BRZ-symbol= BRZ
3102CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ChileCLP-nameChilean Peso CLP
3103CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ChileCLP-symbol= CLP
3104CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ChileCLP-symbol-narrow= $
3105CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Chile: CLE (old)CLE-nameChilean Escudo CLE
3106CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Chile: CLE (old)CLE-symbol= CLE
3107CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Chile: CLF (fund)CLF-nameChilean Unit of Account (UF) CLF
3108CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Chile: CLF (fund)CLF-symbol= CLF
3109CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ColombiaCOP-nameColombian Peso COP
3110CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ColombiaCOP-symbol= COP
3111CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ColombiaCOP-symbol-narrow= $
3112CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Colombia: COU (fund)COU-nameColombian Real Value Unit COU
3113CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Colombia: COU (fund)COU-symbol= COU
3114CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Ecuador: ECS (old)ECS-nameEcuadorian Sucre ECS
3115CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Ecuador: ECS (old)ECS-symbol= ECS
3116CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Ecuador: ECV (fund)ECV-nameEcuadorian Unit of Constant Value ECV
3117CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Ecuador: ECV (fund)ECV-symbol= ECV
3118CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Falkland IslandsFKP-nameFalkland Islands Pound FKP
3119CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Falkland IslandsFKP-symbol= FKP
3120CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Falkland IslandsFKP-symbol-narrow= £
3121CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: GuyanaGYD-nameGuyanaese Dollar GYD
3122CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: GuyanaGYD-symbol= GYD
3123CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: GuyanaGYD-symbol-narrow= $
3124CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: PeruPEN-namePeruvian Nuevo Sol PEN
3125CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: PeruPEN-symbol= PEN
3126CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Peru: PEI (old)PEI-namePeruvian Inti PEI
3127CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Peru: PEI (old)PEI-symbol= PEI
3128CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Peru: PES (old)PES-namePeruvian Sol (1863–1965) PES
3129CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Peru: PES (old)PES-symbol= PES
3130CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ParaguayPYG-nameParaguayan Guarani PYG
3131CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ParaguayPYG-symbol= PYG
3132CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ParaguayPYG-symbol-narrow=
3133CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: SurinameSRD-nameSurinamese Dollar SRD
3134CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: SurinameSRD-symbol= SRD
3135CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: SurinameSRD-symbol-narrow= $
3136CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Suriname: SRG (old)SRG-nameSurinamese Guilder SRG
3137CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Suriname: SRG (old)SRG-symbol= SRG
3138CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: UruguayUYU-nameUruguayan Peso UYU
3139CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: UruguayUYU-symbol= UYU
3140CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: UruguayUYU-symbol-narrow= $
3141CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Uruguay: UYI (fund)UYI-nameUruguayan Peso (Indexed Units) UYI
3142CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Uruguay: UYI (fund)UYI-symbol= UYI
3143CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Uruguay: UYP (old)UYP-nameUruguayan Peso (1975–1993) UYP
3144CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Uruguay: UYP (old)UYP-symbol= UYP
3145CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: VenezuelaVEF-nameVenezuelan Bolívar VEF
3146CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: VenezuelaVEF-symbol= VEF
3147CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: VenezuelaVEF-symbol-narrow= Bs
3148CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Venezuela: VEB (old)VEB-nameVenezuelan Bolívar (1871–2008) VEB
3149CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Venezuela: VEB (old)VEB-symbol= VEB
3150CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeEurope: European UnionEUR-nameEuro EUR
3151CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeEurope: European UnionEUR-symbol=
3152CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeEurope: European UnionEUR-symbol-narrow=
3153CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeEurope: European Union: XEU (fund)XEU-nameEuropean Currency Unit XEU
3154CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeEurope: European Union: XEU (fund)XEU-symbol= XEU
3155CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: DenmarkDKK-nameDanish Krone DKK
3156CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: DenmarkDKK-symbol= DKK
3157CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: DenmarkDKK-symbol-narrow= kr
3158CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Estonia: EEK (old)EEK-nameEstonian Kroon EEK
3159CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Estonia: EEK (old)EEK-symbol= EEK
3160CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Finland: FIM (old)FIM-nameFinnish Markka FIM
3161CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Finland: FIM (old)FIM-symbol= FIM
3162CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: United KingdomGBP-nameBritish Pound Sterling GBP
3163CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: United KingdomGBP-symbol= £
3164CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: United KingdomGBP-symbol-narrow= £
3165CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Ireland: IEP (old)IEP-nameIrish Pound IEP
3166CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Ireland: IEP (old)IEP-symbol= IEP
3167CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: IcelandISK-nameIcelandic Króna ISK
3168CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: IcelandISK-symbol= ISK
3169CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: IcelandISK-symbol-narrow= kr
3170CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: LithuaniaLTL-nameLithuanian Litas LTL
3171CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: LithuaniaLTL-symbol= LTL
3172CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: LithuaniaLTL-symbol-narrow= Lt
3173CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Lithuania: LTT (old)LTT-nameLithuanian Talonas LTT
3174CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Lithuania: LTT (old)LTT-symbol= LTT
3175CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Latvia: LVL (old)LVL-nameLatvian Lats LVL
3176CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Latvia: LVL (old)LVL-symbol= LVL
3177CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Latvia: LVL (old)LVL-symbol-narrow= Ls
3178CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Latvia: LVR (old)LVR-nameLatvian Ruble LVR
3179CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Latvia: LVR (old)LVR-symbol= LVR
3180CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: NorwayNOK-nameNorwegian Krone NOK
3181CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: NorwayNOK-symbol= NOK
3182CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: NorwayNOK-symbol-narrow= kr
3183CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: SwedenSEK-nameSwedish Krona SEK
3184CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: SwedenSEK-symbol= SEK
3185CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: SwedenSEK-symbol-narrow= kr
3186CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Austria: ATS (old)ATS-nameAustrian Schilling ATS
3187CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Austria: ATS (old)ATS-symbol= ATS
3188CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEC (old)BEC-nameBelgian Franc (convertible) BEC
3189CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEC (old)BEC-symbol= BEC
3190CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEF (old)BEF-nameBelgian Franc BEF
3191CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEF (old)BEF-symbol= BEF
3192CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEL (old)BEL-nameBelgian Franc (financial) BEL
3193CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEL (old)BEL-symbol= BEL
3194CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: SwitzerlandCHF-nameSwiss Franc CHF
3195CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: SwitzerlandCHF-symbol= CHF
3196CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Switzerland: CHE (fund)CHE-nameWIR Euro CHE
3197CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Switzerland: CHE (fund)CHE-symbol= CHE
3198CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Switzerland: CHW (fund)CHW-nameWIR Franc CHW
3199CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Switzerland: CHW (fund)CHW-symbol= CHW
3200CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Germany: DDM (old)DDM-nameEast German Mark DDM
3201CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Germany: DDM (old)DDM-symbol= DDM
3202CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Germany: DEM (old)DEM-nameGerman Mark DEM
3203CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Germany: DEM (old)DEM-symbol= DEM
3204CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: France: FRF (old)FRF-nameFrench Franc FRF
3205CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: France: FRF (old)FRF-symbol= FRF
3206CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Luxembourg: LUC (old)LUC-nameLuxembourgian Convertible Franc LUC
3207CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Luxembourg: LUC (old)LUC-symbol= LUC
3208CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Luxembourg: LUF (old)LUF-nameLuxembourgian Franc LUF
3209CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Luxembourg: LUF (old)LUF-symbol= LUF
3210CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Luxembourg: LUL (old)LUL-nameLuxembourg Financial Franc LUL
3211CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Luxembourg: LUL (old)LUL-symbol= LUL
3212CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Monaco: MCF (old)MCF-nameMonegasque Franc MCF
3213CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Monaco: MCF (old)MCF-symbol= MCF
3214CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Netherlands: NLG (old)NLG-nameDutch Guilder NLG
3215CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Netherlands: NLG (old)NLG-symbol= NLG
3216CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: BulgariaBGN-nameBulgarian Lev BGN
3217CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: BulgariaBGN-symbol= BGN
3218CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Bulgaria: BGL (old)BGL-nameBulgarian Hard Lev BGL
3219CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Bulgaria: BGL (old)BGL-symbol= BGL
3220CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Bulgaria: BGM (old)BGM-nameBulgarian Socialist Lev BGM
3221CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Bulgaria: BGM (old)BGM-symbol= BGM
3222CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Bulgaria: BGO (old)BGO-nameBulgarian Lev (1879–1952) BGO
3223CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Bulgaria: BGO (old)BGO-symbol= BGO
3224CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: BelarusBYR-nameBelarusian Ruble BYR
3225CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: BelarusBYR-symbol= BYR
3226CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: BelarusBYR-symbol-narrow= р.
