Regular expressions for non-English languages

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>Subject: Regular expressions for non-English languages
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>Subject: Regular expressions for non-English languages
>Hi there,
>Someone asked about regular expressions for non-English languages.
>Please forward this note to whomever was asking that question.
>Version 2 of the X/Open "Internationalisation Guide" mentions
>an enhancement to the regular expression syntax to support
>a particular language based on its active locale.
>E.g. Instead of using "(a-z)" to denote all lower case
>letters, where ( and ) are really square brackets,
>one would specify it as "(:lower:)", which would be locale
>sensitive. Another example is "(=a=)", which would match
>all instances of the lower case letter 'a', including a, a acute,
>a grave, etc. "((.ch.)-e)" would match all characters between
>'ch' and 'e'. Commands affected by this enhancement include
>awk, ed, egrep, expr, grep, gp, and sed. For existing
>regular expressions, the Guide suggests shell scripts imported
>from non-internationalized environments be executed in the default
>POSIX (or C) locale.
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