Re: ECU and euro - both exist

From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Thu Oct 23 1997 - 10:41:50 EDT

    Otto> On Oct 23, 1:38, Alexander Rautenberg wrote:
>> The Euro will not only substitute the member countries currencies
>> but also the one of the Community
    Otto> ...
>> If this is so, why is there any need to have two different
>> symbols then?

    Otto> Unicode wants to comprise all characters ever used widely
    Otto> (more or less), on this planet. They are even planning to
    Otto> encode runes, and hieroglyphs.

I have not read all the email on this topic so this may have been said

There is one very compelling reason to have two symbols: financial
institutions that provide ECU services are not likely to change those
services to EURO in one night. Any reasonably intelligent IT manager
would recommend all new accounts in EURO, and slowly convert the ECU
accounts to EURO. The transition is likely to be much less expensive
that way.

Unless of course, an overnight change has been legislated.
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