3227CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Belarus: BYB (old)BYB-nameBelarusian New Ruble (1994–1999) BYB
3228CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Belarus: BYB (old)BYB-symbol= BYB
3229CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Czech RepublicCZK-nameCzech Republic Koruna CZK
3230CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Czech RepublicCZK-symbol= CZK
3231CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Czech RepublicCZK-symbol-narrow=
3232CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Czech Republic: CSK (old)CSK-nameCzechoslovak Hard Koruna CSK
3233CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Czech Republic: CSK (old)CSK-symbol= CSK
3234CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: HungaryHUF-nameHungarian Forint HUF
3235CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: HungaryHUF-symbol= HUF
3236CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: HungaryHUF-symbol-narrow= Ft
3237CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: MoldovaMDL-nameMoldovan Leu MDL
3238CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: MoldovaMDL-symbol= MDL
3239CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Moldova: MDC (old)MDC-nameMoldovan Cupon MDC
3240CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Moldova: MDC (old)MDC-symbol= MDC
3241CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: PolandPLN-namePolish Zloty PLN
3242CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: PolandPLN-symbol= PLN
3243CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: PolandPLN-symbol-narrow=
3244CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Poland: PLZ (old)PLZ-namePolish Zloty (1950–1995) PLZ
3245CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Poland: PLZ (old)PLZ-symbol= PLZ
3246CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: RomaniaRON-nameRomanian Leu RON
3247CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: RomaniaRON-symbol= RON
3248CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Romania: ROL (old)ROL-nameRomanian Leu (1952–2006) ROL
3249CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Romania: ROL (old)ROL-symbol= ROL
3250CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: RussiaRUB-nameRussian Ruble RUB
3251CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: RussiaRUB-symbol= RUB
3252CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: RussiaRUB-symbol-variant=
3253CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Russia: RUR (old)RUR-nameRussian Ruble (1991–1998) RUR
3254CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Russia: RUR (old)RUR-symbol= RUR
3255CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Russia: RUR (old)RUR-symbol-narrow= р.
3256CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Russia: SUR (old)SUR-nameSoviet Rouble SUR
3257CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Russia: SUR (old)SUR-symbol= SUR
3258CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Slovakia: SKK (old)SKK-nameSlovak Koruna SKK
3259CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Slovakia: SKK (old)SKK-symbol= SKK
3260CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: UkraineUAH-nameUkrainian Hryvnia UAH
3261CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: UkraineUAH-symbol= UAH
3262CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: UkraineUAH-symbol-narrow=
3263CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Ukraine: UAK (old)UAK-nameUkrainian Karbovanets UAK
3264CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Ukraine: UAK (old)UAK-symbol= UAK
3265CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Andorra: ADP (old)ADP-nameAndorran Peseta ADP
3266CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Andorra: ADP (old)ADP-symbol= ADP
3267CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: AlbaniaALL-nameAlbanian Lek ALL
3268CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: AlbaniaALL-symbol= ALL
3269CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Bosnia & HerzegovinaBAM-nameBosnia-Herzegovina Convertible Mark BAM
3270CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Bosnia & HerzegovinaBAM-symbol= BAM
3271CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Bosnia & HerzegovinaBAM-symbol-narrow= KM
3272CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Bosnia & Herzegovina: BAD (old)BAD-nameBosnia-Herzegovina Dinar (1992–1994) BAD
3273CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Bosnia & Herzegovina: BAD (old)BAD-symbol= BAD
3274CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Bosnia & Herzegovina: BAN (old)BAN-nameBosnia-Herzegovina New Dinar (1994–1997) BAN
3275CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Bosnia & Herzegovina: BAN (old)BAN-symbol= BAN
3276CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Spain: ESA (old)ESA-nameSpanish Peseta (A account) ESA
3277CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Spain: ESA (old)ESA-symbol= ESA
3278CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Spain: ESB (old)ESB-nameSpanish Peseta (convertible account) ESB
3279CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Spain: ESB (old)ESB-symbol= ESB
3280CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Spain: ESP (old)ESP-nameSpanish Peseta ESP
3281CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Spain: ESP (old)ESP-symbol= ESP
3282CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Spain: ESP (old)ESP-symbol-narrow=
3283CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: GibraltarGIP-nameGibraltar Pound GIP
3284CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: GibraltarGIP-symbol= GIP
3285CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: GibraltarGIP-symbol-narrow= £
3286CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Greece: GRD (old)GRD-nameGreek Drachma GRD
3287CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Greece: GRD (old)GRD-symbol= GRD
3288CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: CroatiaHRK-nameCroatian Kuna HRK
3289CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: CroatiaHRK-symbol= HRK
3290CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: CroatiaHRK-symbol-narrow= kn
3291CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Croatia: HRD (old)HRD-nameCroatian Dinar HRD
3292CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Croatia: HRD (old)HRD-symbol= HRD
3293CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Italy: ITL (old)ITL-nameItalian Lira ITL
3294CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Italy: ITL (old)ITL-symbol= ITL
3295CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: MacedoniaMKD-nameMacedonian Denar MKD
3296CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: MacedoniaMKD-symbol= MKD
3297CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Macedonia: MKN (old)MKN-nameMacedonian Denar (1992–1993) MKN
3298CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Macedonia: MKN (old)MKN-symbol= MKN
3299CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Malta: MTL (old)MTL-nameMaltese Lira MTL
3300CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Malta: MTL (old)MTL-symbol= MTL
3301CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Malta: MTP (old)MTP-nameMaltese Pound MTP
3302CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Malta: MTP (old)MTP-symbol= MTP
3303CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: SerbiaRSD-nameSerbian Dinar RSD
3304CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: SerbiaRSD-symbol= RSD
3305CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Serbia: CSD (old)CSD-nameSerbian Dinar (2002–2006) CSD
