Talks and Papers
Session Title Speaker
TA1 Characters, Glyphs & Rendering [PDF] Edwin Hart
Senior Engineer, The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, USA
TA3 Weaving the Multilingual Web: Standards and their Implementations Martin J. Dürst
Project Associate Professor, W3C/Keio University, Japan
François Yergeau
Product Manager, Alis Technologies, Canada
TA4 Developing Global Software in Java [PDF] Richard Gillam
Advisory Software Engineer, IBM Corporation, USA
TB1 Legacy & Not So Legacy Character Sets & Encodings [PDF] Ken Lunde
Manager, CJKV Type Development, Adobe Systems Inc., USA
TB4 An Overview of New Scripts in Unicode 3.0 Kamal Mansour
Manager of Non-Latin Products, Monotype Typography Inc., USA
A1 Multilingual Application Server: Netscape Application Server 4.0 Yuriko Yamasaki
Software Engineer in Server Internationalization Group, Netscape Communications Corporation, USA
A4 A Character Model for the WWW: Purpose and Status Martin J. Dürst
Project Associate Professor, W3C/Keio University, Japan
A5-A6 Web Internationalization
[Background information]
Misha Wolf
Standards Manager, Reuters Ltd, UK
B3 Keys to Building a Multilingual Search Engine [PowerPoint] Thierry Sourbier
Software Developer, International Communications, USA
B11 Unicode in the Hazardous Materials Field: A Winner François Yergeau
Product Manager, Alis Technologies, Canada
Bruno Miquet
Director of R&D, Atrion International, Canada
B16-B17 Microsoft Office 2000 and Unicode [PowerPoint] Christopher Pratley
Lead International Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation, USA
C13 Unihan Disambiguation Through Font Technology [PDF] Dirk Meyer
Font Developer, CJKV Type Department, Adobe Systems Inc., USA
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