Mr. Pressman is the founder and president of Uniscape, Inc., the leading provider of multilingual solutions for the global enterprise. Mr. Pressman founded Uniscape in 1996 with the vision of helping global companies simplify the way they reached and maintained a presence in international markets. Since that time, Uniscape ahas emerged as an industry leader in software internationalization with its pioneering Global C solution. With more than 7 years experience managing globalization projects for Oracle, Borland and Mitsubishi International, Mr. Pressman understood the technical and management challenges of the globalization process and realized the value of developing solutions to simplify the ways in which companies reach global markets.

At Oracle, Mr. Pressman was Senior Product Manager responsible for Oracle Translation Manager and the Developer/2000 Integrated Development Environment code-named Atlas. Prior to Oracle, Mr. Pressman was responsible for localization for Borland Latin America and International Project Manager for Borland C++ where he shipped more than 16 Localized versions of Borland products worldwide. Mr. Pressman also worked for Mitsubishi International Corporation in Chicago and Nissho Iwai Corporation in Osaka where he was involved in international trade management. He earned an MBA from MIIS and BA from University of Minnesota.

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