3306CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Serbia: CSD (old)CSD-symbol= CSD
3307CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Serbia: YUD (old)YUD-nameYugoslavian Hard Dinar (1966–1990) YUD
3308CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Serbia: YUD (old)YUD-symbol= YUD
3309CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Serbia: YUM (old)YUM-nameYugoslavian New Dinar (1994–2002) YUM
3310CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Serbia: YUM (old)YUM-symbol= YUM
3311CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Serbia: YUN (old)YUN-nameYugoslavian Convertible Dinar (1990–1992) YUN
3312CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Serbia: YUN (old)YUN-symbol= YUN
3313CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Serbia: YUR (old)YUR-nameYugoslavian Reformed Dinar (1992–1993) YUR
3314CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Serbia: YUR (old)YUR-symbol= YUR
3315CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Portugal: PTE (old)PTE-namePortuguese Escudo PTE
3316CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Portugal: PTE (old)PTE-symbol= PTE
3317CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Slovenia: SIT (old)SIT-nameSlovenian Tolar SIT
3318CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeSouthern Europe: Slovenia: SIT (old)SIT-symbol= SIT
3319CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: AlgeriaDZD-nameAlgerian Dinar DZD
3320CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: AlgeriaDZD-symbol= DZD
3321CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: EgyptEGP-nameEgyptian Pound EGP
3322CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: EgyptEGP-symbol= EGP
3323CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: EgyptEGP-symbol-narrow=
3324CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: LibyaLYD-nameLibyan Dinar LYD
3325CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: LibyaLYD-symbol= LYD
3326CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: MoroccoMAD-nameMoroccan Dirham MAD
3327CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: MoroccoMAD-symbol= MAD
3328CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: Morocco: MAF (old)MAF-nameMoroccan Franc MAF
3329CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: Morocco: MAF (old)MAF-symbol= MAF
3330CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: SudanSDG-nameSudanese Pound SDG
3331CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: SudanSDG-symbol= SDG
3332CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: Sudan: SDD (old)SDD-nameSudanese Dinar (1992–2007) SDD
3333CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: Sudan: SDD (old)SDD-symbol= SDD
3334CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: Sudan: SDP (old)SDP-nameSudanese Pound (1957–1998) SDP
3335CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: Sudan: SDP (old)SDP-symbol= SDP
3336CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: South SudanSSP-nameSouth Sudanese Pound SSP
3337CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: South SudanSSP-symbol= SSP
3338CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: South SudanSSP-symbol-narrow= £
3339CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: TunisiaTND-nameTunisian Dinar TND
3340CurrenciesNorthern AfricaNorthern Africa: TunisiaTND-symbol= TND
3341CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: Côte d’IvoireXOF-nameCFA Franc BCEAO XOF
3342CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: Côte d’IvoireXOF-symbol= CFA
3343CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: Cape VerdeCVE-nameCape Verdean Escudo CVE
3344CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: Cape VerdeCVE-symbol= CVE
3345CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: GhanaGHS-nameGhanaian Cedi GHS
3346CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: GhanaGHS-symbol= GHS
3347CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: Ghana: GHC (old)GHC-nameGhanaian Cedi (1979–2007) GHC
3348CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: Ghana: GHC (old)GHC-symbol= GHC
3349CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: GambiaGMD-nameGambian Dalasi GMD
3350CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: GambiaGMD-symbol= GMD
3351CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: GuineaGNF-nameGuinean Franc GNF
3352CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: GuineaGNF-symbol= GNF
3353CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: GuineaGNF-symbol-narrow= FG
3354CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: Guinea: GNS (old)GNS-nameGuinean Syli GNS
3355CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: Guinea: GNS (old)GNS-symbol= GNS
3356CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: Guinea-Bissau: GWE (old)GWE-namePortuguese Guinea Escudo GWE
3357CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: Guinea-Bissau: GWE (old)GWE-symbol= GWE
3358CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: Guinea-Bissau: GWP (old)GWP-nameGuinea-Bissau Peso GWP
3359CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: Guinea-Bissau: GWP (old)GWP-symbol= GWP
3360CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: LiberiaLRD-nameLiberian Dollar LRD
3361CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: LiberiaLRD-symbol= LRD
3362CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: LiberiaLRD-symbol-narrow= $
3363CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: Mali: MLF (old)MLF-nameMalian Franc MLF
3364CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: Mali: MLF (old)MLF-symbol= MLF
3365CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: MauritaniaMRO-nameMauritanian Ouguiya MRO
3366CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: MauritaniaMRO-symbol= MRO
3367CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: NigeriaNGN-nameNigerian Naira NGN
3368CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: NigeriaNGN-symbol= NGN
3369CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: NigeriaNGN-symbol-narrow=
3370CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: St. HelenaSHP-nameSt. Helena Pound SHP
3371CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: St. HelenaSHP-symbol= SHP
3372CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: St. HelenaSHP-symbol-narrow= £
3373CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: Sierra LeoneSLL-nameSierra Leonean Leone SLL
3374CurrenciesWestern AfricaWestern Africa: Sierra LeoneSLL-symbol= SLL
3375CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: AngolaAOA-nameAngolan Kwanza AOA
3376CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: AngolaAOA-symbol= AOA
3377CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: AngolaAOA-symbol-narrow= Kz
3378CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: Angola: AOK (old)AOK-nameAngolan Kwanza (1977–1991) AOK
3379CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: Angola: AOK (old)AOK-symbol= AOK
3380CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: Angola: AON (old)AON-nameAngolan New Kwanza (1990–2000) AON
3381CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: Angola: AON (old)AON-symbol= AON
3382CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: Angola: AOR (old)AOR-nameAngolan Readjusted Kwanza (1995–1999) AOR
3383CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: Angola: AOR (old)AOR-symbol= AOR
3384CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: Congo - KinshasaCDF-nameCongolese Franc CDF
3385CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: Congo - KinshasaCDF-symbol= CDF
3386CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: Congo - Kinshasa: ZRN (old)ZRN-nameZairean New Zaire (1993–1998) ZRN
