Re: Fwd: Wired 4.09 p. 130: Lost in Translation

From: Martin J Duerst (
Date: Tue Sep 10 1996 - 05:36:40 EDT

Keld answered me:

>> Please don't confuse internal representation and user interface
>> behaviour. It is no problem to have A-ring (and any whatever
>> complicated other characters that may be interpreted as
>> combined) as single characters to the user, while still
>> using two codes internally.
>Yes, but why complicate things?

The answer to this is easy:
User expectations may differ for different locales/languages
or also inside a single locale/language group. If this is not
the case for A-ring, then it is certainly the case for many
other characters and scripts.
And if a program can take care of such cases, because it has
to, it does not get more complicated if A-ring is handled with
the same mechanism.

Regards, Martin.

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