Re: Unicode Hate Mail

From: Glen C. Perkins (
Date: Fri Jan 24 1997 - 15:17:58 EST

Glenn Adams <>wrote:
> Fellow Unicoders and Internationalists,
> Well, it's quite interesting to receive my first true "hate-mail" message.
> I didn't realize that Unicode would have such an impact on the bigotted,
> and, shall I say, spineless, members of some (I won't say 'our') society
> such as is exhibited in the following.

It's the price of fame, Glenn. As Unicode finally takes off, we'll have
to start watching for you on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Maybe
we'll even see you bravely facing off against representatives of the
"English Spekers National Malicia" on the cover of supermarket tabloids!

__Glen Perkins__

>Date: Thu, 23 Jan 1997 21:07:15 -0500
>From: Michael Peponis <>
>Subject: Unicode
>So you are the asshole that is heading the push for
>thank you ever so much for complicating my all ready complicated
>programing tasks even more shit-for-brains.
>Let me tell you something, I have not, am not, nor will I ever need to
>code an application for some worthless excuses of human lives that
>outside the US and Canada.
>For many years, the non-english speaking world had a choice, learn
>english, or be left out.
>Unicode tells them that they have worth, that people are willing to go
>out of there way to accomodate them and there worthless languages and
>If you and your corporation actually give a shit about them, more power
>to you. But don't rally around some standard and push it on the rest of
>I don't care, I don't want to care, and I highly resent people like you
>forcing me to care.

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