Daniel Yacob is a graduate student at Indiana University on leave for research and is actively involved with the Ethiopian Computer Standards Association (ECoSA) and the Ge'ez Frontiers Foundation.

Daniel was a participant in the 1995 draft proposal for the Ethiopic standard in Unicode and was an integral part of the latest ISO draft proposal (ISO/IEC N1846) for extended Ethiopic. He was the co-designer of the Ethiopic support in Emacs, consulted in the Ethiopic support in the Alis "Tango" web browser, has provided Ethiopic modules for Perl, the Ethiopic fonts in Linux, runs daily news services in Ethiopian languages that have published over 2 million words in the last year and a half. All work applies Ethiopic script under Unicode encoding.

His university research is in the area of computational linguistics for Amharic orthographic morphology.

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