Re: UTF-8 reg tags...

From: Glenn Adams (
Date: Wed Sep 11 1996 - 09:44:59 EDT

The issue of MIME charset tags were discussed at the recent UTC.
We agreed on the following:


In the meeting, we had actually used "-UTF7" and "-UTF8" with
the understanding that these would be reconciled with the format
of currently registered UTF tags. Since current tags are:


We need to use place a hyphen between "UTF" and "[78]" to stay

I believe that moving ahead with a bare "UTF-8" is an extremely
bad idea. To stay consistent with previous tags, you should
have specified:



  ISO-10646-UTF-8 (this is ambiguous regarding repertoire)

As the author of the I-D, you can revoke it prior to it being published
as an RFC. I would request that you do so immediately before it goes


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