Re: ECU and euro - both exist

From: Kent Karlsson (
Date: Thu Oct 23 1997 - 12:28:17 EDT

Alexander Rautenberg wrote:

> If this is so, why is there any need to have two different symbols then?

Unicode encodes "characters", not codes for currencies. Some currencies
(informally) use a character to designate the currency. Some currencies
use the same character (e.g. $) to designate them, even though they are
different currencies. Theoretically, the same currency can be designated
by two different characters, too.

The two characters now discussed to death are different in the
characters world, no matter how different or same some currencies
may be in the currencies world.

Can we now stop this discussion that fills my mailbox more than any
other junk mail has succeeded in doing.

                        /kent k

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