Re: Unicode 2.0 Unihan standard

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Date: Tue Jun 10 1997 - 18:09:10 EDT

On 6/10/97 2:28 PM Unicode Discussion ( wrote:

>In addition to the ideological whining and Unihan bashing from the
>mainstream C/J/K users we hear so often....
>Prof. Robert Cheng of the University of Hawai`i have a few hundred
>non-Big-5 (thus many of them are most likely non-Unicode) characters for
>the Taiwanese language Holooe (a.k.a. Southern Fujian or Southern Min),
>which he collected and organized from different sources. He has contacted
>me multiple times asking how to get these characters encoded in a good
>Dr. Paul McLean of Toronto also have quite a few non-Big-5 characters he
>collected during the compilation of the new translation of the Taiwanese
>Hakka New Testament (Bible Society, Taipei, 1993).

The best thing to do is to send a copy of their requirements to the UTC
via me. We can look them over and then forward them to the IRG as a
Unicode requirement.

The next UTC meeting is is August, and the next IRG in December. If they
could get stuff to me in the next month or so, we should be OK.

John H. Jenkins

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