ECU and euro - both exist

From: Winkler, Arnold F (
Date: Tue Oct 21 1997 - 15:54:30 EDT


It might help the raging discussion to point out that the ECU and the
euro are not the same, and that both exist - the ECU already for a
couple of years as a unit of currency for electronic transfer of funds
mainly between European financial institutions; the euro will spring to
life by January 1999. There are no coins or notes in ECU currency -
that explains why we have not seen them. The ECU is only electronic
money, the euro will be real in your pockets.

Since both exist, they better have their own code in 10646 and Unicode.
The long standing ECU has 20A0, the newer euro is being assigned 20AC by
SC2/WG2 and by the Unicode Consortium.

So let us accept the euro in 20AC in the Unicode/10646 world and
concentrate on finding a practical and safe solution for the 8-bit
world. 8859-15 (Latin 0), replacing 8859-1 as the default West Europen
character set, will not achieve this goal. It will not be safe, when
mixed with 8859-1 data in data bases without data tagging.


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