FW: Most widely used EBCDIC page (was: ECU and euro - both exist)

Date: Thu Oct 23 1997 - 11:56:43 EDT

EBCDIC CECP 1047 (Latin-1/Open Systems) was defined to use one of the
most common 7-bit ASCII to EBCDIC conversions. Specifically, CECP
1047 is different from CECP 037 in 6 code positions to allow C
programs written in ASCII to map to the code positions used by the IBM
C compiler and to use the ASCII characters at those code positions.

The changed code-positions are:

Code Point CECP 037 CECP 1047
0AD dieresis left bkt [
0BA left bkt [ Y-acute
0BB right bkt ] dieresis
0BD dieresis right bkt ]

Ed Hart

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Subject: Most widely used EBCDIC page (was: ECU and euro - both

On Oct 22, 12:12, Kenneth Whistler wrote:
> The most widely used EBCDIC code pages (CP037 and CP500) have
> had their repertoires carefully matched to ISO 8859-1.

The most widely used EBCDIC code page, IMHO, is CP 1047 (I think, this
is the correct number; I cannot check it as I have scrapped most of my
IBM books, years ago). Every compiler, every software user interface,
every ASCII-EBCDIC code mapping I ever came across has exploited this
code-though it has been published by IBM only after extenive begging
by the users' organizations. CP 1047 was not in the 1st edition of the
CDRA manuals, it has been added later.
CP 1047 has often been confused with CP 037, but it differs in a few
characters bearing syntactical meaning in both programming languages
and user interfaces, e. g. square brackets.
Best wishes,
Otto Stolz

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