Re: Revised ISO 2022 explanation

From: Werner Lemberg (
Date: Sat Nov 08 1997 - 12:36:59 EST

On Sat, 8 Nov 1997, John H. Jenkins wrote:

> If I understand Michael's point, he's saying that if you want to get the
> kind of "linguistically exact information on CJK" you want, you just need
> to specify the column you're using, G, T, J, K, or V. This *still*
> doesn't buy you all of CNS, because too much of CNS is unifiable from the
> IRG's perspective -- but frankly, you could use the user zone or user
> planes to hold any bits and pieces of CNS that were vital for you to use.

My main concern are missing glyphs. A very interesting project is the IRIZ
ZenBase CD (a collection of CJK Buddhist texts) using the already
mentioned Chinese Encoding Freamework. In spite of the fact that the team
uses Unicode and all CNS planes simultaneously, they have already had to
add about 1000 glyphs (if I remember correctly) to a private charset which
are missing (from a linguistical point of view) in Unicode and CNS...


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