Re: Uyghur HEH vs AE

From: Michael Forgey (75252.1523@CompuServe.COM)
Date: Thu Aug 08 1996 - 10:00:33 EDT

Martin Duerst wrote:

>The compatibility area is there just for compatibility with encodings
>that used glyphs instead of characters. If you use it for this purpose,
>then everything depends on how your Uyghur text is actually encoded.
>More probably, you are asking about the codepoints to use during
>the rendering process or for font encoding.

Yes that's right.

>For both, you are absolutely
>free what to use, it is not at all specified by Unicode. A quick look
>into a list of character names will show you that Unicode doesn't contain
>compatibility presentation variants for all Arabic charcters. So for
>rendering and font encoding, you have to define new codepoints

OK. So back to my earlier question, do you know if the correct
Unicode for Uyghur HEH is 0647? Thomas Milo says yes, and I
think he is right. The reason I had the question was because
in Uyghur HEH evidently does not exihibit the "usual" shaping
behavior. There are so many different HEH (and YEH) type characters
in the Arabic script I get a bit confused sometimes. For example, Urdu
uses at least four or five different what I refer to as "HEH-type" characters!

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