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From: Charles Frankston (
Date: Mon Jul 21 1997 - 14:47:49 EDT

The Win32 version (i.e. Windows 95 and WIndows NT) of Internet Explorer
4.0 Preview 2 was posted to early last week.
(Preview 2 is equivalent to a beta release. This beta is quite mature.)
There is support for a wide variety of encodings (including UTF-7,
UTF-8, and UCS-2) and character sets.

The download page has a URL for "Additional Components" from which you
can download the "Pan-European" language pack, which includes TrueType
fonts for most (if not all) the 8859 family, including Cyrillic and
Greek. There are also language packs, including fonts, available for
Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean. The
language packs work on all Windows 95 or Windows NT platforms. I.e. you
don't need to be running on a Japanese system to view pages in Japanese.

Markus Kuhn's displays fine
for me under Windows 95. No fiddling with my browser settings was

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> Hi Unicoders!
> I am looking for a browser with support in fonts for more than just
> 8859-1, at least latin, cyrillic and greek scripts. Are there browsers
> that can do that? My platforms are win3.1 win95 and Linux.
> Keld

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