Target Audience: Manager, Software Engineer

Level of Session: Beginner, Intermediate

Windows 2000 has advanced much from the previous releases of Windows operating systems in terms of global/international functionalities, and applications targeting Windows 2000 as its platform must be tuned up to fully utilize the international environment and to meet the user expectations worldwide.

My session will discuss the case on Outlook Express 5 (OE5) internationalization. OE5 is an Internet Mail and News application that comes with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5. Discussion will include identifying scenarios that OE5 must meet for international common usage on Windows 2000, and identifying areas that it must concentrate on resolving and how we are dealing with them, although I am not planning to get into much technical detail. OE5 is not fully written in Unicode codebase, and with this limitation OE5 does not handle all internationalization problems. Although the main focus of my presentation is on internationalization issues that we are trying to resolve in the next release of OE5 for Windows 2000, I would like also to discuss issues appearing in OE4 that we resolved in OE5 and issues that we should resolve in the future major release.

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