3387CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: Congo - Kinshasa: ZRN (old)ZRN-symbol= ZRN
3388CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: Congo - Kinshasa: ZRZ (old)ZRZ-nameZairean Zaire (1971–1993) ZRZ
3389CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: Congo - Kinshasa: ZRZ (old)ZRZ-symbol= ZRZ
3390CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: CameroonXAF-nameCFA Franc BEAC XAF
3391CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: CameroonXAF-symbol= FCFA
3392CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: Equatorial Guinea: GQE (old)GQE-nameEquatorial Guinean Ekwele GQE
3393CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: Equatorial Guinea: GQE (old)GQE-symbol= GQE
3394CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: São Tomé & PríncipeSTD-nameSão Tomé & Príncipe Dobra STD
3395CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: São Tomé & PríncipeSTD-symbol= STD
3396CurrenciesMiddle AfricaMiddle Africa: São Tomé & PríncipeSTD-symbol-narrow= Db
3397CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: BurundiBIF-nameBurundian Franc BIF
3398CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: BurundiBIF-symbol= BIF
3399CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: DjiboutiDJF-nameDjiboutian Franc DJF
3400CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: DjiboutiDJF-symbol= DJF
3401CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: EritreaERN-nameEritrean Nakfa ERN
3402CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: EritreaERN-symbol= ERN
3403CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: EthiopiaETB-nameEthiopian Birr ETB
3404CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: EthiopiaETB-symbol= ETB
3405CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: KenyaKES-nameKenyan Shilling KES
3406CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: KenyaKES-symbol= KES
3407CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: ComorosKMF-nameComorian Franc KMF
3408CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: ComorosKMF-symbol= KMF
3409CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: ComorosKMF-symbol-narrow= CF
3410CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: MadagascarMGA-nameMalagasy Ariary MGA
3411CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: MadagascarMGA-symbol= MGA
3412CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: MadagascarMGA-symbol-narrow= Ar
3413CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: Madagascar: MGF (old)MGF-nameMalagasy Franc MGF
3414CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: Madagascar: MGF (old)MGF-symbol= MGF
3415CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: MauritiusMUR-nameMauritian Rupee MUR
3416CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: MauritiusMUR-symbol= MUR
3417CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: MauritiusMUR-symbol-narrow= Rs
3418CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: MalawiMWK-nameMalawian Kwacha MWK
3419CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: MalawiMWK-symbol= MWK
3420CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: MozambiqueMZN-nameMozambican Metical MZN
3421CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: MozambiqueMZN-symbol= MZN
3422CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: Mozambique: MZE (old)MZE-nameMozambican Escudo MZE
3423CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: Mozambique: MZE (old)MZE-symbol= MZE
3424CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: Mozambique: MZM (old)MZM-nameMozambican Metical (1980–2006) MZM
3425CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: Mozambique: MZM (old)MZM-symbol= MZM
3426CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: RwandaRWF-nameRwandan Franc RWF
3427CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: RwandaRWF-symbol= RWF
3428CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: RwandaRWF-symbol-narrow= RF
3429CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: SeychellesSCR-nameSeychellois Rupee SCR
3430CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: SeychellesSCR-symbol= SCR
3431CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: SomaliaSOS-nameSomali Shilling SOS
3432CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: SomaliaSOS-symbol= SOS
3433CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: TanzaniaTZS-nameTanzanian Shilling TZS
3434CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: TanzaniaTZS-symbol= TZS
3435CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: UgandaUGX-nameUgandan Shilling UGX
3436CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: UgandaUGX-symbol= UGX
3437CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: Uganda: UGS (old)UGS-nameUgandan Shilling (1966–1987) UGS
3438CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: Uganda: UGS (old)UGS-symbol= UGS
3439CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: ZambiaZMW-nameZambian Kwacha ZMW
3440CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: ZambiaZMW-symbol= ZMW
3441CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: ZambiaZMW-symbol-narrow= ZK
3442CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: Zambia: ZMK (old)ZMK-nameZambian Kwacha (1968–2012) ZMK
3443CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: Zambia: ZMK (old)ZMK-symbol= ZMK
3444CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: Zimbabwe: RHD (old)RHD-nameRhodesian Dollar RHD
3445CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: Zimbabwe: RHD (old)RHD-symbol= RHD
3446CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: Zimbabwe: ZWD (old)ZWD-nameZimbabwean Dollar (1980–2008) ZWD
3447CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: Zimbabwe: ZWD (old)ZWD-symbol= ZWD
3448CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: Zimbabwe: ZWL (old)ZWL-nameZimbabwean Dollar (2009) ZWL
3449CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: Zimbabwe: ZWL (old)ZWL-symbol= ZWL
3450CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: Zimbabwe: ZWR (old)ZWR-nameZimbabwean Dollar (2008) ZWR
3451CurrenciesEastern AfricaEastern Africa: Zimbabwe: ZWR (old)ZWR-symbol= ZWR
3452CurrenciesSouthern AfricaSouthern Africa: BotswanaBWP-nameBotswanan Pula BWP
3453CurrenciesSouthern AfricaSouthern Africa: BotswanaBWP-symbol= BWP
3454CurrenciesSouthern AfricaSouthern Africa: BotswanaBWP-symbol-narrow= P
3455CurrenciesSouthern AfricaSouthern Africa: LesothoLSL-nameLesotho Loti LSL
3456CurrenciesSouthern AfricaSouthern Africa: LesothoLSL-symbol= LSL
3457CurrenciesSouthern AfricaSouthern Africa: NamibiaNAD-nameNamibian Dollar NAD
3458CurrenciesSouthern AfricaSouthern Africa: NamibiaNAD-symbol= NAD
3459CurrenciesSouthern AfricaSouthern Africa: NamibiaNAD-symbol-narrow= $
3460CurrenciesSouthern AfricaSouthern Africa: SwazilandSZL-nameSwazi Lilangeni SZL
3461CurrenciesSouthern AfricaSouthern Africa: SwazilandSZL-symbol= SZL
3462CurrenciesSouthern AfricaSouthern Africa: South AfricaZAR-nameSouth African Rand ZAR
3463CurrenciesSouthern AfricaSouthern Africa: South AfricaZAR-symbolZAR R
3464CurrenciesSouthern AfricaSouthern Africa: South AfricaZAR-symbol-narrow= R
3465CurrenciesSouthern AfricaSouthern Africa: South Africa: ZAL (fund)ZAL-nameSouth African Rand (financial) ZAL
3466CurrenciesSouthern AfricaSouthern Africa: South Africa: ZAL (fund)ZAL-symbol= ZAL
3467CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: United Arab EmiratesAED-nameUnited Arab Emirates Dirham AED
3468CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: United Arab EmiratesAED-symbol= AED
