Re: Uyghur HEH vs AE

From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Thu Aug 08 1996 - 12:36:02 EDT

    Mike> OK. So back to my earlier question, do you know if the correct
    Mike> Unicode for Uyghur HEH is 0647? Thomas Milo says yes, and I think he
    Mike> is right. The reason I had the question was because in Uyghur HEH
    Mike> evidently does not exihibit the "usual" shaping behavior. There are
    Mike> so many different HEH (and YEH) type characters in the Arabic script
    Mike> I get a bit confused sometimes. For example, Urdu uses at least four
    Mike> or five different what I refer to as "HEH-type" characters!

Since U+0647 appears to be the correct nominal codepoint for Uighur HEH, the
problem is then to make sure the rendering process knows how to deal with the
contextual analysis. Perhaps as Glenn suggested, with smart font or language
specific bindings. Assuming of course, that the system you are using is set
up to allow this.
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