Re: Usage of CP1252 characters on

From: Nelson Minar (
Date: Sat Jul 05 1997 - 11:27:30 EDT

>It would be nice if you could fix this quickly.

Good luck. It's a noble effort, but what incentive does Microsoft have
to support Unicode today? This isn't just idle Microsoft bashing - I'm
curious if people in the Unicode consortium have thought about the
political issue of actually getting people to adopt Unicode. MSNBC's
web pages look fine on 80% of the web browsers - what percentage would
the Unicode pages look right on?

I sent some mail to Brock Meeks saying much the same thing about
journalistic integrity - he's working for MSNBC now, a trouble-causing
journalist who understands things like why Unicode is important. It
doesn't look like he's been able to get his own editors to publish his
articles correctly.

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