From: Emil HERŠAK (
Date: Fri Nov 28 1997 - 23:22:53 EST

Since I am still on-line (rather late) here is a quick reply:

My e-mail should work - but if for some reason there
are problems, I have an alternative e-mail: (which
forwards the mail to the first address, which is usually better).


From: John Clews[]
Reply To:
Sent: 1997. studeni 28 17:57
To: Multiple Recipients of
Subject: RE: UK

To Emil Hersak, Zagreb

Dear Emil

I have tried to contact you directly, via <>,
and this failed.

Please can you reply to me directly, at the above address, so that we
can sort out any problems with email addresses, so that I can write
to you directly?

Many thanks

Best wishes

John Clews

John Clews (Chair of ISO/TC46/SC2: Conversion of Written Languages)

SESAME Computer Projects, 8 Avenue Road, Harrogate, HG2 7PG, England Email:; tel: +44 (0) 1423 888 432

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