Travel Information
 Conference venue

 The Conference will take place at the:
     Doubletree Hotel San Jose
     2050 Gateway Place
     San Jose, California 95110
     Tel: +1-408-453-4000
     Fax: +1-408-437-2899


 For those travelling by air the nearest major airports are San Francisco
 and San Jose. From San Francisco Airport, a regular bus transportation
 service called 'Airport Service' runs to and from the hotel. Reservations
 should be made 3-4 days in advance at tel: 415-494-0200 or
 fax: 415-494-0208. From San Jose Airport a complimentary hotel shuttle
 runs and can be booked on arrival at a courtesy telephone in the baggage
 pick-up area. No reservations are required. For both San Francisco and
 San Jose Airports car rental is also available.

 Driving instructions

 To reach the Doubletree Hotel from Cupertino:

    * Take 280 South and exit 880 North;
    * From 880 exit at Coleman Avenue and follow to Airport Blvd.;
    * Make a right turn on Airport Blvd. towards North 1st Street.
    * Exit on Gateway Place (before North 1st Street.)

 To reach the Doubletree Hotel from San Francisco:

    * Take 101 South to Airport Blvd./Guadelupe Parkway exit;
    * Make a left turn from Guadelupe Parkway onto Airport Blvd.;
    * From Airport Blvd., exit at Gateway Place.

 To reach the Doubletree Hotel from the San Jose International Airport:

    * Drive around to Airport Blvd.;
    * Make a left turn onto Airport Blvd.;
    * Make a right turn on Airport Blvd. towards North 1st Street;
    * Exit on Gateway Place (before North 1st Street).
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