3469CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: ArmeniaAMD-nameArmenian Dram AMD
3470CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: ArmeniaAMD-symbol= AMD
3471CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: AzerbaijanAZN-nameAzerbaijani Manat AZN
3472CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: AzerbaijanAZN-symbol= AZN
3473CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: Azerbaijan: AZM (old)AZM-nameAzerbaijani Manat (1993–2006) AZM
3474CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: Azerbaijan: AZM (old)AZM-symbol= AZM
3475CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: BahrainBHD-nameBahraini Dinar BHD
3476CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: BahrainBHD-symbol= BHD
3477CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: Cyprus: CYP (old)CYP-nameCypriot Pound CYP
3478CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: Cyprus: CYP (old)CYP-symbol= CYP
3479CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: GeorgiaGEL-nameGeorgian Lari GEL
3480CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: GeorgiaGEL-symbol= GEL
3481CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: Georgia: GEK (old)GEK-nameGeorgian Kupon Larit GEK
3482CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: Georgia: GEK (old)GEK-symbol= GEK
3483CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: IsraelILS-nameIsraeli New Sheqel ILS
3484CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: IsraelILS-symbol=
3485CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: IsraelILS-symbol-narrow=
3486CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: Israel: ILP (old)ILP-nameIsraeli Pound ILP
3487CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: Israel: ILP (old)ILP-symbol= ILP
3488CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: IraqIQD-nameIraqi Dinar IQD
3489CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: IraqIQD-symbol= IQD
3490CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: JordanJOD-nameJordanian Dinar JOD
3491CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: JordanJOD-symbol= JOD
3492CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: KuwaitKWD-nameKuwaiti Dinar KWD
3493CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: KuwaitKWD-symbol= KWD
3494CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: LebanonLBP-nameLebanese Pound LBP
3495CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: LebanonLBP-symbol= LBP
3496CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: LebanonLBP-symbol-narrow=
3497CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: OmanOMR-nameOmani Rial OMR
3498CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: OmanOMR-symbol= OMR
3499CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: QatarQAR-nameQatari Rial QAR
3500CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: QatarQAR-symbol= QAR
3501CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: Saudi ArabiaSAR-nameSaudi Riyal SAR
3502CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: Saudi ArabiaSAR-symbol= SAR
3503CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: SyriaSYP-nameSyrian Pound SYP
3504CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: SyriaSYP-symbol= SYP
3505CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: SyriaSYP-symbol-narrow= £
3506CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: TurkeyTRY-nameTurkish Lira TRY
3507CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: TurkeyTRY-symbol= TRY
3508CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: TurkeyTRY-symbol-variant= TL
3509CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: TurkeyTRY-symbol-narrow=
3510CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: Turkey: TRL (old)TRL-nameTurkish Lira (1922–2005) TRL
3511CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: Turkey: TRL (old)TRL-symbol= TRL
3512CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: YemenYER-nameYemeni Rial YER
3513CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: YemenYER-symbol= YER
3514CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: Yemen: YDD (old)YDD-nameYemeni Dinar YDD
3515CurrenciesWestern Asia (C)Western Asia: Yemen: YDD (old)YDD-symbol= YDD
3516CurrenciesCentral Asia (C)Central Asia: TurkmenistanTMT-nameTurkmenistani Manat TMT
3517CurrenciesCentral Asia (C)Central Asia: TurkmenistanTMT-symbol= TMT
3518CurrenciesCentral Asia (C)Central Asia: Turkmenistan: TMM (old)TMM-nameTurkmenistani Manat (1993–2009) TMM
3519CurrenciesCentral Asia (C)Central Asia: Turkmenistan: TMM (old)TMM-symbol= TMM
3520CurrenciesCentral Asia (C)Central Asia: TajikistanTJS-nameTajikistani Somoni TJS
3521CurrenciesCentral Asia (C)Central Asia: TajikistanTJS-symbol= TJS
3522CurrenciesCentral Asia (C)Central Asia: Tajikistan: TJR (old)TJR-nameTajikistani Ruble TJR
3523CurrenciesCentral Asia (C)Central Asia: Tajikistan: TJR (old)TJR-symbol= TJR
3524CurrenciesCentral Asia (C)Central Asia: KyrgyzstanKGS-nameKyrgystani Som KGS
3525CurrenciesCentral Asia (C)Central Asia: KyrgyzstanKGS-symbol= KGS
3526CurrenciesCentral Asia (C)Central Asia: KazakhstanKZT-nameKazakhstani Tenge KZT
3527CurrenciesCentral Asia (C)Central Asia: KazakhstanKZT-symbol= KZT
3528CurrenciesCentral Asia (C)Central Asia: KazakhstanKZT-symbol-narrow=
3529CurrenciesCentral Asia (C)Central Asia: UzbekistanUZS-nameUzbekistan Som UZS
3530CurrenciesCentral Asia (C)Central Asia: UzbekistanUZS-symbol= UZS
3531CurrenciesEastern Asia (C)Eastern Asia: ChinaCNY-nameChinese Yuan CNY
3532CurrenciesEastern Asia (C)Eastern Asia: ChinaCNY-symbol= CN¥
3533CurrenciesEastern Asia (C)Eastern Asia: ChinaCNY-symbol-narrow= ¥
3534CurrenciesEastern Asia (C)Eastern Asia: Hong Kong SAR ChinaHKD-nameHong Kong Dollar HKD
3535CurrenciesEastern Asia (C)Eastern Asia: Hong Kong SAR ChinaHKD-symbol= HK$
3536CurrenciesEastern Asia (C)Eastern Asia: Hong Kong SAR ChinaHKD-symbol-narrow= $
3537CurrenciesEastern Asia (C)Eastern Asia: JapanJPY-nameJapanese Yen JPY
3538CurrenciesEastern Asia (C)Eastern Asia: JapanJPY-symbol¥ JP¥
3539CurrenciesEastern Asia (C)Eastern Asia: JapanJPY-symbol-narrow= ¥
3540CurrenciesEastern Asia (C)Eastern Asia: North KoreaKPW-nameNorth Korean Won KPW
3541CurrenciesEastern Asia (C)Eastern Asia: North KoreaKPW-symbol= KPW
3542CurrenciesEastern Asia (C)Eastern Asia: North KoreaKPW-symbol-narrow=
3543CurrenciesEastern Asia (C)Eastern Asia: South KoreaKRW-nameSouth Korean Won KRW
3544CurrenciesEastern Asia (C)Eastern Asia: South KoreaKRW-symbol=
3545CurrenciesEastern Asia (C)Eastern Asia: South KoreaKRW-symbol-narrow=
3546CurrenciesEastern Asia (C)Eastern Asia: South Korea: KRH (old)KRH-nameSouth Korean Hwan (1953–1962) KRH
3547CurrenciesEastern Asia (C)Eastern Asia: South Korea: KRH (old)KRH-symbol= KRH
3548CurrenciesEastern Asia (C)Eastern Asia: South Korea: KRO (old)KRO-nameSouth Korean Won (1945–1953) KRO
3549CurrenciesEastern Asia (C)Eastern Asia: South Korea: KRO (old)KRO-symbol= KRO
3550CurrenciesEastern Asia (C)Eastern Asia: MongoliaMNT-nameMongolian Tugrik MNT
3551CurrenciesEastern Asia (C)Eastern Asia: MongoliaMNT-symbol= MNT
3552CurrenciesEastern Asia (C)Eastern Asia: MongoliaMNT-symbol-narrow=
3553CurrenciesEastern Asia (C)Eastern Asia: Macau SAR ChinaMOP-nameMacanese Pataca MOP
3554CurrenciesEastern Asia (C)Eastern Asia: Macau SAR ChinaMOP-symbol= MOP
3555CurrenciesEastern Asia (C)Eastern Asia: TaiwanTWD-nameNew Taiwan Dollar TWD
3556CurrenciesEastern Asia (C)Eastern Asia: TaiwanTWD-symbol= NT$
3557CurrenciesEastern Asia (C)Eastern Asia: TaiwanTWD-symbol-narrow= NT$
3558CurrenciesSouthern Asia (C)Southern Asia: AfghanistanAFN-nameAfghan Afghani AFN
3559CurrenciesSouthern Asia (C)Southern Asia: AfghanistanAFN-symbol= AFN
