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From: Misha Wolf (
Date: Thu Feb 06 1997 - 10:31:54 EST

Chris M,

>[Charles Wicksteed]
>> <>
>These work excellently, for the most part, with MSIE 3.0. After
>loading them, I could view the separate announcements in Simplified
>and Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Romanian. However, the Russian
>page didn't work at all, and I'm not sure why. The Central European
>service pack includes several Cyrillic fonts, which I believe are
>encoded as ISO 8859-5, but MSIE 3.0 doesn't appear to recognize that
>encoding declaration. It also can't deal with the all-language pages
>in either UTF-8 or NCRs.

IE 3.0 supports neither ISO 8859-5 nor Unicode. Both of these will,
I hope, be supported by IE 4.0.

>Does anyone have an explanation of how MSIE is able to convince the OS
>to deal with these encodings, especially the non-8859 ones? WordPad
>can differentiate between the differently encoded fonts, but Word
>doesn't even get that far. I'd like to be able to take advantage of
>this capability, but I can't figure out what it's doing. More
>monopolistic practices, I suspect...

Lori or Chris P, do you want to respond to this para?

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