Target Audience: Manager, Software Engineer, Systems Analyst, Marketer

Level of Session: Intermediate

Unicode based symbol manipulation raises technical and linguistic transliteration problems. This presentation addresses them from a theoretical and practical perspective.

Transliteration is the algorithmic transformation of the symbolic elements of one orthographic system into the elements of a second system. Applying Chomsky's theories, this leads to the definition of formal grammars that govern such transformations. Without a one-for-one correspondence between the elements of the two systems, as is the case when two-way conversion is attempted from Armenian to Latin, ingenuity is required to define a correct grammar.

From a linguistic standpoint, close attention needs to be paid to the semantics of the target languages, their dialects and historical forms. Specific examples will be shown drawing upon current work with the creation of a Digital Library of Classical Armenian Literature at the American University of Armenia in conjunction with the Armenian National Academy of Sciences and third party software developers.

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