3560CurrenciesSouthern Asia (C)Southern Asia: Afghanistan: AFA (old)AFA-nameAfghan Afghani (1927–2002) AFA
3561CurrenciesSouthern Asia (C)Southern Asia: Afghanistan: AFA (old)AFA-symbol= AFA
3562CurrenciesSouthern Asia (C)Southern Asia: BangladeshBDT-nameBangladeshi Taka BDT
3563CurrenciesSouthern Asia (C)Southern Asia: BangladeshBDT-symbol= BDT
3564CurrenciesSouthern Asia (C)Southern Asia: BangladeshBDT-symbol-narrow=
3565CurrenciesSouthern Asia (C)Southern Asia: BhutanBTN-nameBhutanese Ngultrum BTN
3566CurrenciesSouthern Asia (C)Southern Asia: BhutanBTN-symbol= BTN
3567CurrenciesSouthern Asia (C)Southern Asia: IndiaINR-nameIndian Rupee INR
3568CurrenciesSouthern Asia (C)Southern Asia: IndiaINR-symbol=
3569CurrenciesSouthern Asia (C)Southern Asia: IndiaINR-symbol-narrow=
3570CurrenciesSouthern Asia (C)Southern Asia: IranIRR-nameIranian Rial IRR
3571CurrenciesSouthern Asia (C)Southern Asia: IranIRR-symbol= IRR
3572CurrenciesSouthern Asia (C)Southern Asia: Sri LankaLKR-nameSri Lankan Rupee LKR
3573CurrenciesSouthern Asia (C)Southern Asia: Sri LankaLKR-symbol= LKR
3574CurrenciesSouthern Asia (C)Southern Asia: Sri LankaLKR-symbol-narrow= Rs
3575CurrenciesSouthern Asia (C)Southern Asia: MaldivesMVR-nameMaldivian Rufiyaa MVR
3576CurrenciesSouthern Asia (C)Southern Asia: MaldivesMVR-symbol= MVR
3577CurrenciesSouthern Asia (C)Southern Asia: NepalNPR-nameNepalese Rupee NPR
3578CurrenciesSouthern Asia (C)Southern Asia: NepalNPR-symbol= NPR
3579CurrenciesSouthern Asia (C)Southern Asia: NepalNPR-symbol-narrow= Rs
3580CurrenciesSouthern Asia (C)Southern Asia: PakistanPKR-namePakistani Rupee PKR
3581CurrenciesSouthern Asia (C)Southern Asia: PakistanPKR-symbol= PKR
3582CurrenciesSouthern Asia (C)Southern Asia: PakistanPKR-symbol-narrow= Rs
3583CurrenciesSoutheast Asia (C)Southeast Asia: BruneiBND-nameBrunei Dollar BND
3584CurrenciesSoutheast Asia (C)Southeast Asia: BruneiBND-symbol= BND
3585CurrenciesSoutheast Asia (C)Southeast Asia: BruneiBND-symbol-narrow= $
3586CurrenciesSoutheast Asia (C)Southeast Asia: IndonesiaIDR-nameIndonesian Rupiah IDR
3587CurrenciesSoutheast Asia (C)Southeast Asia: IndonesiaIDR-symbol= IDR
3588CurrenciesSoutheast Asia (C)Southeast Asia: IndonesiaIDR-symbol-narrow= Rp
3589CurrenciesSoutheast Asia (C)Southeast Asia: CambodiaKHR-nameCambodian Riel KHR
3590CurrenciesSoutheast Asia (C)Southeast Asia: CambodiaKHR-symbol= KHR
3591CurrenciesSoutheast Asia (C)Southeast Asia: CambodiaKHR-symbol-narrow=
3592CurrenciesSoutheast Asia (C)Southeast Asia: LaosLAK-nameLaotian Kip LAK
3593CurrenciesSoutheast Asia (C)Southeast Asia: LaosLAK-symbol= LAK
3594CurrenciesSoutheast Asia (C)Southeast Asia: LaosLAK-symbol-narrow=
3595CurrenciesSoutheast Asia (C)Southeast Asia: Myanmar (Burma)MMK-nameMyanmar Kyat MMK
3596CurrenciesSoutheast Asia (C)Southeast Asia: Myanmar (Burma)MMK-symbol= MMK
3597CurrenciesSoutheast Asia (C)Southeast Asia: Myanmar (Burma)MMK-symbol-narrow= K
3598CurrenciesSoutheast Asia (C)Southeast Asia: Myanmar (Burma): BUK (old)BUK-nameBurmese Kyat BUK
3599CurrenciesSoutheast Asia (C)Southeast Asia: Myanmar (Burma): BUK (old)BUK-symbol= BUK
3600CurrenciesSoutheast Asia (C)Southeast Asia: MalaysiaMYR-nameMalaysian Ringgit MYR
3601CurrenciesSoutheast Asia (C)Southeast Asia: MalaysiaMYR-symbol= MYR
3602CurrenciesSoutheast Asia (C)Southeast Asia: MalaysiaMYR-symbol-narrow= RM
3603CurrenciesSoutheast Asia (C)Southeast Asia: PhilippinesPHP-namePhilippine Peso PHP
3604CurrenciesSoutheast Asia (C)Southeast Asia: PhilippinesPHP-symbol= PHP
3605CurrenciesSoutheast Asia (C)Southeast Asia: PhilippinesPHP-symbol-narrow=
3606CurrenciesSoutheast Asia (C)Southeast Asia: SingaporeSGD-nameSingapore Dollar SGD
3607CurrenciesSoutheast Asia (C)Southeast Asia: SingaporeSGD-symbol= SGD
3608CurrenciesSoutheast Asia (C)Southeast Asia: SingaporeSGD-symbol-narrow= $
3609CurrenciesSoutheast Asia (C)Southeast Asia: ThailandTHB-nameThai Baht THB
3610CurrenciesSoutheast Asia (C)Southeast Asia: ThailandTHB-symbol= THB
3611CurrenciesSoutheast Asia (C)Southeast Asia: ThailandTHB-symbol-narrow= ฿
3612CurrenciesSoutheast Asia (C)Southeast Asia: Timor-Leste: TPE (old)TPE-nameTimorese Escudo TPE
3613CurrenciesSoutheast Asia (C)Southeast Asia: Timor-Leste: TPE (old)TPE-symbol= TPE
3614CurrenciesSoutheast Asia (C)Southeast Asia: VietnamVND-nameVietnamese Dong VND
3615CurrenciesSoutheast Asia (C)Southeast Asia: VietnamVND-symbol=
3616CurrenciesSoutheast Asia (C)Southeast Asia: VietnamVND-symbol-narrow=
3617CurrenciesSoutheast Asia (C)Southeast Asia: Vietnam: VNN (old)VNN-nameVietnamese Dong (1978–1985) VNN
3618CurrenciesSoutheast Asia (C)Southeast Asia: Vietnam: VNN (old)VNN-symbol= VNN
3619CurrenciesOceania (C)Australasia: AustraliaAUD-nameAustralian Dollar AUD
3620CurrenciesOceania (C)Australasia: AustraliaAUD-symbol= A$
3621CurrenciesOceania (C)Australasia: AustraliaAUD-symbol-narrow= $
3622CurrenciesOceania (C)Australasia: New ZealandNZD-nameNew Zealand Dollar NZD
3623CurrenciesOceania (C)Australasia: New ZealandNZD-symbol= NZ$
3624CurrenciesOceania (C)Australasia: New ZealandNZD-symbol-narrow= $
3625CurrenciesOceania (C)Melanesia: FijiFJD-nameFijian Dollar FJD
3626CurrenciesOceania (C)Melanesia: FijiFJD-symbol= FJD
3627CurrenciesOceania (C)Melanesia: FijiFJD-symbol-narrow= $
3628CurrenciesOceania (C)Melanesia: Papua New GuineaPGK-namePapua New Guinean Kina PGK
3629CurrenciesOceania (C)Melanesia: Papua New GuineaPGK-symbol= PGK
3630CurrenciesOceania (C)Melanesia: Solomon IslandsSBD-nameSolomon Islands Dollar SBD
3631CurrenciesOceania (C)Melanesia: Solomon IslandsSBD-symbol= SBD
3632CurrenciesOceania (C)Melanesia: Solomon IslandsSBD-symbol-narrow= $
3633CurrenciesOceania (C)Melanesia: VanuatuVUV-nameVanuatu Vatu VUV
3634CurrenciesOceania (C)Melanesia: VanuatuVUV-symbol= VUV
3635CurrenciesOceania (C)Polynesia: French PolynesiaXPF-nameCFP Franc XPF
3636CurrenciesOceania (C)Polynesia: French PolynesiaXPF-symbol= CFPF
3637CurrenciesOceania (C)Polynesia: TongaTOP-nameTongan Paʻanga TOP
3638CurrenciesOceania (C)Polynesia: TongaTOP-symbol= TOP
3639CurrenciesOceania (C)Polynesia: TongaTOP-symbol-narrow= T$
3640CurrenciesOceania (C)Polynesia: SamoaWST-nameSamoan Tala WST
3641CurrenciesOceania (C)Polynesia: SamoaWST-symbol= WST
3642CurrenciesUnknown Region (C)Unknown Region: XAGXAG-nameSilver XAG
3643CurrenciesUnknown Region (C)Unknown Region: XAGXAG-symbol= XAG
3644CurrenciesUnknown Region (C)Unknown Region: XAUXAU-nameGold XAU
3645CurrenciesUnknown Region (C)Unknown Region: XAUXAU-symbol= XAU
3646CurrenciesUnknown Region (C)Unknown Region: XBAXBA-nameEuropean Composite Unit XBA
3647CurrenciesUnknown Region (C)Unknown Region: XBAXBA-symbol= XBA
3648CurrenciesUnknown Region (C)Unknown Region: XBBXBB-nameEuropean Monetary Unit XBB
3649CurrenciesUnknown Region (C)Unknown Region: XBBXBB-symbol= XBB
3650CurrenciesUnknown Region (C)Unknown Region: XBCXBC-nameEuropean Unit of Account (XBC) XBC
3651CurrenciesUnknown Region (C)Unknown Region: XBCXBC-symbol= XBC
3652CurrenciesUnknown Region (C)Unknown Region: XBDXBD-nameEuropean Unit of Account (XBD) XBD
3653CurrenciesUnknown Region (C)Unknown Region: XBDXBD-symbol= XBD
3654CurrenciesUnknown Region (C)Unknown Region: XDRXDR-nameSpecial Drawing Rights XDR
3655CurrenciesUnknown Region (C)Unknown Region: XDRXDR-symbol= XDR
3656CurrenciesUnknown Region (C)Unknown Region: XFOXFO-nameFrench Gold Franc XFO
3657CurrenciesUnknown Region (C)Unknown Region: XFOXFO-symbol= XFO
3658CurrenciesUnknown Region (C)Unknown Region: XFUXFU-nameFrench UIC-Franc XFU
3659CurrenciesUnknown Region (C)Unknown Region: XFUXFU-symbol= XFU
3660CurrenciesUnknown Region (C)Unknown Region: XPDXPD-namePalladium XPD
3661CurrenciesUnknown Region (C)Unknown Region: XPDXPD-symbol= XPD
