Target Audience: Manager, Software Engineer, Marketer

Level of Session: Beginner, Intermediate


As the Internet popularity rises globally, applications used on the Internet are required to be global, supporting all the different cultures and languages. Prior to NAS4.0, if a developer wanted to develop a multilingual Internet application with any available application server on the market, he/she needed to create a business logic for each language beside language specific presentation layers. Using NAS4.0 with its multilingual support, including Unicode and legacy character sets, the developer needs to write only one business logic for all the languages. NAS4.0 helps application developers to create global Internet applications easily with the multilingual feature as well as the newly supported JSP, Servlet, EJB, and JDBC.

Paper Description:

This paper targets Internet application developers as an audience. First of all, the paper explains the general role of Netscape Application Server using a simple chart. After providing a general idea of NAS, the paper explains how the multilingual feature in NAS4.0 can be used. Having a basic idea of how to use NAS4.0_s multilingual feature, the paper focuses on the implementation of a simple multilingual application, Online Shopping Mall using NAS4.0. A source code of the application is also provided in the paper. After discussing the implementation issue of Online Shopping Mall, the complete application will be demonstrated in the presentation.


While all the countries are getting closer through the Internet, our languages and cultures are different in the world. Because of these differences, we need to provide multi language applications on the Internet. NAS4.0 provides great solutions to develop global Internet application.

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