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From: Murray Sargent (murrays@microsoft.com)
Date: Mon Sep 09 1996 - 19:06:29 EDT

>I bought a copy of the Unicode Standard, Version 2.0. It's just plain damn
>As was the conference last week. The Internet was everywhere and Netscape is
>totally sold on Unicode. Netscape VP Rick Schell says that the paradigm shift
>away from the desktop PC over to the Internet requires Unicode since you have
>to have one charset for the world and Unicode is the only viable choice. He
>even says the reason the major apps are switching to Unicode is because of
>this paradigm shift! I seem to recall that we switched for other reasons,
>but nothing like some extra confirmation of our strategy!
>Many people emphasized the need to give the charset and lang values in http
>and html headers. The new charsets for Unicode are almost for sure going to
>The UTF8 version is likely to become the most popular. If Netscape and IE
>both support these as I expect they will, they'll become the worldwide std
>Only one charset is allowed per html doc (unlike the crazy mixture we have to
>recognize in RTF). If the charset isn't given, Latin 1 (8859-1) is assumed
>and the user has the option to change it to anything else. So if it's really
>Shift-JIS, you can change it, but clearly it's better if the doc header gives
>the correct charset in the first place.
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>Addison-Wesley has a page on ordering the Unicode Standard, Version 2.0,
>in case you are interested. It is at:

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