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Date: Wed Feb 05 1997 - 17:38:45 EST

At 15:45 -0500 1997-02-05, Alain LaBonté wrote:

>TIME magazine uses "rôle" all the time, systematically indeed, and it is not

Odd. I would consider it a bit out of date by the middle of this century.
Guess not.

>At lunch time today, one of my colleagues made me remark the small-print
>English version of a menu of a city-of-Québec's restaurant... he said: What
>is this, "sautéed" ? I said: "yes, otherwise it would be "sau-tee'd", not
>"sau-tay'd"... But that is biased, I agree... those damned French people,
>they could not resist putting a dash of accent on this
>very-obviously-English word (:

That's a lovely story!

>Thanks, Michael, to be bold enough to say that *normal* English shall use
>accented letters.

"Ever" the voice of reason, I. Actually, in CEN/TC304 P11, the "Repertoire
of letters used to write the indigenous languages of Europe", the current
draft states: "Despite unfounded but widespread belief to the contrary,
diacritics (usually French ones) are often found in naturalized English
words. Examples are" à la mode, façade, éclair, belovèd, fête, naïve,
vicuña, coöperate, rôle."

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