Unicode 2.0 Unihan standard

From: Richard S. Cook (rscook@world.std.com)
Date: Tue Jun 10 1997 - 16:43:37 EDT

Hi All,
Here's another question, which some responding to my posting on Unicode
Unihan have asked me.

Does anyone know about or have an opinion on the comprehensiveness of the
Unicode 2.0 Unihan standard? What I mean is, are there characters which
you would like to use, either in your work or personally, that aren't in
that standard? I, for example, would like to know what the statistics are
for _Shuowen_ or _Guangyun_ characters in that standard. And what about
dialect characters and unusual surnames etc. There's nothing like trying
to type Chinese and not being able to find the words. Talk about writer's
block! :-)

You can query the Unihan database at

<A HREF="http://www.unicode.org/unihan/">Unihan</A>

to see if your characters are there.

Richard S. Cook
Somerville, Massachusetts USA
email: rscook@world.std.com

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