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The Unicode Standard, Second Edition

The Unicode Standard, Second Edition, is the authoritative source of information on the Unicode character encoding standard, an international character code for information processing. Encompassing the principal scripts of the world, the Unicode standard provides the foundation for the internationalization and localization of software.

In this authorized description and guide to the Unicode standard, you'll find documentation of all the essential aspects, including basic principles, code charts, and a discussion of implementation issues. Scripts covered include the alphabets used in countries across Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Indian subcontinent, and the "unified Han" set of logographic characters for Chinese, Japanese, Korean and historical Vietnamese. The unified Han section includes a radical-stroke index, a multi-glyph table, and a character cross-reference chart providing mapping information to major national, bibliographic, and industrial standards.

Accompanying The Unicode Standard, Second Edition is a CD-ROM with tables of character properties, and mappings to international, national, and vendor character sets.

The Unicode Standard is an essential reference for computer programmers and software developers working on global software and multilingual applications.

Pages: c. 950
ISBN: 0-201-48345-9
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