Target Audience: Software Engineer

Level of Session: Intermediate

The global Internet demands global software - that is, software that can be developed independently of the countries or languages of its users, and then localized for multiple countries or regions.

Although the JDK (Java Development Kit) software provides a rich set of APIs for developing global applications, there are still many time-consuming tasks in developing a Java application for global markets:

- verifying internationalization validation;
- extracting messages;
- generating and managing resource bundles;
- handling formats, encodings;
- translating resource bundles into different languages with the aid of dictionaries or reusable resources;

This talk will discuss some challenges in Java applications internationalization and localization development. A toolkit for rapiding Java applications internationalization and localization development will be introduced and demostrated. A reference API package for solving the issues in Java 3-tier applications globlization will also be introduced.

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