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From: Michael Everson (
Date: Fri Jan 09 1998 - 13:33:14 EST

Ar 10:43 -0800 1998-01-09, scríobh Mark Leisher:

>Let us assume I am from the country Upper Somewhere which has a language and
>script that are not based on Latin. When I see "IL" or "ISR," I have no idea
>what these are or what they mean. They could be road maps or fine art for all
>I know.
>So, as a language code using citizen of Upper Somewhere I want a translation
>of these mnemonics because the Latin forms are most definitely *not* easy to
>Meanwhile, back in reality, I suspect that translating mnemonics is going to
>be somewhat more complicated than translating language names. We can argue
>all we want about the mnemonics/names, but the numeric codes will always be
>the unambiguous representation.

Well I don't see any reason for ISO 15924 to be too different from ISO 639
and ISO 3166. However, I think we will be adding numeric codes for those
who need them.

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