3662CurrenciesUnknown Region (C)Unknown Region: XPTXPT-namePlatinum XPT
3663CurrenciesUnknown Region (C)Unknown Region: XPTXPT-symbol= XPT
3664CurrenciesUnknown Region (C)Unknown Region: XREXRE-nameRINET Funds XRE
3665CurrenciesUnknown Region (C)Unknown Region: XREXRE-symbol= XRE
3666CurrenciesUnknown Region (C)Unknown Region: XSUXSU-nameSucre XSU
3667CurrenciesUnknown Region (C)Unknown Region: XSUXSU-symbol= XSU
3668CurrenciesUnknown Region (C)Unknown Region: XTSXTS-nameTesting Currency Code XTS
3669CurrenciesUnknown Region (C)Unknown Region: XTSXTS-symbol= XTS
3670CurrenciesUnknown Region (C)Unknown Region: XUAXUA-nameADB Unit of Account XUA
3671CurrenciesUnknown Region (C)Unknown Region: XUAXUA-symbol= XUA
3672CurrenciesUnknown Region (C)Unknown Region: XXXXXX-nameUnknown Currency XXX
3673CurrenciesUnknown Region (C)Unknown Region: XXXXXX-symbol= XXX
3674UnitsMeasurement Systemsnullmetric= Metric
3675UnitsMeasurement SystemsnullUK= UK
3676UnitsMeasurement SystemsnullUS= US
3677UnitsDurationmicrosecondshort-displayNameμsecs μs
3678UnitsDurationmicrosecondshort-other= {0} μs
3679UnitsDurationmillisecondshort-displayNamemillisecs ms
3680UnitsDurationmillisecondshort-other= {0} ms
3681UnitsDurationnanosecondshort-displayNamenanosecs ns
3682UnitsDurationnanosecondshort-other= {0} ns
3683UnitsDurationyearshort-displayNameyears yr
3684UnitsDurationyearshort-other{0} yrs {0} y
3685UnitsDurationmonthshort-displayNamemonths mon
3686UnitsDurationmonthshort-other{0} mths {0} m
3687UnitsDurationweekshort-displayNameweeks wk
3688UnitsDurationweekshort-other{0} wks {0} w
3689UnitsDurationdayshort-displayNamedays day
3690UnitsDurationdayshort-other{0} days {0} d
3691UnitsDurationhourshort-displayNamehours hr
3692UnitsDurationhourshort-other{0} hrs {0} h
3693UnitsDurationhourshort-per{0}ph {0}/h
3694UnitsDurationminuteshort-displayNamemins min
3695UnitsDurationminuteshort-other{0} mins {0} min
3696UnitsDurationsecondshort-displayNamesecs sec
3697UnitsDurationsecondshort-other{0} secs {0} s
3698UnitsDurationsecondshort-per{0}ps {0}/s
3699UnitsDurationDuration Patternshm= h:mm
3700UnitsDurationDuration Patternshms= h:mm:ss
3701UnitsDurationDuration Patternsms= m:ss
3702UnitsLengthastronomical-unitshort-displayName= au
3703UnitsLengthastronomical-unitshort-other= {0} au
3704UnitsLengthcentimetershort-displayName= cm
3705UnitsLengthcentimetershort-other= {0} cm
3706UnitsLengthdecimetershort-displayName= dm
3707UnitsLengthdecimetershort-other= {0} dm
3708UnitsLengthfathomshort-displayNamefathoms fm
3709UnitsLengthfathomshort-other{0} ftm {0} fm
3710UnitsLengthfootshort-displayNamefeet ft
3711UnitsLengthfootshort-other= {0} ft
3712UnitsLengthfurlongshort-displayNamefurlongs fur
3713UnitsLengthfurlongshort-other= {0} fur
3714UnitsLengthinchshort-displayNameinches in
3715UnitsLengthinchshort-other= {0} in
3716UnitsLengthkilometershort-displayName= km
3717UnitsLengthkilometershort-other= {0} km
3718UnitsLengthlight-yearshort-displayNamelight yrs ly
3719UnitsLengthlight-yearshort-other= {0} ly
3720UnitsLengthmetershort-displayNamemeters meter
3721UnitsLengthmetershort-other= {0} m
3722UnitsLengthmicrometershort-displayNameµmeters µm
3723UnitsLengthmicrometershort-other= {0} µm
3724UnitsLengthmileshort-displayNamemiles mi
3725UnitsLengthmileshort-other= {0} mi
3726UnitsLengthmillimetershort-displayName= mm
3727UnitsLengthmillimetershort-other= {0} mm
3728UnitsLengthnanometershort-displayName= nm
3729UnitsLengthnanometershort-other= {0} nm
3730UnitsLengthnautical-mileshort-displayName= nmi
3731UnitsLengthnautical-mileshort-other= {0} nmi
3732UnitsLengthparsecshort-displayNameparsecs pc
3733UnitsLengthparsecshort-other= {0} pc
3734UnitsLengthpicometershort-displayName= pm
3735UnitsLengthpicometershort-other= {0} pm
3736UnitsLengthyardshort-displayNameyards yd
3737UnitsLengthyardshort-other= {0} yd
3738UnitsAreaacreshort-displayNameacres acre
3739UnitsAreaacreshort-other= {0} ac
3740UnitsAreahectareshort-displayNamehectares hectare
3741UnitsAreahectareshort-other= {0} ha
3742UnitsAreasquare-centimetershort-displayName= cm²
3743UnitsAreasquare-centimetershort-other= {0} cm²
3744UnitsAreasquare-footshort-displayNamesq feet ft²
3745UnitsAreasquare-footshort-other{0} sq ft {0} ft²
3746UnitsAreasquare-inchshort-displayNameinches² in²
3747UnitsAreasquare-inchshort-other= {0} in²
3748UnitsAreasquare-kilometershort-displayName= km²
3749UnitsAreasquare-kilometershort-other= {0} km²
3751UnitsAreasquare-metershort-other= {0} m²
3752UnitsAreasquare-mileshort-displayNamesq miles mi²
3753UnitsAreasquare-mileshort-other{0} sq mi {0} mi²
3754UnitsAreasquare-yardshort-displayNameyards² yd²
3755UnitsAreasquare-yardshort-other= {0} yd²
3756UnitsVolumeacre-footshort-displayNameacre ft ac ft
3757UnitsVolumeacre-footshort-other= {0} ac ft
3758UnitsVolumebushelshort-displayNamebushels bu
3759UnitsVolumebushelshort-other= {0} bu
3760UnitsVolumecentilitershort-displayName= cL
3761UnitsVolumecentilitershort-other= {0} cL
3762UnitsVolumecubic-centimetershort-displayName= cm³
3763UnitsVolumecubic-centimetershort-other= {0} cm³
3764UnitsVolumecubic-footshort-displayNamefeet³ ft³
3765UnitsVolumecubic-footshort-other= {0} ft³
3766UnitsVolumecubic-inchshort-displayNameinches³ in³
3767UnitsVolumecubic-inchshort-other= {0} in³
3768UnitsVolumecubic-kilometershort-displayName= km³
3769UnitsVolumecubic-kilometershort-other= {0} km³
3771UnitsVolumecubic-metershort-other= {0} m³
3772UnitsVolumecubic-mileshort-displayName= mi³
3773UnitsVolumecubic-mileshort-other= {0} mi³
3774UnitsVolumecubic-yardshort-displayNameyards³ yd³
3775UnitsVolumecubic-yardshort-other= {0} yd³
3776UnitsVolumecupshort-displayNamecups cup
3777UnitsVolumecupshort-other= {0} c
3778UnitsVolumedecilitershort-displayName= dL
3779UnitsVolumedecilitershort-other= {0} dL
3780UnitsVolumefluid-ounceshort-displayName= fl oz
3781UnitsVolumefluid-ounceshort-other= {0} fl oz
3782UnitsVolumegallonshort-displayName= gal
3783UnitsVolumegallonshort-other= {0} gal
3784UnitsVolumehectolitershort-displayName= hL
3785UnitsVolumehectolitershort-other= {0} hL
3786UnitsVolumelitershort-displayNameliters liter
3787UnitsVolumelitershort-other{0} L {0} l
3788UnitsVolumemegalitershort-displayName= ML
3789UnitsVolumemegalitershort-other= {0} ML
3790UnitsVolumemillilitershort-displayName= mL
3791UnitsVolumemillilitershort-other= {0} mL
3792UnitsVolumepintshort-displayNamepints pt
3793UnitsVolumepintshort-other= {0} pt
3794UnitsVolumequartshort-displayNameqts qt
3795UnitsVolumequartshort-other= {0} qt
3796UnitsVolumetablespoonshort-displayName= tbsp
3797UnitsVolumetablespoonshort-other= {0} tbsp
3798UnitsVolumeteaspoonshort-displayName= tsp
3799UnitsVolumeteaspoonshort-other= {0} tsp
3800UnitsSpeed and Accelerationacceleration-g-forceshort-displayName= g-force
3801UnitsSpeed and Accelerationacceleration-g-forceshort-other= {0} G
3802UnitsSpeed and Accelerationacceleration-meter-per-second-squaredshort-displayNamemeters/sec² m/s²
3803UnitsSpeed and Accelerationacceleration-meter-per-second-squaredshort-other= {0} m/s²
3804UnitsSpeed and Accelerationspeed-kilometer-per-hourshort-displayNamekm/hour km/h
3805UnitsSpeed and Accelerationspeed-kilometer-per-hourshort-other{0} kph {0} km/h
3806UnitsSpeed and Accelerationspeed-meter-per-secondshort-displayNamemeters/sec m/s
3807UnitsSpeed and Accelerationspeed-meter-per-secondshort-other= {0} m/s
3808UnitsSpeed and Accelerationspeed-mile-per-hourshort-displayNamemiles/hour mi/h
3809UnitsSpeed and Accelerationspeed-mile-per-hourshort-other{0} mph {0} mi/h
3810UnitsMass and Weightcaratshort-displayNamecarats CD
3811UnitsMass and Weightcaratshort-other= {0} CD
3812UnitsMass and Weightgramshort-displayNamegrams gram
