Re: Additions to code page 1252

From: Lee Fryer-Davis (
Date: Thu Jul 10 1997 - 10:28:11 EDT

Hi Lori,

Is it possible for Microsoft to provide some sort of version information about their code pages? The company I work for deals with a number of legacy applications and data, and just using the current code pages of the day (say what would be in Nadine Kano's book) usually causes problems. I understand this has happened before with some of the other Microsoft code pages (Hebrew or Arabic? I can't remember exactly.) Do you have a list of the code pages that have changed in the past (for both DOS and Windows) or could you point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance,

Lee Fryer-Davis
Teklogix, Inc.

At 07:57 pm 09/07/1997 -0700, Unicode Discussion wrote:
>We plan on adding the following 2 mappings to the Windows code page 1252
>definition so that this encoding will be a superset of the new ISO 8859
>0x8e = U+017d Latin Capital Letter Z With Caron
>0x9e = U+017e Latin Small Letter Z With Caron
>Thanks, Lori Brownell (

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