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Ideographic Variation Database

The Ideographic Variation Database provides a registry for collections of unique variation sequences containing ideographs, allowing for standardized interchange according to UTS #37, Unicode Ideographic Variation Database.

This page records the successive versions of the IVD, gives the review instructions, and lists the submissions under review (if any).

Versions of the IVD

A new, cumulative, version of the IVD is created based on submissions that are reviewed and accepted. Versions are identified by the date of their release. Once released, a version is immutable.

The following table lists the successive versions of the IVD:

Version Change
2016-08-15 Combined registration of the MSARG collection and of sequences in that collection.
2014-05-16 Combined registration of the Moji_Joho collection and of sequences in that collection.
2012-03-02 Registration of additional sequences in the Adobe-Japan1 collection. Registration of additional sequences in the Hanyo-Denshi collection.
2010-11-14 Combined registration of the Hanyo-Denshi collection and of sequences in that collection.
2007-12-14 Combined registration of the Adobe-Japan1 collection and of sequences in that collection.

NOTE: Effective from the 2014-05-16 version of the IVD, the all-encompassing IVD_Charts.pdf file has been retired, and all future versions of the IVD will include only collection-specific glyph charts.

NOTE: The 2016-08-15 version of the IVD does not yet include an IVD_Charts_MSARG.pdf file, but one will be added in the near future.

Review instructions

Reviewers are encouraged to comment on any aspect of the submissions, but more particularly on:

  • whether the intent of a proposed collection is appropriately described
  • whether the glyphic subset corresponding to a proposed sequence is indeed a glyphic subset of the base character for the sequence
  • whether the proposed sequences are congruent with the scope of their collection, or whether a new collection may be more appropriate

All comments should be sent via the reporting form and will be forwarded to the submitter. The content of the submission may be adjusted during the review period to account for the comments received.

Review period

Effective 2014-05-16, in order to allow sufficient time for larger submissions to be adequately reviewed, and in accordance with Sections 4.1 and 4.2 of UTS #37 that state "…a review period of at least 90 days," all future submissions may be subject to a review period longer than 90 days. Submissions that include approximately 4,000 sequences or less will be subject to a 90-day review period. For larger submissions, and at the discretion of the IVD Registrar, 30 days may be added to the 90-day review period for approximately each 2,000 sequences above 4,000.

Submissions under review

There are currently no submissions under review.