Re: Uyghur HEH vs AE

From: Martin J Duerst (
Date: Thu Aug 08 1996 - 05:23:11 EDT

Michael Forgey wrote:

>So then if one needs to use unicodes from the compatibility area for
>the presentaion (contextual) forms of the letter, is it correct to use the
>specified codes FEE9-FEEC, even though the glyphs are not the same
>for the isolate and final forms as usually found in say Arabic?

The compatibility area is there just for compatibility with encodings
that used glyphs instead of characters. If you use it for this purpose,
then everything depends on how your Uyghur text is actually encoded.
More probably, you are asking about the codepoints to use during
the rendering process or for font encoding. For both, you are absolutely
free what to use, it is not at all specified by Unicode. A quick look
into a list of character names will show you that Unicode doesn't contain
compatibility presentation variants for all Arabic charcters. So for
rendering and font encoding, you have to define new codepoints

Regards, Martin.

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