3813UnitsMass and Weightgramshort-other= {0} g
3814UnitsMass and Weightkilogramshort-displayName= kg
3815UnitsMass and Weightkilogramshort-other= {0} kg
3816UnitsMass and Weightmetric-tonshort-displayName= t
3817UnitsMass and Weightmetric-tonshort-other= {0} t
3818UnitsMass and Weightmicrogramshort-displayName= µg
3819UnitsMass and Weightmicrogramshort-other= {0} µg
3820UnitsMass and Weightmilligramshort-displayName= mg
3821UnitsMass and Weightmilligramshort-other= {0} mg
3822UnitsMass and Weightounceshort-displayName= oz
3823UnitsMass and Weightounceshort-other= {0} oz
3824UnitsMass and Weightounce-troyshort-displayNameoz troy oz t
3825UnitsMass and Weightounce-troyshort-other= {0} oz t
3826UnitsMass and Weightpoundshort-displayNamepounds lb
3827UnitsMass and Weightpoundshort-other= {0} lb
3828UnitsMass and Weightstoneshort-displayNamestones st
3829UnitsMass and Weightstoneshort-other= {0} st
3830UnitsMass and Weighttonshort-displayNametons tn
3831UnitsMass and Weighttonshort-other= {0} tn
3832UnitsEnergy and Powerenergy-calorieshort-displayName= cal
3833UnitsEnergy and Powerenergy-calorieshort-other= {0} cal
3834UnitsEnergy and Powerenergy-foodcalorieshort-displayName= Cal
3835UnitsEnergy and Powerenergy-foodcalorieshort-other= {0} Cal
3836UnitsEnergy and Powerenergy-jouleshort-displayNamejoules joule
3837UnitsEnergy and Powerenergy-jouleshort-other= {0} J
3838UnitsEnergy and Powerenergy-kilocalorieshort-displayName= kcal
3839UnitsEnergy and Powerenergy-kilocalorieshort-other= {0} kcal
3840UnitsEnergy and Powerenergy-kilojouleshort-displayNamekilojoule kJ
3841UnitsEnergy and Powerenergy-kilojouleshort-other= {0} kJ
3842UnitsEnergy and Powerenergy-kilowatt-hourshort-displayNamekW-hour kWh
3843UnitsEnergy and Powerenergy-kilowatt-hourshort-other= {0} kWh
3844UnitsEnergy and Powerpower-gigawattshort-displayName= GW
3845UnitsEnergy and Powerpower-gigawattshort-other= {0} GW
3846UnitsEnergy and Powerpower-horsepowershort-displayName= hp
3847UnitsEnergy and Powerpower-horsepowershort-other= {0} hp
3848UnitsEnergy and Powerpower-kilowattshort-displayName= kW
3849UnitsEnergy and Powerpower-kilowattshort-other= {0} kW
3850UnitsEnergy and Powerpower-megawattshort-displayName= MW
3851UnitsEnergy and Powerpower-megawattshort-other= {0} MW
3852UnitsEnergy and Powerpower-milliwattshort-displayName= mW
3853UnitsEnergy and Powerpower-milliwattshort-other= {0} mW
3854UnitsEnergy and Powerpower-wattshort-displayNamewatts watt
3855UnitsEnergy and Powerpower-wattshort-other= {0} W
3856UnitsElectrical and Frequencyelectric-ampereshort-displayNameamps amp
3857UnitsElectrical and Frequencyelectric-ampereshort-other= {0} A
3858UnitsElectrical and Frequencyelectric-milliampereshort-displayNamemilliamps mA
3859UnitsElectrical and Frequencyelectric-milliampereshort-other= {0} mA
3860UnitsElectrical and Frequencyelectric-ohmshort-displayNameohms ohm
3861UnitsElectrical and Frequencyelectric-ohmshort-other= {0} Ω
3862UnitsElectrical and Frequencyelectric-voltshort-displayNamevolts volt
3863UnitsElectrical and Frequencyelectric-voltshort-other= {0} V
3864UnitsElectrical and Frequencyfrequency-gigahertzshort-displayName= GHz
3865UnitsElectrical and Frequencyfrequency-gigahertzshort-other= {0} GHz
3866UnitsElectrical and Frequencyfrequency-hertzshort-displayName= Hz
3867UnitsElectrical and Frequencyfrequency-hertzshort-other= {0} Hz
3868UnitsElectrical and Frequencyfrequency-kilohertzshort-displayName= kHz
3869UnitsElectrical and Frequencyfrequency-kilohertzshort-other= {0} kHz
3870UnitsElectrical and Frequencyfrequency-megahertzshort-displayName= MHz
3871UnitsElectrical and Frequencyfrequency-megahertzshort-other= {0} MHz
3872UnitsWeatherpressure-hectopascalshort-displayName= hPa
3873UnitsWeatherpressure-hectopascalshort-other= {0} hPa
3874UnitsWeatherpressure-inch-hgshort-displayNamein Hg inHg
3875UnitsWeatherpressure-inch-hgshort-other= {0} inHg
3876UnitsWeatherpressure-millibarshort-displayName= mbar
3877UnitsWeatherpressure-millibarshort-other= {0} mbar
3878UnitsWeatherpressure-millimeter-of-mercuryshort-displayName= mm Hg
3879UnitsWeatherpressure-millimeter-of-mercuryshort-other= {0} mm Hg
3880UnitsWeatherpressure-pound-per-square-inchshort-displayName= psi
3881UnitsWeatherpressure-pound-per-square-inchshort-other= {0} psi
3882UnitsWeathertemperature-celsiusshort-displayNamedeg. C °C
3883UnitsWeathertemperature-celsiusshort-other= {0}°C
3884UnitsWeathertemperature-fahrenheitshort-displayNamedeg. F °F
3885UnitsWeathertemperature-fahrenheitshort-other= {0}°F
3886UnitsWeathertemperature-kelvinshort-displayName= K
3887UnitsWeathertemperature-kelvinshort-other= {0} K
3888UnitsDigitalbitshort-displayName= bit
3889UnitsDigitalbitshort-other= {0} bit
3890UnitsDigitalbyteshort-displayName= byte
3891UnitsDigitalbyteshort-other= {0} byte
3892UnitsDigitalgigabitshort-displayNameGbit Gb
3893UnitsDigitalgigabitshort-other= {0} Gb
3894UnitsDigitalgigabyteshort-displayNameGByte GB
3895UnitsDigitalgigabyteshort-other= {0} GB
3896UnitsDigitalkilobitshort-displayNamekbit kb
3897UnitsDigitalkilobitshort-other= {0} kb
3898UnitsDigitalkilobyteshort-displayNamekByte kB
3899UnitsDigitalkilobyteshort-other= {0} kB
3900UnitsDigitalmegabitshort-displayNameMbit Mb
3901UnitsDigitalmegabitshort-other= {0} Mb
3902UnitsDigitalmegabyteshort-displayNameMByte MB
3903UnitsDigitalmegabyteshort-other= {0} MB
3904UnitsDigitalterabitshort-displayNameTbit Tb
3905UnitsDigitalterabitshort-other= {0} Tb
3906UnitsDigitalterabyteshort-displayNameTByte TB
3907UnitsDigitalterabyteshort-other= {0} TB
3908UnitsOther Unitsangle-arc-minuteshort-displayNamearcmins arcmin
3909UnitsOther Unitsangle-arc-minuteshort-other{0} arcmins {0}′
3910UnitsOther Unitsangle-arc-secondshort-displayNamearcsecs arcsec
3911UnitsOther Unitsangle-arc-secondshort-other{0} arcsecs {0}″
3912UnitsOther Unitsangle-degreeshort-displayNamedegrees deg
3913UnitsOther Unitsangle-degreeshort-other{0} deg {0}°
3914UnitsOther Unitsangle-radianshort-displayNameradians rad
3915UnitsOther Unitsangle-radianshort-other= {0} rad
3916UnitsOther Unitsconsumption-liter-per-kilometershort-displayNameliters/km L/km
3917UnitsOther Unitsconsumption-liter-per-kilometershort-other= {0} L/km
3918UnitsOther Unitsconsumption-mile-per-gallonshort-displayNamemiles/gal mpg
3919UnitsOther Unitsconsumption-mile-per-gallonshort-other= {0} mpg
3920UnitsOther Unitslight-luxshort-displayNamelux lx
3921UnitsOther Unitslight-luxshort-other= {0} lx
3922UnitsOther Unitsproportion-karatshort-displayNamekarats kt
3923UnitsOther Unitsproportion-karatshort-other= {0} kt
3924UnitsCompound Unitspershort= {0}/{1}
3925MiscellaneousDisplaying ListsRegular Lists2{0} and {1} {0}, {1}
3926MiscellaneousDisplaying ListsRegular Listsstart= {0}, {1}
3927MiscellaneousDisplaying ListsRegular Listsmiddle= {0}, {1}
3928MiscellaneousDisplaying ListsRegular Listsend{0}, and {1} {0}, {1}
3929MiscellaneousLinguistic ElementsEllipsisfinal= {0}…
3930MiscellaneousLinguistic ElementsEllipsisinitial= …{0}
3931MiscellaneousLinguistic ElementsEllipsismedial= {0}…{1}
3932MiscellaneousLinguistic ElementsEllipsisword-final= {0} …
3933MiscellaneousLinguistic ElementsEllipsisword-initial= … {0}
3934MiscellaneousLinguistic ElementsEllipsisword-medial= {0} … {1}
3935MiscellaneousLinguistic ElementsQuotation MarksEnd
3936MiscellaneousLinguistic ElementsQuotation MarksStart
3937MiscellaneousLinguistic ElementsQuotation Marksembedded-End
3938MiscellaneousLinguistic ElementsQuotation Marksembedded-Start
3939MiscellaneousLinguistic ElementsSymbolsMore Information= ?
3940MiscellaneousLinguistic ElementsYes and Noposix-no= no:n
3941MiscellaneousLinguistic ElementsYes and Noposix-yes= yes:y

Aliased items: 8202
Inherited items:3880
Omitted items:857