Re2: Extension A unihan charac

From: Jenkins, John (JJENKINS@AppleLink.Apple.COM)
Date: Sat Jan 25 1997 - 20:04:00 EST

Michael Everson asks:
>In the latest updates on the page, there is mention
>that the range of 3400..4DFF has been reserved for 6585 characters
>called "CJK Unified Ideograph, Extension A. ". These have apparently
>passed level 3 acceptance.
What do you mean by this? I am informed that the WG2 "straw poll" of
national bodies with regard to Ext. A in the BMP was "inconclusive" with 8
member bodies voting for and 6 voting against. (The question asked the
member bodies was: "Do you agree that Ext. A go into the BMP, so long as
the IRG never asks to put any other CJK characters into the BMP after
that?") I don't know what the final disposition of the Ext. A was in
Singapore: if the story is the same as for a lot of little Latin letters,
decision was deferred until the next meeting, or until next year.
Well, eight to six is still a majority, albeit an uncomfortably narrow onw.
Delaying the encoding of this set by six months or a year is also unacceptable
to various IRG member countries, since the IRG has been working on this set
already for five years and these characters (well, most of them) are needed to
meet existing requirements.
WG2 decided to proceed on the basis of the majority opinion, slight though it
(Also, Japan changed its position to "yes, on the BMP" on the basis of having
found that only about 330 were not in major modern dictionaries, and so
withdrew its suggestion that the VE be split up. Turkey's comment is clearly
unaccomodatable, since they basically said they'd vote "NO" on anything to do
with 10646 since all the characters *they* want aren't in row 0. On that
basis, the poll comes closer to being 9 to 5 than 8 to 6. Denmark, BTW, voted
"NO" to proposing the VE be put in the BMP.)
John H. Jenkins

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